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Good news travels fast

Posted on 02 Mar 2019 @ 3:54pm by Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare & Lieutenant JG Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Chief Operations Officer's Office/Kildares Quarters SB51
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 -Day 3.2


With the meeting over Lamia headed for her office, she needed to go over reports and see what supplies were needed ready for departure. She wanted to make sure all the departments were equipped with what they needed. Her chain of thought was interrupted as she was notified of an incoming call.

Back on Starbase 51 after the Tomcat had left the station Kildare had continued on with his jobs and had to calm a few rowdy workers down oO I will be so glad when we get a full Security detail on this base Oo then he remembered something and had yet to tell Mia, he was sure she would be happy. He still could not believe that he was dating an officer, a fleet officer who was a total babe who had a nice disposition too, he pictured the anger and envy from his Marine superiors, as even with being notified by the Captain on his change in relationship status, the more senior NCOs and the officers were old schools, but what did he care, he got an attractive girl and this was the 24th Century after all and he did everything right.

So after work, he headed straight to his room and taking off his jacket and replicated a mug of coffee with milk and two sugars and went to his terminal on his desk and opened up a channel and made it secure line, directly towards Mia's location, it took a while but eventually the spinning UFP emblem was replaced by Mia's face.

=/\= Hi Mia, hope I did not catch you at a bad time? I do have some good news and how are things so far? =/\= he asked.

Lamia smiled warmly as she melted into the eyes looking at her across the subspace connection. =/\= Actually it's going okay so far, I'm up to my elbows in reports and piles of PADDs but that's nothing new! *grinning* It's much better for seeing you! =/\=

=/\= Same here, I spoke to the Captain about us, and I have some news, I never got to tell you before you left on the mission =/\= he paused building the suspense of the moment.

Lamia looked at Chris waiting to see what he was going to say. =/\= So? What did she say? =/\= oO I hope this is good news Oo

*smiling* =/\= Captain said yes to allowing us to date, it seems she knew something, she did not say she knew, but she seemed to sense something and she genuinely seemed happy to grant permission, so it is official *teasingly* hope that is good enough news ? =/\= Kildare said with humour.

=/\= Good enough news! Are you kidding?! That's great news!! *grinning* The only downside now is the fact that I won't see you during times I'm away aboard ship, only when we're docked up between missions. =/\=

*giving a sad smile* =/\= I know, I know but they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, I suppose this will test our relationship, but if I did ask to come back to the Tomcat itself, the chances of use having shared quarters will be slim, giving clearance for us to date is one thing, but I think even the Captain will have a problem with a commissioned officer and an SNCO moving in together *smiling* still how was the mission briefing from Lieutenant Winchester? I heard that he would be giving his first briefing =/\= Chris asked.

=/\= It was okay, he didn't directly answer every question but he did a good job of telling us the rough details. *shrugging her shoulders* It's stupid but I feel like I need to prove I can do this job, being the new girl in the Chief Ops job. I can do it I just don't want to make any silly mistakes! =/\=

*a friendly sympathetic smile* =/\= I am sure you will do okay Mia, the Captain understands about mistakes, she has made a few herself, I will say to you what I say to my Marines I train, go with what you know and do what you are trained to do, because when the chips are down and adrenalin is running high your training will kick in, what is more I have faith in you and that you will do a damn fine job on the ship =/\= Kildare responded.

=/\= Thank you, Chris, that means a lot. *grinning* So depending on how things go between us where do you see this relationship of ours going? It isn't a trick question I promise! I'm just...curious. =/\=

He gave that question a lot of thought =/\= At this precise moment in time, I am still reeling that I managed to start dating a hottie, sorry for the archaic term, but I would never have guessed in a million Light-years would I date an officer with your looks *smiling affectionately* still at the moment things are new, but there is great promise in our relationship of that I know and I cannot wait till I see you in person again =/\= he said oO In for a Penny in for a Pound Oo he was not used to being affectionately orientated, so this was still all so new to him.

Lamia couldn’t help but beam a smile at him. =/\= I can’t wait to be back with you and I’ve only just left! *grinning* As for the hottie part I rarely consider myself a hottie but if you say so then it must be true!! Seriously though I have no idea how long I’ll be away, I hope it’s not too long. =/\=

=/\= Missions have no set time, they could be long and they could be short, but from what I have been told they are interesting only advice I can give is expected the unexpected =/\=

=/\= I always do! That way I don’t get any nasty surprises. =/\= She smiled warmly as she looked at him wishing they were in the same room so she could at least get a farewell kiss. =/\= I will look forward to seeing you again. =/\=

*giving her a smile* =/\= Me too, the ship usually returns to the Starbase after every mission, so all I have to do is prepare a damn good night in for a film or two =/\= he said.

*grinning like a Cheshire Cat =/\= I have no doubt whatever you do I’ll have a wonderful time! Take care while I’m gone. =/\=

=/\= I will and you too, do not do anything I would not do =/\= he said with a gentle laugh as the communications ended, Kildare sighed "Oh well back to the tasks at hand" he said with little enthusiasm in his tone, perhaps he might ask to be transferred to the Tomcat on the next rotation, this would be something he would need to speak to the Captain about.


Lieutenant JG Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
Chief Operations Officer
USS Tomcat

Sgt Major Chris 'Maverick' Kildare [PNPC: Somers]
Drill Sergeant 95th Rifles
Starbase 51
USS Tomcat


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