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Disavowed by the Syndicate

Posted on 01 Aug 2019 @ 5:58am by Commander Maia Sterling
Edited on on 01 Aug 2019 @ 6:35pm

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Deep Space near Thorion Border
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 Day 17.1


The Orion Pirate Cruiser Lemuria limped through space heading to the Thorion System for repairs and resupply when they had received a subspace message from the Syndicate informing them, they had been disavowed. Captain Arwella cursed silently that fool Norn had to attack a Federation outpost then try to capture hostages and even deployed their newest holographic technology. Then the Federation Starship Tomcat intercepted and destroyed his ships which were the bulk of her fleet. She did have a smugglers hideout in the Hydaransz system deep in the asteroid field. However, her ships had sustained considerable damage in the ensuing battles.

Captain Arwella had been informed by the Syndicate that if her ships crossed over into Thorion space and implicated the Syndicate, she would be fired upon by her own people, captured and beheaded for failing her mission. Such was the price of discovery and failure. At least she had the satisfaction of knowing Norn was dead. Her mission was to test the new holographic technology and avoid discovery. Norn however sought profit at any cost she should have killed him when she had the chance.

There cloaking device was starting to fail, no matter how much power they put into it. They needed parts and a repair facility. However, that Federation ship was hot on their tail and they were bringing in reinforcements. Arwella didn’t think they would be able to sneak past them a second time. Once disavowed they only had one place to go. there hideout in the dense asteroid field of the Peldane System. Peldane was only three days away at maximum warp. What do you do when your back is against the wall? Enemies behind you and in front of you. Well as the Klingons would say today is a good day to die.

Arwella sent a subspace message to her remaining fleet those that could make their way to the Peldane system for refuelling and resupply. They were all marked for death.

Out of eight ships three jumped out. Her cruiser was still being repaired the other four were under repair their extensive battle damage preventing them from warp speed at the moment.

Helmsman change course to 273 degrees Mark 7 try to avoid detection as long as you can.

She would try to sneak around both armadas.

Perhaps she could jettison the remaining captives. Perhaps the Federation would relent if the captives were freed. Arwella would never trust a Male again. Especially a relative. Norn was a clumbsy as he was stupid and she didn't feel much regret at his death. His actions had cost her more than resources but also her reputation and standing in the Syndicate.

As it was they were dangerously close to the Federation Starship Tomcat and its growing armada at the border.

"Distance to the Federation armada?" Captain Arwella asked.

"100,000 Kilometers Captain". Laria said at the helm.

"Give them as wide a berth as possible, try to slip between them". Arwella instructed.

"Aye Captain"

"Increase to full impulse power, when we pass them engage at maximum warp". Arwella ordered.

Arwella hoped there cloak would last until they got past the Federation.

*End* Lemuria primary post.


Commander Maia Aurora Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer

Captain Arwella [NPC:Sterling]
The Lemuria


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