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New face, new place

Posted on 19 Sep 2019 @ 10:42pm by Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51

Liliana stood staring out of the window of her transport, she’d been on annual leave when news had come through of her new assignment. She was to join the USS Tomcat as part of a new marine unit being based onboard the ship.

Lily enjoyed her role of Marine Medic and Counsellor, her Betazoid heritage made her a natural when it came to the caring side she needed in her job. Her medical skills, as medic made her the on-site version of a doctor when out in the field during heat of battle.

The only thing that Lily didn’t like about settling in to somewhere new was having to decide whether to hide her Romulan heritage or simply be who she was and hope to be accepted for who and what she was. Not everyone appreciated having a half Romulan around but most of the marines she’d served with so far had accepted her with no questions.

As the transport docked at Starbase 51 she picked up her bag and headed aboard, the rest of her things were boxed ready to be moved to the station and onward to the USS Tomcat. She tended to travel quite light, her more important belongings were in storage at her family home on Betazed.

Passing through the docking collar she presented her orders to security before heading through to the station promenade. She was early so while she had time she planned to enjoy what time she had left. The starbase would no doubt have an arboretum and holodeck, for now the Arboretum was her choice.

Finding her way to the arboretum she enjoyed a walk through the trees, and along the stream. Some arboretums were so real you could forget you were on a station or starship, others were a pale imitation but she found this one to her liking. For now she was gong to sit down and relax before joining her new unit and ship.


Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vali
Marine Medic/Counsellor
USS Tomcat


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