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Cravallian Encounter Part 2

Posted on 07 Jun 2019 @ 10:37am by Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Cody Parker & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan
Edited on on 08 Jun 2019 @ 9:56am

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (Main Story)
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 -Day 15.1a


- Fighter Deck -

The second it went from yellow to red Serina did not need to be told to launch, “Launch, all fighters Launch, Raider and Rebel Squadrons form up on me, Red Squadron to standby status ready to launch!” Serina hollered as she launched herself. Watching her crews come from the Tomcat she counted them off and when all were information with her, =/\= Bridge, Reaper here, Raider and Rebel squadrons on, station, Red squadron on standby ready to launch. What are your orders?=/\=

On the bridge, Somers made the two-way connection =/\= Reaper this is the bridge, launch both Squadrons and fly defensive formation around the ship, be mindful of our defensive borders I would hate to shoot my own fighters if they send in fighters launch final Squadron and assign a squadron as ship defence while one of the two squadrons attack the enemy fighters and assist in the attack of the capital ships =/\= Somers instructed.

=/\= Roger that Captain,=/\= Reaper said. Switching frequencies, =/\= Launch Raider and Rebel Squadrons, Red is on standby for deployment. Raider and Rebel fly defensive formation around the Tomcat but watch her defensive firing patterns. If they launch fighters, our instructions change =/\= Serina said, as she launched.

“Okay take us in Helm,” Jasmine said and the helmsman who took over flying duties took the Tomcat into the fray “Lieutenant Parker I will leave the targeting up to you, but be mindful of our fighters,” Somers said

"Aye Captain," Parker replied as he narrowed the focus on the Phasers. He took a breath and prayed that the weapons systems were still as accurate as they used to be. The last thing he needed was a stray shot hitting a fighter.

With this done she tapped her Commbadge =/\= Somers to Dodd =/\=

=/\= Dodd here, Captain. =/\= Dodd replied.

=/\= Lieutenant, adjust shield frequencies to a rotating system, I do want to cut down on the chances of any of our crew being beamed away by these Orion slavers =/\=

=/\= I would be happy to implement that algorithm in the shield generator sub-system. Thanks for reminding me about that. I will also remotely tap into the other shuttle's shield frequencies and do the same. =/\= Dodd replied. =/\= Taggert can do the same for the Tomcat's shield frequencies. The algorithm is already in the sub-routine, she merely has to activate it. We used once before when we had an encounter with the Orion. =/\=

=/\= Thank you, Lieutenant, Somers, out =/\= Jasmine responded and closed the link.

Flying defensive formations around the Tomcat, Serina got a good look at what the Orion's were flying. Some looked like uprated Maquis raiders, others looked like typical Orion pirate ships but with small modifications and still others looked like they were pulled out of what she used to call mothballs. It was certainly a mixed bag of ships but she was not taking any chances. "All pilots watch your sensors for trickery. Don't take any chances or anything for granted. You see something shout", Serina said. She was thinking about the Capital ships and what their defences were. It was not like her to go into a situation without knowing the strength of her enemy.

The junior Officer covering communications spoke up "Captain both shuttles returning from the transport, all captives are safe there are 4 non-humanoids in the mix, but in a bad way they will be taken to medical the moment they unload" she said.

"Thank you, Ensign, Doctor gets down to Medical and prepare for patients," Somers said.

Cahill moved quickly, On my way Captain as she went to the turbo lift. Sick Bay, Once there all she could do was wait.

Lamia had been pretty quiet up until now but she turned to look towards Somers. "Captain, permission to lend a hand in Sickbay? I might be able to help communicate with the injured."

"Go" Somers simply said with a smile and watched Arderne leave the bridge.

=/\=Reaper to Bridge, our shuttles back in one piece? If so, permission to land Rebel Squadron and leave Raiders on station until we know for sure what's up?=/\= Serina said, watching her sensors and visual monitoring. Rebel squadron could be launched again should it become necessary to do so.

Making a two-way connection =/\= understood Lieutenant, good job, Somers out=/\= Jasmine said then looked to the helm officer "helm take us to transporter distance and tactical scan for any Orion or humanoid life signs, there are a bunch of reclusive insectoids down on the outer Class M planet in this binary system, their signatures are in the databanks, so omit them from the scans and let us see if we have any hostiles on the planet" Somers said.

"Yes, Captain" the helm officer replied and moved the ship through the debris field of destroyed Orion slave ships, there were no transports this time, just their combat ships.

Focusing on the nearest combat ship, Cody began firing the weapons. With the press of a button, he continued firing at will. As long as he remained locked on his targets they would unleash a flurry of attacks.

After several rounds of firing a lucky shot took out the engines of the largest Orion ship. Cody quickly switched targets and began attacking the other ships.

A quick scan from his station showed Cody that there were survivors on the largo Orion ship. Quite a few more than the average ship.

"Captain the Orion ship appears to have a large number of survivors, it almost looks like they were transporting people."

As her Chief of Security reported his findings the battle had been tense but unusually easy but Jasmine had a bad feeling "Double check that, while this battle was hectic but too easy, please keep in mind if it is Orion Females then they could be working for their masters and the Pheromone they admit makes men become submissive to them, I need to know if we have honest captive or hostile forces on that ship. *pause* I find it troubling that there are no transports here only cruisers and frigates, so Cody ask yourself why would the Slavers keep captives on their combat ships! Besides as a shield against us blowing the ship up, no this does not feel right, doubly check Cody and be thorough" Somers said.

"Captain, I scanned the ship again, it appears that they are massing in three areas of the ship. Based on identical ships I think they may be in transporter rooms. If I may Captain, it appears to be a boarding party.

Out in space...

Serina was looking for signs of fighters and other tell-tale signs that this was possibly a trap. Something didn't sit right.......=/\=Reaper to Somers, I don't like this. I sense these are not survivors but more elaborate. Deception is more what I sense. I have not opened up my mind fully but what I do get is a sense of deception=/\= Serina said into the comm.

Opening a two-way link =/\= no do I Reaper, send a flight to take a close scan of the disabled cruiser, but be wary, we all know how tricky the Slavers can be =/\= Somers responded. =/\= Rotate your pilots Lieutenant, each squadron has twenty-four extra pilots, I want fresh bodies in those fighters, will leave the rotations to you. =/\= she added.

=/\=Understood! Will rotate pilots. Reaper out=/\= Serina said and switched to inter-ship Comms. "Raiders 2,3, and 4 forms up on me were gonna take a closer look. The rest of you land and refuel and rearm. Get your relief pilots into those fighters and back out here", Serina relayed to her pilots. As Raiders 2,3, and 4 formed upon her, they then finally they went to take a closer look.

With the channel now closed, she turned to Sterling "Maia get me a scientific report on that disabled cruiser, I want to know what I am up against" Somers said.

Maia turned to her sensors at science station 2. She scanned the disabled cruiser. Then she scanned again.

"Captain I am getting some very confusing readings. The power signature is all wrong. It's moving erratically, like its tumbling end over end. What's more, I'm only detecting photonic life signs". Maia reported.

She looks at Maia with a raised eyebrow "Really!! Hmmm, Lock a tractor beam on it and stabilize the ship" she said looking over to Parker.

Parker immediately turned to the open panel beside the weapons, security and shield control. He enabled the tractor beam and immediately stabilized the ship.

Dr Cah8ll stayed vigillant, the injuried taken care of and most sent back to duty. Extra security sent to cove4 Sick Haymaker her feel better. She knew they could handle what came at her.

Captain Jasmine Somers
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USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
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USS Tomcat

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Lieutenant Jg Cody Parker
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