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Captives pt 6

Posted on 09 Sep 2019 @ 10:12pm by Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan & Ensign Angelica Wright & Ensign Doya Emja
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Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Slavers Camp
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 Day 17.1b


- Donovan and Aldana’s room -

The guards had received their orders and moved all of their latest acquisitions from the Starfleet ship together in neighboring cells. Aldana and Sombra had been moved in with Serina. Neighboring the cell with Lamia, Dodd, & Goodwin.

Lt. Davidson was grabbed by two guards and drug to a cell with a female member that appeared to be pregnant. ACMO Aldana was there as well, An Orion Doctor was standing there. “You take care of the pregnant females. You do good at it and I will see you are not sold.

“Your medical training makes you more valuable to me.” As the guards shoved him into the cell.

Davidson looks back, “you cannot do this to females of any races. I will see you charged when I get you back to Federation space with war crimes.”

The Orion laughed and walk away.

Lt. Davidson moved over to the 2 female crew members and began to check them over. He did as best he could with the limited means he could. They appeared to be stable for now, but with the accelerated pregnancies. There was no way to tell what could happen.

Serina moaned as the pain subsided. “Damn them!” she sobbed. “I wanted to wait to get married before having a baby. What is John going to say?” she cried. She was so deep into herself she had not noticed that there was another person in the room.

Davidson moved to Serina; he could tell there was distress in her pregnancy. He headed over and looked at her. Then talked softly to her, “I am here and will stay close with you to help any way I can Serina. John will still love you no matter what.”

Serina looked at Davidson, “You think so? How would you know? You don’t know John like I do. He is a sweet down to earth guy. However, he has his standards and that is why we haven’t…” she stopped suddenly as another gut-wrenching pain grabbed her as she reached out and grabbed Davidson’s shoulder in a death grip.

Tavrein was brought into the room with Aldana, Serina, Sombra and a person he didn’t immediately recognize saying nothing at first because he was embarrassed by his behavior with Aldana previously. He hesitated then walked over to Aldana, speaking softly, “Are you doing okay?”

James stayed close to the females that were pregnant. The accelerated pregnancy was giving both of them problems. He was busy and hoping every thing went right.

Serina was curled in the bed the best she could while her body was trying to keep up with the changes taking place. Certain pains felt like parts of her were being ripped out of place whereas others felt like some organs were being pushed out of the way. All she knew is it was exhausting and torturous and very painful. Crying softly, she was scared, worried and angry at the same time. What would John say? Would he break off their engagement? Would he even want to marry her now that she was unclean? All this was working on her mind.

James continued to do what he could, but all he could do was comfort them. He saw the Orion Doctor looking in. “I could better care for the pregnant females if I had my medical kit and tricorder”

The Orion doctor motioned to a guard and he brought them over. They held their weapons trained on everyone in the cell, after opening the door and they tossed in his tricorder and medical bag. Then slammed the door shut after they backed out, he walked over and got them. He went back to his patients and went to work.

James thought to himself, oO at least the Doctor had some compassion. Oo

James then opened his mind so those who were telepathic could read his mind.

Aldana looked perplexed at this new addition to their cell, and how he’d just shoved hir aside. Couldn’t he see, s/he was already attempting to tend to Donovan hirself? “Excuse me? I don’t believe we’ve met.”

By now the amount of water Sombra had consumed had helped to flush the sedative out of his system, more or less. He loped over to Alpha having picked up on something from hir, and he nudged hir.

Aldana wasn’t sure what was going on with hir. S/he wasn’t feeling well. S/he pulled Sombra to hir and embraced him gently. ~Y’r my g’d bouy.~

"Dr. that you I hear? Please I just want to go home.....", Serina sobbed. She hurt and painfully so. The changes were to fast and it was taking its toll on her mental state as well. This time the pain that just hit her, she cried out mentally. oOHelp me Imzadi please, I can't stand anymore pain!Oo

Davidson looked up, “Doctor Aldana would you take a look at our patients. I am a nurse and think you need to examine the pregnant females.”

Aldana was sitting on the floor leaning against the wall closest to the others in the other cell. S/he’d never communicated telepathically to a humanoid before. S/he had been focusing hard… < < hello? > >

< < Hello? > > Dodd felt a very faint thought but not sure who it was. < < I hope you are well; I hope you get this. I am working to figure out a way to escape. Stand by. > > Dodd did not know if the sender of the faint thought would get his message.

Doctor Aldana looked up. S/he wasn’t feeling so good hirself. “Is that a Federation medkit? Where did you get that? I mean… yes-yes of course.” S/he groaned as s/he slowly tried to raise up from where s/he was sitting on the floor. “Before I do, though, it would help me greatly if you could check on my ‘wound?’”

James went to Doctor Aldana and used the tricorder to check on hir. Hir injuries were minor, and s/he seemed the be strong. “It is a Federation med kit, Doctor I had it along across my shoulder while caring for patients on the Tomcat." He paused, "They took it at first, but when I asked in a diplomatic way and with compassion the Orion doctor gave it back to me, so I can help the injured with medical needs. I have noticed they have put all the injured and also 2 pregnant females in with me since the Orion doctor has noticed I have medical training. She has said I will not be sold as a slave since my medical training makes me more valuable to her than being a slave.

And while I am thinking of it, I am LTjg James Davidson, a nurse on the Tomcat. Assigned to sickbay."

It had been a long time since Amiri had gotten to greet someone in a hug. “Thank you, Davidson, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” s/he broke the hug, “I’m sorry I hadn’t taken the time to meet more of the staff in sickbay. Aldana rubbed the bare spot on hir rump where s/he’d been branded prior to being reunited with some of hir U.S.S. Tomcat crew. “Are you sure this isn’t infected, it itches, and I don’t want to scratch it. No doubt it’ll scar, but I’d rather not make it worse.

Aldana hesitated as if listening to the faintest sound; s/he even cupped hir hand over hir ear before s/he realized it wasn’t an audible sound, but a mental one. S/he wasn’t used to making contact with humanoids.

- Dodd, Walon and Arderne’s Room -

~~ Iria, my Imzadi, there is no need for you to shapeshift and have them discover that ability. We will work this out. ~~ Dodd thought to Walon.

~~ We will need to get the guards distracted when they bring the next mate in and then of us needs to slip past them and get to the next room.~~ Dodd stated. “Goodwin, are you okay?”

“I am fine, and I only wish we had some advantage over the brute strength of the guards so we could get out of here and get back to ship.” Goodwin started to get tears in her eyes.

The Orion Guards were likely planning on them to try something. All Dodd needed to do was have a chance to really focus on the mind of one to see what that one knew and then he could likely implant a false memory and or erase a recent memory to help them get control.

“Come to think of it, how many different guards have you seen? It is always the same two guards that come to get any of you out of this room and always the same two guards that I can feel the minds of.” Dodd said out loud. He did not know if they knew he was telepathic or not, but he felt like Goodwin needed to be in on the discussion, after all she is a marine officer.

Lamia looked at Dodd. “Now that you mention it…I’ve only seen the same two guards here and two more in the medical area, but surely they can’t have so few guards with all the slaves they have?”

Iria leaned against Remy’s side tears running down her face, “I have seen five guards total, three Doctors, four Orion women including the one who took the ring you gave me. I saw three other slaves besides us, Andorian, Risian, Human looking.” She recalled each face and shared it with Remy and Lamia as best she could. As she recalled the male slaves, she kept her gaze on the floor. She didn’t know if they had wanted to hurt her with the owner or not, but they still had. It made her very uncomfortable to recall their faces.

Lamia nodded. “There’s one more, the guard who…attacked me, when we first got here.” She shivered as she thought about it. “I haven’t seen him around much since then.” She noticed movement in the area outside the cell. “It looks like they’re moving some of our people.”

~~They are concentrating all of the others they got from our ship or in the same raid into a cluster of cells. We may even get some roommates as well. ~~ Dodd thought to Iria and Lamia.

Just then the cell door opened and in came Wright and Doya. Doya was really unrecognizable as she had been so altered that she did not look Bajorian anymore. She was enhanced physically to put up with rough customers in the brothel she was supposed to be used for. If Dodd did not recognize her thoughts, he would not have known it was her.

“Am I glad to see you.” exclaimed Wright as she ran up to Goodwin and then realized she was in with other crew members? “Sir, I think that we outnumber the staff here as I have been observing every little thing I can.” Wright said to Dodd and the others.

Iria was surprised to see the alterations that had occurred to the Bajoran woman, the Orions had made her completely unrecognizable as she had been. It was startling and scary what other changes had been done to them all? She shook her head slightly and just leaned against Remy’s side; she just didn’t know what to say to help right then…

- The Cells -

Dodd was in his cell with his harem and was probing the many thoughts in the area when one sort of stood out. Compassion for care, the thought was strong and focused. He could tell it was from a crewmember from the Tomcat. He was not sure if the person was telepathic in their own but apparently the person knew Dodd was here along with some other telepathic crew members.

~~ I am sensing that James is tending to the pregnant members of our crew in the next cell. He is attempting to relay that one of the guards or an Orion doctor showed some compassion and granted him access to a tricorder and a medical kit. If only we had a means to communicate directly. No one in that cell is telepathic that I am aware of. ~~

Lamia was suffering in silence, doing her best not to show just how much pain she was in. She didn’t want to be a concern, she simply nodded as Dodd telepathically relayed his message.

Iria had started pacing the room, so much had happened in the last four days five? She wasn’t even sure how long it had been. Their times for food and random grabbing of folks to check their progress or lack thereof was causing nervous tension and strain on all concerned.

-Donovan, James and Aldana's cell-

James turned on the tricorder again and checked out Serina she was shown to be currently 4 ½ months along. He noticed her pain and gave her an injection to help with it.

As the pain killer started to ease up her pain, Serina managed to sit up, “Thank you James. It helps. When…how did they grab you?”, Serina asked as she looked around and saw Aldana was there as well.

James smiled, “you are welcome. I was able to determine the baby in you is a male human fetus. I will do my best to make you comfortable”. At least now he could do something to make them more comfortable and treat them. “I was on duty in the sick Bay we set up in cargo Bay 3 taking care of patients. I had my back turned when 2 Orions came out of hiding and was hit in the back by one of the darts and found myself here as a prisoner and told I would be a slave.”

“A boy?”, now scared to even ask if it was human or not. Timidly, “Do you…can you tell……is it human”, Serina whispered. A dozen thoughts went through her head all at the same time. Was it human? Was it some gross mix of Orion and who knew what? Would it look like her? The biggest question…would John accept her and the baby! Serina was getting agitated and it brought the onset of another round of gut-wrenching pain.

James smiled, it is all human and I know you will be fine. Now don’t get to worked up. Everything is fine now Serina.”

James smiled, “I have spoken to him several times. All he does is speak of his love for you. And how nothing will ever come between the two of of you. He told me once the he loves you no matter what is going on with either of I.”

In spite of the painkiller that James had just given her, the next gut wrenching pain could only be described as if her stomach was being ripped out of place and pulled into her rib cage. Serina, let out a blood curdling howl combined with a mental scream. oOOh my god...make it stop please!Oo The mental projection of her scream had an affect on those telepaths closest to her proximity....

- Dodd, Lamia, Iria, Goodwin, Wright, Doya -

Lamia had been trying to keep her pain a secret, but she finally reached the point where she couldn’t stand it any longer.

Noticing the change, the guards reported in and soon the doors opened. Grabbing Lamia they escorted her to Serina’s and Aldana's cell leaving her to be cared for by James.

- Serina Aldana Davidson and Lamia -

Another female crew member brought in, the door opening and closing again. James walks over and helps her to one of the beds. "I am a nurse on the Tomcat and will take care of you as best I can. All you need to do is relax for me."

Lamia nodded, she could sense the fact that James was telling the truth and he’d already been helping the others. “I don’t think there’s much…you can do. My pregnancy isn’t stable!” She sighed. “At least so the doctors were saying.”

“Ok let’s take a look,” James said. He took out a tricorder and checked her out. As he checked her out, he saw the pregnancy was indeed unstable right now. He looks over and calls to Doctor Aldana, “Doctor Aldana, can you come over here, I need you to take a look at this one. Her pregnancy is unstable. Both of them have had their pregnancy accelerated and it is giving them problems.

Aldana winced, and swallowed hard, trying to shove down hir own aches and pains. S/he joined Davidson at his side. S/he looked at the readings on the tricorder. Delving deep into hir medical training, s/he recalled the knowledge s/he had on the matter. “Well what we really need is a starship sickbay, or even better a hospital.” S/he looked at Lamia, “I have some experience with some field/hands-on medicine may I feel your belly?”

Meanwhile Aldana turned to James Davidson, “is that a fully stocked medkit?”

Aldana turned back to Lamia. “If we have some, I can give you a mild painkiller. It won’t hurt the baby, but it won’t completely kill the pain. Although it will numb it.”

" was already doesn't work!" Lamia could only look at Aldana and hope.

The Kazarite-hybrid continued, “Davidson, you seem to have a rapport with the Orion doctors, can you see if we can use their facilities. They might at least be something comparable to a civilized medical facility.”

- Dodd, Iria, Goodwin, Wright, Doya -

Iria paced around the room. Her head hurt along with her stomach and strangely enough her hips. She worried her lip between her teeth as she stalked around....

-Aldana, Lamia, Serina, Davidson-

Aldana reached out to the telepathic voice s/he been able to make contact with, an heard nothing....

To be continued...


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