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Captives Part 1

Posted on 01 Jul 2019 @ 4:08pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Ensign Angelica Wright & Ensign Doya Emja & 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin
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Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Orion Slaver Base
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 Day 15.2a


- Lamia's Cell -

One minute Lamia was standing in Sickbay with Orion’s hostages and medical staff, the next she awoke aboard an unfamiliar ship. She had no idea how long been out or indeed why she’d been asleep in the first place. Looking around all she could see was that she appeared to be in a cell, plain food and water were waiting but that was all.

She automatically reached her hand to her badge to find it wasn’t there, in fact, her clothes weren’t there. It seemed she’d been dressed in something entirely different and a whole lot more revealing. Remembering that these were slavers they were dealing with, she couldn’t help but think that maybe she had been prepared for sale!

- Orion Slave Station Cell -

Jennifer Goodwin woke up from a night of deep sleep to find herself in a cell wearing practically nothing. She even found a golden armband around her left bicep. She recognized the design as Orion and then figured out it was more or less a homing device so that her current or future owners could keep track of where she was. She was scared and yet kept control of her emotions like a good marine would do. She noticed she had a cellmate who was still sleeping but dressed in similar attire and also with an armband.

Turns out Goodwin's cellmate was Ensign Wright and the drugs they were given to help the Orions prepare them for their future have hit her harder than Goodwin.

- Orion Slave Surgical Center -

Ensign Doya Emja was in pain but yet she was also still slightly under the influence of the Orions' drugs as she was not fully awake. This was a good thing as she was on a surgical table being altered for her future services to the Orion. Bajorians maybe tough to survive the Cardassians but to survive as an Orion brothel bimbo, she had to be slightly genetically altered. The Orion surgeon was making her more able to accept larger appendages without fear of damage to the female of non-Orion origin. Doya was also getting other enhancements to make her more appealing of the future clientele of her owner.

- Dodd's Cell -

Dodd awoke to find himself in a strange room wearing only the equivalent of a loincloth. He was last in engineering working to reset the shields after a malfunction. He found he had a simple bed large enough for at least two or three individuals but he as alone in the cell. The cell was limited to only the bed and there was not even any bedding merely the bed shaped platform in the middle of the cell.

He realized that he was picking up on the thoughts of at least a few dozen minds all deep in confusion and depression. He knew then he was somehow beamed off the Tomcat and was now considered the property of Orion Slavers. Based upon his knowledge of the Orion Slavers and how he found himself dressed, he was in the process of being prepared to be a pleasure slave for some weird elite of the Orion faction that was holding him or to is sold to another faction as breeding stock or some other perverted purpose.

The many minds he could sense were all at the same station or on the same ship. He could not tell if the facility was moving or not which was likely a side-effect of the drugs the Orions used to control him until now. Dodd was attempting to work out the thoughts to see if he could get the thoughts of a familiar mind or another telepath. He did not know if the Orion's knew he was telepathic or not.

- Lamia's Cell -

Lamia was just getting used to the sense of all the minds around her. Her head wasn’t clear by a long shot, all she could assume was she was sedated or drugged with something maybe to keep her quiet or compliant. She just about caught a sense of someone she knew, a mind she’d come into contact with before. << that you? >>

Dodd was finally able to separate the minds he was sensing. He thought he heard a mental question asking if he was there.

<< I am Dodd, is this Lamia? >> Dodd thought and focused his mind on the question as he sent his response.

<< Yes! It’s me Lamia! >>She shook her head trying to keep her head clear. << I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this link going. Is there anyone else from the ship here? >>

<< I am sensing a large presence of thoughts and emotions. I was able to sense your question and focused on it. >> Dodd replied. << I am hoping that there are not too many from the Tomcat here. Are you okay? Do you have any idea where we are? >>

Lamia sat with her head in her hands. << I think we’re awaiting sale or something, probably a holding facility of some sort. >> She was struggling to keep her head straight. << As for being okay....not really. I think they’ve...given me something. I can hardly...think straight! >> Just then the door opened and she was dragged out of her cell. Her contact with Dodd severed.

- Dodd's Cell -

Dodd was suddenly disconnected from Lamia. He was still sensing her mind but could not communicate directly with her, as she must have moved out of her range. But he was starting to sense familiar minds and the faint thoughts of his Imzadi.

- Iria's Cell -

Iria blinked her eyes open feeling very confused, she remembered walking down the corridor and heading towards the counselling offices, between that and now? She shook her head frowning looking around herself and catching sight of the barely-there apparel she was now wearing. Her hair was loose instead of being tied back in the bun she had it in for duty.

She got to her feet and it was then she noticed that her engagement ring was gone. **~~I wish Remy was here!~~** she shivered and resisted the natural urge to go feline to wrap herself in her warmer fur. Iria looked around the room. It was a cell but not one she knew anything about. Not knowing what else to try she relaxed her mental shields and tried to yell for help. ~~Can anyone hear me?~~ Iria wasn't sure it would work or even how long she could keep it up, but it was better than just sitting here crying or pacing around the room.

- Lamia's Cell -

Lamia heard the cry but was unable to answer it, her mind was on where she was being taken. Moments later she was standing in a line with some other women she didn’t know and it appeared they were being inspected. She watched as each woman in the line was pulled forward, disrobed and roughly manhandled for inspection before having their clothing returned to them. When her turn came she tried to resist being pulled forward, not that it did any good as she was stripped like the others thoroughly inspected and thrown back into line.

- Dodd's Cell -

~~ Imzadi, I do hear you. I am sorry you are here as well. ~~ Dodd reached out mentally. ~~ I love you and will find a way to get to you, know that we are likely on a Slaver ship and being prepared to either be sold into slavery or used as breeding stock or pleasures, slaves. ~~ Dodd wanted to be forthcoming with Iria as possible to help her know he was there and would do what he could to get to her.

While he was still sensing the minds of other Tomcat crew, he could also feel the fear from all around. While he knew Lamia was pulled out the range to communicate, he feared what could happen to Iria and the others. Then his cell door opened and an Orion Female entered. She was followed by two Orion Males. She approached Dodd and sort of started to examine him. He knew then he was being selected for breeding stock as he read her mind. She removed his loincloth to examine in detail Dodd's full specimen and once she was done, she turned and exited Dodd's cell with the two Orion males.

- Iria's cell -

~~ Remy! I figured that we're up for sale or something, the skimpy clothes and my hair being loose dead give-away. ~~ she paused frowning, ~~ I love you too, they took my ring along with my uniform. I'll be careful but I can't just let them have their way. ~~

- Dodd's cell -

Dodd was doing all he could to read the minds of the Orions but still play along and not fight against any of them. He was also worried about Iria and the rest of the crew in this situation. He did find out they were not on a ship but actually at a station and that there were over a thousand of beings being processed for various slave activities or sale as slaves to other factions.

~~ Iria, if you can hear me, I want you to play along with whatever they expect of you. I don't want any harm to happen to you so by playing along you should be okay for the most part. ~~ Dodd sent that thought to Iria. He hoped it would help her realize that he was going to figure a way out or die trying.

- Iria's cell -

Iria wanted to reply to Remy, but her cell door opened and an Orion male entered followed by an Orion female, Iria's eyes narrowed on the woman who had her ring between her fingers, a smirk on her face as she looked down at Iria.

"You should still be sleeping Red." the Orion woman said as she put the ring Remy had given Iria on a chain and put it around her neck.

Iria glared up at the woman, "Sorry to disappoint you." She struggled between the Orion woman, and her guard as they removed her clothes and after the exam that was more invasive than she liked. Iria hissed as the Orion woman and her guard left.

Her inspection over and her head clearing somewhat Lamia was surprised to find that she wasn't being taken back to her cell. Instead, she was hustled along with cells containing male prisoners, she was starting to wonder what was going to happen to her when the doors to a cell were opened and she was unceremoniously pushed inside. It was only when she looked up that she saw it was Dodd inside the cell.

"Good news!" The guard leered at them both. "You've been sold! Your buyer has chosen you both, he's happy you'll make a fine breeding pair!" He grinned as he looked at Lamia then at Dodd. "Enjoy your mate....the sooner the buyer has offspring the happier he'll be so I suggest you get on with it!!" He laughed as he turned and slammed the door behind him.

Lamia waited until the guard was out of earshot. "Like hell, I am nobody's breeding stock!" She looked to Dodd offering a smile. "Am I glad to see you!"

"Lamia, I am glad to see you, but how long have we been here?" Dodd replied. "To have already been sold and as a breeding pair, I never sensed that in Orion female's mind when she was examining my assets just a few moments ago."

"Don't worry that was an all-out lie!" She sighed. "They took me for inspection but I've seen no buyers yet. There are a lot of guards, we'd need superior numbers just to think about getting out of here."

"I need you to play along and that should help keep us safe for a while. Iria is here and I need to get to her. I am not sure if the Orions know we are telepathic, but I am sensing at least a dozen other members of our crew. Ensign Wright, Ensign Doya and Lieutenant Goodwin are here and from what is in their minds, they are being prepared for service as pleasure slaves. Doya is in great pain and thus I think they are in the process of altering her genetically for the thoughts I am sensing."

"Genetic alteration! Just the thought worries me!" She shook her head. "I'll play along, I just hope we can find a way to get out of here before they either sell us all or use us for something worse!"

"I know we are in grave danger if we don't start at least pretending to accept our fate. I am certain there are at least six others from the Tomcat at this station but not sure who they are at this time. My mind is sort of a little hazy still." Dodd replied.

"Was Iria alright?" Mia looked at Dodd, she'd heard about their engagement from ship talk. "She's your fiancee isn't she?"

"This is my Imzadi and we are engaged," Dodd replied. "I have not been in contact with Iria since we first communicated and that has me worried." Dodd turned to look at the door. "We are going to get a visitor or three."

Suddenly the door to the cell was opened and two Orion women and one Orion male walked in. The women were barely wearing any clothing, even less than Lamia. The Orion male was in full-on guard attire. One of the women was the same as the one that was there earlier with the two guards and the other had a chain around her neck with a ring on it. The ring was Iria's engagement ring.

~~ Oh my god, Iria, I hope you can hear this. I hope you are okay and know I love you and only you. I will get to you as soon as I can. ~~ Dodd thought to Iria as the two women came at Dodd while guard pinned Lamia against the wall.

All Lamia could do was watch as the women had Dodd removed from the cell. The guard released his grip and followed but returned a few moments later minus his weapons. The smile on his face gave Lamia the chills as he backed her into a corner, as much as she put up a fight there was little she could against his sheer build, as he tore at the flimsy clothing she was wearing and enjoyed what he wanted from her. By the time he was finished, she had cuts, bruises, and memories that would take a long time to heal. Her only saving grace was that guards were only allowed some fun with new slaves, it had stopped the guard from violating her but not from assaulting her.

- Another room at the station -

Dodd was escorted out of his cell and taken to a different room by the two female Orions. Their combined pheromones were strong enough to have Dodd under their control. Everyone thinks its the male Orions who are running things but ultimately the female Orions are in command. Dodd was soon joined by two other male slaves, one was Andorian and the other was Rigellian. They were wearing golden armbands on their left arms. The three men were then left alone in the room with the two Orion females.

Dodd could sense the thoughts of the two men and realized they were told to make Dodd pleasure all in the room to prove he was worthy of the new master he was to be delivered to.

- Dodd/Lamia’s Cell -

As much as Lamia wanted to curl up in the corner of the room and turn into a sobbing ball, she wasn’t going to give the Orion guards the pleasure of seeing her weak. She pulled herself up and moved to Dodd’s camp bed and sat down, holding the torn dress around her. She closed her eyes and tried to forget the pain she was in, focussing her all into trying to contact Iria. << Iria...can you hear me? It’s Lamia...are you alright? >>

- Iria's cell -

Iria was pacing the room she had been forcefully disrobed twice more and the last time one of the guards had held her face at a painful angle while another put a device over her eyes there was a bunch of blinding flashes of light and then she was released. They'd muttered under their breath but she got the impression they were pleased about something. Iria had tried to call out to Remy again now that she was alone but she didn't hear him. She paced around the cell avoiding the bowl of what reminded her of oatmeal. Iria was reaching out to the cup of water when she heard Lamia's thoughts.
~~Lamia!? Are you okay? Have you seen Remy? I'm scared but okay mostly, they seem interested in my eyes...~~ Iria swallowed as her cell doorway came open again...

- Dodd/Lamia’s Cell -

<< Iria? Iria keeps talking!! >> Lamia sighed as her contact with Iria was cut off, at least she could tell Dodd that she’d been in contact with her. She lay on Dodd’s bunk and closed her eyes.

* A while later *

Lamia was awoken by the sound of the cell door, she huddled into the corner of Dodd’s bunk as the door opened again fearing it was the guard come back for more fun. Relieved to find it was just Dodd being returned from whatever ordeal he’d been put through. She relaxed and pulled her torn clothing around her to cover up as best as she could although she had no doubt she had enough cuts and bruises to give Dodd a good idea of what had happened.

Dodd had been returned and those that had him did not even give him the decency of returning him with his loincloth. He was tossed into his original cell with Lamia. He could tell she was in pain and not just physical at that. He was doing all he could to reach out for Iria but he could not find any thoughts from her.

<< Mia are you alright? >> Dodd asked telepathically as to avoid any signs of weakness. << I have had to do things I would never like to speak of and I am sure you had to endure some of the same. Even if it kills me, I will get you and Iria out of this hell and make these bastards pay for this. >>

Dodd then sat in the corner on the floor and held his face in his hands as he attempted to mentally reach out for Iria. He so wanted to sense something from her as it would give him more strength to know she was still alive and making as best she could. What he could imagine was happening to her was starting to get to him.

Lamia could sense how worried Dodd was, she hung her head not wanting the Orions to notice that she was contacting Dodd telepathically. << I spoke to Iria, she was alright. >> She did her best to keep her eyes above waist height as she looked at him to save his embarrassment although her clothing wasn't much better. The Orions were hoping their state of undress would eventually attract them to each other. "I've already slept, why don't you have the bed." She offered a smile as she moved onto the floor away from the bed.

<< Was she okay? Thank you for letting me know you had contact. >> Dodd directed that thought to Mia. << I will tell you that I know modesty is something most humanoids have, I am not concerned about my nudity nor yours. I do think after what they had me do, they felt it would make me bond with you more if you saw me bare it all but I am focused to get us out of this hell. >> "Sleep sounds good but you need not move to the floor there is enough space for us both to share the bed." << It could play into our favour to make them think we are starting to get closer to some degree. >>

Lamia looked at Dodd. << Iria was okay but I lost contact with her. >> She switched back to speech. "'re sure?" She slowly moved back to the bed. It was going to feel strange sharing it with someone that she had no feelings towards but if it fooled the Orions then so be it.

Goodwin and Wright were now both alert and aware of the hell they were in. They were together when they were abducted from the mess hall of the Tomcat. Two Orion males just entered their cell to escort them to another location. Based upon their armbands they were being taken to a stockyard type of setting. They were about to be put up for sale. Human females are easy to sell for large sums as they were harder to come by in this area of space.

Doya was in recovery by now from being treated for the alterations the Orions wanted her to have. They had given her breast enhancements and made her more accommodating for a variety of species to use for pleasure. Doya was also given a mild face alteration as in the Orions removed her Bajoran nasal ridges. One other thing they did to Doya was to give her a gene to alter her skin tone to a more bronzed appearance like a permanent suntan.

-Iria's cell-

Iria has shoved into the room again, her clothes had been changed, the outfit was a lot less there than anything she would wear in public, though to her dismay it was very close to an outfit she'd been planning to surprise Remy with one night. The armband on her left arm was tight and she had tried pulling it off. That had not gone well. She shivered again, the guards that had made her change clothes and held her still for the armband placement hadn't been gentle or discreet in their grabbing and groping. They hadn't gone as far as they could have and for that small favour she was glad but she was scared of what was next. Iria paced around the room again and tried to reach out to Lamia and Remy the only ones she knew for certain were around somewhere.

~~Lamia?... Remy?... Can you hear me?~~ Iria shivered as she paced, the shimmery fabric wasn't great for keeping in the heat but the blanket on the bed wasn't going to help much either since it was the same damn flimsy fabric. She could admit it looked pretty but the use it was being used for to accent the features of those held captive was just wrong. Iria wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball in her feline form but she was fighting that want because she didn't think it would help win her freedom.

~~ I hear you, my love. I would love nothing more than to hold you in my arms and never let go. ~~ Dodd communicated with Iria. ~~ I hope you are holding strong. I know it is hard and you are alone, but once we are together again, I will make you my wife and we will move onward from this horrible ordeal, I promise. ~~

~~We have lots to look forward too once we get out of here. I hope you're alright. I love you so much!~~ Iria sent back to him, her relief in hearing back from Remy evident n her tone alone with the exhaustion. She couldn't keep up sending thoughts from the distance between them without hurting herself...

~~ Imzadi, please know I will do all I can to get you to safety. Just do what you need to do to take care of yourself and know none of this will affect my love for you. Just rest and save your strength and we will get through this stronger than we started. ~~ Dodd sent to Iria and that was likely the last contact for a while as he knew she was not a strong distance telepath and she would have some strong migraines if she kept the connection for too long.

Dodd was starting to drift off into a deeper sleep and that would allow him to recharge and focus on working out a plan to get all of the Tomcat crew out of this hell.


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