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Posted on 30 Apr 2019 @ 10:47pm by Major S'arila Donovan & Lieutenant Cody Parker

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Marine Country - Tomcat
Timeline: Season 3 Mission 2 day


- Marine Country -

S'arila was in her Office doing some boring paperwork when her Commbadge came to life, making her jump, normally she would be sitting in a dim light and without her special glasses that worked on a similar way to that od Geordi La Forges old VISOR, but these were more advanced and actually allowed her to see like a normal person, who was colour blind, but her vision did have a hint of rose colour to it. Her Office had the 95th Rifles emblem behind her, it was the same set up as the Captain had in her office.

=/\=Parker to Major Donovan, I'm en route to your office=/\=

She tapped her Commbadge =/\= Understood Lieutenant, I will be here, Donovan out =/\= S'arila responded and closed the line, she wondered why the new Security Chief wanted to see her, well she suppose she would find out, so she finished the file she was doing and saved it and tidied up her desk, it seemed that it was just in time as her door buzzer sounded "Enter Lieutenant" she said and in walked Lieutenant Parker.

Parker stepped into Major Donovan's office, he hadn't met her yet, but he had seen her aboard the ship. Her height and glasses made it unmistakable to identify her.

"Major Donovan, I'm Lieutenant Parker," he said after entering into the office. "I do apologize for the intrusion, but as of roughly ten minutes ago, I've been made the Chief of Security. We are entering the ops area of our current mission and the Captain has asked that we set up our teams to prepare to repel boarders. I have already sent my Master at Arms to open the Armory and allow the ship's security team to get into place.

S'arila Donovan was sitting with her back to the door as Parker entered, she swivelled around to look at him "congratulations on your appointment Lieutenant, we have not yet met, but I have heard about you from the Captain. Please have a seat *motions to the chair in front of her desk* I assume the reason as to why the Captain sent you to me is due to the sudden disappearance of Lieutenant Delfin being uncontactable! Okay, let's work out the finer details, all the rifles on the ship are used to working with and within fleet security rules, so I suggest we have one rifleman and one fleet officer on each station, also ID Cards will be needed, I guess the Captain has mentioned RRT?" Donovan asked.

Parker took a seat as Donovan dove right in and went to straight to the point, He was impressed with her ability to know exactly what was needed and the procedure, either she was telepathic or she was just that good.

"Yes ma'am, you are correct on all accounts. I think having one of your rifles with one of the ships' officers is an excellent idea. We definitely need to initiate the card ID checkpoints throughout the ship. The Captain did say we had to have the RRT ready to go. We can most likely have them on high alert and when we get into the mission area we then deploy them.

"A bit about me Lieutenant as this is the first time we have actually met, I used to be an extremely strong telepath, but something happened that rid me of that ability, but it did leave me perceptive *then with a smile* a larger reason I have been on this ship a long time and the things the Captain has asked of you is Standard Operations for the Tomcat, other stuff about me is without these glasses *points to the glasses on her face* I see in infrared vision all reds, yellows and such, I can operate in most atmospheres that has little or no oxygen by atmospheres I mean liquid environments as I have adaptive gills on my lower back, where breathing on dry land is concerned I am just like the standard humanoid I cannot survive in vacuum or no oxygenated areas on land and I am a good hunter I was created for combat I am also an excellent shuttle pilot so I just want you to know what resources you have as for the SOP it does need refining, I am hoping you can refine such procedures so they work much, much better than they do now!" she paused "now let us work on the composition of the RRT and sort out guards for sensitive areas, shall we?" she finished.

Cody took in the information and filed it away. Her unique abilities may be useful in the very near future he thought to himself.

"That is impressive ma'am, your abilities definitely make you unique and suited combat and for your role here. I definitely agree to get a solid SOP for the RRT needs to be a priority. Unfortunately implementing one in the middle of a mission is not the best time for it, but at least we will have one. As far as sensitive areas, I think bridge access needs to be limited and guards posted there. First and foremost we need to keep the Skipper in control of the ship. Secondly, I would focus on Engineering and weapons, without power, manoeuvrability, or the ability to fight back we are sitting ducks. We don't have enough personnel between our departments to guard every passageway, office or hold." Cody spoke as he pulled up schematics of the ship, "I think we should look for key points of access and intersections where clear fields of fire and the unobstructed view allows for a better defensible position." Cody pointed to a couple of intersecting hallways on each deck that led to the turbo lift and various critical areas of the ship. What is your opinion Major?"

Thinking a moment "I agree, I will make all Alpha unit Rifles except 12 available to you for such assignments *smiles* I think that should be enough, the Rifles to be used will be from Alpha Unit, normally you would go through Lieutenant Delfin, but she has vanished and cannot be found anywhere, but I get this duty for now. I will assemble two Rifle RRT teams, one from Alpha and one from bravo units, they will number twelve for Alpha and Bravo. As for the locations, all sound logical, the Security Department is yours too, rearrange and do whatever with it as you are Chief, by the way, congratulations on becoming Security Chief, I know you were not expecting it when you returned" she paused.

"Yeah I definitely wasn't expecting to be the Security Chief again," Cody said smiling and laughing gently, "To be honest with you I've been leaning pretty heavily on the Master at Arms, he held the department together in Delfin's absence. While I'm on the bridge, he will be responsible for coordinating the watch schedule. I will have the watch schedule sent to you, so you can disseminate them to to your Rifle Teams."

Then she continued "Adjust some areas to have four, security, like Bridge, Engineering and Medical, and assign two officers outside lesser important areas, a good idea to have four on the fighter and flight deck so we would not want our fighters sabotaged now. *pause as she pointed to the areas that she mentioned* all security on guard should be armed with phaser rifles and hand phasers, the RRT units with slightly more than that, so what are your opinions Lieutenant?" She asked ending with a question.

"I agree with the weapons load as well. We have standard issue phasers we can give to the crew who are not on watch. This is a Standard Procedure when in a hostile environment. I will also be issuing a standing order while operating in this area, that all watch standers will be armed with their rifles also. I will have a roving patrol of two of my security team on each deck, who will act more like scouts. Do you have any further thoughts, Major?"

"Nothing of relevance, Security is your Department, and I would mix the Rifles in on such duties as they are used to working with ship security, but I will make all of Alpha Unit available to you to assign as you see fit, I will keep my units back as an RRT Unit" Donovan said.

"In that case Major, I will begin deployment of my team members and when the RRT is called up they can fall in with the Security Teams on a watch. If you have nothing further I'd like to go get that schedule put into place."

*she nods* "I do not think I have anything else to add," she said picking up a Padd and handing it to him "this has the authorisation on it for you to go to the OC of Alpha unit and obtain the Marines" Donovan added.

Parker took the PADD with the authorization, "Thank You, Major," he replied as he stood. He reached to shake hands with the Donovan, "Major, I look forward to meeting after the mission to discuss the after-action report. Good luck to you and your Marines."

Taking the offered hand and giving it a good shake as she stood "my pleasure Lieutenant, now I suggest you get to your assignment" S'arila said with a smile and watched Parker leave her office, with that she returned to the boring paperwork.


Lieutenant Jg Cody Parker
Mission Advisor/CoS
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[P: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander
USS Tomcat


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