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Ship's Counselor & Mission Advisor Meet

Posted on 24 May 2019 @ 4:42pm by Lieutenant JG Cody Parker & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Edited on on 24 May 2019 @ 6:13pm

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Counselor's Office
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 -Day 0 18:00 Hrs


Cody stood in the passageway outside medical after meeting Dr Aldana. He jotted a few notes down quickly on his PADD. He had hoped to meet Cahill, the Department Head but all things considered, Cody considered it a productive meeting. After glancing through his to-do list, he decided to visit the Chief Counselor next; luckily the Counselor's office was near Medical.

Stepping up to the door, he announced himself, "Counselor, this is Lieutenant Parker, I was hoping to speak with you if you had a few minutes."

Iria looked up from her desk at the sound of speaker outside, "It's open, come on in, grab a drink from the replicator if you like." Since redecorating her office, the colour of the room was Jade green on the left side of the room the right side was cerulean blue. There were three small shelves each with its own bonsai tree. The random quote board was alight with the phrase, "Everyone has Feared, they make us question ourselves and push us to be stronger. We just don't have to face them alone, Friends are our best defence against our Fears."

The chairs and couch were deeply cushioned and in Royal blue hues.

Her desk was a new look and the chair was more streamlined.

Parker stepped in and scanned the room quickly, his eyes settled momentarily on the bonsai tree, reminding him of the botanical gardens near the Starfleet Academy where he used to go to study.

Focusing once more on the present he quickly ordered an oolong tea from the replicator. "Lieutenant, thank you for taking the time to meet with you, I know with everyone gearing up and preparing for this mission you must be busy."

Iria smiled as she took a sip from her peppermint hot chocolate, once she set the cup down again and regarded the mission advisor, "All preparation is mostly done it's more a matter of trying to think of every possible thing that we need to be ready for. Even then there's always something we don't expect show w have to be ready to adjust and help where we can." She shook her head gently, "I'm never to busy I can't take time to meet with anyone. What can I help you with Lieutenant Parker? Please feel free to call me Iria if you wish."

"Thank you Iria, I was just trying to meet some of the department heads and other leaders aboard the Tomcat. As the Mission Advisor, I want to try to understand how the crew works together to achieve the mission, so to speak."

"Many of the pieces tend to overlap and do extra duties, so I'm just trying to understand the dynamics at this point, which coincidentally brings me to you. I do understand your role as Counselor and I know it is extremely vital to the crew especially, but I guess I want to understand specifically your role during a mission."

Iria grinned softly, "Usually I am a sounding board or just a synthetic ear, I recently started getting my certification for Diplomacy so I might even be part of an away mission but in the meantime." Iria sipped her peppermint hot chocolate, "I do my best to see that everyone is dealing with stress in healthy manners and help out where I can. I don't have full qualifications for medical but I know enough basics to help when asked."

Cody smiled slightly as he playfully asked, "Is a synthetic ear issued by Starfleet? Previous Counselors I've spoken with had sympathetic ears. Though your ears are lovely and I do not mean to discriminate against your synthetic ones."

Iria blinked at him in confusion, as she thought of what had been said between them had she said the wrong word, with the emphasis he was placing it appeared so, she blushed and shook her head softly, "I meant to say sympathetic, not synthetic, that will teach me to speak quickly I guess." Iria gave away grin in embarrassment, "Well could have been worse at least I wasn't trying to negotiate anything, you're very quick-witted to tease so effortlessly."

"I understood what you meant ma'am, I thought it was a cute slip-up, I apologize for speaking out of turn," Cody responded feeling guilty about embarrassing the Counselor. "Sometimes my quick tongue get's me into trouble."

"Oh, please don't ma'am me, I am no one's mother and I've already given you the okay to call me by my first name." Iria said still feeling embarrassed but she could smile, he was very quick and sharp-witted, "You don't need to apologize, what you said was funny and if we can't laugh at our own mistakes from time to time we just end up crying instead. I would rather laugh myself."

"I would prefer to laugh to Iria, it is a much better sound to listen to, especially with your super synthetic, sympathetic ear," Cody said smiling. "I was wondering how long have you been aboard and what was the toughest mission you've had to deal with?"

Iria frowned slightly, "I have honestly lost track of how long I have been aboard the Tomcat. As for the toughest mission?" She shook her head lightly, "there really hasn't been one, in my opinion, each mission is different with different results different types of stress and counselling required." Iria remarked lightly.

Cody listened, "I've heard we are preparing for another mission, in fact, there is a meeting in the Captain's ready room early this afternoon. I do hope this one goes as well as previous missions."

Iria nodded her head gently, "Well that's what we're here for to make sure things smooth out when things don't go according to plan. One other thing," Iria paused before she added lightly, "I have been getting course work done for Diplomacy when time allows I was going to try some practice negotiations maybe you could give opinions?"

"I would love to, I think negotiating is a skill that needs the practice to keep it sharpened. Maybe we could meet up in the lounge and practice some scenarios. Besides our primary mission is to explore, so it will come in handy eventually" Cody replied before taking another sip of his hot tea.

Iria grinned, "Thank you, the Lounge or even the holo-deck works. Practice will be welcome, before any real need to negotiate." Iria would much rather have some practice than to have something drop in her lap before she was ready.

"Sounds great, unfortunately, I have some reports calling my name. I feel like I'm constantly playing catch up, trying to get caught up on all of the CoS duties. Maybe we could catch a drink on the mess deck."

Iria nodded, ''That's fine, thanks for the talk and I look forward to working with you, catch you later when time permits."


Lt.j.g. Iria Walon
Chief Counselor
USS Tomcat


Lt.j.g. Cody Parker
Chief of Security/Mission Advisor
USS Tomcat


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