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First Meeting

Posted on 29 Jan 2020 @ 7:04pm by Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Edited on on 31 Jan 2020 @ 3:11pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51 - Holodeck
Timeline: After the awards ceremony
Tags: Luuna, 7F03YTY836M, Sombra, 3CW4YMF696F

-Somewhere on the Starbase 51-

Lilliana was standing outside the holodeck; bikini on, towel in hand ready to set up her program. She had a nice beach setting all set up and was looking forward to some swimming and sunbathing on the beach. She was just about to enter when she saw someone else who looked like he/she was on their way to the holodeck too. “Hi, were you hoping to use the holodeck?”

Given hir recent ordeal, it had been some time since the hermaphrodite Kazarite-hybrid, Doctor Aldana, had spent quality time with Luuna and Sombra. Now that Luuna was feeling better after her own transformation ordeal due to her brother, the trio had decided it had been far too long since they’d all donned their guises as the Druidic healer and hir faithful companions and familiars in the “Path-Seeker” lands of “Crypts & Centaurs.” Dressed in hir full adventurer costume, and the guyzos in theirs, they approached one of the station holodecks. “Hello, yes, we’d thought we’d made a reservation, but perhaps we’d mistaken which holodeck it was in.”

“I just set up my program would you care to join me?” She smiled politely at Aldana. “I’m Lilliana Vail.” She smiled warmly. “I don’t mind if you’d like to join in?”

Aldana looked the young person over; enjoying their sparse outfit. They appeared to be fully female, and nearly hir age. S/he admired her dark hair which seemed to match her dark eyes. Amiri guessed she may be at least in part, Betazoid… and did s/he spy just the hint of a pointed left ear poking out from under the long hair framing her delightful face? S/he smiled back, “Uh, er… well, that is… we don’t mean to interrupt; we wouldn’t want to be a bother.”

“You wouldn’t be a bother!” Lilli smiled warmly. “I’m new to the station anyway so it would be nice to get to know someone, so I don’t feel so much the newbie!” She grinned.

“Well in that case, welcome, I am Doctor Amiri Aldana 365, and these are my companions, Luuna and Sombra,” s/he gestured to each the female and male thylacinid in turn. “We would love to join you. What program are you running?”

“Actually, it’s my favorite beach spot on Risa.” Lilli smiled warmly. “It’s a nice private cove that usually remains pretty quiet when the normal beaches are full. The beauty of the holodeck is that you don’t have to share it with anyone unless you choose to.”

“Risa? We’ve never been. Sounds… inviting. What are we waiting for? Lead the way.”

Lilli nodded and lead Aldana and her companions into the holodeck. Infront of them lay a long stretch of sandy beach, crystal clear blue water and the beauty was they had it all to themselves. “Welcome to Risa!” Lilli grinned.

The trio of ‘furries’ entered in behind Ms Vali. Aldana shielded hir eyes from the simulated sun, and glared up, but avoiding looking right at it. S/he started to pant. S/he then looked down at hir companions, and they’d started to pant too. “Seems we’re severely overdressed…” The doctor knelt in the sand, and called Luuna and Sombra to hir, and s/he began to help them out of their costumes before s/he started in on hir own. Just as s/he were getting to hir last layers, Aldana hesitated. “Oh… uhm… I’ve seemed to’ve forgotten to wear any bathing garments… I know we’ve only just met, so it’s up to you if I rid myself of these few items…”

“It’s not a problem,” Lilli smiled warmly. “If it’s still too hot in here I can reduce the simulated heat. She removed her own top and shorts to reveal a bikini underneath.

Aldana found hirself watching as Vali undressed and began to find her a bit attractive. S/he was surprised at hir reaction, since being a professional, and a doctor, s/he was used to seeing people in various states of exposure. The hair covered Kazarite hybrid suddenly realized hir indiscretion and returned to hir own covering as s/he removed the last items of hir costume revealing everything. “No, this should be just fine, thank you.”

Lilli headed for the shimmering blue water, the best part about the holodeck was that you could go for an actual swim and it felt real even though it wasn’t. “So, have you been on-board the station a long time or are you just visiting?” Lilli turned to look at Aldana as she paddled her feet in the water to start with.

Aldana had turned hir attention to helping Luuna and Sombra out of their role-playing gear. Once each of them was unencumbered, one at a time they shook to fluff up their fur again.

~Go explore and play.~

With that the thylacinids darted off on their own.

Amiri smiled over at Ms Vail. “No, we’re just stopping over for some R&R before our next mission. We’ve just been through quite an ordeal.” The doctor smiled at the woman, admiring her as s/he waded out to join her.

“I’m sorry to hear that, let’s try and cheer things up for you.” She looked around. “See that cove over there?” Lilli motioned to a cove not far away. “I’ll beat you there!” She grinned as she got deeper into the water and started swimming towards the cove.

The Kazarite smiled as s/he joined in. S/he made a good show of hir effort, but something about her just made hir want to enjoy watching Vail’s elegant movement.

Lilli reached the cove and stretched out on the beach breathing heavily from the exertion of swimming. She grinned as she propped herself up to see where Aldana was.

Aldana was coming along. S/he’d been enjoying watching Vail’s graceful movements as s/he relaxed with the warm saltwater flowing over hir bare fur. Soon s/he joined Vail up on the beach, though s/he wasn’t quite as winded as her. S/he smiled down at her, s/he had become slightly aroused, though s/he hoped it wasn’t too obvious, s/he didn’t want to seem like a creep. “Looks like… you beat me,” s/he huffed, with a smile.

Meanwhile the pups were distracted off exploring whatever their noses could find.

“Only just!” Lilli smiled warmly, “or did you let me get ahead?” She looked at Aldana and grinned.

Aldana tried to look innocent; “well you can’t say the view was too bad from back there…”

Lilli grinned, she didn’t mind being with women, she enjoyed both sexes when it came to fun. “Glad you liked it!” She studied Aldana, “so tell me more about your species, you’re the first of your kind I’ve met.”

The Kazarite hybrid lay in the sand next to Lilli rolling to face her and propping up on one forearm. “Well for starters, I’m a hybrid. My parents were each from separate races. I’m half Hermat, but the most evident part of me is the Kazarite genes. As you’ve noticed we’re covered in almost fur-like hair, and some of us have tails and walk on digitigrade feet – that is we walk up on our toes like canines or felines. We don’t often leave our homeplanet, and we’re often agriculturalists for the Federation, but I guess my family has an exploratory streak inside they just couldn’t ignore.” Amiri paused, s/he waited to see if the lovely Betazoid had any questions.

“Wow,” Lilli smiled, “May I?…” She reached out a hand and waited for a nod from Aldana before gently touching her fur. “You’re so soft! How on Earth do you keep your fur that soft!?” She smiled warmly, “so where do you stand with regards love? A hermaphrodite can self-reproduce, can’t they?”

“Mmm,” Amiri hummed at the attention; it was rare when others actually wanted to stroke hir fur. It felt good and made hir happy. “Thank you,” s/he fur-blushed, which was similar to regular blushing, but obscured by fur, “I don’t think I do anything special.” s/he wasn’t used to compliments on hir body, s/he enjoyed it, which made hir beam, and just a bit bashful. “I brush or comb it regularly, I try and keep it away from harsh chemicals, I try and keep moisture leaching and nutrient leaching fabrics off of it as much as possible – The Federation and Starfleet has granted me accommodations to lessen the amount of covering I have to wear – oh, and I don’t drown it in hot water and soaps that damage and remove the natural UV repellant and water repellant properties of my fur.”

Amiri smiled at the unabashed bold questions Lilli was asking. She was so curious and unrestrained by antiquated social restraints. “Good questions, I appreciate your open, honest, and unrestrained curiosity. I suppose it’s biologically possible – I assumed that’s where most of the other three-hundred and sixty-four Aldanas came from – but where would be the fun in that?

Amiri didn’t like to assume but based on the context of Lilli’s question about love, s/he guessed what was meant by ‘love.’ I came from a very loving home with two very much in love parents who were open and honest about their relationships and feelings about each other and others. We don’t believe in locked doors. I’ve grown up with a very relaxed opinions about sex and sexuality. Sadly, still in this day-and-age that seems to put more people off than it does invite them.” S/he rolled back onto hir posterior/dorsal section, feeling a little down now. “It’s not always easy…”

“Hey…don’t get down about it!” Lilli smiled warmly as she turned to face Aldana. “I think it’s refreshing to find someone who has an open view and opinion about sex and sexuality. To be honest…I haven’t made up my mind whether I prefer to be with men or with women.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I like both, it has merits both ways. Women know just how to pleasure other women, as they tend to go by their own experiences. Men tend to go by what gives the woman pleasure, so plus points either way.”

Amiri felt conflicted, seeing such a beautiful being before hir, wanting to spend time, desiring to get to know hir better, but at the same time knowing most humanoids tended to not rush into things. S/he didn’t want to seem like a creep or a pervert. “See Lilli… may I call you ‘Lilli?’” Amiri paused until s/he noticed a slight affirmation. “…see Lilli,” s/he raised up onto hir elbows bringing hirself a little closer, “that’s exactly what I’d think would be so appealing; I could provide both perspectives, both types of mystery, joy, and pleasure. From a unique point of view…” The self-binary being hesitated, allowing that to hang there, to sink in. S/he wondered what would happen next. Whatever it was, s/he wouldn’t mind…

…suddenly distracted, s/he glanced away, wondering where hir guyzos were, and what they were up to.

Lilli smiled as she looked at Aldana, she was curious about her in more ways than one. “I think it would be interesting to learn.” She gently brushed her hand along Aldana’s fur.

Amiri moaned, “Mmm, Lilli, that’s nice.” S/he rolled over to allow Lilli access to hir back. “I think you missed your calling; you should have been a masseuse or a groomer.”

Lilli smiled before shaking her head. There was something about Aldana she was suddenly finding very alluring as her fingers ran through Aldana’s fur in a more sensitive way. “I’m glad you like it.”

Amiri hadn’t felt this good in a long time. Hir mind wondered and began to relax. As s/he did, s/he lowered fully to the ground, closed hir eyes, and began to let hir guard down and let hir body react as it may. “Mmmm… I haven’t felt this way in a long time.”

“Perhaps you’d like to continue this somewhere more private?” Lilli couldn’t believe she was suggesting this, but something was attracting her to Aldana.

Amiri had been feeling a bit off recently. S/he wasn’t sure quite what was going on, but perhaps s/he be more comfortable somewhere else. S/he suddenly felt the irresistible urge to answer with a gentle, but short kiss on the lips. Then without knowing it, offering her ‘bedroom eyes’ s/he asked your place or mine?”

“Well unless you want to be on a bunk in marine barracks, I think yours would be best.” Lilli smiled. She wasn’t even sure why she was drawn to Aldana, all she knew was she found her alluring and no doubt the rest of the evening would be interesting.


Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Marine Medic/Counsellor


Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D.
A. Chief Medical Officer


Luuna Aldana, C.G.CA/U
Self-assigned Personal “Body-guard”


Sombra, C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA
Service Animal/Therapeutic Aid


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