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Interstellar Chat

Posted on 14 Jun 2019 @ 11:27am by Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare & Lieutenant JG Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Starbase 51/USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 Day 20a

OOC Kildare: This takes place 5 day's later when Arderne can have some alone time, this also coincides with the next mission post is prepared after we finish up Part 3 of the Cravallian encounter.

OOC Kildare: Think we can start winding this one down now

Having just finished his shift Kildare headed back to his quarters, he was missing Mia, he never thought that he would get someone like her, he was a career marine, she a Starfleet Officer, to people so opposite of each other, but he had heard the saying that opposites attract, and here they have done this two unlikely people meeting in the ass-end of Federation space. When he finally arrived in his quarters he made himself a cup of Joe and a sandwich and sat at his desk terminal, typed in a security code that would give him a secure connection to his Mia.

Sending the connection request to the Tomcat, he sat and waited for her to pick up.

Returning to her Quarters Lamia entered to the sound of bleeping from her computer terminal. Rushing over to it she quickly answered the call not wanting to miss it. Her smile beamed as she saw Chris Kildare on the other end. “Hey, handsome!”

The spinning UFP symbol vanished to be replaced by the visage of his girl "hey there gorgeous, got a little bored and thought I would give you a call to see how things are and what is happening so far and I figured you could do with someone to talk to that is currently not on the ship's roster" he said with a smile "so what is going on and how are you holding up with your first deep space mission?" he asked.

“Let’s just say it’s not been your A-Typical mission. We rescued some slaves that were going to be used in none too nice ways, I volunteered to help out with them as best as I could given my Counselling skills.” She relaxed back in her seat. “Something like this makes you appreciate what you have, and I miss you very much!”

*thinks for a moment steepling his fingers and tapping them to his mouth* "Sounds heady, and from my past experiences I can appreciate knowing what one has and missing it when it is gone, been in many of the situations, I miss you too *smiles* how is the Captain treating you and the crew?" he responded and and ended with a question.

“She’s kept us all alive and I have no complaints.” Lamia smiled warmly. “She’s an excellent Commanding Officer. To be honest I’ll be glad to get back and spend some time with you.”

*smiling* "me too, me too, so from the spotty reports I am getting you have encountered some Slavers and other such hostiles, I would advise keeping you safe. What of the captives that were rescued, we are not getting much information about it here only snippets?" he asked curious.

“Well we rescued 24 people. 20 humanoids 4 non humanoids.” She grimaced. “It’s horrible to think just what they might have been used for. There’s a young woman aboard who was bound for a life as a plaything, and not in a nice way!” She shook her head. “It gives me the creeps just to think what she and other women were going to be put through!”

"I can only sympathize there, as I am not there, but I want you to be careful the Orion slavers and other entities are not to be taken lightly and I suspect the combat time is not over yet, still at times like this I wish I was there with you" Chris said.

“Me too!” She offered an understanding smile. “I know I’m Chief of Ops but somehow I felt a little out of place, everyone had their part to play and I know Ops keeps everything together but I felt more at home helping out in Sickbay!” She shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe I should have gone with being a full time Counsellor after all. Stupid as it sounds, there was a point in Sickbay when we were all handed out phasers and somehow it felt...” She paused to think. “Off somehow. I can handle myself in a firefight but I’d prefer not to if I don’t have to.”

*offers a small compassionate smile* "I can assure you that when the time comes you will do what you have been trained to do, at times like this I wish I was not stuck on a Starbase, but I do have a good film picked out for when you return for Shore leave, so how were the rescued captives?" he asked.

“Traumatised to say the least!” Lamia shook her head. “It seemed some of them were on their way to being used as sex slaves, and all manner of other uses! It’s horrible to think about!! I think some of them were on their way to being hooked on drugs from being fed them to keep them compliant for sale!” *Shivers at the mere thought* So...on a lighter note, what’s the movie?”

*raises his left eyebrow* "Not saying, you will have to see when you return to the Starbase, which I hope will give you something to look forward to" he responded.

*grins playfully and leans forward giving him a good view down the top she’s wearing* “I’m already looking forward to it! That and a whole lot more!”

*keeping a bland face so not to give anything away* oO wow Oo was all he thought "nice top by the way, me too.. Whoa" he paused as an alert light begun flashing, he looked off to the side as if reading something "Oh great another bloody bomb alert, our new Security Chief who is also demolitions can deal with it, if I am needed I will be called" he said, then looked back at Mia "I do not know why but we have been getting an increasing number of bomb alerts, yet, they have either turned out to be dummies or false alarms, definitely a downside to being out in the sticks" he added.

*Looking concerned* “Just promise me you’ll be careful, I’ve only just found you I don’t want anything to happen to you Chris!”

He knew where promises got people, especially when they were broken unintentionally, this is why like so many people he knew he only made them if he was sure. "I will try, in this sector promises are hard to keep, but I can make one promise, I will miss you" he said then a yellow alert light came on he sighed heavily "damn being called *looks back at Mia* well I will have to love you and leave you lass" he said, his Irish ancestry lingo peaking through.

Lamia’s heart wrenched just the thought of him in danger scared her. “Be careful Chris!! Please!”

"Always am, lass always am, I will see you when you get back home" he responded.

Lamia nodded and sadly watched him stand to leave. She wanted to say she loved him but after one date it seemed too early. “Just leave me a message, let me know all’s okay!”

Giving her a smile "I will, bye Mia" he said and closed the link sighing heavily.


Sergeant Major Christopher 'Maverick' Kildare [P: Somers]
95th Rifles Security/Demolition Unit
SB 51

Lieutenant Jg Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
Chief Operation's Officer
USS Tomcat


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