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Posted on 12 Nov 2019 @ 7:13pm by 1st Lieutenant Reagan Risum & 2nd Lieutenant Josefina (Joe) Macapuno & Master Warrant Officer John (JR) Ewing & Sergeant Major Bronco (Bronc) Hardway & Gunnery Sergeant Ernst Rommel & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Edited on on 12 Nov 2019 @ 11:36pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Marine Corps Barracks/Cargo Bay 4
Timeline: Current


Reagan stepped into the Marine Barracks admin space and glanced at the Sergeant manning the desk.
The man snapped to, "Lieutenant, how can I assist you today."

"As you were Sergeant. I need all of the Marines attached to the 95th Rifles to assemble for muster. Cargo Bay 4, fifteen minutes."

"Aye, sir. With all due respect sir, why not just use your Commbadge sir?"

"I prefer a more traditional and old fashioned approach. Any other questions Sergeant?"

"Negative sir, I'll gather all of the Marines and have them assembled in the Cargo bay in fifteen minutes."

With that Reagan turned and left the admin space and headed to the Cargo bay. "Computer start a timer on this mark. Alert me when fifteen minutes have elapsed." The computer chirped an affirmative as Reagan smiled.

2nd Lieutenant Macapuno glanced at the PADD the Sergeant handed her, "Thank you, Sergeant. Dismissed."
She announced in a loud and commanding voice, "All Marines attached to the 95th Rifles are to report to Cargo Bay 4 for muster! LET'S MOVE IT!"

- Cargo Bay 4 -

Reagan stood waiting for the marines to muster, "They have five minutes left."

Lilliana arrived in the Cargo bay looking as cool as s cucumber, although underneath her calm exterior her stomach had butterflies the size of bowling balls, she stood to attention and waited for orders.

The other marines of the 95th Rifles fell in line with barely a minute to spare. As they lined up the computer chimed in, "Time has elapsed."

Reagan shook his head as the marines finished lining up in their formation.

"I am Lieutenant Reagan Risum. I will be your new Commanding officer. I will say this loud, clear and I expect every one of you to have your ears open and your eyeballs clicked! This is unacceptable! The fifteen minutes elapsed while you were forming. I will expect you to hustle. When you are told to muster you will arrive at the least five minutes before the elapsed time." Reagan spoke, his drill instructor voice coming out, "If we had been called upon for a mission then you all would be on the report. When we are called, I expect you to rush to our muster point. At any point, we can be called upon for any variety of mission duties. I expect you all to maintain peak performance and peak health."

Reagan paused and took a breath, "Alright, that being said. I am always available if any of you marines need something, but do remember the chain of command. Now, we will be running several drills over the next few weeks. I will also expect all unit commanders to check-in and get me status reports and readiness reports within the next few hours."

Reagan nodded to his marines, "You are all dismissed, except for the following. All marine officers, and Staff Sergeant Vail."

Lilliana looked at Reagan as her name was mentioned, remaining where she stood as some of the marines departed leaving her and the officers with Reagan. oO I wonder what requires my presence? No doubt I'll find out Oo she thought to herself.

Reagan started speaking to the few officers about his expectations, "I expect you to keep those marines under you in tip-top shape. We are the spear of Starfleet and I expect us to stay sharp. I want you to alert me immediately of any issues or problems you cannot handle yourself."
He gave a slight glance as if to say, you are marines, there is nothing you can't handle.

"That is all, dismissed," Reagan said as he saluted and the officers turned on their heels.

He turned to the Staff Sergeant, "Staff Sergeant Vail. You're our company's corpsman correct?"

"Yes Sir" Lilliana nodded. "I'm a Field Medic and Counsellor."

"Good. I'm assuming you've taken basic phaser rifle marksmanship and basic tactic course?" Reagan asked.

“Yes Sir” Lilli nodded once again. “My scores were above average but I haven’t had reason to put those skills to use lately. Being a medic I’m usually more busy taking care of the wounded than getting involved in firefights.”

Reagan nodded, "Good. I want you to take a refresher course and start running drills with Alpha Company. Part of your equipment will include the Phaser rifle. So become familiar with it. Any questions?"

"Just the obvious Sir, I'm a medic, not a soldier, I rarely have to use my phaser let alone touch a rifle. Is there any reason I should have to use one?" Lilliana looked at Reagan. "I'm not complaining Sir, I'm happy to take part in drills."

"There are a couple of reasons Staff Sergeant. First being, I'm a big believer on the old saying, Every Marine is a Rifleman, and two, I believe that if you are going to be our Corpsman, I'm going to want you out in the sand with us and you will need to defend yourself while out there." Reagan responded.

"Aye Sir" Lilliana nodded. "I could do with the brush-up Sir, when would you like me to start?"

Reagan spoke without a thought, "Tomorrow, 0600. I want all companies running drills and testing to make sure they are in tip-top shape."

"0600, Yes Sir." Lilliana nodded. "Permission to speak freely Sir?" She looked at Reagan curiously.

Reagan looked at the Staff Sergeant and with a nod said, "Granted."

"I was wondering if you socialise off duty, Sir?' She smiled warmly. "I haven't had the chance to make any friends here as yet."

Reagan stared blankly for a moment oO That's a rather odd question to be asked. Oo

"That is not a question I'm used to since I became an officer Staff Sergeant. I do indeed socialise off-duty, feel free to step up to me any time you see me off duty."

Lilli nodded. "I will, thank you Sir" She smiled warmly. "I'll be getting an early night tonight but I might see you around before then."

Reagan nodded, "Very well, Dismissed Staff Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir!" Lilli saluted before turning to head on her way.

oO Damn fine marine there, if not a little peculiar. Oo


1st Lieutenant Reagan Risum
Marine CO

Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail [P: Arderne]
95th Marine Medic

2nd Lt. Josefina (Joe) Macapuno [P: Risum]
95th Rifles Officer (Alpha Squad)

Gunnery Sergeant Edwin Rommel [P: Risum]
95th Rifles First Sergeant

Master Chief Warrant Officer John JR Ewing[P: risum]
95th Rifles (Sigma Squad)


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