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System Alert! Federation Battlecruiser aproaching 150,000 Issects outside the system

Posted on 20 Aug 2019 @ 8:13am by Commander Maia Sterling

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Thorion System Planet 4 Space Station
Timeline: Mission S3:Day 17.09


Trella was a brand new member of the Orion defence force and she walked along the corridor of the lower pylon. She had been assigned to the refurbished K-7 class space station that served not only as of the headquarters for defence but also as the gateway of commerce for the Thorion system. A native of Thorion 4 born and raised, Trella was once a slave girl herself. She was able to buy her way out of captivity. Slavery for Orions was more of cultural flavour that had been slowly losing prominence due to the more enlightened cultures of the Alpha quadrant who did not condone such status of individuals. Not that her masters were cruel or anything, they treated her more like a contractor and only insisted that she be subservient. It wasn't a bad life. She was fully trained in the normal arts, but she had a greater attitude for engineering and tactical. She had a Cardassian friend, a Gull in the ambassadorial wing that fancied her. Ultimately it was the Cardassian's love of games and gambling that showed her how to buy her freedom. She became quite good at playing Tongo. It took several years but she had finally won enough latinum to buy her freedom and to acquire a recommendation to the space defence academy. Now a freshly minted Quandero (4th Lieutenant), she was assigned to the fourth shift aboard this station. It was her job to monitor all ships coming and going to the system.

The station itself was a refurbished Federation K-7 type space station in orbit of Thorion 4. It was bought from a Zakdorn junker before she was born and it took almost 9 years to refit and repurpose the station with modern Orion technology. There was an ambassadorial wing, a commerce wing and a defence wing. The Orion Syndicate had a small presence here too but only to smooth business operations. The station itself while old was beautiful in contemporary Orion d├ęcor tapestries veils a bustling promenade. The place was good for business and was well armed and armoured with ablative armour, six fighter wings and regenerative shields planetary defence disruptors and a large complement of Class-G plasma torpedoes and that was just the station. The system also had 20 Ballista and 60 Javelins for intra-system defence. With the syndicate presence, the extra security forces were always needed. While Pirates were sometimes good for business marauders, slavers and others tended to be violent and wild. The Syndicate was a necessary evil to keep them under control.

Trella reported to her station at 0300 and relieved her supervisor Tricero (3rd Lieutenant) Gunas. Gunas a Saurian male advised that several ships had docked and transferred supplies, people and slaves. All in all, it was a pretty good turnover. While his eyes lingered somewhat on her generous curves. Trella didn't know if he wanted to mate with her or simply eat her, she was never quite sure. Gunas was professional though. Trella logged in and started her day. The young Quadero then got up and went to the replicator and ordered a hot cup of raktajino. So far the day looked to be routine. almost boring. but sometimes that was the life of a junior officer on the night shift. She thought about calling up a holo-novel when the proximity alarm went off. She called up the sensor data and correlated it with tactical. It was a Federation warship, Akira class armed to the teeth.

Trella immediately notified the Prelate, a Bashar (Colonel) named Jola'n who ordered a system-wide alert.

A blinding series of events was then triggered. There was a coded message sent to the pirate ship Lemuria. Trella knew that whatever the reason the Federation ship was here it probably had something to do with them. Lemuria was the last ship to deliver cargo and slaves. All Ballista and Javelin crews were ordered to their ships. Defensive planetary batteries came online. Defensive shields came up and sophisticated jammers were activated.

Bashar Jola'n received several inquiries and orders in rapid succession. He contacted Trella.

=/\=Quandero Trella what is the Federation ship doing?=/\= The Prelate asked.

=/\=The Federation warship is holding station 150,000 Isaac's outside our border, Prelate. Has anyone thought to simply hail them, Sir?=/\= Inquired Trella.

=/\=Very good Quandero, keep me advised of there position. =/\=

The Prelate had a pretty fair idea why the Federation ship was here. He knew the Lemuria was out testing new cloaking technology and that they were probably marauding where they shouldn't have been. He also knew that the syndicate had disavowed them. The Lemuria was forbidden from returning to the Thorion system having been banished.

He decided to follow Trella's suggestion just to be sure.

He had his communications officer send a subspace message to the Federation warship.

=/\=Federation Warship, This is Prelate Jola'n of the Thorion defence ministry, please state your business here. =/\=


Commander Maia A. Sterling
Executive Officer/Chief Science Officer


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