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Prelude to the Battle at Thorion #2

Posted on 17 Aug 2019 @ 10:05pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Lieutenant Cody Parker & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG John "Sickle" Martinson & Chief Warrant Officer Luuna C.G.CA/U
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Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (Main Story)
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 Day 17.1


- Galen IV Assembly Point -

- USS Lady Hawk -

The USS Lady Hawk dropped out of warp in the assembling point. Captain Brannon checked systems and spoke. “Yellow alert! Keep the shields up. Helm hold this position till told otherwise. Long-range scans whatcha for any signs of cloaked Orion ships. Communications Hail the Tomcat.” As she moves from her command chair to a point in front of the view screen standing there.

=/\= Fleet Captain Somers, I am Captain Brannon of the Lady Hawk Admiral Rhymer ordered us here to assist you. How may we help?=/\=

On the bridge of the Tomcat, the communications coming to life made her jump, she walked over to communications and made the two-way connection =/\= Hold post there Captain, wait for the other ships to meet you there, when you are needed we will send out a distress call =/\=

=/\= Copy that Fleet Captain Somers will stand by.

=/\= Acknowledged, Somers out =/\= Jasmine responded from at least a lightyear away.

- USS Liberty -

“Set Yellow Alert, I want weapons hot and ready,” Tank said as they dropped from the warp. “Open a channel to the Tomcat Lieutenant, and let’s begin scanning the area, I don’t want any surprises.”

Moments later the channel was opened, =/\=Fleet Captain Somers, this is Commander Tankson on the USS Liberty here to assist as needed ma’am=/\=

=/\= Thank you, Captain, what is the status of your ship? =/\= Somers asked.

=/\=We’ve just arrived at Galen IV; we are sitting at yellow alert at the moment and awaiting further orders=/\= Tank replied.

- USS Avant-Garde -

After sorting out herself Alex temporarily commanding the Sovereign-class Avant-Garde met up with some other Norway-class, Saber-class and the soon-to-be-phased-out Miranda-class ships. What surprised her the most was two full Squadrons of Klingon Birds of Prey wanting in on the action, she sensed the hand of her father in this, but she was not going to turn down the help. The actual captain of the Avant-Garde was now acting as her first officer.

“Did you know the Klingon’s would show up?” He asked.

“Nope but knowing my father it is not unexpected and their strength will be needed I…” she was cut off as the viewscreen came to life.

“Colonel Alexandria Somers, it is an honour to meet you, compliments of the Chancellor and your father,” the grizzled face of a Klingon captain said.

“Thank you Captain, now here are your orders, the fleet is assembling at Galen IV the Lady Hawk and Liberty should already be there, when we get the call, you are free to kill the enemy with great prejudice as we will be most likely facing Orion Slavers and the worst Pirates of the sector, they will give no quarter, we should do the same. We will be supporting my Cousins ship Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers commander of the USS Tomcat an Akira-class vessel, it seems my family has a knack for getting into tough scrapes” Alex said, “any questions?” She asked, the Klingon smiled and shook he head “good assemble at Galen and jump in to assist when we are called, Somers out” the viewscreen went back to the visuals of space.

She turned to the helm officer, “Lieutenant, set destination Galen IV, Comms have all ships form upon us.”

“Aye Captain,” the helm officer responded.

“All ships acknowledging and forming up Captain,” the communications officer said.

The Captain looked at the young Marine Officer and noticed a hint of excitement at the next command, he felt as she did, once again proving department and division officers felt their blood rushing through their veins when they got their first command and gave the one order that only a Captain could give.

“Engage,” Alex ordered, and the fleet jumped to warp, one simple command was all it was.

Two days later after straining the engines, the Fleet arrives at the assembly point and another Akira-class and Prometheus-class were there waiting, as the fleet settled in Alex opened up a three-way communication on the view screen.

=/\= Greetings introductions are due, I am Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers, cousin to the CO of the Tomcat and it seems that I have been given command of this fleet, so please introduce yourselves? =/\= She asked, privately oO I thought it would only be three ships, not over two dozen Oo she thought to herself.

A ship came up near the Lady Hawk. It was Avant-Garde. Communications said they were being hailed.

- USS Lady Hawk -

Captain Brannon stood.

=/\= I am Captain Brannon of the Lady Hawk, welcome to Galen IV Captain. =/\= Brannon said as a Red-Headed young-looking Lieutenant Colonel appeared on her view screen.

- USS Avant-Garde -

=/\= Thank you, Captain, as you can see, I have brought as many ships with me that Starfleet can assign, plus a few of my Klingon friends.=/\= Alex said as two-dozen Klingon birds of Prey de-cloaked around her.

Captain Brannon replied=/\= we need everyone we can get this one Captain. I would be happy to fight with the Klingons. The Klingons saved my behind during the Dominion War. I see the ships of some old friends with you too =/\= Brannon said

=/\= Good to hear, now prepare your ship for heavy combat Captain, reinforce SIF and shields with any unneeded power, that switching off what is not needed for this mission and prepare your Security for possible boards =/\= Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers said in response.

With a nod Brannon closed the link she then she opened up a line to the Liberty =/\= Avant-Garde to Liberty, this is Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers assigned to command this cavalry, greetings and status report, please? =/\= she asked.

=/\= This is Tank on the Liberty, we are currently on standby, and awaiting to assist however is necessary =/\=

=/\= Thank you, Captain, I will say the same to you as I did to Brannon, deactivate any non-essential systems and divert any extra power to SIF and shields, the battle will be intense, prepare your security teams on all modules of your ship should you get boarders, I think your Prometheus-class’ ability for Multi-vector Assault Mode will catch them off guard for a short time, should you need to use it make good use of the surprise as it will not last long, so keep that as a last resort, understood?=/\= she asked.

=/\= Aye Lieutenant Colonel, we will be ready.=/\=

As the channel closed Tank quickly relayed the order to his bridge team and began the final preparations for battle.

- Tomcat Sickbay -

Tamara walked in carrying a set of water and food bowls and headed for the area that Doctor Aldana’s canine was making its home away from home. “Morning Luuna, I brought breakfast.”

Luuna poked her head up propping it on the desk and sighed. Dropping the whole weight of her head on it with a light thud. The weight was unevenly distributed toward the back of her jaw, and she allowed gravity to work until it slid off the edge, and she dropped her head back on the armrest of the chair she was curled up in. With a long sigh, she let out a long mournful whistle from her nose. She hadn’t eaten all day and her stomach gurgled loudly, but she ignored it. She had failed.

A Medic kept the sad animal company.

- Tomcat counselling offices -

Jorie, Rhett and Samuel were going over the stack of PADD’s from Iria’s desk. There were a lot of appointments that needed to be rescheduled among them until Iria was returned to the ship. They had a meeting as well and they were still deciding who would counsel Iria when the time came. So far none of them wanted to be her confidant but they would figure it out unless Iria herself requested someone specific.

- Tomcat Fighterbay -

Lt. Martinson was sitting in the CAG’s office going over the pilot’s roster for the upcoming deployment when one of the pilots stuck his head in. “John you ok?” said the young man.

“Come on in and sit. Just finishing up the next CAP rotations. Also, yeah, I am dealing with her not being here. It ain’t easy loving someone and having them kidnapped either,” John said.

“Nope, it sure as hell ain’t easy man. It’s gotta be hard on you not knowing what they doing to her,” the young pilot replied.

“Yup, and then not knowing if she survived or not…that too make it worse,” John said, finishing up the roster.

“You wanna get something to drink man?” the young man said.

“Nah maybe later. You go I still have paperwork to do,” John said knowing he was lying through his teeth. He was scared to death about Serina and what was being done to her. In his opinion, the Tomcat wasn’t moving fast enough to get there.

- Tomcat Bridge -

With floating hulks of Orion Slaver ships drifting around them a battle-scarred Akira-class ship drifts past the wreckage, Jasmine was thankful that the enemy was small in number and that was tough in of itself, so looking at Winchester “Lieutenant Winchester set up an immediate S.O.S. that will go out the moment we jump back to normal space,” Somers ordered.

“Already done ma'am, Just say the word,” replied Paul as he had anticipated this, he knew that by being ready and making sure that having things in place had served him well in the past, “ S.O.S. on automatic,” he finished as he tapping commands into the console.

“Excellent Lieutenant” The Captain simply said.

As this was being done, she looked at Parker “Lieutenant take stock of how many torpedoes we have left?” she asked.

"Yes Sir" Cody responded and did a count, "We are down to around half of our torpedo compliment Captain" he responded.

"Thank you, Cody," she said and then she pressed her panel =/\= Bridge to Engineering =/\=

=/\= Taggert here, Captain, =/\= Nicci replied as she tapped her comm badge. She was bent underneath one of the consoles in Engineering, fixing the Master System Display. The plasma transfer conduit had ruptured, shorting out a control module underneath, sending one of her engineers to sickbay for a nasty cut on his leg and some minor burns.

=/\= What is the status on the ship, I know we got ourselves banged up, are we able to suffer more hits? =/\= Somers asked.

=/\= We’re at maybe 65% functional captain. A lot of things are bypassed and I’m using the holodeck computing systems as a bypass to help calculate shield rotations when you order shields to go up. I can get us to 80% by the time you get into battle, maybe 85%. Every engineer’s working double-time to get us back up to snuff.=/\=

=/\= Thank you, Lieutenant, bridge out =/\= she responded then opened a channel to Medical =/\=Bridge to Medical =/\=

=/\= Sickbay go ahead Captain,=/\= responded Cahill.

=/\= Doctor, what patients you can move, do so now, use one of the Cargo bays, our fight is not yet completed and there are bound to be more coming up, so get it done, use Security to help move the lesser injured patients to make room for new she finished.

Cahill responded, =/\=Already moved all I can, and place security and marines to protect those that cannot defend themselves.=/\=

=/\= Thank you Doctor bridge out =/\= she said then looked at her small armrest screen, it told her that all fighters were back on deck and being worked upon, she looked at the helm officer “set a heading for the large Starbase deep in this system, warp three on my command,” she said.

“Aye Captain,” the replacement helmsman responded and got to work.

She looked over at Winchester who was manning Communications. “Lieutenant ship-wide,” she said indicating she wanted to address the whole ship.

“Channel opens ma’am,” Paul responded as the sounds of the channel being opened as he waited for Somers to speak.

When she got the acknowledgement from her CIO she stood up hands clasped behind her back and inhaled and begun =/\= All Hands, this is the Captain, most of you were with us at Hydaransz battle, others you joined us after we returned, for those who have yet to see a furball like Hydaransz was you are about to find yourselves in more trouble than you ever thought of before while serving on a Starship. *pause* We are about to jump deeper into the Thorion system and encounter a heavier armed enemy than what we have already encountered, I will not lie, their numbers will be great and they will be as heavily armed of not more so than we have already encountered =/\= she paused.

=/\= Remember your training I am proud to have served alongside you and I hope we will have many more, you are Starfleet Officers and what is more we WILL get our people back from these Slavers, let us show the enemy what we are made of, let us show them that Starfleet is more than just a Peacekeeping force and that we do not take kindly to having our people taken against their will. As we are in unclaimed space we will not be bothered by Romulan’s or any of the other powers in the area, but we will have back up coming to our aid this time, we can expect the enemy to be waiting for us, so we will send an S.O.S. to our back up before we go into the fray, so lock all loose objects down, do your jobs and remember what you are doing it for to that end, good luck to all, Bridge out =/\= she finished closed the link and looked at Maia.

“Do you think that was too much Maia?” She asked her First Officer

Maia chuckled.

“A good Captain always inspires the crew under their command Captain.”

Maia’s console blipped three times.

“Captain the computer has cracked the encryption to the Orion communications. The pirates have been disavowed. If they cross over into Thorion space the authorities will fire on them…” Maia reported.

Looking at Maia “They will likely run back to their small outpost in the Hydaransz Oort Cloud, probably the only safe place they have left” she responded.

*nods* “Okay let’s get ready, Helm warp 3 for the Slaver Starbase” Somers orders

“Aye, Captain warp 3” came the response.

She looked at Winchester “Okay Lieutenant sends the S.O.S. as I will wager, they will have signal jammers” she said.

“S.O.S. sent ma'am” replied Paul as he touched the commands to activate the program, “the S.O.S., has been sent on all known channels and those they don’t know about,” as he knew that being secretive as he was a Spook now that his compatriots would pick up the S.O.S. if it didn’t get through on normal channels.

- Thorion System -

“Thank you” she answered as the ship dropped to impulse and held station outside the defence perimeter of the ‘K’-class Starbase she pressed a button sending a signal to the fighter launch bay. As her crew were rushing about, she sat back and interlaced her fingers and thought until she was alerted by an incoming hail.

TBC in The Final Battle Post…


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO

Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Chief Intelligence Officer

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer

CWO Luuna (Luna) C.G.CA/U [P: Aldana]
Security Officer

Lt Colonel Alexandria Somers
Acting CO USS Avant-Garde (Sovereign Class)
95th Rifles SFMC [P: Somers]

Tamara [P: Walon]
Science Officer

Captain Brannon [P: Cahill]
Commanding Officer
USS Lady Luck (Akira Class)

Captain Tankson [P: Parker]
Commanding Officer
USS Liberty (Prometheus Class)


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