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Captives Part 3 - What next?

Posted on 28 Jul 2019 @ 3:32pm by Lieutenant JG Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan & Ensign Angelica Wright & Ensign Doya Emja & 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin & Chief Warrant Officer Sombra C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA
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Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Slaver Camp
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 Day 16.1a


– Aldana & Sombra’s Cell -

As Sombra rested, the veterinarian took the chance to examine him. Hir curiosity over what these Orion slave traders had done to him barely managed to stem the animalistic lust welling up inside of hir. Amiri wasn’t sure how, but hir life companion had been altered in some pretty significant ways. However, s/he didn’t want to pester him too much while he rested, so s/he eagerly anticipated the next time s/he might be able to get hir hands on a medical tricorder and get him laying on…

The cell doorway opened and another of the Tomcat’s crew was shoved in, bumping into Aldana and Sombra as s/he tried to make a break for it. He was originally Romulan, but the alterations done to him made him look human; his eyes were ice blue his hair a dark black with red highlights. His skin tone was a bronze tan. He gave the Doctor from the Tomcat a sad smile, “Haven’t seen a friendly face until now, though I doubt you recognize me now I am Tavrein Jolsa from security.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t believe we’ve met. Don’t you look fine.” Aldana said, hir inhibitions being muddled – unbeknownst to hir – due to the pheromones being produced by Lamia, and hirself, among other female and non-male prisoners.

Tavrein shrugged the Doctor’s words, “I’ll take your word for it I’m not sure how I feel about looking Human instead of Romulan.” He looked around the cell trying to access if it would be possible to set up for an escape though, from the looks of it, it was unlikely without a lot more time. He shook his head and looked at Aldana again, “How long have you been in here?” He stood still as he spoke though he wanted to get closer to the Doctor though he wasn’t certain why.

“I’m sorry Mister Jolsa, I didn’t mean to imply that your looks had improved since your alterations. You might be aware of me, though, if you’d like you can call me ‘Amiri’ since our title and rank seem to matter little here.” S/he stood and placed a hand gently on his shoulder attempting to comfort him, or at least make a meaningful connection in this dank and dreary place.

“We’ve been here for several days as far as I can tell, though we don’t seem to have a natural source of light, and one’s sleep schedule does get rather muddled in these situations.

Sombra came over and nudged Amiri by the hand.

~Forgive me little-one.~ S/he ruffled his ears. “This is my counterpart, Sombra.”

– Dodd, Walon & Lamia’s Cell –

It had seemed like forever since the guards had come and gone with food rations and water. Strangely enough, the three of them had received better food rations than a lot of the others, maybe because Dodd had mated with his two given females and they were all being prepared for completion of a sale. She certainly hoped not, or it meant time was running out. “I think…” she chewed some barely fresh bread. “They’re almost ready to sell us. When I was in the medical centre the doctor said to ‘alert the buyer!’”

<< I have been successful at subliminally implanting the idea of you both being pregnant into the minds of the medical staff. >> Dodd stated to both women. “I am wondering when they will prepare us for the person who purchased us.”

Then the cell door opened, and Goodwin and Wright were brought in by four Orion guards. The guards then exited the cell and sealed the door.

“Well, what a surprise,” Dodd said out loud after recognizing the two women, not addressing them by name or such. “Two more partners, I am exhausted and not sure I can live up to the task.”

“We are not sure why we were brought here,” Wright said as she also tried not to act like she knew Dodd, Walon or Arderne.

~~ Iria, please act like you are upset that Wright and Goodwin are here and pretend to horde the food. ~~ Dodd thought to Iria. << Mia, also sort of pretend you are not happy they got put in here. >> Dodd thought to Lamia.

“We were told that we were purchased together and then we were escorted here. I guess we are all to go to the same place.” Goodwin said as she was attempting to figure out what was happening.

Lamia looked at Goodwin and Wright before doing as Dodd had suggested. “More females!” She stood up. “I thought you were supposed to have us…” She motioned to Iria. “…as your females!!” She moved around motioning to both the new arrivals to play along.

Iria glared at the intruders, “Seriously, haven’t they gotten us crowded enough as it is, the food is hard enough to split three ways!” She shook her head again, as she walked angrily around the room…

– Serina’s Cell –

Opening Serina’s cell door, the guards shoved her ruthlessly inside. “You fools,” said the medical technician, “If you make her miscarry, her new owner will not proceed to buy her!” “Ah, who cares… to us they are just slaves to be bought,” one of the guards said and spat on Serina’s prone body.

Slowly Serina moved and caught a sharp pain in her abdomen. Pulling up her tattered shirt, she saw the reason, a scar where they had made an incision. oO What did they do to me! Oo She started to cry! Her beautiful belly now had an ugly scar! Suddenly she got very nauseous, not knowing why either, only made her more upset and anxious. She had no way of knowing she was pregnant. Never being pregnant in her life, she didn’t understand why she felt the way she did. *getting to her feet stumbling to a corner she vomited* oO Oh god that is nasty. What is wrong with me? Oo *vomiting again until nausea passed* Serina stood there until her head stopped spinning squinting in the dim cell. She was indeed alone and very discomforting. oO I wish someone was here with me. I don’t like being alone Oo

– Dodd and Iria’s Cell –

Just then the guards returned, the cell door opened, and a guard cleared the way for a well-dressed male. He walked around studying each of them in turn, pulling each of the women towards him in turn he studied them closely letting his fingers trace along their skin. He eventually turned his attention to Dodd nodding as he looked him over. “Very nice!” He grinned a sickly-sweet grin. “The male will make a good breeder for my females; his purchase will be finalized shortly. As for the females…” He looked back. “I never buy what I haven’t tried for myself. Have them brought to me one at a time, I will ensure they are worthy of the hefty price tag you ask!!” With that, he turned and walked out leaving the four women to wonder who would be taken first.

Once the cell door closed, it opened again. A guard and an Orion female entered. “Take him to be fitted.” the female ordered the guard to grab Dodd and escorted out of the cell.

Dodd was removed and then escorted to a different room where he would be fitted with a form of a chastity device to keep him from wasting his seed on just any woman. He was to be used as the new master’s main breeding male and so this device would allow the slave master to control when Dodd would service the breeding females at the estate. Since the male slaves were so few the females were not placed in chastity devices.

Dodd was then returned to the cell and not sure what to do next. “Well from what I could see in the room I was in. The five of us are all going to an estate on a planetoid neighbouring this facilities’ location.” Dodd stated once all was somewhat normal.

“Are you sure they didn’t just leave that out for you to see?” Lamia looked at Dodd from where she was sitting on the corner of the pathetic excuse for a bed. “They know we’ll be looking for a way out, that could be a made-up plan for our benefit!” She looked up as the door opened and a guard marched in, along with the female Orion, the guard grabbed her by the arm pulling her to her feet.

“Your new owner wants to see you!” The female smiled, “but first…” She pulled out a device and placed it on Lamia’s neck just below her ear. “A neural inhibitor… we can’t have you telepathically reading your new master, now can we?” She smiled as she turned the inhibitor on before leading Lamia out of the cell. She turned to look towards Iria. “We’ll be back for you next.” With that, she exited the cell, the door slamming shut behind her.

Dodd held on to Iria tightly as he feared she would also be taken. He did not know what to think of the information he had seen when getting his chastity device. He was in some discomfort from it but as long as Iria was at his side he could be strong. ~~ We need to be strong. As far as I know, they do not know I am telepathic. Do they know you are? ~~ Dodd thought to Iria

Iria was still creeping out from having the owner’s inspection, she worried her lip between her teeth as she paced the room, when Remy had been taken away. Iria had wanted to tackle him in a hug when he was returned, but Lamia was removed and the parting words of Iria herself, being next had her rooted to the spot she had stopped pacing in. She shook her head as she hugged Remy tightly, ~~They don’t seem to know that I am limited in telepathy~~ she shuddered as the door opened again she looked up at Remy gave him a smile as bravely as she could, as she saw the guards didn’t have Lamia with them.

Iria walked out with the guards a mantra in her private thoughts,**~~No matter what I will find my way back to you, Remy~~**.

~~ My Imzadi, I love you beyond words and beyond thoughts, you are always with me. ~~ Dodd thought to Iria as she was taken from the cell.

Iria looked back at Remy before the guards shut the doorway, his thoughts had boosted her confidence even with as scared as she was, she was able to give him a real smile before she was dragged away.

Dodd was left alone with Goodwin and Wright. The two female officers were each enhanced with the special pheromones but the device that Dodd now wore over his nether regions somehow made him immune to the drive to mate.

The guards arrived again this time they took Wright and then returned a few minutes later to get Goodwin. Dodd was now alone in the cell and he decided to rest as best he could. The cell was now very cold, and he was left without any means to cover-up, so he laid there and shivered as he closed his eyes and focused on his Imzadi.

– Aldana & Sombra + Arderne’s Cell –

Sometime later Lamia was returned; the buyer had soon seen her scars. Calling the Orions back he had demanded work on her scarring to which they had attempted some repairs to her skin. Very painful repairs! Returned to the cells she was thrown into Aldana’s cell to await transport to the planet’s surface below. Bruised and extremely sore Lamia huddled herself into the corner of Aldana’s cell, all she wanted now was to go home but she knew that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Amiri felt drawn to the female officer. Something about her was exquisite. S/he felt like s/he wanted to lose control. S/he felt like hir brain and hir baser, instincts were in flux for control over hir body. For now, however, ‘Doctor Jackal’ remained in control over ‘Mr/s Hyde.’ “Are you alright, what happened? What did they do to you?” S/he leaned in, silently taking in a deep breath of the wonderful aroma looming around the luscious lieutenant.

Lamia tried to hide her painful back away from Aldana but in the small cell, there was nowhere to go. “The buyer wanted my scars fixed…” She winced as she moved. “They’ve just made it worse! At least before it didn’t hurt!!”

It was then the little Hippocrates inside Amiri managed to wrestle full control over hir, despite hir present state of undress and extreme arousal both masculine and feminine. “Oh, dear, don’t be shy, I may not have my fancy starship sickbay, tricorders, or doctor’s uniform, but I still know a few things about basic field medicine and first aid, please let me attempt to do something? Let me see?

Lamia knew Aldana was a medical professional, who better to deal with her pain. She nodded and gently moved away from the wall for Aldana to see. The old scarring was slightly better but given the layers of damage she had on her back from her previous burns it was going to take a lot of time and treatments to make it better. The Orions had only managed to make her back inflamed and more at risk of infection. “How… does it look?”

Aldana attempted to examine Arderne’s back under the available light. Just then the scent of real alcohol and B.O. reached Amiri’s nose. S/he turned to see a green guard leaning against the outside of the cell, heavily intoxicated, and fondling himself as he watched them in hopes of some fornication.

Aldana dashed over and snatched the bottle out of the guard’s hand. “I’ll take that thank you.”

The guard attempted to complain, but his utterances were so slurred and incomprehensible, Goddess only knew what he was on about.

Then Sombra pushed through his haze and confusion to charge the cell door barking. Keeping a strategic distance out of the reach of the green one, he stood, posturing and snarling.

Amiri retrieved the rod s/he’d used earlier to free Sombra from his chains, but then had second thoughts against having Lamia bite down on it. The metal was likely stronger than her teeth, and neither of them needed to deal with shattered teeth.

The doctor held hir hand in front of the woman’s mouth, offering the back of hir thumb. Where the fleshy part would cause them both less damage. “Here, bite down on this. I have no idea what proof this is. Do you want some? This is going to hurt – probably a lot – I’m sorry.”

As much as Lamia didn’t like the idea of biting on Aldana’s thumb she nodded. As Amiri poured the liquid onto her back the sheer level of pain that shot through her skin, not only made her bite down with everything she had but moments later caused her to pass out.

Aldana reclaimed hir hand from the unconscious woman, thankful at least she wasn’t at her full bite strength for her species. S/he flexed the joins and they seemed to still work, but a trickle of red ran down the palm-side and s/he licked it clean. From the remaining taters of hir uniform s/, he managed to find a strip long enough to utilize as a bandage.

Sombra whimpered and nudged Alpha sympathetically.

~I’ll be alright. Rest.~

Amiri looked down at the unconscious Arderne. She was so attractive. Something about her just brought certain things about her to prominent, even in this state, and laying on her front. S/he smiled. She was so vulnerable, s/he wanted too…

“No. She’s a colleague and a patient.” S/he leaned forward, reaching out toward her posterior, but pulled back. “Focus. Get ahold of yourself. The Orion ‘doctor’ obviously experimented on her to elevate her pheromone levels. Focus.”

Sombra was at hir side now. S/he knelt next to him and cuddled him for a moment. Hir fingers wandered back over the strange new extra pouch of skin on his belly. It was a mystery s/he’d have to try and solve, and without the aid of a medical tricorder or the computer to help hir. Perhaps this would be the distraction s/he needed. S/he tore another tater from hir barely-hanging-on uniform. S/he returned to Arderne’s side, kneeling now, and began to sop up the remaining liquid along with any puss or other bodily fluids that may be seeping from her back.

Just a kiss? came the thought.

“No. Focus.”

Opening her eyes a few minutes later Lamia almost whimpered as she regained consciousness. Last time she’d had pain like this was when she’d first been burnt, it wasn’t a pleasant memory to recall.

Aldana perked up from across the cell where s/he’d been spending time with Sombra. S/he stood, having given up entirely on any of the rags that were left, saving them for possible bandages. In nought but hir fur, Amiri went to attend to Lamia. “Welcome back. I’ve bandaged you up as best I could.” S/he held out a bowl of clear liquid. “Water? Sombra seems to indicate it’s safe.”

“Thank you.” Lamia nodded as she sat up and took the bowl gently sipping the water. “I appreciate your help, Aldana. I didn’t hurt you too badly, did I?”

Amiri checked on hir bandage, rubbing hir palm a bit. With a stab of pain that shot up through the nerve, s/he winced. “It’s not too bad, it barely hurts anymore,” s/he lied. S/he knelt next to hir patient pressing the back of hir good hand to her forehead. “How do you feel?”

“It’s a bit better thank you” Lamia offered a smile. “Can I…see?” She motioned to Amiri’s hand gently reaching out to touch it. “I’m sorry that I hurt you.”

Amiri checked on hir bandage, rubbing hir palm a bit. With a stab of pain that shot up through the nerve, s/he winced. “It’s not too bad, it barely hurts anymore,” s/he lied. S/he knelt next to hir patient pressing the back of hir good hand to her forehead. “How do you feel?”

“Better than I was, still sore but it’s more comfortable. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.”

Aldana couldn’t help it, s/he yearned for physical contact of some sort. S/he reached out and gingerly started to rub Lamia’s shoulders being very careful. S/he wasn’t sure why, but s/he wanted to kiss the other officer. S/he leaned in and almost did, but inhaled deeply, taking in one big sniff instead.

Sombra watched on in amusement. He was slightly excited by what was going on. He moaned and squirmed in his corner.

Lamia looked towards the man who was in the cell she hadn’t seen him before.

Tavrein was standing still, he had been fighting the urges to get closer to Doctor Aldana and the other who was brought in, he was used to fighting his emotions on the job from his security team for being the openly proud Romulan to join Starfleet without any hidden motives, to keeping his crushes on a few members of the crew to himself. This was different he didn’t trust his voice and had stood to the side silently, fighting but it was a battle he was losing, He didn’t want to hurt anyone from the crew he would relish delivering punishment to the guards though…

Jolsa then caught the doctor’s attention, “Mister Jolsa, you don’t have to keep to yourself over there in the corner. Sit with us? You look like a man with a lot on his mind.”

Sombra perked up. He seemed to notice the Romulan for the first time – he’d been through his ordeal after all – he went over and sat in front of him, cocking his head, listening. He licked his hand cautiously. “He wants you to pet him,” Amiri encouraged

Lamia looked at Jolsa. “Please come join us.”

– Serina’s Cell –

There was shouting and you could hear that someone was being beaten. Serina crawled into the far corner of her cell just as the door opened. “Here – you pitiful breeder – now you have some company,” laughed one of the guards and slammed the cell door shut.

Hesitantly moving slowly Serina inched over to where this person was lying. Not sure who it was, she moved the individual’s head and saw it was a man. This scared her, and for the first time in her life, she was afraid! She doubled up in pain as the new life inside her began to grow. Her pregnancy was advancing slowly but unnaturally. Her body was going through rapid changes enough to cause her pain.

LTjg Davidson begins to stir around and begins to be aware of his surroundings. He finds he is wearing a loincloth and nothing else. He noticed Serina across the cell and noticed she was in pain and immediately went to work. “I am Lieutenant jg Davidson and a nurse on the Tomcat, what is causing you pain?” As he forgot about himself.

Serina instinctively backed up until she couldn’t any further… “Stop! Don’t hurt me please!” she cried out as another painful spasm took ahold of her abdomen. “Oh gods, what have they done to me?!?!” she cried through clenched teeth. Her body was being forced to endure the abnormal growth of an accelerated pregnancy something foreign to her. “They cut me open and did something to my belly here” pointing to the incision “and then I heard the medical technician say something about a miscarry,” she added. “What is miscarry?”

“That is when you deliver the baby to soon. It can be caused by a lot of reasons. Now let me check you out.” He saw the surgical incision and was amazed that even though it was done recently. It was almost healed. He then checked out her labour pains and timed them as best he could. The pains were about 5 minutes apart.

“I need to look at the progress of your dilation. I will not hurt you Serina. Do you have any problems with that? This lets me know how close you are to possibly be delivered.

“You can call me James.”

“Labor!?!?……are you nuts I am not even showing a baby yet. Whatever they put in me is growing oOoh god the freaking painOo *doubles up* “Owwww damn it…stop growing!!!”, Serina yelled. Crying from the pain Serina could do nothing to stop the accelerated growth of the life inside of her. Was it a human child, was it an Orion child, or was it a freak of nature that she carried? She had no answers to calm her frayed nerves.

James replied, “some with the pregnancy of alien races the earth females go into false labour till their bodies allow the fetus to develop. Once it stops pregnancy continues as normal.”

"Ok, so what you are telling me is that this pain scare just growing pains of the baby growing twice as fast? Oh come on James...they want to breed me for their slave trade. What else is there? Why else impregnate me and administer a drug to accelerate the birth of the baby!" Serina cried, collapsing in a heap.

Just then the door opened and in walked the guard followed by the doctor. "Oh good you are up and about", she said as she approached Serina with the medical scanner. Running it over her abdomen she smiled at the results. "Good you will e moved soon to your new owner once he arrives", she said smiling.

"You BITCH!", Serina spit as the door closed and doubled up in pain again.



Lieutenant (jg) Lamia Arderne
Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
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Lieutenant Iria Walon
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Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D.
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