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The Final Battle Part #2

Posted on 01 Oct 2019 @ 3:52pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Lieutenant Cody Parker & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan & Lieutenant JG John "Sickle" Martinson

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (Main Story)
Location: Various/Thorion System
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 Day 19


The Prelate was thoughtful…

“I think you mean the Lemuria, Fleet Captain Somers. That ship dropped off cargo and departed. They had failed in their mission and have been banished and disavowed, by both the Thorion authorities and the Syndicate. Your captured crew will be returned if we have them. Please submit a manifest of the crew that is missing and if we have them, they will be returned to you. We wish to avoid a diplomatic incident with the Federation, Fleet Captain. I officially welcome you to the Thorion System. If you set a course of 013 marks 4. You may proceed to Thorion IV at ½ impulse. Please assume a standard orbit upon arrival. Your crew will be aboard the Starbase in orbit.” The Prelate replied.

Nodding “That as maybe, but you have my people Prelate, I would like them back without a fight if it can be done, also if you can also drop the jamming I can call off my heavy reinforcements, as I said I am open to a peaceful return of my people, but I am also willing to bring in overwhelming force, the Lemuria kidnapped the wrong people, we cannot directly interfere with your operations outside of Allied space unless requested, but when Federation Citizens are kidnapped off my ship in Federation space, you better believe we can do something, so Prelate as we say on earth, the Ball is in your court meaning it is your choice, you know my intentions both versions, I want to know what is yours please?” she asked.

“I intend to return your people to you so that we can return to normal and peaceful operations. Your presence here is quite frankly bad for business and you are making certain factions very nervous. I have deactivated the jammers, please proceed on the course heading I have sent you.” The prelate advised.

*nodding* “Thank you, Prelate, I do hope you understand though that while we have no quarrel with you or your people, we cannot standby and allow such things to happen, let us make arrangements to transfer my people back to the Tomcat, shall we?” Somers asked.

“Please set your approach course assent. I invite you and a small escort to beam over to my office, where we can discuss this matter. We will send an escort of 6 Javelins to escort you. I give you my word no harm will come to you or your ship while you’re in Thorion space.” The Prelate said sincerely.

“Thank you, prelate, I will need to arrange things my end, expect me within the hour,” Somers said

“I will expect you then. and have your personnel waiting.” Jola'n said.

After the connection was closed she turned to Winchester who was back at Communications “Lieutenant notify the fighters of what has currently happened and to keep an eye on the Thorions, also let them know the fighters they are sending over are not to be fired upon, they are my escort, appraise our backup of latest events” she said standing up.

“Aye Captain, sending orders to the flight leader now,” replied Paul as he opened up a com channel,=/\= Rebel 1 this is King 1,=/\= as he looked at the coms channel, He continued,=/\= your orders are to keep an eye on the Thororions, also there are fighters coming over are not repeat not to be fired upon=/\= as he hoped that this had been heard. As he finished=/\= as they are the Captain’s escort,=/\=

as he heard back over the Com =/\= King 1, this is Rebel 1, we Copy that, do you wish us to tail the Escort?=/\= replied the young Pilot.

=/\= Hold on Rebel 1,=/\= replied Paul as he turned to look at the Captain, “Ma'am, do you want some of ours to tail your escort in case of trouble?”

Looking at Winchester “have elements of 100 Squadron be ready to form up on the shuttle, if the Prelate asks, tell them they are our escorts” Somers responded.

Paul replied," Instructions have been sent Ma'am and to be ready to defend," as he knew to be safe than sorry " Message being sent to the Prelate of escorts being sent,"

She nodded and looked at her First Officer “okay Commander, you have that look on your face, out with it!” Jasmine intoned.

“He is not what I expected. He seems to be a responsible leader. There is more going on here than we’ve been led to believe. He acted like a normal port authority officer.” Maia replied.

*gives her First Officer a dubious look* “you got that too huh? I agree, there is something more going on with the Prelate, do not know about you Commander, but I have a bad feeling about this. I know that look too I will take Major Donovan with me as my guard but keep a skeletal lock on us huh! I know we will be going over by shuttle, but the shuttle is replaceable” Somers said.

“What if he is telling the truth Captain? There is so much about the Orions we don’t know. However, why don’t you each wear a Veridian patch? If something is going on, we will be able to locate you up to five sectors away.” Maia suggested.

*looking thoughtful* “excellent idea Commander, when ready we will go to the shuttle bay via medical” Somers responded.

- Sickbay USS Tomcat -

Doctor Cahill knew they had arrived. She went to a walkway and looked out a portal. She had never seen an Orion Starbase before and wanted to compare it to other starbases she had seen.

Several crew members were already there. “Alright everyone; return to your battle stations. We need to be ready for a fight. The Orions will not give in easily because the slaves they have are worth a lot of financial gain to them. We will have a big fight on our hands.”

Meanwhile, Luuna was moping about. She had taken to wandering around aimlessly in a depressed stupor. She was so depressed, even though someone had brought some food and water to Alpha’s office for her, she’d not eaten and barely drank any water. She’d failed Alpha and brother.

Doctor Cahill returned to sickbay and went toward her office to take care of the paperwork. She noticed Luna was sad and walked over. She then took a look at the service animal.

Luuna sniffed at the curious woman who approached her.

“Have her placed in my office; she will eat when she is ready. Right now, she misses Aldana and her brother. There is nothing any of us can do about that except console her.”

The medic simply nodded and as he was instructed.

Luuna dodged the hand that reached out to grab her. She had noticed a peculiar scent, and it was mixed with the scent of blood. She followed it, zigzagging here and there to evade anyone who tried to snag her. The scent led to a Jefferies-tube hatch near the back corner. She barked and sat, her alert she’d found something. Whatever it was, it wasn’t humanoid; it was also barely alive. Luuna peered at the hatch almost as if she were trying to will it open. If she’d had a certain green ring, she might have.

Doctor Cahill watches as Luuna dodged and went to a Jefferies-tube and began to bark. She pulled her phaser and pointed to it. The Marines and security personnel took up portion. She motioned for them to hold their positions. She tapped her communications badge.

=/\= Sickbay to Bridge We have a possible intruder hiding in a Jefferies-tube. Luuna tagged on the scent. We are investigating now. I have a squad of eight security personnel in here now. I will keep an open communications line until we know what it is.=/\=

Tapping her Commbadge =/\=Acknowledged Lieutenant, Somers out =/\= she closed the link and looked at Parker “Cody lead a backup team down to the doctor’s location” Jasmine ordered.

“Aye,” Cody replied, “On my way.”

=/\=Alpha Team meet me in Engineering=/\= Cody barked into his commbadge as he went into the turbolift.

Doctor Cahill tapped her communications badge. =/\=LT Parker, let’s use tactical frequency Beta 6 so we don’t interfere with other communications on the Tomcat. It is for security and marine operations onboard the Tomcat. =/\=

=/\=Got it=/\= Cody replied as he stepped off of the turbolift and met his security team. The Team Leader handed Cody a wireless headset. With a nod, the rest of the team disabled their communication devices. the last thing they needed was to accidentally alert the intruder to their location. =/\=This is Parker, on channel Six, Team Alpha is in place and ready to enter the tubes. Bravo Team is on standby at the armoury and ready to go where necessary.=/\=

Dr Cahill responded, =/\=Copy that Parker we are opening the hatch in Sick Bay now. You and your team come at it from your direction =/\= Cahill said.

As the hatch was opened Luuna ran into the Jefferies tube before anyone could stop her. She was doing a great job too. " Parker is careful l, Luuna ran inside the Jefferies tube before we could stop her. She has locked into something too small to be a life form as we know it."

No sooner had the hatched had begun to be opened than Luuna fearlessly squirmed her way past. This was the distraction she’d needed, and nothing was going to stop her from doing her job now. Just the right size for the crawlspace Luuna had no trouble as she darted through the Jefferies-tube, her head bobbing about from place to place tracing the scent. It was getting stronger. With the attention and focus of a laser beam, she moved with precision.

Finally, she found it, the smell was right here. She sat and waited. Nosing an access panel with a slight nasal whistle; this was it. The smell was strongest right behind here, whatever it was. She was quiet. Something wasn’t right, not quite wrong, but not right. The smell was certainly biological, but it wasn’t strong, nor was it alive. Luuna felt Sombra (the emotion not her brother.) She knew that usually when a smell came like this, it meant this was no longer a rescue, but a recovery. (What she could not know, however, was the smell was never intended to be alive, for she could not fully, yet, distinguish between biomechanics and freshly diseased tissue. To her it was just a mark, it wasn’t supposed to be there, and it meant her job was to alert to it.)

Dr Cahill signalled with 2 fingers and 2 Maine's entered once in position. They removed the hatch cover. She signal for them to investigate with Luuna to see what was up. They entered the hatch.

"Lt Parker, I have 2 Marines and Luuna investigating behind a hatch at this time."

“Thanks, Doc, we will cut the lights off behind the hatch and then breach the space, please wait until the all-clear signal is given before entering,” Parker explained.

Luuna gave a long light whine as she pawed at the access panel where the scent was coming from. She didn't realize it wasn't a missing being, but a bio-mechanical spying device an Orion had been tasked with installing during the invasion.

There was just an access panel, behind it was just a wall of ODN conduits, pipes, and various other innards of the ship, but as the access panel was moved and set to the side, the scent moved. Luuna eyed the wall panelling itself. She gave a light 'wuff' as she eyed it and sniffed at it. She nudged the lite flat metal panel. It toppled over with a loud clatter. Luuna flattened her ears at the loud noise and peered at the panel. Attached to the inside of the panel itself, was the device. Luuna eyed it. It pulsed and writhed slightly as its biometric components operated. It looked like a slug. It smelled like a piece of hotdog. She wanted to eat it. She didn't.

Luuna gave a light 'woof'.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO

Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Chief Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Jg Cody Parker
Mission Advisor/CoS

Prelate Jola'n [NPC: Sterling]
Thorion Starbase Commander


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