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Stage One

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Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (Main Story)
Location: Various
Timeline: Misson 1 S3 Day 10


The U.S.S. Tomcat finally arrived outside the Galen IV System and as the ship orientated to get its bearings Somers opened a Communications channel to Lieutenant Winchester =/\= Somers to Winchester =/\=

=/\= Winchester here, go ahead Captain =/\= replied Paul as he began to exit the cargo bay, after speaking with Doctor Aldana, Paul knew that checking the systems as they went towards Orions meant ticking off potential hiding places for them. He also knew this was a delicate mission and he wasn’t going to make mistakes.

=/\= Please return to the bridge and supply the next coordinates, we have arrived at Galen IV =/\= Somers asked.

=/\= Has the planet been scanned? =/\= asked Paul as they needed to cross their T’s and dot their I’s on this since they didn’t want anyone sneaking up on them. He continued to head towards the nearest turbolift. =/\= I’ll be with you in 20 Minutes Captain =/\= he finished, as he rounded the corner and came face to face with a lift.

=/\=We are about to do it now, get yourself up here Lieutenant =/\= she said and the link was closed on Winchester’s end, she looked over to sensors “scan all normal civilian frequencies for mention of Slavers *turns around to look at Parker* “Lieutenant scan to see if there are hostile ships in the area” *pause* “Lieutenant Donovan, when Winchester gets up here with the next set of coordinates, I want you to head there when ready warp six, got it?” Somers asked.

Parker glanced on the viewscreen as Galen IV came into view, he could hear chatter on the earpiece that he still wore. Local ship to ship transmissions increased with their arrival, but most of the communications were small ships leaving the area.

Looking down he watched as the initial scans of Galen IV completed, “Captain Somers, initial planetary scans have been completed, and I forwarded the findings to Winchester for further analysis. Also, the initial scans of the area show no hostiles,” Parker concluded. Knowing full well the ever-changing hostilities and threats, he continued scanning the planet’s surface and the surrounding areas.

“Understood Captain, new heading input when coordinates received at warp six, for the next leg. Aye sir,” Serina said calmly. Flying the Tomcat was not as hard as the captain would have her believe. You don’t really forget how once you have already flown one.

Just then Winchester arrived on the bridge “ah Lieutenant, give Lieutenant Donovan the next coordinates if you will please” Somers said as she saw small smuggler ships vacating the area at the sight of a Starfleet vessel arriving in the system, “nothing like poking the hive to stir the hornets” she added.

Paul said, “Helm plot us a course for the Picus System,” as that had been on the list that Paul had provided him with, he continued, “After that the next system on this list that I am sending you.” He walked over to his terminal and transferred the list of systems that needed to be checked off.

Serina got the list and the next destination from her console. “Next stop, the Picus System. Warp factor 6 engaged,” she said as the ship smoothly headed for its next destination.

“Excellent, what is the name of the system Lieutenant Winchester?” Somers asked.

“It’s the Picus system,” replied Paul, He continued,” “Like Sol, this has nine planets where Sol has Eight,” as Paul took his seat at the intel station, he finished,” in my opinion ma'am we better send some probes in first before we head in blind,”

“Make it happen, Lieutenant” Somers said then turned to face Parker.

“Lieutenant Parker my Ready Room now please,” Somers said standing up and heading to the CRR and looking back at a random Officer “Commander you have the bridge” she added.

“Aye Captain,” Parker replied immediately. Removing the earpiece, he set it down on the security panel. A young ensign from the security department took his place as he was leaving. Mentally he made a note to meet some of the personnel in the Security department.

He followed the Captain to the Ready Room wondering if he had done something wrong or if he was about to receive a new piece of intelligence related to the mission.

“Aye Captain” the Lieutenant Commander replied.

- CRR -

When they were both in the CRR, she turned to face Cody “you are not in trouble Cody so you can get that look off your face” she said giving a friendly smile before continuing “I am making you Chief of Security, you will also keep your Mission Advisor post, but Lieutenant Delfin does not have the experience for the post, I gave her a shot and she failed, not her fault she has not done it before, so from this moment on you are the CoS and Lt Delfin the ACoS/MCO, I will adjust your clearances and such, any questions?” Somers asked.

“No ma'am no questions,” Parker was stunned. He never thought he’d be running Security and Tactical while working as Mission Advisor. All three roles kind of snowballed and interacted with each other but he knew quick he’d need to rely on a couple of junior officers to remain effective.

“I will perform my duties to the best of my abilities,” he replied quickly. “Will Delfin be leaving the ship or can I assist in training her to be better prepared for a future position? I do not mind mentoring ma'am.”

Parker didn’t want to see a young, junior officer’s career torpedoed but some officers just weren’t cut out to lead.

*smiling* “no she will not be leaving, well not that I know of, if you wish to mentor her, be my guest, I need all my crew up to standard, as for your performance of your duties, I know you will do me proud, you may need to reorganize your department when you have a moment” *holding her hand out* “again congratulations Cody” she said shaking his hand.

“Thank you, ma'am, I will do my best,” Cody replied as he shook the Captain’s hand. “I will get to work immediately. Will, there be anything else ma'am?” he asked anxious to get back to the bridge and return to the mission at hand.

“No, that is all for now Cody, I will let you get back to your duty station” she said and watched Cody leave her Ready Room, she sighed heavily as she had so much to do, so leaving the CRR she followed Cody out back onto the bridge, where she took over from Sterling.

- Bridge -

Cody returned to the bridge and took over the Tac/Sec station once more. Placing the earpiece back in, he began to monitor local ship comms traffic and tighter communication. Reviewing the most recent scans, he noticed most of the small-time smugglers had vacated the area. He hoped none of the small fish alerted the Orions yet, but he knew only time would tell.

Lamia was at her station making sure ships systems were running smoothly and that if they needed them, defensive systems had all the power they needed. So far everything was going to plan but who knew how long that would last. Her own ‘sensors’ her empathic and telepathic abilities were always active just in case they were ever called upon.

Serina was double checking her coordinates for the next leg of their journey. After inputting the next set of coordinates, she went back to check the current flight path and found there were no corrections to be made and she was grateful.

- Engineering -

Dodd was focused on getting the shifts for his staff alternated so that all the senior level crew were not on the same shift and to allow the lower level crew to have more of a chance to work with the senior level crew.

Taggert was one of his most trusted crew members and he relied on her more than he would care to admit, but she was the perfect assistant chief, so he had her being the float to address any issues that did not necessarily need to be addressed to him directly. Dodd was more focused now since his trip to the past that he thought he would be. The three days on Starbase 51 really did do him a world of good.

Nelson and Pril were also starting to show signs that they were looking to make the move to the next level in their relationship after talking with Dodd. Nelson was like the little brother Dodd never had but yet was able to still maintain the level of respect for his supervisor that would be expected of a petty officer on a starship. They were friends and yet that never seemed to get in the way of them working together. After all, Dodd got Nelson the position on the Tomcat when he was assigned as chief engineer.

Machado was doing better now as well. He was always the odd man out being a Klingon Engineer, but he thrived in this environment and was a contributing member of the crew. He was usually taking on the tasks that other engineers did not want to do. Although Dodd was aware of this and made sure he got his share of the praise and glory, so in reviewing the new rotations for engineering, Machado got a prime shift as a reward for being a willing crew member of the engineering team.

Taggert had gotten her anxiety out by working. She found some small-scale items that could be repaired, that even though they were operating well within specifications, minor signal or power fluctuations were present, and Nicci got them fixed, cutting their variances down to one 1/3 of what it was before she had gotten to them.

- Science Lab - Holodeck 2 -

Dr Cahill got word they had arrived, she had been in holodeck 2 running medical and fighting set iOS to get her up and ready. She left and went to the main science lab so she could do some scans of her own. After all, an extra set of hands and eyes may help make a difference. She set her scans to look for life forms that were commonly taken for slaves and started her scans.

- Counselling offices -

Iria sat at her desk, while Tamara, Jorie, Rhett, and Samuel, helped with the setup of the secondary Sickbay in the cargo bay. She paused in her reading to look at the random quotes board, “A flower blooms when the time is right.” she grinned it was very true. Her bonsai cherry tree was about to bloom soon the buds of the tiny crimson buds showing the tips ready to unfurl and reveal the delicate petals of the flowers. The other bonsai were in need of trimming, but she would do that at the end of her shift. Iria turned her attention back to the PADD in her hands. She couldn’t help but smile when the light caught on her ring from Remy, the light flickering over the stones made slight shimmering rainbows that played over the surface of her desk and the PADD she was reading.

- Cargo bay Two a.k.a. Veterinary M*A*S*H -

Meanwhile, Doctor Aldana was working away at setting up the Vet-MASH. S/he was glad to be receiving some help from the psych department. The heavy-duty equipment that had to be replicated and moved around was heavy and bulky. In most cases, much of the equipment could just be transported into place but some of the more complicated machinery or the more volatile compounds couldn’t be risked with the transporter. S/he looked over at one of the people rendering aid to hir, “so where do you call home?” The hermaphrodite doctor asked trying to be personable and help make the time go faster. S/he also honestly wanted to start to get to know some of the hir shipmates beyond just handing out physicals, lollipops, and kissing scraped knees and bumped elbows.

Jorie smiled, “Been calling the Tomcat home for a while now, myself,”

Tamara laughed lightly, “Tomcat is home but sharing quarters with Rhett and Samuel now and again.”

Rhett and Samuel nodded smiling not contradicting Tamara’s words. It was true enough they shared with her off and on, often.

“That’s not exactly what I meant… Keon, you Morse, and Vaos share quarters often? That must be fun.” Aldana continued setting up specific medical equipment calibrated for veterinary use. “Quesjti why don’t you join them?”

All who were indicated nodded and went to the tasks that had been assigned to them.

Sombra was doing his best to stay out of the way but keep nearby. He had worked out that the things Alpha was hefting about weren’t easy to Wo/manhandle. He had found the scent of the freshly replicated large sterile surgical-titanium cages intriguing and had crawled in one with an open door to investigate. Pretty soon he had discovered the metal was cool and smooth and felt good against his fur-coated body. He circled thrice and lay down.

- Bridge -

After speaking with Parker and returning to the bridge, Somers looked at the viewscreen to see Stars streaking by they were on their way to the Picus system, the crew did not know what was waiting for them there, but to make sure Jasmine swivels in her chair to look at Parker “Mr Parker liaise with Major Donovan of Bravo Unit to assemble a marine assault team and work with her to assemble emergency RRTs for all decks of the ship, I want to be ready, just in case we get boarded” Somers said.

“Aye Captain,” Parker replied quickly. He glanced at the console before stepping away. As he entered the turbolift he watched the Ensign take his place and tapped his comm unit to contact the Master at Arms.

=/\=Parker to Ensign Madrie, meet me at my office.=/\=

- Security/Tactical Station Bridge -

Parker spoke with Ensign Madrie quickly outlining the orders from the Captain. He punched the access code into the PADD to unlock the ships armouries scattered across multiple decks. Ensign Madrie would be in charge of weapons issues to the team members from the security department.

Parker once more stepped into the turbo lift and headed down to Marine Country, the offices and berthing for the Marines on board.

=/\=Parker to Major Donovan, I’m en route to your office=/\=


N.B. further interaction between Parker & Donovan moved to JP…

Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D
Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Serina 'Reaper' Donovan
CAG/Raider 1/Helm Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
Chief Operations Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Cody Parker
Mission Advisor/CoS
USS Tomcat

Petty Officer 3 Kara Prill [P: Dodd]
Matter/Energy Systems Specialist
USS Tomcat

Petty Officer 3 Ramon Machado [P: Dodd]
Engineering Officer
USS Tomcat

Petty Officer 2 Timothy Nelson [P: Dodd]
Propulsion Specialist
USS Tomcat

CWO Sombra C.G.CA/U, PSA,C.ESA [P: Aldana]
Counsellors aide/Morale Officer
USS Tomcat

CWO Luuna (Luna) C.G.CA/U [P: Aldana]
Security Officer
USS Tomcat


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