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Insertion and Scouting

Posted on 15 Oct 2016 @ 5:33pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: Inner system planets
Timeline: Mission day 24 to Mission Day 26


Sterling compiled all the data she had and then punched up the sensor readings for the Captain to see and put it up on the main viewer, Jasmine was impressed by what she saw, even if she only understood very little of the readouts.


"Allerium 5 Class M 72% Nitrogen 22% Oxygen 2 percent water vapour .5 Percent Carbon Dioxide. 1.5 percent trace gases (Argon, carbon monoxide, methane.) Diameter 20,251 KM, Gravity .71G Distance from Sun; 142 Million KM. Slightly elliptical orbit. Axial tilt 13.5 degrees. 2 small moons one of them id class D the other is class L. Temperature at the equator is 27 C. At the poles, average is -41C."


"Planetary rotation in 26.2 hours. The planet seems to be mostly desert and rocky with sparse forests and jungles with a vast and intricate system of rivers and streams. The planet is 82 percent water with no continents or oceans. The small population may or may not be indigenous to the planet. Traces of Borg technology on both the northern as well as an old but very advanced civilisation that may have been a colony base from the last planet we visited. The current population currently lives near the waterways throughout the equatorial region."

*Another brief pause*

"The core of the planet is very hot so they may have an abundance of geothermal energy. Space around the planet has a considerable amount of debris possibly from terrestrial satellites or a space battle. There is no danger to the ship as our navigational deflector can easily shield us from debris. Sensors also indicate about 2.3 million humanoid life forms down there. several hundred small towns as well". Maia reported.

With that, Lieutenant Cahill made her report.

Dr Cahill started her findings, "I did pick up some kind of clicking sounds coming from it appears to be similar to the sounds that came from the old Telegraphs use on Terra in the 1800's. And it did seem to be quite sophisticated too. It does seem they are quite smart but are still developing as they go along." Dr Cahill sent copies of her possible communications to Cmdr Sterling so she could better study it and possibly come up with a translation. Also sent a copy to Lt.Cmdr. Swiftpaws for further study as well. "I hope this can be a little help with our studies of the planet."

[End Flashback]

'Day 26 into Mission'

Jasmine sat back, then noted something on the sensors, she stood up and went over to the sensors and tapped in a few commands, looking puzzled she double checked the readings, the turned to face Sterling.

"Commander, I am reading another Class M planet on the other side of this main sun, the metallic content and energy readings while still spotty match those of the space station we passed back there" Jasmine said pointing in the direction of the Pre-warp but advanced space station they had taken great pains to avoid as they entered the inner system.

"My guess is that is the planet Aquilla and it is indeed Class M. Checking sensors now, now captain. I'm getting some readings, however, we are slightly over two AU's distant. With all the interference it could be a sensor reflection or something we should check out. Could we always send Commander Swiftpaws and Lt Cahill to do some recon work in the scout ship"? Maia said.

"I know, but still another Class M planet, one that is more advanced than the one we are currently orbiting, we need data on this other planet" Jasmine then turned to Sheela and Cahill the doctor had returned to the bridge as she sent a command down to engineering to fit the cloak they had onto the ships Venture class scout ship. "Commander Swiftpaws, I want you to take our Venture Class scout ship to this other class M planet and record and observe the species; the ship is being fitted with the cloaking device the Klingon's gave us. As we are not in Federation space we are not breaking any agreements" Jasmine clarified to avoid any blowback.

Sheela nodded as her ears perked up. "Squeee." Was her only response as she was busy transferring the displayed info to her data pad for references. She stood up to leave. Her tail wiggled about behind her in anticipation at the prospect of a scouting mission.

"Hold on Commander, take Lieutenant Cahill with you, I will need to know what this species looks like and all other medical stuff, notify us when you take up station, then go to silent mode and activate recorders and passive scanners, last thing we want if for their orbitals if they have any to discover your ship. From the moment you both leave here; I have allowed two weeks maximum for this survey and I have accounted for all possible events that involve a Pre-warp civilisation."


"I want to know if that planet has any knowledge of the planet we are currently in orbit of, any questions from you both before you leave?" Jasmine asked.

"Are wez allowed to land on the planet if the opportunity arises?" Sheela asked with eagerness to be on her way. She had the info stored and was ready to head out into the unknown.

Dr Cahill grabs her stuff along with the stuff to make her look like the planets inhabitants. She then walks over to LCMD Swiftpaws and smile. Hope we can learn a lot. I look forward to being part of this mission. Not much I can do for you to blend in but we will deal with things as they come.

She awaited further orders for what was next.

Jasmine looked at her "get going the doctor, Commander Swiftpaws will not wait for you" Jasmine smiled, she knew how eager Sheela could get, especially on a scouting and intel gathering mission. In her eyes, this is what made Sheela a good Chief Intel Officer.

"No, you are to observe fro orbit, gather as much intel as you can, military and civilian and try to get us a sampling of their language please!" Jasmine asked.

"Getting a sample of their language should be easy if they have a radio or any transmitting devices," Sheela spoke thoughtfully as she made notes.

"Excellent, off with you, I will await your on station confirmation" Jasmine added as she looked at the Mousian.

Sheela took off to gather her equipment and head to the shuttle bay. She was lost in thought. If they were pre-industrial. Good chance they didn't have a radio.

With that the Mousian left the bridge with Cahill in tow, now Jasmine swivelled her seat around to look at her First officer Commander Sterling, with a raised eyebrow she transferred an image to Sterling's console.

"The planet below us, do the species look anything like that?" She asked showing the Commander a picture of a pair of Blue skinned yellow-eyed humanoids, they had human features and a general body structure of a human, but their skin and hair pigmentation and yellow eyes denoted them as definitely not human. The female had lighter hued blue skin that that of the male, but otherwise apart from gender and skin hue both were identical.

Jasmine had sent Sterling the image that was shown at the mission briefing, back before Lieutenant Drakken got killed in an accident on the first Class M planet they came across.

"These don't appear to be the same people as the inhabitants of this planet Captain, of course, we would need a closer look". Maia said.

Nodding, she then looked over to Walon "Lieutenant Walon"

Iria looked up from her PaDD at the sound of her name, she smiled, "Yes Captain?" she had been listening but had not wanted to interrupt.

"What is the general disposition of the species on this planet, from what you have observed?" Jasmine asked.

"Matriarchal and very intelligent, a close-knit family structure as well as very driven to do more. I think given time and no outside influence they will pass the Terran standards and achieve flight in under 15 years from now." Iria stated firmly, and without hesitation.

Maia performed a close range scan of the planet below and detected some low-level power readings but there was sufficient interference from the surrounding area that it seemed almost like background radiation near the poles. there appeared to be the remnants of an old base. The scan for life forms was inconclusive...

"Interesting Counsellor; thank you, now if you can continue to observe and such, I wonder how Sheela and Cahill are doing on their little mission they should be about half way there by now" Jasmine paused as she noticed Sterling's countenance "what is the problem, Commander?"

Maia adjusted the controls to try to enhance the image scanners.

"It may be nothing Captain, however, I'm picking up faint but anomalous readings. its almost like there is a dampening field down there masking my scans. Attempting to compensate..picking up faint decyon and antiproton readings, life signs inconclusive, however, the power readings are there.."

Jasmine walked over to Sterlings station to have a look *leaning forward* "interesting, what do you suppose it is Commander? I mean the planet is close to the Industrial revolution era of earth, they currently have nothing that can emit those readings, I am eager to know what is happening at that location, Commander send down a stealth probe, one of the one use ones, I need it to do a complete scan send the data back and then self-destruct."

"I do have a few ideas, perhaps it could be a duck blind. Possibly hiding a holographic projector. Perhaps some sort of sociological experiment, or possibly a remnant of bygone technology. Also, we are still out of phase with normal space it could be a reaction of our deflector dish with the planetary magnetic field giving us erroneous readings. We will know more with ground reconnaissance, Captain." Maia replied.

Jasmine looked at Maia and said, "okay Commander you are with me, if we keep it to just the two of us, then chances of failing are lowered, but it is only a recon mission understood Commander?"

"Understood Captain", Maia said.

"Good, now we both have to report to medical to be made to look like the natives, *pause* computer prepare appropriate attire for the female of the species below" she said then looked at the Comms Officer "El-tee when you have programmed the language into the translator transfer it to our Commbadges and Donovan, the bridge is yours, you damage my ship in any way there will be hell to pay, only I can damage my ship" she said smiling.

"Yes Captain" the Comms Officer replied, Donovan simply nodded and took the centre seat as she watched the CO and XO leave the bridge.

As the pair entered the lift and the doors closed "Medical" Jasmine said and turned to Sterling "I wonder what we are going to look like with yellow eyes, blue skin and dark blue hair!!" Jasmine wondered.

"Aliens,.." Maia said

Looking back as they entered the Turbolift "Actually Commander she is on that side mission with Commander Swiftpaws, remember?" Jasmine said as the doors closed. "Medical *pause* do not worry Maia we have other doctors that can do the alterations" Jasmine added.

"Very well let's get on with it. Do you know where you want to beam down"? Maia inquired.

"Yes, it will be on the outskirts of their major cities, the Tomcat will beam us in when the area is clear of public transports, from what I have read they have carriages like old earth pulled by a creature that is similar to a horse, but for the life of me, do you think I could pronounce it!" Jasmine said with a smile.

It did not take the lift long and soon they exited the lift and made their way to medical, where they entered and sat up onto a biobed each and waited for the new doctor to attend them.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat NCC 62114

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/CSO
USS Tomcat NCC 62114

Lt. Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat NCC 62114

Lieutenant Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Tomcat NCC 62114

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat NCC 62114


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