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The request

Posted on 26 Nov 2019 @ 9:39pm by Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Captain's Office SB51
Timeline: After docking and before Ceremony Post


When Chris has located the Captain he headed straight for her office that she had on the Starbase and entered the turbo lift which he instructed to take him to his Commanders Office. Once again the lifts were playing up and the thing was going slow, but eventually, the lift opened onto the level where the Captain's Office was, he was met by Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage.

"Hello Chris, what can I do for you?" Armitage asked with a friendly smile.

Chris looked at the half-human/Bajoran Non-Com, she was very attractive, but scuttlebutt was she batted for both sides, if he was not involved with an attractive woman, he would have made a move, but that was the past, he had someone now so returning the friendly smile "is the Captain available please Lucy?" he asked.

Looking at him Armitage checked the Captain's itinerary and pressed the intercom, Chris thought it an old fashioned way, but it was effective.

=/\= Captain I have Sergeant Major Kildare requesting to see you, you have the time do you want him to come in? =/\= She asked.

=/\= Yes, send him in =/\= Jasmine responded.

Lucy looked up and smiled, realising that he had heard the response "okay you heard the Captain in you go Chris" she said.

Kildare smiled his thanks and walked past Lucy and into the office, "Hey Cap' I got something I want to ask you?" he begun.

Jasmine smiled "hey Chris, please have a seat and tell me what it is?" she said.

Chris sits back "I was wondering if I could be assigned back to the Tomcat in Bravo Squad? I have sat on my heels for too long and there is also someone now" he said.

Jasmine sits back herself and looks at the Marine, who is it Chris?" she asked.

"Lieutenant Jg Lamia Arderne your COO, we have been dating for some time now and since your last outing, she has been confiding in me on her ordeal with the Slavers. I know it is unusual, but I figure that I should ask and get your permission, I know it will mean a lot to her. *pauses* I also acknowledge that while on duty she is my superior and I will be a good little soldier and obey orders, and I will not let our relationship interfere with my job or hers, I also know that we will have to have separate rooms on the Tomcat, so?" He asked.

Jasmine had found out from other sources that her Chief of Operations had started dating her cousins best friend, so this request did not come as a surprise to her, but Chris wanting back on the ship, was, she had already made up her mind, but did not want to let on what she had decided, she let the tension hang in the air.

She stared Kildare down, but he held it and matched her, this was impressive, so deciding to give him some victory, she smiled "Okay, I accept your acknowledgement of the limitations, but I will need to speak to Lieutenant Arderne too" she said.

Kildare thinking he had won smiled "thank you, Captain," he said.

oO Oh if you only knew Chris, if only you knew Oo she thought to herself as she hid a smile.

"So when do you want to speak to her Captain?" he asked.

"How about 1800 hours today?" Somers asked.

*smiling* "I will get her here, how is Alex coping with the Command track, not heard nothing about her since I heard that she finally married Paul Sharpe?" Kildare asked.

"She was acting Commander on the Avant-Garde during our Thorion system trip to get our people back, I do not know how she was rated, but I can tell you she was a bag of nerves commanding a ship is different from commanding a Regiment. I felt the same before I transitioned to Fleet from the Marines so I can remember how it felt my first command" she said.

*nodding* "Glad is all okay, so which ship will she be inline to command, if her assessment went well?" Kildare asked.

"The Tomcat, at the rank of full Colonel, but for now I am staying put *she sees his look* whats is wrong Chris?" she asked ending with a question.

"If you will excuse me Captain, but having served alongside Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers back when she was a Major her way of thinking will not make her many friends with the crew, despite her diplomatic training" he commented.

*rising an eyebrow* "why do you say that Chris?" Jasmine asked.

"She has a pronounced Alpha Type 1 personality, she does not suffer fools so gladly and she has a most disturbing pastime or hobby one might say!" He said.

This hobby was news to Jasmine, there was nothing in her cousin's file that spoke of a hobby that would make Chris sound concerned *with trepidation* "I am almost afraid to ask!" she said.

"Did you ever wonder why I was always teamed up with Alex on missions and why I was always on the same ship or base as her?" he asked, Jasmine shook her head no.

"Well *beat* let's just say her *uses quotation marks* hobby is creating micro explosive devices, ones so small they can kill an individual without doing too much damage to the rest of the room and she can disguise them to look like the most harmless object, now think hard do you know of any crew on the Tomcat that can evoke a violent reaction?" He asked.

She stared into empty air for a time a look of horror on her face "that I did not know *with a hopeful face* I am sure she has mellowed in age by now?!" Jasmine said.

"I have no doubt about that, but she has the Somers temper," Kildare said and saw a familiar look briefly cross the Captain's face "that is the one," he said with a smile the Captain blushed.

"I see your point, well if she has gotten this far with her Command training, then I would guess she has mellowed," she said only half sure.

"Time will tell Captain, time will tell" he commented "Well I have asked what I wanted to ask, so now with your leave, I will go let Lieutenant Arderne know," he said standing up and looking at the Captain.

Jasmine simply nodded "will see you later Chris?" She asked and he nodded in response and left the CRR.

- Ardernes Quarters 1700 -

At the appropriate time, Chris made his way to Mia's starbase quarters and knocked on the door.

Lamia had sensed Chris at the door as she approached it, she smiled warmly as the door opened. “Hi handsome, I wasn’t expecting you yet not that I’m complaining!”

He did not smile and kept a straight face "Captain Somers has requested that you see her, I have been asked to ask you to speak to Chief Armitage before going in to see the Captain, I will not be with you on this one" he said feigning sadness, he hoped he kept his emotions under control an ability which was not easy with an empath.

Lamia’s smile faded. “Oh right.” She nodded. “Hadn’t better keep her waiting then had I?”

"Nope, the message sounded grave, so I cannot vouch for your safety," he said with a straight face.

Making sure she was presentable Lamia stepped out of her Quarters. “Are you walking me there or am I running the gauntlet by myself?” She smiled at him.

*smiling* "No, you have to go it alone, remember to speak to Chief Armitage first otherwise good luck," he said and then leaned forward and kissed her.

"Thank you handsome" Lamia smiled warmly. With that, she headed on her way.

- Captain Somer's Office -

Arriving at Somers office Lamia greeted Armitage. "Chief, I was told Captain Somer's wanted to see me."

Looking up at the arrival of Lieutenant Arderne Lucy smiled "Hello Lieutenant, yes she does, if you wait one moment I will go let he know" Lucy said leaving Arderne in the small waiting area while she entered the CRR.

Walking into the room Lucy looks at the Captain "Lieutenant Arderne is here Captain, shall I send her in?" she asked.

Looking up from her work Jasmine smiled "please do Lucy, please do" she said and as Armitage left the room and Jasmine stood up and had her back to the door and was looking out of the small window onto space.

Outside the CRR Lucy looked at Arderne "go right in Lieutenant" Armitage said and returned to her small desk as Arderne went into the CRR, in the room Somers was standing at Parade rest looking out of the small window.

"Hello Lieutenant Arderne, please have a seat," Somers said without turning around and in a neutral tone.

"Thank you Captain" Lamia took a seat. She couldn't help but feel nervous, her hands clenched as she rested them in her lap.

"You know Lieutenant there is a skill a marine picks up, and even though I have not been one for many a year I can still tell when someone is nervous, relax, you are not in trouble," Somers said still keeping a neutral tone. "No, you have been asked here for a different reason" she added turning around in one smooth motion with a smile on her face.

Lamia relaxed her posture and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Thank you, Captain. I'm still a little on edge but I'm getting there."

Walking over to the front of the desk and sitting on it resting her weight on her hands as she looks down at Lamia and moves her head in such a way as the motion flicks her hair back over he shoulder. "I do not know what Chris said to you, but he came to see me, he wanted to get my permission on something and that something included you" Somers paused.

"He did!?" Lamia looked at Somer's wide-eyed. "He hasn't said anything to me about it. I guess he was keeping it a secret. May I ask what he wanted permission for?"

"Good to know Chris has not lost the ability to bluff an Empath, he must have learned to control his emotions," Somers said with a smile. *off-handedly* "he wanted permission to come back aboard the Tomcat so he can be there for you when needed. He acknowledged the fact that when on duty he will obey the hierarchy and he knows what he is getting himself into, *beat* but I have to ask are you ready for what pressures there will be on you? After all, you will both be on the same ship, okay you are both different services, but you are an officer, he is an NCO. With happiness, you are probably feeling I want you to think long and hard on what you both face! But I do know I have never seen him happier, I suspected that you had hooked up with someone, I was a little surprised on who" Somers said kindly, now before she continued she paused to let Arderne absorb what Kildare had requested.

Lamia sat gobsmacked for a moment before the urge to grin like a Cheshire Cat made her do just that. It was the biggest, most excited smile she'd had since recent events and she felt like she could jump up and down for joy. She took a deep breath to stop the emotional overflow as she looked back at Somers. "Captain, that's..." She grinned, she couldn't help it! "Amazing news! I'll admit I wasn't relishing leaving the station without Chris, not after...recent events." Her smile faded a little before coming back again.

*smiling* "then you will be pleased to know that I have granted his request, he will be joining us as a regular crewmember on our new missions, but he will be assigned to Bravo Squad, however, you will both keep separate quarters on the ship, but as long as you keep your relationship down low while on the ship, I have no issue with it" Somers responded.

“Yes, Ma’am!” Lamia nodded like the age-old noddy dog vehicle toy. “Does that mean I’m not permitted to have Chris stay with me or do we just ensure he’s home before morning shift?” It sounded a silly question but she wanted to be sure where the boundaries were.

"When you are not on shift I will allow a visit to either quarter, but on duty, I will expect you to keep it professional as I will post either one of you back to the Starbase am I understood?" She asked sounding a bit more serious now.

“Understood Captain!” Lamia nodded her understanding as she looked at Somers. “I know it won’t be easy sometimes, especially under dangerous circumstances but I won’t allow my personal feelings to cloud my judgement.”

"As long as you are aware and prepared all is good, now before I let you go, do you have any more questions and such?

Lamia paused to think. "Not at the moment Captain. Thank you." She smiled warmly. "If I do think of anything I'll make a point of asking."

Smiling at Arderne "very well Lieutenant, you are dismissed" Somers said in response standing up and walking around her desk.

"Thank you Captain!" Lamia's smile shone as she turned to walk out of the office. Now she didn't have to worry about leaving Chris behind ever again.


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