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CIO & Mission Advisor Meet

Posted on 03 Jun 2019 @ 4:12pm by Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Lieutenant Cody Parker
Edited on on 01 Jul 2019 @ 12:39pm

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Outside the Ready Room
Timeline: Post Mission Briefing


Cody stood as the meeting concluded, Lieutenant Winchester stated that he did not know yet the other two tiers of the mission. This set off a cause for concern in Cody's mind.

Replaying the high points of the mission, there would be an interruption in the trade route, which would cause a possible rescue mission to ensue. The Squadron was already giving their defensive orders to defend the ship, Medical was on standby and ready to assist as needed, but the nagging doubts of those other tiers gnawed at Cody.

As he stepped into the Passageway outside the Ready Room, he caught a glimpse of Winchester, stepping up his pace he caught up to the Lieutenant. "Lieutenant Winchester, I was hoping we had a few minutes to discuss the mission before heading to our respective stations. I just have a couple of concerns that I feel were not addressed in the meeting."

After taking with Lamia, Paul heard the mission advisor, Paul tur5ned to face the new officer and said, Hello Lieutenant Parker, nice to meet you," he continued, "So what are your concerns Lieutenant?" as he knew that he would have to work with the Lieutenant.

"First I wanted to apologize for not meeting you sooner, it has been an incredible bustle of activity since I arrived. I was wanting to discuss the points of the mission as you have laid them out. The first tier consists of interrupting the trade route. Are we planning on acting in a law enforcement capacity by boarding suspected trade vessels?"

"That's ok, I have been busy myself setting up my department," replied Paul, He continued," And to your question, Yes we will and by doing so hopefully disrupt the route," as he knew that this was something that had to be done. He finished, " and hopefully find the girls which are the second part of the mission,"

"Your plan is to disrupt the trade route by boarding Orion ships in the area; do we know where their base of operations is? I just feel that if we are conducting search and seizure ops then we are just swatting flies and not getting to the root of the problem."

"How do you think we find the base?" replied Paul looking back at Parker, he continued, we get them to transmit to their base and we track the signal," as he knew that one of the captain's of the captured ship might be daft enough to do it, but would it work? but only time would tell.

"If we were able to board one of their ships, we should be able to pull the navigation history from the ship's computer. If we cannot pull that information, we could check their recent comm frequencies. We send a generic message and use a frequency analyzer to get a Line of Bearing to pinpoint the signal generation location. Once we move closer the ship's scanners should be able to obtain more details. The only other option I can think of is if we can get one of the traders to spill some info, but my concern here is whether or not they'd be leading us into a trap.

"but knowing that there could be a trap is the fun part," replied Paul as he looked back at Parker, "But your idea does sound a good one, but by disrupting them will make them panic and send the message" he continued looking at the young man. he finished" but we need to find the young ladies which is part two, Part three is finding out who is pulling the strings,"

"Do we have any Intel available on possible kingpins of the Orion trade ring or is that classified for now? I'm just a little hesitant about basing the entire mission on a pirate sending a message in a panic."

"You have all the information that I do Lieutenant," replied Paul looking back at the mission advisor, he continued, "Our first port of call is Galen IV, from there we search for the ships," as that is the first place SFI told me to start looking," as he knew that they would be heading in that direction.

"Thank you, sir, I will do some research on Galen IV and try to find some recent Intel reports for that area. Is there anything else I should look into before we arrive at the station, Sir?"

"Not at the moment Lieutenant, But I will let you know when I do," replied Paul, as he looked back at the Tomcat's Mission advisor, He finished," I need to go see my team and see if they have found anything," as he gave a nod to the officer.

"Ok Sir, I will see you on the bridge shortly," Cody replied before going to his Department.


Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Chief Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Jg Cody Parker
Mission Advisor/CoS


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