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Captives Part 4 - Sold!

Posted on 03 Aug 2019 @ 10:16am by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan
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Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Slaver Camp
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 Day 16.1b
Tags: Sombra, 3CW4YMF696F


— Lamia and Aldana’s Cell —

Lamia had slept on the poor excuse for a bed, squeezed up against Aldana who’d done all she could for her back. The pain had eased but it was still sore, not that there was much she could do about it. She hadn’t been awake long before the cell doors opened with a bang and the guards marched in.

“Time for you to go to your new home. Your buyer is here to collect you!!” taking Lamia by the arm he started to drag her from the cell

At the sounds of the ruckus outside, Sombra perked up. The fur on his neck standing on end. Just as the door parted the, now, domestic thylacinid launched himself at the green man for what they had done to them; latching himself onto the forearm of the big greenie meanie.

The guard gave a slight grunt in discomfort, but just activated some sort of neural suppressor, lifting his arm and observing the mutt hanging there with a deep, eerie, bemused, hardy guffaw. “Leas this one won be strugglin’ against me putting this on…” with that he clapped some sort of electronic restraint collar around the cur’s neck.

Sombra gave a loud yowl and dropped to the floor in a heap. He bravely tried to persist and made a lunge for the thing’s ankles, but metallic shin guards impeded his progress.

Aldana knew Sombra had reached a place where he’d only ever gone once before, and even s/he might not be able to reach him. Just as the burley green guard was raising afoot to deal a swift decisive blow s/he dove over him. “Stop-it-stop!”

All Lamia could do was watch as events unfolded, another guard came running at the sound of the noise coming from the cell. She didn’t want Aldana and her canine hurt. “It’s okay! I’ll be okay!!” She willingly gave herself over to the guards to spare Aldana anymore hurt.

Tavrein had stood still long enough he charged the guard as they threatened Aldana and the others, his voice was alien to his ears as he attacked the guards.

Lamia shook her head. “Taverin don’t! Just look after Aldana!”

Aldana clutched Sombra to hir. The, now, domestic Thylacinid trembled and seethed with a primal rage. Only once in his life had he been driven to this point before. Aldana tried to slow hir own heart in hopes with him pressed to hir, something, some tiny spark would pierce through the red haze. Although s/he too trembled, not from an equal though, another. S/he did not know if s/he could reach him. In his state could he lash out at hir too? Then s/he recalled something a Terran had taught hir a long time ago. Trembling, hir voice cracked as, in a quivering voice, s/he nuzzled hir mouth next to his ear and began to sing. In a tone barely audible to the canid-turned-marsupial, yet also in his mind, ~#You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me hap-…#~

Suddenly the guard came down on hir. He clapped a collar around the perverted thing’s neck too, clapped a chain between it and the beast. Then tethered another as a leash. “Ain notin doin, tis une c’ms too, and sin-it likes thuh cur so much, it keeps it! HA-HAR-HARR-HAAR!”

All Lamia could do was watch as the guard’s dragged her away, hoping Aldana and her canine would be okay.

Tavrein tried to stop the guard but was shoved back and the guard's forearm ground against his windpipe, Tavrein struggled against the pressure and managed to grab the guards belt it had a bladed weapon that he didn’t recognize but it didn’t matter he tried to use it against the guard…

Moments later more guards rushed the cell pushing Taverin to the floor and confiscating the blade. “Stupid move!!” The guard would have finished it there and then, but they needed him to mate. “Now get on with why you’re here! Your mate awaits!!” The guards laughed as they looked at Aldana.

- Serina’s Cell -

Serina was finally sleeping as the pain had subsided from the growing fetus in her belly. Still not showing the typical bulge one could only guess she was about two to three months at best. Her cellmate was sitting watching her sleep.

- Slaver transport ship -

Dodd was soon collected from his cell and escorted to a ship. He was about to be moved to the planet and turned over to his new owner. He was to be a breeding male for the slaves of his new master, which also meant he would be a labourer when not breeding. In this ship, he saw Goodwin and Wright. Both of the women were in some sort of stasis field to keep them from having a pheromone effect on the pilot and guards in the ship. Dodd was now hoping that Iria and Lamia would be along soon. Dodd was not in any sort of restraints as the chastity device was also somehow keeping him docile. Dodd was, however, really examining everything around him. If Lamia and Iria were added to the ship, there was only room for two guards and a pilot. If Iria and Lamia were not in stasis fields then maybe they could help him take out the guards and pilot and commandeer the ship.

Lamia was next to join Dodd, she glanced at him as she was pushed past him and placed into a similar stasis field as the other women aboard the ship.

Iria was walking very slowly, her expression had been distracted and distant until she saw Remy, the guards marched her to a seat and strapped her in, secured by cuffs and other means. “Your ‘entertainment’ for the flight Breeder.” The guards told Remy before they stalked out.

Iria glanced at Remy her eyes wide, but relieved to see him despite the fact that she was held securely in a seat that wasn’t very comfortable, it was the least of her concerns, she had been through a lot in the time she’d been separated from Remy, she hadn’t cried in front of the ‘buyer/owner’s’ view or during the treatment she’d endured now that she was within reach of the person who meant the world to her; she couldn’t hold back. Iria shook her head breaking her eye contact with Remy, as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Just then the doors opened, and the guards walked back in, one went for Iria while the other went for Lamia. “Change of plan slaves! Your buyer has decided to start breeding you here, where he can choose a wider range of mates for you!!” He turned to look at Dodd. “You will finish with these two before we move you on to further mates.

Dodd then realized these guards were not aware of the implanted thought of Iria and Lamia being pregnant already and he was able to detect the thoughts the guards had from what was ordered of them, so Dodd was to play along a little longer to make the situation tolerable and work out a way to get the women to safety if at all possible.

The guards then escorted Dodd to a cell that was more like quarters at a starbase or such. There was a plush chair, a sofa-like item, a small table and a very large plush bed with bedding materials. He was now puzzled as he was placed inside alone and told to make himself comfortable.

- Dodd’s cell/quarters or Love Shack -

Soon another guard comes to Dodd’s quarters to remove the chastity device and told him to be ready for his first of the night. Then the guard left the room. This is when Dodd noticed the cameras in all four corners of the room as well as several on the ceiling and along the walls, making the whole room visible from outside the cell. Dodd then realized that he was expected to seduce and impregnate every woman they presented him with. That was likely not going to happen as he needed time to recuperate as intercourse was not something to be taken lightly.

Iria had struggled against the guards as they had taken her to a small cell to prepare her for the breeding they’d removed her garments and left her in the armband around her arm and her hair loose around her body, before marching her down the corridor which she recognized from the encounter with the owner, he had not been kind, gentle or anything else, he had relished her distaste for him whatever the Doctors had done to her she found the owner to be revolting, it hadn’t saved her though, he had even brought in other male slaves to enjoy her ‘feisty company’ with him. She had struggled against the guard as she feared a reenactment instead the guard left her alone…

Dodd was sitting in the chair and the cell door opened and in walked Iria and a guard. “Here is your first of the night.” The guard said he then exited the cell and sealed the door. The lighting adjusted to a lower setting and the temperature was lowered a few degrees.

Seeing Remy in the darkened room instead of the owner or one of the other males was all she needed to run to him, her hair trailing behind her slightly. “I am glad you’re here.” Her voice broke as she shivered against him.

Dodd knew he needed no invitation to be with Walon as they were already in love and this would be a walk in the park for him as he did not need to fake anything nor have to be invoked by any pheromones.

Iria kissed him passionately her thoughts a tumble of confusion over what wasn’t her normal behaviour, but she had no will to fight it; not when she was with the one she loved…

Dodd and Walon had made love so intensely and passionately that the watching audience had lost track of time. It had been about two hours when Dodd and Walon finally collapsed on the bed exhausted from the throes of passion. Their love was true love and they were genuine even though they knew they were being watched. They just felt so safe with one another that it was as if no one else existed.

Inside the room where she’d been put Lamia could only sit and wonder what was going to happen next. It seemed like forever sitting alone, dwelling on everything, before the doors opened and she was led out of the room.

“Here you go” The guard smiled. “Your turn!” He gave a wicked grin before leaving her inside another room where Dodd and Iria were already present. The guard looked at Dodd. “Here’s your next female, get to work!!” With that, he walked out and slammed the door behind him.

Lamia stood looking at Dodd and Iria, she’d already slept with Dodd once under the influence of her heightened pheromones she didn’t plan on doing it again. At least not of her own free will, she couldn’t and wouldn’t betray Kildare.

** I am not sure how they expect me to keep up and be intimate with multiple women in one night. I am not an animal. I hope you are up to some pretend to romp as that is about all I can do as to keep us, friends, after all this. ** Dodd directed his thoughts to Lamia

** Don’t worry. If we pretend for long enough, we may be able to keep them from sending anyone else for now. ** Lamia responded to Dodd allowing her thoughts to project to Iria as well. Having spotted the cameras in the cell she had no choice but to shed her clothes, but Dodd had already seen her naked before.

~~ Iria, my Imzadi. I do this only as a means to survive so we can hopefully get out of here and return to our regular lives and get married. What I am about to do will only be for show and not for love as you are my one and only. I love you. ~~ Dodd thought to Iria

Iria grumbled as the guard's entrance startled her awake, she had been more than comfortable as she dosed in his embrace, seeing Lamia she gave a very sheepish grin and moved towards the small couch just beyond the bedroom to give Remy and Lamia some semblance of privacy. ~~It’s okay I know you’re only doing this to buy time until we get a plan of escape figured out,~~ Iria sent to both of them.

Dodd then began the charade and pulled Lamia into him and quickly covered their naked bodies under a blanket-like sheet. Lamia knew just was going to happen and Dodd was going to do his best to make it seem real.

Dodd and Lamia made all the right noises and the right moments as they pretended beneath the bedsheets. Once the fake lovemaking session was over, she cuddled up on the opposite side of Dodd to Iria and closed her eyes. She was tired and at least this way if they were sleeping no more mates would be sent in for Dodd.

Dodd and Lamia were now closer than they had ever planned to be at this point. After this ordeal, they would be closer friends than ever. Walon knew Dodd loved her more than his own life. Dodd was just thinking that he had to keep up this act to help all of them survive for as long as it took to get out or at least for the Iria, Lamia, Goodwin, and Wright to get out alive.

Lamia stirred as she rested on Dodd’s shoulder. oOThank you for trying to keep us safe. I won’t forget this.Oo She was pretending to be asleep when the doors opened and one of the doctors entered. A random scan of Dodd’s latest mate picked up something Lamia hadn’t expected to hear.

“Excellent!” The doctor smiled as he reported in. “The buyer will be pleased to know that the growth hormone worked, let him know that he has a pregnant female!” With that the doctor turned and left the cell, leaving Lamia in shock as she unintentionally gripped Dodd’s arm underneath the sheet that covered them. oO He…he said I’m pregnant!Oo.

Iria sat up as the Doctor dashed around to her side of Remy, she swatted at his hands and tried to keep him from scanning her as well…

oO What the hell! Oo Dodd thought to himself as he heard the report from the scan. ~~ Iria, I had no way of knowing. I am sorry this happened. I love you and I am now pained to know this news. ~~

She didn’t want to know but if she wasn’t it was only a matter of time at the pace, they kept throwing them together and forcing other males upon them. Iria knew it wasn’t Lamia or Remy’s fault if Lamia was pregnant and it didn’t make Iria any less if she wasn’t. Not everyone got pregnant at the same rate Orion meddling or not.

Lamia pretended to be dozing on Dodd’s shoulder until the operation lights on the camera’s in the room finally went off. “It looks like we’re free to talk for now” She motioned to the cameras. “They got what they wanted for now!” She moved to sit up pulling the covers around her. “I am so sorry!!” She looked between both Dodd and Iria. “I didn’t intend for this to happen! I don’t understand how they can tell I’m even pregnant at this point!! Not unless they did something else to me when we first arrived.”

“We will deal with this after we get out of this place.” Dodd calmly stated to both Iria and Lamia. “I would think the Tomcat is coming to get us back and then we can work with Doctor Cahill to help with this situation.”

Dodd was worried because he wanted to be a father but not like this. He would still tend to Iria and he would always love her and want to spend the rest of his life with her, but if Lamia was pregnant, then he would want to have his child in his life as well. “We need to keep fighting and regroup all of the rest of our crewmates and get the hell out of here somehow.

“So, what happens now? I don’t plan on giving them a child they or anyone else can use as breeding stock!!” Lamia sighed. She had to admit she hadn’t been feeling the best and now she understood why. “I guess it explains why I haven’t been feeling the best.” She lay back down, for now, there wasn’t much else they could do but keep up the pretending act.

Dodd took Iria into his arms and the two also laid back down to get some more rest. They were covered under a flimsy blanket and just they felt warm since they had each other. Dodd could tell the guards were wishing for some more action between the threesome but that was not going to happen.

** << We need to do something to make a move and try to get to the others from the Tomcat. I can attempt to mentally block the guards with a little mind game but that is about the limit of ability I can do at this time. Does either of you have any thoughts? >> **

** << We know they’re planning on bringing in other mates for you, depending on what they do with us that might bring more of us together. If the doctors decide to send for me, I’ll try and map a route out of here in case we get a chance of rescue. >> ** Lamia could only hope that rescue would come sooner rather than later.

- Serina’s Cell -

The cell door opened suddenly and in came a guard with a collar and leash. Serina jumped as he put his hand on her throat. “Come here, bitch! Your owner wants to see you!” he growled. Serina struggled to get away but the sudden pain stopped jer struggle. “Ha ha ha ha the belly got you!” he sneered finally getting the collar on her and attached the leash.

“Let me go, you miserable creature! I am not an ANIMAL!” Serina screamed as she was dragged out of the cell. Finally arriving in a large room, the guard tied off her leash and left her alone. Next thing she knows the doors on the other side of the room open and in strides the doctor with a man who was smiling widely.

“Ah……she is a good-looking breeder. She will breed many slaves for me. You have given her the accelerating drug and the pregnancy is progressing as expected?” he said.

“Yes. She was given the drug once she was successfully implanted with the embryo,” said the doctor. “She should be ready to give birth in about 4 ½ months. Remember, the fetus grows twice as fast with the drug,” said the doctor.

“Good. You can take her back to her cell and clean her up will you before I buy her. She looks horrid,” the man said.

Nodding, the doctor sent in a different guard and he was a bit gentler with her. Untying her, he led her from the cell into a different cell that was cleaner and had water for her to wash up. Turning her loose he backed out of the cell slowly not wanting to scare her more. Serina looked around and tested the water and washed up the best she could. Finding some clothes there she put them on and tried to make herself look more presentable. Alone by herself, she had time to think about what is next.


Lieutenant (jg) Lamia Arderne
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Lieutenant Remington Dodd
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