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A Delicate Situation

Posted on 27 Nov 2016 @ 8:26pm by Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Major S'arila Donovan
Edited on on 30 Nov 2016 @ 8:00pm

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: USS Tomcat Bridge/Various
Timeline: Mission Day 28


- Bridge -

S'arila was sitting on the bridge thinking how did she get this job and hoped the Second Officer would be finished soon with whatever he was doing below, she was looking over at the tactical station and was finding that she was missing it, but currently she was the ranking officer. It was then she sensed someone standing on her left, it was at times like this she wished she still had her telepathic ability, but that was long gone, now she looked at the new arrival as he stood there waiting, so swivelling her chair to face him.

"Yes Lieutenant, what can I do for you?"

"Lieutenant Jekkar reporting, I'm the new Security and Tactical Officer." He said with a nod to the Marine Major who was in the Chair.

"Oh well then, good to know, I need you to sort out Security department first, tactical is not currently required. As for the mission situation, we are currently in polar orbit of a Class M planet with a medieval society on it. The species look human for the most part, but their skin colour and hair and not to mention eyes indicate this is not the case. Currently, the Prime Directive is in force and I do not intend to break that rule, but we have detected transmissions that do not belong to the planet at its current stage in development."

Solan nodded. "A delicate situation indeed Ma'am." The Andorian said as he absorbed the information presented to him by the Superior.

"The Captain and First Officer are in medical getting prepped to go down to the planet, they will be disguised as natives, we also have to be careful as there are other species existing on the other side of this sun, they seem to be more advanced than the planet we are currently scanning, the Captain sent Commander Swiftpaws our Chief Intelligence Officer and Lieutenant Cahill our Chief Medical Officer was sent in our Venture class scout with a cloak to observe and record and then return. They should be on their way back by now, but due to solar radiation we will be unable to detect them, any questions?" Donovan finished with a question.

"No Ma'am just put me to work as you sit fit," Solan said as he looked at the Major. He felt it was best to get stuck in first that way it allowed him to see his colleagues under pressure.

Nodding in satisfaction, "okay El-tee man your post" Donovan said pointing to the Security/Tactical station.

As their interaction came to a halt Donovan looked up and saw Second Lieutenant K'Muss arrive on the bridge, she only raised an eyebrow as she wondered what he had been doing.

"Hello Lieutenant K'Muss, just out of curiosity what have you been up to, you look if I may say a smidge bothered or preoccupied!" Donovan said greeting the Caitian male approaching.

" Unexpected news from Earth, Major," he said. " But good news," he added, taking his station.

After the Lieutenant responded, the sensor and communications officer spoke up "Captain, the Venture class ship has just returned to us"

Donovan looked at the officer "allow them to dock and then report to the bridge after they have had a shower and put on clean uniforms" Donovan said.

The officer nodded and opened a channel "USS Tomcat to Venture, proceed with docking and the Captain said to have a shower, put on a clean uniform and report to her, bridge out" with that he closed the link as Donovan returned her attention to K'Muss.

"Yes, Major?" the caitian inquired.

Inhaling and exhaling "what is the current status of the marines El-tee?"

" Itching for action, Major. Gettin' rowdy in there.' he replied

"I want you to select eleven marines that are not part of Bravo Unit and begin training them for insertion and extraction and include QRS, in full Quick Reaction Squad, Bravo Unit is solely a specialist unit, we need the other Riflemen to be able to do the same, I know we are in the middle of a mission but it will give you something to do while you wait, any questions?" Donovan asked.

" No ma'am," he replied, snapping to attention. " Getting started at once," he said. He tapped his commbadge and started relaying orders to his gunny.

Before she could answer the lift doors opened again and in walked one of the ships officers who had been on the extended scouting mission.

Dr Cahill went to the bridge and was about to go over when she heard to ready a QRF Team. As she walked over to Major Donavan she handed her part of the report to her. "Major I will be on the medical side of the QRF Team, and here is my part of the report from mine and LCMD Sheela's mission. I have to report that there are for sure Romulan's on the planet. One of them a Romulan DR I have in the past with sent me a message telling me she should have taken care me on Xanadu 7."

"I included it in the report with a copy of the message. Also, the captain and XO need to be warned immediately, A large security detail should accompany them and anyone else. It appears there are no Romulan ships nearby by may scan for any signatures. If you don't mind a suggestion. LCMD Sheela has some other things she found to report and will let you know what she knows. It appears their base is to this large body of salt water as she puts up the coordinates of where they found the Romulan signature."

"Also they have several duck blinds cloaked to let them hide out. The Dr that sent the message was named Ro-Paul. She is very dangerous and wanted by the Federation as well as several other delegations . With me she is personal, I want her because of what happened when the Defiant ship I was on was destroyed by them."

Donovan looked concerned, she looked around and spoke to a replacement officer "ensign see if you can raise and locate the Captain and First Officer"

"Yes Sir" the Ensign responded and set about trying to contact the away team.

Iria sat quietly but was very interested in hearing what had been discovered she was also curious as to what K'Muss' news was but would hold off asking until a later more appropriate time.

Then she looked at Walon "Counsellor I am going by worst case scenario, get a specialised session prepared, if they have been captured by Romulan's then they may need to see you help with the after effects" she then turned to Cahill "Doctor, as you are CMO you will need to order the Captain and First Officer to attend the Counselling session, I know the Captain and she can be prickly as can the First Officer, but I would worry more about the Captain, got that?"

Dr Cahill responded, "Copy that Major" as she checked on things. "I am ready when needed and standing by. I hope we get them before they question them too long." She went to her medical station and started doing some scans. With some luck maybe, she could locate them by searching for Human signatures. They are currently the only humans on the planet surface now.

Sheela entered the bridge and listened to Cahill give the report. It covered everything that she was going to report. She just nodded in confirmation of Cahill's report and moved over to the communication station and began going through the logs, getting up to speed.

Noting that Sheela had returned to the bridge Donovan looked at her "Commander, without using a communicator see if you can find the Captain and First Officer, I have just been told that a very nasty Romulan was reported in this area and that the individual might be on the planet somewhere. I am going with worst case scenario, if they have been captured then we will need to rescue them" Donovan said.

Sheela nodded and made a few inter-ship calls. Within a few minutes of talking with the transporter crew, that beamed the Captain and the First Officer to the planet. Sheela turned to Donovan. "Transporter crew that beamed them down lost the signal from their Commbadges several kilometres from where they were transported to." Sheela transferred the planetary coordinates where the Commbadge signal was lost at over to Donovan's screen.

Now Donovan was concerned, "Sheela can you get me as much information as you can, I need to know if there is a Romulan base down there, adjust sensors for ocean too." Donovan said as she looked at her chairs arms that had a little screen. Looking up at K'Muss "El-tee get an SAR team together, with orders to extract our people, but for now weapons on heavy stun. As soon as Commander Swiftpaw's has the location and there is a floor plan of any base I will send it down to Marine country so as you can plan, understood both of you?" She asked both Sheela and K'Muss.

" Heavy stun, check.' he replied. " Crystal, skipper" he added

Sheela waved her tail in acknowledgement to Donovan's orders as she and the on duty Comms Officer began to scan Romulan and Reman Frequencies to include the Frequencies commonly used by Tal-Shar Operatives. She scampered off the bridge, letting the Communications Officer handle the scanning of Romulan Frequencies to pick up any calls concerning the discovery of the Captain and the XO.

Looking at Iria "Lieutenant, do you have a pre-planned session in order, or will you have to get one done up? If so get to work on it, but if you already have one in place then monitor the Sensors, pay attention to tachyon emissions, I do not want to get caught in an ambush" Donovan added.

Walon looked at Donovan "Yes, Major I will get right on it" she said and moved over to a secondary console on the bridge to work something up, but also to be there if she was needed.

A few minutes later Sheela returned carrying her black case and settled at the Comms station. She connected up the Data storage unit to her Comms stations console and got to work. She quietly conferred with her partner at the Comm Station. "Romulans gave the order to relocate their Oceanic Base, Major Donovan." She spoke up to be heard by all. "As for the Capture of the CO and XO, still unknown." She hoped their disguises was working and their federation Commbadges weren't discovered.

Looking pained but dubious at Swiftpaws "Sheela see if you can get confirmation on the Captain and First Officer" she then looked at K'Muss "What you still doing here El-tee, would it not be politic to get your team ready and give a general briefing on current events? I will want you to lead the SAR"

Sheela got up from her seat and moved over to the Science Station and glared at the Officer. "Either get busy is scanning the planet below for the Captain and XO or I'll have you brought up on charges for dereliction of duty." She spoke softly. "If they're not found within the next 10 minutes. You'll know what will happen."

" On it," he said. h then turned for the nearest turbo lift and descended to Marine country.

With that, she looked at Jekkar "Lieutenant what is the status of the ships weapons and defences?" Donovan asked as K'Muss left the bridge.

"Everything checks out, just say the word," Solan said after looking at his instruments.

Dr Cahill used her time and change into a marine field uniform and returned it with all the web gear and also got a couple of extra communicators and hand phaser to put in it. She knew if they were able Captain Somers and Commander Sterling would insist on fighting to help out. She the ready a heavy trauma bag and some extra things that could come in handy.

She looked at Major Donavan, "I plan to take a team and go for the Brig area when we go in to get the CO and XO out ASAP. Once they are secure we can reconnect with the main team to make our escape and who knows maybe get a few prisoners in the process. I will have the CO and XO returned to the ship for treatment and counselling as s as time allows. I can control both of them in a way others cannot. But hope we don't have to resort to those measures.

"Commander how about using the message sent to me by Jo-Paul to maybe help locate the Romulan Base. I am searching now for signs of Human traces on the planet. Right now they are the only Humans on the planet surface Major Donovan." Cahill said.

Donovan considered this "Commander Sheela fine-tune sensors to scan for human life signs, remember to adjust for underground or water"

"Talk to your Science Officer." Sheela snapped back in a foul mood. "He knows more about scanning for stuff." She then left the bridge, giving the Com's Officer a nod. "I'll be back in a few moments." Disappearing into the turbo lift.

Solan was a little surprised by the outburst as he checked Tactical. "Should I assemble a Security Team and have them fully armed?"

Looking thoughtful, Donovan was used to these burst of anger from the Mousian, as when the Commander was angry she was extremely efficient and carried out her duties. Sheela was good at her job when she was not angry too, that was one of the reasons the Captain promoted her, there were other reasons she had no idea on, but for as long as she had known the Captain, she knew the Captain only promoted when it was required. Sadly at the moment there were not enough spaces for a Lt. Cmdr position, but she had an idea who would be next to earn that promotion; "Make sure that all personnel remaining on the ship have side-arms and that they are set to stun, but it would not go amiss to prepare a tactical team to repel boarders *shrugging* just in case, use the remains of Alpha Unit, as part of your teams, I want armed guards outside of every sensitive area on this ship, one marine and one fleet" Donovan said.

Solan nodded. "Understood, I'll have Hand Units prepped for Shipboard Personnel, Compression Rifles for Guard Units." The Andorian felt his Antennae twitch as he began inputting commands into his Console.

Donovan looked at him with a smile "Excellent" she said and watched as K'Muss followed Cahill who had already left the bridge to prepare for the SAR mission, after all, he was leading the SAR mission, so he had to brief the marines and two doctors on the SAR basics, then she remembered that Sheela had left the bridge in a huff, probably still working on getting locations of the Captain and first officer. Donovan wanted to be going on this mission, but she was in a position she was not entirely happy with and would be glad to get back to her normal duties.


Major S'arila Donovan [PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander
USS Tomcat

Lt. Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat

Dr Cahill grabbed her tactical gear and a large medical kit. She quickly followed Lt K'Muss into the turbo lift. She followed along with him. They had to get all plans ready. She looked at Lt K'Tel, when we find them I will take Captain Sommers you take Commander Sterling. I have some ways to control the Captain you don't. I have set my tri-corder to detect humans once we get there. My best bet they are in the Brig on the Romulon vessel. I have some advantage over some Federation members I speak and read Romulon. Something I did to try to learn the where abouts of Jo-Paul. I have a personal reason for her capture. But the Captain and Commander are the priority on this mission.

On most Romulon vessels the Brig is near the stern and on a central deck to make it harder for captives to escape. I have personally been a prisoner of the Romulons and know their tactics for interrogation. They can be rough and can be extremely painful. So we need to be ready for that. They can also make it rough for the one being questioned to walk.


Lieutenant Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Soal Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Akhul K'Tel MD
Ships Doctor
USS Tomcat

2nd Lt. K'Muss
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat


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