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Captives Part 2

Posted on 09 Jul 2019 @ 12:32pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan & Chief Warrant Officer Sombra C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA
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Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Orion Slaver Base
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 Day 15.2b

Please Note regarding some events in this Post:

What the doctor did was to create a microdevice to insert into a subject to boost pheromones or hormones to help achieve desired effects, so Goodwin and Wright were injected with two prototype micro-devices to enhance and ramp up the human pheromones that attracted males to the female for seduction. The lead Orion female is preparing to offer the two humans to the new humanoid breeding stud to see if they would attract his affections. While Dodd is not human, it is not a proven fact that the human pheromones would even work on him, so the doctor knows Lamia is telepathic but not sure if he knows that Dodd is or that Iria is. But he does know that Goodwin and Wright are not.


– Lamia and Dodd’s Cell *Sometime Later* –

Lamia hadn’t even realized she’d fallen asleep but as she awoke, she became aware of the fact that she was cuddled up on someone’s chest. In her dreamy state, she thought it was Chris and moved to make herself a little more comfortable.

Dodd had made some contact with Iria once he fell asleep after his encounter with two male slaves and two Orion females. Contact was easier as he was not having to think one thing and act another since he was asleep. He would never be able to not think of Iria and the need to protect her was his drive now.

As Dodd slept, he could feel the physical contact of Lamia cuddling up to him and while he was thinking of Iria, he felt it was his body wishing it was Iria doing the cuddling. While Dodd thinks Lamia is an attractive female, he does not have any romantic feelings for her as his heart is true to Iria.

Lamia opened her eyes, looking up and seeing Dodd she gave an apologetic smile before rolling over as best she could; given the cramped conditions of the bed. She wished more than anything Chris was with her right now, the thought of being set on by the same or another guard scared her more than anything.

– Iria’s cell –

After one of the worst nights of sleep of her adult life Iria opened her eyes staring at the doorway, she had curled up in the thin blanket in a futile effort to keep warm while she slept. As she untangled herself Iria tried to reach out to Remy and Lamia, even though her head throbbed with an ever-growing migraine, she wanted to know they were around.

~~Remy… Lamia…? Are you…?~~ her thought was cut off as she jumped at the doorway opening of her cell. Two male guards and the Orion woman who’d claimed her engagement ring, wearing it mockingly around her neck entered…

– Dodd’s and Lamia’s cell –

Dodd was not able to connect to Iria, but he knew that she would reach out once she was able as too much telepathic communication caused her terrible migraines, so she had to limit her use of that skill. Dodd also did not like the feeling a dread that overcame him as he thought about her.

Dodd had been reaching out to find the thoughts of other crew members but was not having much luck as the Orions were likely drugging the crew to get them to cooperate with the slavers.

Goodwin and Wright were now in a stockade area and had been tagged for sale. Not knowing what was going to happen, Wright started to think hard on the U.S.S. Tomcat to see if she could make it known to any telepath in the area that she did not belong here. While not telepathic herself, she figured if a fellow crew member of the Tomcat who was telepathic was around they would know she was here and, if able, they would try to help.

Doya was now complete with all her altering. She was still a little drowsy and recovering but know something was wrong with her. She looked in the blurry reflection in the water bowl next to her bed and was beside herself. She did not see her nasal ridges, and she was more bronze than she was naturally. She was not able to see a reflection that was large enough to see what other alterations that had been done to her though.

Lamia stirred unable to get back to sleep, she could hear the thoughts of others; one was concentrating particularly hard on the Tomcat. As much as she wanted to convey her thoughts her mind still wasn’t clear which seemed odd given the amount of time it’d been since their initial arrival. Then again, her own emotions were only being held together with the sheer strength of will; she didn’t want to show weakness in front of the Orions. She could feel Dodd still there beside her and that brought some reassurance, but she still flinched as there was the familiar sound of the cell door being opened…

Dodd also flinched as the door opened as he knew one of two would be taken out to another room. He sat up and did nothing to hide as he had nothing to cover himself since the encounter that he suffered yesterday.

“You!” The female Orion stood pointing at Lamia. “You’ll come with us…on your feet!” Getting to her feet Lamia had little option but to do as she was told. She held her dress together as best as she could but given its tattered condition, it wasn’t much cover anyway. All she could do was wait and see what the Orions wanted with her.

<< You will be fine, just do what they ask so you can survive. I know it will not be the most comfortable in all manners, but you have the strength to make it out of this. >> Dodd thought to Lamia.

The door closed behind Lamia and the female Orion as they left. Dodd could sense the thoughts from Wright and knew she was at least awake enough to realize what was happening. However, he was not able to communicate since she was not telepathic.

Dodd stood up and moved towards the door. He could sense the thoughts of an Orion in the hallway. He attempted to probe their mind to see if he could get any information. He was able to see enough of a memory that revealed the images of Iria undergoing a medical exam that the Orion was a witness to. He also saw a memory of what happened to Doya as this same Orion was part of that tragic event as well.

– Aldana and Sombra cell –

Sombra appeared out of thin air and collapsed in a heap on the floor of a cell. Soon after a certain Kazarite/Hermat doctor, covered only in hir own fur. S/he was barely conscious, but hir first thought was of the hir partner. S/he went to him and took his pulse. The transporter had its effect on him, but at least he was alive. Satisfied Sombra was safe, Aldana allowed hirself a slight moment of peace. Hir adrenaline slowly left the hir system, and soon the effect of the Orion abduction-transporter overwhelmed hir as well.

A result of them both being tagged in too quick of a succession Sombra and Aldana had indeed ended up in the same containment cell together. As they snoozed together the pair sought each other out in their sleep and snuggled with one another. As the snoozed an Orion girl with a thick neck cuff on and a cattle prod dangling from her wrist, crept out of the shadows. She was carrying two double bowls with water and some sort of rations. Opening the door, she crept in and set the bowls down.

Upon spotting Sombra she allowed herself to swoon slightly. She’d never seen such a lovely handsome beast before. She began impulsively to reach out to it. She wanted to touch it, but when it grunted and smacked its lips in its sleep, she got a glimpse of its teeth and suddenly changed her mind. Then as an afterthought, the shackles in the middle of the room came to mind. The perverted bipedal thing she thought she didn’t need to worry about, but as quickly as she could she slammed one of the shackles around the left forelimb of the other.

“Take her back to her cell” The doctor smiled as he looked at a now drowsy Lamia. “Have one of the breeders thrown in with her and the other, let’s see if the injection does its job!” With that Lamia was dragged away and returned to the shared cell with Dodd. Brought inside she was laying down on the bed and left.

Dodd was aware Lamia was discovered as a telepath, but apparently, he did not pick up on the pheromone enhancement they gave her. He tried to comfort her as she was in a state of grogginess.

A few moments later the cell door opened again, and another male walked inside. His armband showing that he was part of the breeding stock kept by the Orions. The guard laughed as he looked inside. “Enjoy yourself, you know what the doctor wants!” With that, he was gone.

Dodd was able to sense that this new male was there to breed with Lamia because apparently, they thought Dodd was not interested after his previous encounter. Dodd had at this time started to feel the effects of the pheromones and was becoming aroused and this was becoming very noticeable to not only himself but to the other male who by now was also affected and was removing his clothing.

– Medical –

On arrival in medical Lamia was stripped down to nothing before being examined, and her wounds from the guard’s attack, treated. The doctor smiled as he looked at her DNA results. “You’re a telepath, excellent!” He nodded as he took what looked like an old-fashioned needle off a tray. “Now hold still…” She flinched as the needle pierced her skin before the overwhelming urge to sleep took over.

– Amiri and Sombra –

Meanwhile, the pheromones had managed to waft through the air over to a certain near-by cell. Still, unconscious Amiri began to get aroused. Soon the sensation managed to slowly return hir to consciousness.

Poor Sombra was affected too. He awoke with a groan, his sheath growing tight, but he was soon distracted with the task. Alone and without Luuna he was to the sole guardian for Alpha. Jumping to his paws, he tried to dash for the door to test its strength. Only to quickly find himself pulled back by the shackle. He tested it a few more times before deciding to attack the chain more directly. Biting into it, he began to attempt to thrash it.

~Peace, brave one.~

Sombra halted, dropping the chain then shaking his head vigorously to keep it clear.

Trying to keep focused Amiri picked up the chain and looked it over. There… was a… broken link… If s/he could just bend… “Blast this horny fog!” S/he snorted, going to the bars between the cells. S/he began sucking air over hir teeth, directing it to the roof of the hir mouth. “Huuhh! Ahh, wow, that’s… NO!” S/he eyed Sombra again, hir own moisture starting to wet hir thighs. S/he shook hir head now too. “No, don’t go there, not that.” S/he shoved hir left thumb into her mouth and bit down. Not too hard, just enough to distract her lustful desires and instincts. S/he was beginning to be affected both ways. S/he began scouring around their cell.

~Brave one, look for a lever, a bar, or a stick.~

~Stick?~ Sombra began looking around too.

~Yeah, you know… play!~

~Play? Fetch?~

~Yes, that’s right. Fetch.~ Aldana hated lying to him, but perhaps the excitement of the potential of a game would help distract him from the discomfort s/he knew he must be feeling given his aroused state too.

It wasn’t long before Sombra found something, though it was at the back of the cell, and just out of reach. ~Help. Alpha. Help.~

“Where? What?” Amiri turned to look at Sombra, he was pulling on his shackle again and trying to reach or to point with his nose. His eyes zeroed in on his intended prize. Amiri followed his gaze and quickly came across something s/he could use as a lever. “Perfect, Sombra, g'boy!” Amiri picked the rod and went to Sombra “Hold still.” S/he put it into the broken link, and soon enough with the rod as leverage s/he was able to bend the link enough to separate Sombra from the chain in the floor – though he still had the shackle around his wrist… one problem at a time.

– Serina’s Cell –

Serina’s head swam as she sat up. oO What the hell happened? The last thing I remember was sitting at my station Oo *putting her hand to her head as it pounded with pain*. Getting to her feet she realized she was in a cell and alone for the moment. Her uniform was gone and the clothes she had on looked like something out of a slave’s wardrobe. Then it dawned on her, Orions! She had been abducted! What would they do to her or better yet what did they want from her! In her mind, she believed she would either be killed or sold. Heavy footfalls were approaching her cell and she backed up against the wall in fear, something she was not accustomed to.

The doors opened and two guards entered the cell without further ado they dragged the latest Tomcat member off to medical to face whatever it was the doctors had in mind for her.

– Lamia and Dodd –

Dodd knew what he had to do to help Lamia and himself survive and to get back to Iria. Dodd got between the other male and Lamia and started to deny this other male any access to Lamia. After about ten minutes this other male, who was about the same build as Dodd, decided to throw a punch at Dodd. Dodd has sensed it coming and was able to defend himself. The two started to wrestle each other. Their sweaty flesh glistened in the pale lighting of the cell as they were fighting over Lamia. Soon Dodd took what was the other male’s shirt and used it to strangle him. Dodd hated to do this, but it was to protect himself and Lamia. When the other male passed out, Dodd felt guilty for what he had just done, but he quickly grabbed the so-called pants of the now-dead male and pulled them on as he went to console Lamia who was now almost fully alert.

Lamia sat looking at Dodd. “Did you… do that to save me?” She gave him a concerned look. “You didn’t have to do that for me.” She was completely unaware that she was giving off a pheromone at all.

Dodd just looked into Lamia’s eyes and could not hold back any longer due to the effects of the pheromone. He grabbed her and planted a kiss on her lips as he then pulled her in and started to initiate a more intimate relationship with her. Deep down he knew he was in love with Iria but the pheromone was too strong and his testosterone kicked into action. His mind was no longer in his control, but he had gone primal in his actions.

Lamia was confused she didn’t know why this was happening, her first reaction was to want to push Dodd away but as his advances increased so did her reaction thanks to the meddling Orions. Her mating drive kicked in and forced her into accepting Dodd’s advances, even though her heart was with Kildare.

The unlikely couple were soon in the throes of lovemaking. After about twenty minutes of observing just outside the door of Lamia and Dodd’s cell, the female Orion smiled and returned to the medical bay. “Doctor, it’s working!” She stated with the most pleasing smile on her face.

“Excellent!” The doctor smiled. “If the chemical has done its job, she should conceive the first time! The buyer will be pleased.”

– Amiri and Sombra –

More or less free – at least to wander the inside of the cell – Sombra went for the water bowl. Without warning, however, he yelped loudly as if in pain, and slammed his paw down on the edge of the bowl causing it to flip.

“Sweetheart what are you doing? We don’t know when/if we’ll get more.” Amiri couldn’t bring hirself to yell at hir companion. Subconsciously s/he knew his instincts were probably protecting them both.

~Bad! Stale! Safe-not!~


Alerted by all the noise and talking the Orion doctor’s assistant came to investigate all the commotion. “Well, well, not fooled eh… decided you’re not thirsty enough… heh-heh, well you’ll find out soon enough, the doctor has something special planned for that one. He has some ancient Chodak toys he’s been waiting to try out on just such a beast.

“You leave him alone! We are citizens of the United Federation of Planets, and Sombra is under a clause of a highly protected status! As such the repercussions for harming him under the Rura Penthe Convention…”

“Shut Uup!”

– Goodwin and Wright –

Meanwhile, Goodwin and Wright were recalled back to their cell. It seems the new owners of Dodd and Lamia wanted more to offer their new sire of slaves in the future and were willing to purchase others that came from the same source as Dodd. So that would soon have Iria joining them and maybe eventually Doya. However, none of the captive Tomcat crew was aware of what the others were experiencing while in their ordeal.

Doya was now all recovered and released to her new owner who happened to be the same as Lamia and Dodd’s. Doya was, however, for the Orion owner’s brothel while the rest would be used to breed new slaves for a few years until the gene pool needed to be refreshed. Doya was set up in a room at a brothel with a very plush interior. She was given an outfit that has zippers all over it in key places to allow the clients to do what they wanted to her without even needing to have her completely naked, as there are some races that full nudity is taboo even in the act of lovemaking.

The Orion doctor was relieved to know that his alterations to Doya were acceptable and that the addition of the pheromone injection to Lamia was just the thing to trigger the act of breeding between the desired initial couple. The doctor also was to use the process on Goodwin, Wright and Iria in time so that the new owners would then have them all paired with the New Humanoid Male for breeding.

– Iria’s cell to Medical area –

The guards and Orion woman marched Iria to the medical centre and the Doctor there scanned her, as he looked more closely at her eyes, he nodded and the guards held her still as he prepared a few shots. In quick succession, he dealt the shots into Iria’s neck and arm. She yelped at each jabbing of the sharp needles and after the last, she fell asleep. “Take her to the new breeder pairs’ cell by the time she wakes the Pheromones should be in full effect.”

Sometime Later...

Lamia lay on the bed in the cell, her dress was lying on the floor where it had been dropped along with Dodd’s clothing. She had no idea what had just happened between Dodd and herself, all she knew was she’d made love with a man she didn’t love with no clue as to what had triggered her into doing it. “Why in the Hell did we just do that!?” She sat up and picked up her dress covering herself up. “They want us to breed so we…” She stood up and paced the cell. “…we just oblige them and make love!!”

“I am so confused but it was the same feeling I had when I was taken earlier to the room with the two Orion women and the two other male slaves,” Dodd replied. “I think they may have altered you in some minor sense to make you activate my sex drive with enhanced pheromones. Orion females have very strong pheromones that non-Orion men can’t resist, and it makes the men putty in their hands.”

“We’re unprotected!! What happens if they did something to make me more fertile too!?” She stood looking at the floor. “I’m in love with someone and so are you!!”

Their cell doorway opened a moment later the guards set Iria’s unconscious form on the floor; near the male that was dead, they sneered and walked out. Leaving the body and Iria behind with Dodd and Lamia.

Lamia sighed and looked at Dodd. “I’m sorry…I know none of this is your fault.” She shook her head to clear it a little before kneeling besides Iria. “I can’t see any obvious signs of wounds but who knows what the Doctors might have done.”

Dodd rushed over to his beloved, Iria. He scooped her up and moved her to the slab that was the bed in this cell. He attempted to comfort her as best he could in this cell. They had no bedding and Iria was better dressed then Lamia or Dodd. Also, the cell was started to have a little bit of unpleasantness due to the body and the lack of air circulation.

Iria blinked confused at first then relieved as she saw Remy. Iria also felt different but she wasn’t sure what was different. “Am I glad to see you!”

“I am starting to feel different,” Dodd stated as soon as Iria sat up. “I think she has pheromones as well.”

Lamia nodded. “It wouldn’t surprise me; they want to use you as a breeding male after all and so far, we’re your females!” She looked at Iria.

Iria raised her brows as she looked from Lamia to Remy, her skin was feeling more and more sensitive, “So we’re being paired up as breeders?” Her face flushed and she shivered as the idea of having Remy’s children made her more aware of him and herself… It was an enticing idea, while Iria knew it wasn’t the right time, but her body wanted him….

“I want to take you here and now and I am not sure I can control it,” Dodd stated to Iria as he jumped on top of her and then kissed her with a deep passion and lust in one.

Iria had no words at his declaration of his needs and the warning of his impending loss of control had only done more to increase her need for him. She accepted his aggressively lustful kisses and returned them in full force…

They truly bonded pair then started to engage in ecstasy and their true love for one another only made the act more passionate than what happened between Dodd and Lamia.

Iria had no more control than Remy did, their passion from their previous days together was somehow augmented with the now unrelenting drive of passion, worry, need, and whatever else the Doctors had done. She would have been extremely embarrassed any other time but there at that moment Iria just wanted Remy…

The strongest sense of passion-filled Dodd’s veins as he lunged for Iria and positioned her to accept him right there.

All Lamia could do was turn her back and try not to take any notice as Dodd and Iria made love. Noticing a guard outside she moved to the doorway. “Hey! You can tell your doctor if he wants his breeding females and male healthy, this body needs to be moved!!” She sighed trying to ignore the fact that what was happening between Dodd and Iria was starting to affect her too. The last thing they needed was for her activated Pheromones to start ramping up again especially with Dodd as aroused as he was.

Dodd and Iria got into the heated throes of sex and put on a show that they would have rather had privately in their quarters on the ship or elsewhere, to say the least. Dodd was more into this round since he did have passion in his heart for Iria.

The cell door opened and another prisoner who was used for cleaning up duties appeared and dragged away from the body of the dead prisoner. His demeanour had been one of someone who’d resigned themselves to their fate. Moments later Lamia was pulled out of the cell and the door slammed shut behind her.

– Amiri and Sombra’s Cell –

The loud creak of the cell door returned Amiri to consciousness. The hir head was splitting from taking a taser to it earlier. “Ugh…” Then suddenly s/he realized the door was open, but all the big green doctor’s assistant had to do was brandish the taser again, it’s arching blue bolt jumping from side to side. She was carrying something big and heavy, which she hefted it at Amiri. “Here! He should be more or less alright, but don’t take my word for it.”

Amiri took the load with a grunt. S/he looked down and nearly wept, it was Sombra, and he was limp. Impulsively s/he reached for his neck, his pulse was strong.

As the exchange brought them to close the Doctor’s assistant turned her head away from the door so the monitoring devices couldn’t pick up her lip movements and be read elsewhere. (“I’m sorry. We’re not all bad. Not all of us have a choice to be here either. Trust me, it’s better than most of the alternatives.”)

(“Can you help us get out of here?)

Suddenly there was a burst of static over an intercom, and a voice out of thin air. +That’s enough, move on, or suffer the consequences!+

The green doctor’s assistant’s face turned to instant panic and she fled.

Gingerly, Amiri lay Sombra on what passed for a bed. S/he started to feel him all over. S/he could discern no broken bones, no swelling, nor lacerations. S/he cupped a hand over his nose, his respiration seemed normal-ish. Then s/he spotted something on his thigh.

Stripes? His coat was its normal pattern except what s/he could see – he was on his right side, so for the moment all s/he could see was his left – there were no stripes on his thigh. Odd… it almost reminded hir of something, but off the top of the hir head, s/he couldn’t think of what. S/he checked his teeth. Without the proper tools s/he couldn’t be sure, but s/he thought his bite pattern looked nearly normal. Amiri decided to turn him over gently to check the other side.

S/he began rolling him onto his back at first. Suddenly something down by his belly caught her eye. There was more skin on his lower abdominal region than normal. Just then Sombra snorted and started to try and sit up. He was coming around. ~Easy. Calm buddy. Alpha’s here. You’ll be alright.~


“We’re not quite out of the woods yet.” Amiri pets him gently. “Stay calm, we’ll get out of this. You’ve been through a lot. Just rest for now.”

The cell doorway opened and another of the Tomcat’s crew was shoved in with Aldana and Sombra. He was originally Romulan, but the alterations done to him made him look human; his eyes were ice blue his hair a dark black with red highlights. His skin tone was a bronze tan. He gave the Doctor from the Tomcat a sad smile, “Haven’t seen a friendly face until now, though I doubt you recognize me now I am Tavrein Jolsa from security.”

– Goodwin and Wright’s Cell –

Goodwin and Wright were returned to the cell they once occupied before going to the stockyards. They were a little drowsy as they had been in the doctor’s medical lab. Wright noticed a blotched marking on Goodwin’s thigh. Wright thought it looked like a bruise at first but then upon examination, she saw a puncture wound in the middle of it.

“Looks like you had an injection and it does not look good,” Wright said to Goodwin.

“I feel like I am going to be sick,” Goodwin replied as she was not feeling well.

Wright then went to the door of the cell and got the attention of the guard out in the hallway. “She is getting sick, get her to the doctor right away, please!” She yelled out to the guard.

The Guard came in and got Goodwin and exited with her over his shoulder. Wright was all alone now. She wondered what was done to Goodwin then she found what felt like an injection site on her thigh. Maybe they both had the injection, but Goodwin was reacting to it.

– Medical Lab –

The Orion Guard delivered Goodwin to the doctor’s lab and advised the nurse to the condition of the slave. The nurse examined the slave’s thigh and was able to treat it and had the guard return the slave to her cell.

– Goodwin and Wright’s Cell –

Once the guard left and closed the cell door. Goodwin was feeling a little better.

“Turns out they injected a small device into my thigh to make me produce a stronger and larger amount of my natural pheromones,” Goodwin told Wright. “They want to see if our natural pheromones will help us become strong breeders for future slaves. The Orion females produce strong pheromones but they want to trigger a stronger production of our natural pheromones to so they don’t have to add any genetics to their slaves that could affect the performance of the work the slaves are tasked.”

“Great, I found an injection site on my thigh and I know there is a little device of some kind inside it,” Wright added.

– Medical Complex –

Lamia lay on one of the beds as the doctor looked her over “No side effects to the injection” He smiled as he looked at Lamia rubbing his hands together in a gleeful manner. “Perfect breeding material, our buyer will be pleased. Take her back to the cells and alert the buyer!”

– Dodd, Walon & Lamia’s cell –

Back at the cells, Lamia was thrown roughly into the cell. The words the Doctor had said was ringing in her ears. She huddled into the tiniest portion of space she could do wishing more than anything that Kildare was there with her.



Lieutenant jg Lamia Arderne
Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Iria Walon
Chief Counselor

Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D.

CWO Sombra C.G.CA/U, PSA,C.ESA [P: Aldana]
Counsellors aide/Morale Officer

Lieutenant JG Serina “Reaper” Donovan
Squadron Leader (Raider 1)

2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin [P: Dodd]
Marine Officer

Ensign Angelica Wright [P: Dodd]
Flight Control Officer

Ensign Doya Emja [P: Dodd]
Damage Control Specialist


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