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The Final Battle Part #3

Posted on 23 Oct 2019 @ 2:50pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Lieutenant Cody Parker & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan & Lieutenant JG John "Sickle" Martinson & Ensign Teela Tjaansz & Chief Warrant Officer Luuna C.G.CA/U & Chief Warrant Officer Sombra C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA & Petty Officer 3rd Class Kara Pril
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Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (Main Story)
Location: Various/Thorion System
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 Day 19.1


- Lower Decks -

The Marines watched and when the panel dropped and exposed the spy device. Dr Cahill tapped her communications device and spoke into the microphone at the same time.

=/\=Lt. Parker you and your team can stand down. It is some kind of electronic device. The Marines have secured it and placed it in a signal-blocking force field, taking it to the science lab for further study =/\= Cahill paused.

=/\=Roger that, Cahill. The security team is standing down=/\= Parker replied.

Then she continued after Parker had closed his connection =/\= Bridge, this is Dr Cahill, all secure appears to be an electronic device of some kind. Have secured it in the security force field and sent to the science lab for further study. All teams are released from the alert. =/\=

Tapping her Commbadge to make her connection =/\= acknowledged Doctor, Lieutenant Parker will assign a security detail to the lab, Commander Sterling can have a look after we are out of danger and have our people back, also, secure all console adjacent to the device in the science lab =/\= Somers responded.

Dr Cahill responded =/\= In process of securing it now Captain. Suggest Security sweep the ship for other devices as a precaution. Putting it in one of our secure labs with double force field protection, the device is secure and returning to Sickbay =/\= Cahill reported.

=/\= acknowledged Doctor, good work, Somers out =/\= with that she closed the link and sat back, she had time to ponder the interactions between her and the Prelate and to wonder where the Lemuria was.

Suddenly Luuna gave another ‘yip’ and headed off down the Jefferies tube. She followed her nose, scanning down along the floor grating in the Jefferies tube.

Luuna continued to follow the new scent she’d located. She picked up the pace as the scent grew stronger. She knew she must be getting closer. She grew excited, as she did so, she could better distinguish the different scents of what she’d discovered. All other senses began to fade away as she zeroed in on it. She no longer cared whether anyone was tracking her. She no longer dwelled upon Alpha and her missing brother. There was only tracking the scent.

Before long, Luuna came to another wall panel in the Jefferies tube. She gave her alert by sitting, but upon looking around for anyone to investigate, she gave another ‘yip’ for attention.

Not hearing the scuffling about or any other indication anyone was coming, she nosed the panel. It had been carelessly replaced and it came noisily crashing to the floor of the tube.

Luuna yelped – more startled then out of pain – and leapt out of the way; her ears pinned.

Not sensing any injury despite a minor ringing in her ears, Luuna proceeded to investigate the cavity. Behind the wall panel, carelessly left on an ‘I’-beam, Luuna spotted something she thought was called a pea, nut, butter, and jam sand wedge. She wasn’t sure why the tasty treat was called that, nor why they’d leave such a ‘Licious thing behind – truly a crime against creation – but upon scoping about for anyone to stop her; she noisily scarfed it up. Before a hand could swat down out of nowhere, she wolfed it down in two bites.

- Engineering -

“Ramp, Tjaansz, grab four techs and scramble to the shuttle bay. We’ve got fighters coming back,” Nicci called out, walking with purpose towards the warp core where the two were standing monitoring energy flow to the ship’s systems. “I want all our fighters to have a once over by the scanners, then by hand. We need to make sure they get fixed up and refreshed in case we need to go at it again.”

Both officers saluted, and got on their way, grabbing some of the engineers who worked both engineering and shuttle bay on rotation.

“Now let’s hope we can get the chief back in one piece,” she said. Nicci did it to herself but she was pushing 18-hour shifts herself, refreshing plasma coils, repairing isolinear interfaces, rep@lacing isolinear chips, and dozens of other tasks, while everyone else was fighting with Orions. It may have been her way of avoiding the topic, pushing herself into her work so she couldn’t think about what happened, how she beat that Orion to a bloody pulp not too long ago. She knew the counsellor would want to talk to her about it when this was all over, but she was kind of hoping she wouldn’t have to.

oO We’ve held the ship together this long, we can do it a little while longer, Oo she thought.

“Pril, check on the portside plasma transfer conduit, just before the warp pylon,” Nicci said, as she stood in front of the master systems display, with an energy flow overlay. “Take someone with you. There’s a minor fluctuation there. See if it’s something like a conduit fracture or just a sensor issue. I’d like to have warp available if the captain needs it.”

“I am on it and I will snag someone to go with me,” Pril replied.

Pril and a fellow engineer took off to portside plasma transfer conduit. They go there and found it was indeed a conduit fracture.

=/\= Pril to Taggert =/\=

=/\= Taggert here, Pril. Go ahead. =/\=

=/\= Sir it is a fracture in the conduit. It is not too big, so we should have it repaired in about fifteen minutes give or take five minutes, but it will be fine. =/\=

oODamn Oo Taggert thought. oOWe’re going to need a once-over all along the line after this gets fixed. Can’t have the ship rupture a conduit when we’re likely to have another fight on our hands.Oo

The repair work was over in about 10 minutes and the scan to double-check the seal of the repair showed it was almost as good as new. Pril and the other engineer were on their way back to engineering.

=/\= Pril to Taggert, all is good to go. The repair is complete, and we are on our way back. Pril out. =/\=

- Counselling offices -

Tamara sat speaking quietly with Jorie, Samuel, and Rhett. After a few moments, they nodded and headed back to their own offices with PADD’s in hand. She sat at Iria’s desk and finished working on her PADD. After the difficulty feeding and interacting failure, with Doctor Alana’s canine, she figured it was best she helps in the counselling department. At least for the moment…

- Airspace Outside the Tomcat -

Martinson was in formation with Raider Squadrons 1 and 2 awaiting further orders while Red Squadron was flying CAP around the Tomcat. This waiting was taking its toll not only him but the other pilots by the chatter on the ship to ship Comms channel. “All of you cut the chatter. I know the wait is hard, but we have to stay sharp so keep your heads wired straight okay?” he said and suddenly the chatter stopped. He didn’t know which was worse, the chatter or silence. Regardless, he was still worried about Serina. He swore silently that he was going to kill whoever hurt her.

- Bridge -

When all was settled, she looked over at Winchester “Lieutenant, get me the Prelate and put it up on the viewer” she said.

“On Screen,” replied Paul as the face of the Prelate appeared on the big viewscreen, Paul Thought to himself oO here we go, Oo as he knew that things might get ugly.

“Thank you, Lieutenant,” she said as the viewscreen changed to the vision of the Prelate, putting on a pleasant smile “Prelate Jola'n, a slight change, why don’t you lower the stations shields around the cell block where my people are being held and we will beam them to our sickbay, all of them. I hope you can understand my caution, while you were not the one who kidnapped my people, you had a duty of care to them and thus you are guilty by association, so while I am honoured that you would invite me to come to get my people, I have realized that as a Starship Captain I am more valuable than all your current prisoners together. The fate of the Lemuria and her crew I will leave up to your people as if I never see that ship again it will be too soon, I do want a peaceful return of all my people and if you will not lower your shield of the Starbase I can understand, but we will remote pilot our shuttle over to the station to collect our people” she paused as her chair arm screen displayed something.

During this paused an alert came in that the backup she had was due to arrive in the system, the screen on her chair arm told her this, so she had to time it well.

“Again, I am hoping for a peaceful resolution, but if not then to show you that I will have my people back, I want you to meet my back up” she paused.

With that a task force of 12 ships dropped from the warp, there was the Sovereign-class the U.S.S. Avant-Garde, the Prometheus-class U.S.S. Liberty and the Akira-class U.S.S. Lady Luck were the lead ships, along with those came support ships some uprated Galaxy-class ships, and Excelsior-classes and some ageing Miranda-classes which had been retrofitted. Out of the more up-to-date, combat ships were Norway-classes, Sabre-class, Steamrunner-class and lots of Defiant-classes, then there were around four full squadrons of Klingon K'Vort-class ships the larger versions of the B'Rell-class and a couple of Neg'Var-class ships.

“You see I have come prepared, so will you accept our unmanned shuttle to dock with your starbase and return our crew via it, I give you my word that my ships will not fire the first shot” she added and waited for the Prelate’s reply.

“Captain Somers, what is the meaning of this? I have invited you to Thorion IV to get your people. I hoped that we could establish diplomatic relations, trade, and mutual respect. I am disappointed. We have offered you no overt hostility nor is there a need for this show of force. All you have to do is come and get them or would you rather I sent them to you in a ballista?” Prelate Jola'n replied.

*smiles congenially* “Apologies Prelate, the Lemuria is out there and my ships will not attack without my command Prelate and I would like to establish trade with the Thorion system, it is just that the Lemuria is still out there and they could jump in and spoil a peaceful exchange, better to have heavy hitters than not use them, than not have them and you needing, them, what I can do is flag all your ships in this system as non-combatants or friendlies and our ships will not attack your ships, so then if the Lemuria decides to jump in your forces will remain unhurt. To assure this you would need to pull your forces back to your Starbase and only shoot in defence, but if this is acceptable you need not fear fire from my ships, the renegade Lemuria I cannot speak for,” Somers said.

“Captain Somers, the Lemuria is not a problem for us, we are quite well-defended from them. They were heavily damaged. I don’t think they will make it to the next star. They were disavowed by the Syndicate which in Orion terms means that they now have marks on their heads. I respect your show of force. Now let me demonstrate my good faith by lowering our shields and allowing you to dock if you like. I am even prepared to offer your fleet shore leave privileges,” Jola'n offered.

Jol'an nodded to his aid and their shields went down, and the considerable weapons powered down.

When the shields came down Maia scanned, it’s what she did. She scanned many weapons platforms not only on the station but on the asteroids orbiting Thorion IV. She scanned photon torpedo launchers with approximately 5000 photon torpedoes, plasma torpedo launchers with 5000 torpedoes, Tholian web generators, multiple heavy phaser emplacements disruptors and multiple tractor beam generators. The station itself was heavily armoured with a Neutronium mesh weaved into the hull plaiting that would make the station impervious to most energy weapon attacks. not to mention approximately 40 Ballista’s and over 100 Javelins, and over three hundred scorpion class fighters. The place was armed to the teeth.

“Captain you better take a look at this,” Maia advised.

“Hold one moment please Prelate,” she said and signalled for the sound out to be muted, so only the image, not speech could be seen by the Prelate. She stood up and walked over to Maia’s console and with her back to the screen “what is it Commander?” she asked.

Maia showed her captain the weapons emplacements. the station was quite heavily defended. “They are quite capable of putting up a fight, Captain”.

“Interesting, keep our distance, and notify the fleet to do the same, also tag the Thorion Forces as friendlies, we need more trading partners, but that will be up to Starfleet,” she said.

“Aye captain but what about the invite? They have powered down their weapons and shields”.

“We use the transporter, with everything that has happened, I think it wise, now I must go do my diplomatic thing, sometimes I envy my Cousin, she was actually trained in diplomacy more than myself, it is her world, yet she chose the Rifles, my Aunt had a cow upon finding out her plans” Jasmine said with a smile.

“We will need to move within 40,000 Kilometers of the station to use the transporters, Captain.”

“Understood Commander, make it so,” Somers said.

“Helm take us in one-half impulse power set course 006 marks 8. Take us to within transporter range” Maia ordered.

- Airspace Outside the Tomcat -

“Holy Shit! Where the hell did they all come from? The Captain is not playing!” John said into his com channel. “All fighters hold your positions. The Calvary has arrived. Await my orders,” he said. Now that the fleet and guests had arrived, he was sure they would retrieve the abducted crew, including Serina.

- The Lemuria -

Captain Arwella of the Lemuria did everything she could to coax her ship into warp but to no avail. Her cloaking device was failing, and she had been putting out fires in the main engineering bay. The cloaking device was emitting dangerous levels of delta radiation and some of her best tech’s had been stricken with radiation poisoning. She was only about 50 million Issecs from the border trying to get out of sensor range when her sensors picked up the warp signatures of the Federation task force. She decided to eject the damage cloaking device before it killed any more of her people. She had no choice. She made sure that explosives were attached to the damaged cloaking device when she ejected it.

“De-cloak and eject cloaking device,” Arwella ordered.

“Set course 215 marks 11 Full impulse power; we will try to get out by sneaking into the normal commercial traffic”.

Once the Lemuria was out of the way and quite a few million issecs away it was time for one final act.

“Prepare to detonate the cloaking device. Detonate.”

The explosion was pretty intense delta radiation being the major component.

There was a large explosion half an AU out beyond the border of the Thorion system. “What the hell!! Winchester locates where that came from NOW and get me the Prelate on the Comms” Somers instructed, “Notify all ships to YELLOW ALERT, get Parker back to the bridge NOW” she added.

“Ma'am, some of the fighters are investigating now,” replied Paul as he secretly stated to use the intel gathering program that had been left by the last intel chief, he continued,” all ships have been notified,” as he hoped that it was not intended to hurt the fleet.

“Thank you, Lieutenant,” Jasmine replied.

*Beep Beep*

“Captain the Prelate Jola'n is hailing us”. Maia stated.

As the Prelate came back looking puzzled and worried, they had dropped their shields. “Are you, alright Prelate? Our sensors are showing mass delta radiation from a damaged cloaking device, as is evidenced by the Lemuria showing up” Somers asked then while she was waiting for the Prelate to gather herself, she tapped her Commbadge.

=/\= Tomcat to Avant-Garde take your ship and detain the Lemuria before she can escape =/\= Jasmine was floored when a familiar voice came over the Communications.

=/\= Acknowledged Cous, Colonel Alexandria Somers out =/\= she responded Jasmine was shocked wondering how the hell her cousin got command, last she had heard Alex was in advanced command course at the academy, she put it at the back of her mind and returned to the task at hand.

“It would be better if you destroyed her and set this to rest once and for all. If the Lemuria escapes She will undoubtedly seek revenge. And she is wealthy, Captain” Jola'n said.

Looking at the Prelate “Thank you for your input Prelate, logical and to the point, but Starfleet will only fire if fired upon, I want to arrest the Captain of the Lemuria and make her pay for the kidnapping. I have marked your ships as non-combatants, so none of my ships will target yours, I ask you to do the same, also, I think we will beam our people back to the Tomcat” she said then looked at Winchester.

On the viewscreen, Jol'an turned his head to aid and nodded. “It is done Captain.” replied the Prelate.

“Lieutenant has a squadron of Bird of Preys aid the Avant-Garde and have them disable the Lemuria, I do not want her escaping,” she said.

“Already done Ma'am apart from some grumbles,” replied Paul as he noticed the data that he was capturing was so much that his team would need months to analyze it and the captain he knew would be angry with him, but so what he was a spook now and that he would need to do things behind the back of the captain.

“Very good Captain Somers” Prelate Jo’lan relayed.

- Airspace Outside the Tomcat -

“What the bloody hell was that? Shit, what blew up? =/\= Sickle to Somers, you want me to take some guys and check that out?=/\= John said quickly.

=/\= Send a flight to support the Avant-Garde, the Lemuria has just de-cloaked and ejected a damaged cloaking device and decided to explode the device among the Thorion system ships, have all other fighters form a defensive formation around the Tomcat and prepare for the unexpected =/\= Somers responded.

=/\= Understood, will form defensive formation around the Tomcat Sickle out=/\= Speaking into his comlink, “Raider 1 to all Squadrons, form defensive formation around the Tomcat except 2nd Squadron fall in on me. We are going to support the Avant-Garde. All squadrons watch your asses. Do NOT engage unless fired upon first or you receive orders from me or the Tomcat,” he said. Summarily the responding mic clicks were heard over the comlink…Peeling off and taking 2nd Squadron with him, John headed for the Avant-Garde.

=/\=Avant-Garde, Lt. John “Sickle” Martinson here. Compliments of Capt. Somers, USS Tomcat.
We are here to support you, where do you want us to park?=/\= he said.

=/\=Welcome Lieutenant, Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers commanding, glad to have you, what is the state of affairs close to the station? =/\= Alex responded.

=/\=Colonel Somers, the tension is high. So far no attacks have been attempted. Your orders Colonel?=/\=

Alex’s Comms came to life her communications officer piped it through =/\= watch our six Lieutenant with the Lemuria one can never tell =/\= Alexandria responded.

=/\= Understood Colonel, we got your back. Sickle out=/\= Now John spoke to his fighters, “Ok ladies, we are to watch their ass so let’s do this right. You know the formation so…Break…Break!” he said, and they formed up according to orders.

- Lemuria -

With the cloaking device gone, the engineers of the Lemuria were able to get the warp drive back online. They had swapped out their navigational ID beacon, so they were not even registering as the Lemuria anymore. They had increased to warp 4 upon entering normal traffic lanes and disappeared with all the other traffic. Without allies they were in serious trouble; it was time to make some new ones. Set a course for Ferengi space.

“Aye Captain”

Captain Arwella was thinking dark thoughts about the USS Tomcat and the Syndicate. Vengeance would be hers…

- USS Avant-Garde/USS Tomcat -

As the Avant-Garde and her escort ships arrived the Lemuria managed to jump to warp, the moment the ship had gone, Alex opened a channel.

“Comms Open a channel to the Tomcat and make sure the Prelate hears,” she said.

“Aye, Captain” the Communications Officer responded and nodded when the connections were made.

=/\= Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers to Fleet Captain Somers, I have linked the Prelate in on this in a hearing capacity, the Lemuria has warped out, it’s heading is possibly Ferengi space, but I fear that both the Tomcat and the Syndicate and possibly the people of the Thorion system will be their targets, I am sending your fighters back and returning to the fleet, the next move is yours Captain =/\= Alex said.

On the Tomcat Jasmine received this news, she looked at Sterling and raised an eyebrow “interesting” =/\= Thank you, Colonel, Tomcat out =/\= she said then opened the two-way to the Prelate. “Well Prelate, it seems we can do things amicably, my ship will move in closer to beam our people back, I will also send in your request to Starfleet for a trade agreement,” Jasmine said.

Yes, thank you, Captain Somers, I am sorry that you didn’t eliminate the criminal Arwella and capture the Lemuria. I will put out a sector-wide APP on her. I will send you the transporter coordinates. get your crewmember’s back. Some have been injured. Please have your medical teams standing by…” Jola'n said. Jol'an sent the coordinates to the Tomcat.

When the communication finished with the Prelate she tapped her Commbadge =/\= Bridge to Cahill, get a medical team to transporter room one Commander, we are getting our people back =/\= Somers said

=/\= Understood Captain=/\= Cahill and her Alpha team moved out to Transporter Room 1. Upon arrival, she tapped her commbadge. =/\=Ready and standing by Captain.=/\=

=/\= Energize when ready =/\= Somers ordered when the ship was in transporter range.

- Transporter room One -

=/\=Copy that Captian =/\= Dr Cahill looks at the Chief on the controls. “Energize when ready.”

He responds “Aye Doctor, and the hum of the transporter begins to work. After a few minutes, the captives are on board.

Tapping her Commbadge =/\=Captain all personnel are on board. We have started triage.=/\=

Dr Cahill joins in the triage looking the pregnant females first, “Get them settled in from further checks. All walking captives there are clean uniforms and food waiting for you.

Dr Cahill spied Dr Aldana and went to her, “What is going on with the pregnancies? Did the Edoan die in childbirth? They look to be several months into the pregnancies. Please tell me what happened.”

=/\= Acknowledged Doctor, we will be leaving shortly, Somers out =/\=

((OOC: It was already written we were beamed to sickbay in the other post.))

- USS Tomcat, Sickbay -

Due to the severity of hir cases, Doctor Aldana had already ordered hirself to have been beamed directly to the U.S.S. Tomcat sickbay along with Lieutenant ‘Reaper’ Donovan, and Enderi the Edosian female who had expired due to complication from the Dramia II plague.

The Kazarite looked around for hir CMO but could not find her. Instead, she stabbed a finger in the direction of a nurse. “YOU! Help Lieutenant Donovan, she’s having complications due to an accelerated pregnancy. She may be in labour”

“Yes, sir!” The nurse got to work immediately.

Aldana turned to Enderi on the surgical biobed. To another nurse s/he barked, “I need assistance here, we MAY still be able to revive her. I need 10mLs adrenaline, stat!” Aldana found a medical tricorder and began taking scans. “The baby’s heartbeat is still strong if we can restore blood and O² flow we can save it, and we might be able to save the mother in the meantime. I still have minor brain activity. Get the cortical stimulators.”

The nurse assisting Aldana complied. “Ready doctor!”

Start with 50 millijoules.

The nurse did as she was told. “Clear!”

Enderi jumped. Nothing.


The nurse did so. “Clear!”

Again, Enderi jumped. Again, nothing.

“Let’s jump to 75.”



Then there was a brief signal, but it wasn’t sustained.


Enderi gasped. She was alive but unconscious.

“We did it!” Doctor Aldana circled over to the nurse and hugged her.

Meanwhile, Sombra was off to the side, he elated in Alpha’s relief.

“We still not done though, we’ve got to begin to treat the Dramia II plague, it’s not contagious to most bi-pedal humanoids, but I’m sure Ms Enderi will be joyful to be rid of it. How’s the baby?

“Circulation between fetus and mother returning to normal. No sign the virus has crossed the placental barrier.”

Aldana smiled, hir tail wagging. S/he turned to the other nurse whom s/he’d been so abrupt with earlier. “I’m sorry for my behaviour, I’m sure you can understand the urgency of the situation.”

The original nurse nodded.

“What’s your name, nurse?”

“Joy, sir.”

“Nurse Joy?” Aldana had to fight off a smirk.

“Yes, sir, and don’t worry, my parents are huge anime and video game fans, I am too. I’m glad you recognize the reference. I’ve administered a mild pain killer to Ms ‘Reaper’ that won’t affect the offspring, and everything else seems to fine.”

Doctor Aldana turned to Lieutenant Donovan and smiled weakly. “How do you feel?"
Serina looked at Aldana, smiled weakly, "Bloated," she said looking at her growing belly.

- Bridge -

On the bridge, Jasmine switches off the Communicator and looks at the screen “Prelate, thank you for returning our people peacefully, I will put your offer to my Superiors and if they are interested they will contact you on the frequency which I am sending to you on the sub-channel” she said.

“Thank you, Captain Somers. I regret the conditions for our meeting. I look forward to being contacted by your Federation representatives. Jol'an Out.

-Air Space Outside the Tomcat-

=/\= Sickle to Tomcat Raider Squadron inbound. The captain is the captives on board? Is the CAG with them?=/\= John said into his com.

=/\= Affirmative Sickle bring your pilots back to the barn, we will be pulling out shortly, Somers out =/\= she closes the link and walks over to the communications console and presses the fleet-wide.

=/\= Tomcat to Assault Fleet, our people are back aboard, return to Sol immediately, we are done here, Tomcat out =/\=

She got a host of acknowledgements and the viewscreen showed all the ships warping out of the Thorion system she knew the Prelate was watching the ships jump away and probably feeling as relieved as she was that there was no combat done this day.

Eventually, after all, fighters had returned to the barn the Tomcat was the last ship remaining in the system she looked back at Sterling “I do not know about you Commander, but I am just as glad to have gotten our people back without a fight” she paused as she returned to her seat “Of course it does help when you have overwhelming numbers of ships as back up. At least these independents now know not to trifle with Starfleet, to use a slightly altered quote a character from an old 2D film ‘it is better to rule by threat of force than use force itself’ that force being the manpower we had here today, if one shows up with a clear meaning then most confrontations could be resolved peacefully” Somers finished.

“True Captain, however, I would argue that I don’t think Prelate Jol'an wanted to trifle with us. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up an Ambassador to the Federation, Sir. I did a little research on Thorion IV. During the Dominion war, the Dominion pillaged this system. The Orions of this system fought back and won. When the Dominion sent a fleet of 200 ships to retake the system, Jola'n a Tricero (Major) at the time led a resistance, eradicating the Dominion from this area of space. Once freed from slavery, He made it his mission to free other Orions from there bondage. It was his people that drove the syndicate out of here.” Maia replied.

*Smiling as she looked at her First Officer* “I like a peaceful resolution, don’t you Maia?” She asked

“Peaceful and profitable. I am glad the Orion syndicate has been diminished in this system at least, however, I don’t think we have seen the last of Arwella and her Marauders”. Maia added.

With that, she faced front again and spoke to the helm and navigation officers “set a heading for Starbase 51 warp eight” She ordered.

“Aye Captain warp eight ready,” the replacement helm officer said.

“ENGAGE!” Somers ordered and the stars became star lines.

From the other side, they would have seen all the ships wink out as they went to warp and the lone remaining Akira-class ship recall its fighters and then also wink out as the ship went to warp.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO

Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Chief Intelligence Officer

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer

Lt. Jg. Serina "Reaper" Donovan
Commander Air Group, "Raider 1"

Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Jg Cody Parker
Mission Advisor/CoS

Lt. Colonel Alexandria Somers [P: Somers] (used for this mission only)
Acting Commanding Officer
USS Avant-Garde

Ensign Teela Tjaansz [P: Taggert]

Petty Officer 3 Kara Prill [P: Dodd]
Matter/Energy Systems Specialist

CWO Luuna C.G.CA/U [P: Aldana]
Self-appointed Bodyguard to ACMO

CWO Sombra C.G.CA/U, PSA,C.ESA [P: Aldana]
Service Animal to ACMO

Lt. Jg John ‘Sickle’ Martinson [P:Donovan]
Pilot, Raider 2

Prelate Jola'n [NPC: Sterling]
Governor Thorion system

Captain Arwella [P: Sterling]

Tamara, Jorie, Samuel and Rhett [PNPCs]

Simmed By

Lt Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor


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