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Handilng the fighters

Posted on 20 Mar 2019 @ 7:30pm by Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan & Ensign Lauren Jordan
Edited on on 27 Mar 2019 @ 10:23pm

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Flight deck- USS Tomcat


Paul entered the flight deck as he knew that this was the last time he would give orders to this bunch of misfits and outlaws that he had come to know as friends, as he spotted his old aide come walking over to him.

She said, "Sir, on behalf of the flight deck and myself, it has been an honour to work with you," as the tears started rolling down her cheeks, as she knew that she was losing the only friend she had on the deck.

Paul looked back at her and said," Hey Lauren, I am not leaving the ship, Just moving departments," as he held his arms out and gave her a hug as he tried not to hurt her with his prosthetic arm, Just then the doors opened and released Lauren from the hug who began to wipe her eyes, he wondered who was entering the flight deck.

With the briefing behind her, Serena strode out onto the flight deck. oO This is sweet Oo *looking around as she walked* She saw two individuals talking and she walked over. "Oh excuse me Lt. Winchester, didn't recognize you. I just came to check on the fighters before we headed out. I am still wondering about the types of ships that we will be up against. Is there any more information at hand?", Serena asked.

"Not at the moment Lieutenant, I came here to give these outlaws over to you," replied Paul "and to inform you about the ongoing investigation on how the throttle jammed open on my fighter," he continued looking at the New CAG, "Shall we discuss this in your Office?"

Serina gave him one of her 'Oh really' looks. "Throttle jammed open? How can that be? They shouldn't jam like that unless it was somehow messed with before you took off?", she said as they headed for her office. oO Throttles just don't jam by themselves Oo she thought. "Yes let's finish discussing this in my office. Come and I will get you something to drink at the same time", she said leading the way.

As they continued to walk towards his former office, said, "it did and it cost me this," as he raised his left arm, he continued "and I'll have a coffee please," as he knew this was going to be some discussion. he thought oO this going to be difficult Oo as this was something that was ongoing.

"Well it would be prudent to schedule mandatory fighter inspections after each flight to make sure that nothing cropped up after the last flight On my last posting, there was an incident that caused injuries to two of my pilots, I made damn sure the fighters were checked after each flight. I did read the preliminary report and I just can't believe the throttle jammed without a little help", she stated. Serina was not going leave that alone and made a mental note to look into it on her own.

"What do you think I did," replied Paul, as he knew that this was not a good idea, he continued, "after every patrol, the fighters get checked over daily before and after a flight," as he looked at Serina.

"And nothing was found right?", she stated. "I am no engineer but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that it was tampered with unless it was defective in the first place", Serina said softly. "I take it that it is still an ongoing investigation and that hopefully soon you will have an answer. I would like to know what is found", she said.

"So you think that it could have been an attempt to kill me?" asked Paul looking back at Serina, as it hadn't occurred to him that it was an attempt to kill him, could this had been something to do with Paula? as the questions started to flow through his mind.

"As crazy as it may seem, yes I do. Unless the part was defective, you have to look on the other side of the coin. The possibility of it being an attempt on your life exists", Serina said.

"Who and why would anyone want to kill me?" asked Paul looking back at her, "if this is so, then we better inform the captain," he continued as they reached the door of his old office.

"Yes, he should be informed. An attempt on yours or anyone life needs to be taken up with the captain and security. Lt. Winchester not just your life bit anyone of us in the squadrons. If they can get to your fighter, then they can get into anyone's and tamper with it", Serina said.

"But the question is why?" replied Paul as he looked back at Serina, as he thought to himself oO could someone who we haven't given access to our secret have got into the file? Oo as he hoped that it hadn't.

"It could also be something you did to someone and they retaliated in a way that made it look like an accident. That would fill the bill as to why", Serina said.

"Well, it wouldn't be the Klingons as they would see it as dishonourable," replied Paul "so it must be someone here on the deck as they would need clearance to be here," he continued looking at Serina, "wouldn't you agree?" as he posed the question to her.

"Yes I do agree and with that being said I think I would suggest we figure out who had something against you personally and looking for another possible answer. Could it be within the intelligence community itself?", Serina queried.

"No it couldn't be I was transferred into Intel after the crash," replied Paul, as he looked back at the New CAG who had replaced him, He continued "Then we better get started,"
as this had now turned into an attempted murder investigation.


Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat

Ensign Lauren Jordan [PNPC: Donovan]
Aide to CAG
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Serina 'Reaper' Donovan
CAG/Raider 1/Helm Officer
USS Tomcat


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