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Search and Destroy

Posted on 24 Jul 2019 @ 9:14am by Major S'arila Donovan & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan
Edited on on 24 Jul 2019 @ 9:17am

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Various/enemy ship
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 Day 15.2


After assembling her team she meets the pilot in the shuttle bay with her team behind her and boards the shuttle and as her team strap into the rear of the shuttle she sits in the pilot seat "ah ready to go Serina?" S'arila said, like the Captain, she rarely stood on ceremony and when she did, it was required.

"Yup! Ready to rock and roll S'arila", Serina said smiling.

"Good, no need to ask for clearance we automatically have it, let's get going," S'arila said.

"On our way", Serina said as she took out the shuttle from the bay and took off for the target. Piloting the shuttle was slightly different from her fighter but she didn't care much. Flying was flying regardless of what she flew. "S'arila, what do you think you will find there?", she asked.

"Oh hostiles who will either try to stun us to capture us or outright kill us, I do not intend for anyone to get captured," S'arila said as the shuttles collision alarm sounded, Serina sped up as the scanners showed a large enemy ship dropping on top of the Tomcat scanning then jumping away.

"What the hell!" S'arila exclaimed double-checking the sensors as the shuttle headed to the disabled ship "keep going Lieutenant, we cannot make a difference to them" the marine added.

"Damn it! That scared the shit out of me! Maintaining course Commander. What the hell do you think they wanted?", Serena said continuing course.

"That looked like an Orion slave ship, a large one *pauses as she checks the readings* yup, the thing scanned the Tomcat and there was a tractor beam in it they timed it right the moment the shields lowered to allow us to pass, it is safe to say that we have lost some crew, so now we take no prisoners as planned and while you get ready to get us back to the ship I will take the team and do some unpleasant business" she paused "then we will be returning to the ship" she finished.

"Yes. I will remain on board ready to dust off when you return. That is not a problem", Commander, Serina said.

Eventually, they finally docked with the freighter and Serina did it expertly, S'arila did not know they had docked till the console told her so, she looked at the pilot with a smile "nice" she simply said then she stood up as best she could, compared to her all shuttlecraft were small, the troop transport was no different.

"Easy as pie, and quiet. Don't need to wake up the natives now do we? ", Serina said.

With one final smile to Serina, the hybrid went to the shuttles rear "okay rifles we are docked, let's go, remember flashbang first, just in case there are any hostiles around the corner of the docking hatch, remember to do the same for each room. Tech people when you secure a room see if there is a databank if there is not plant explosives if there is download the data and plant explosives, then move on, any Orion you see shoot on sight, even the Orion females, you have all been given nasal numbing agent to ward off the pheromones that the Orion females give off, if any surrender take the appropriate caution and stun them and get them back to the shuttle, we have us a small window of two hours, lets get it done before then, you all ready?" S'arila asked.

"BOO-YAH!" they all responded.

Serina smiled as she echoed "Boo-yah! I know that is hell yeah in the military", she said as she waited for the next order.

Sticking her head around the corner "keep her warmed up El-tee, I do not want to be anywhere near this ship when we set off the explosives, I will Comm you when we are on our way out" S'arila said.

"You got it Major. I will keep her hot and ready to Evac in a hurry", Serina laughed softly.

With that, she returned to the rear as one of her team opened up the docking hatch of both ships and entered, "you know the best time for bright species to ambush borders is when we are all in a tight group just after boarding" a Rifleman intoned as two went left and right, just to make sure the rest of the team was not going to be ambushed, S'arila was last through the hatch.

"You pair remain and guard this area and stay alert," she said and the Riflemen nodded as the team that went to the right of the hatch deployed the Starfleet version of the mines the Jem'hadar used in AR 558, but with one difference these would explode if anyone near them.

"okay remember where the cloaked mines are," S'arila said and all other troops assembled to the left of the hatch and cautiously made their way forward.

The marines who made the ambush comment shrugged "guess they are none too bright" he said.

"There are plenty of other places on this tub that we can be ambushed, so do not tempt fate" another marine intoned as they leapfrog approached each area, checked the rooms and sealed them behind, by now they knew the enemy was waiting for them.

Strangely enough, all the lower decks were devoid of life, then as they went up a level they encountered traps, almost got caught in one, but when they knew what to look for progress was unimpeded, that was until one of the troops poked his head around the corner and nearly got it shot off, he quickly moved back startled and looked at S'arila "what the hell!!" he exclaimed.

The moment the Orion's knew where they were all hell broke loose "Flashbang!" S'arila said and popped out and threw it with impressive force behind the four Orion's firing at them and ducked back as a loud noise and bright flash was followed by screams of agony, this was the Rifles moment to charge the position, which they did killing the defenders, they took a moment to check to see if there was any intel of any sort on the bodies, then they used a special Tricorder to scan inside the bridge and a lot of red dots showed up.

"Scan see if there is anyone in engineering," S'arila said one of the riflemen nodded and pulled out a portable scanner, basically an adapted Padd attached to another small unit, it was a make-shift affair, but it worked.

"No one in engineering Major, but that means there will be traps," he said.

She thought for a moment "take two men and disable those traps and plant some explosives on the warp core and get back here" she said, the rifleman nodded and took two others with him.

Looking back at her remaining troops, okay I will open the door and throw in Flashbangs and smoke grenades re-breathers on people" she said pulling out a small breather which would allow her to cope with the smoke grenades "remember where you are and there shall be no casualties by our own hands, understood?" S'arila asked.

All nodded and prepared their grenades and threw them into the now open bridge door, the usual screams of pain were heard as the smoke assisted in their cover two more flashbangs were thrown into the bridge in the directions the first batch did not go, then the rifles entered firing at disorientated Orion slavers. Eventually, the smoke was sucked out as the extractors came on and those hostiles still moving were quickly silenced.

S'arila removed her mask "okay download any data you can, two of you start planting explosives the rest get back out to that defensive barrier and keep a watch" she said and the rifles nodded and left. S'arila tapped her Commbadge =/\= Donovan to Reaper, warm up the shuttle Lieutenant we will be returning shortly =/\=

=/\=Understood never turned them off from the get-go. Warmed and waiting=/\=

It took some time as there was a lot of data, but eventually, all they could get was gotten, and the Rifles she had assigned to plant explosives returned indicating they were complete. With nothing left to do S'arila pulled her troops out of the bridge and met up with those coming from engineering.

"All planted in Engineering? And did you have any encounters?" she asked.

"Little amount of hostile contact Major, but all explosives planted" the Rifleman said and she pulled out a special tricorder and tied the explosive frequency into it "okay lets scoot" she said and led her team back to the docking hatch encountering some unexpected opposition along the way, but it was nothing that they could not handle and was soon outside the docking hatch where the troops standing guard got back onto the shuttle.

As S'arila was last in she sealed the hatch "Okay El-tee, get us out of here" S'arila said.

"You got it. Hold on to your panties! Here we go.....", and gunned the shuttle smoothly and quickly from the shuttle bay. Making a beeline back to the Tomcat as fast as she could get the shuttle to move.

As the shuttle moved away from the derelict ship S'arila looked towards the Tomcat through the viewport where she was sitting in the co-pilots seat, it looked like the ship was getting ready to leave as the fighters were recalled. By now they were a safe distance from the ship so she set off the explosives and she felt a little turbulence and then it was over, Serina deftly piloted the shuttle back onto the Tomcat and quickly secured the shuttle as the ship jumped to warp.


Major S'arila Donovan [P: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander

Lt Jg Serina Donovan
Commander Air Group/Helm Officer


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