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Bright eyed moment

Posted on 06 Mar 2019 @ 11:08pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Edited on on 27 Mar 2019 @ 10:16pm

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 -Day 3.1


- Walon's quarters -

Iria smiled as she watched Remy sleeping next to her. They'd fallen into a random pattern where they spent the night in her quarters or his since the end of the latest shore leave. She leaned over and gave his left ear a playful nibble as she giggled quietly, ~~Wake up, we wanted to talk to the Captain about officially merging quarters.~~ Originally they'd planned to talk with the Captain the day before but with the preparation for the mission, it had been put on the back burner.

~~ No mom, I don't want to go to school today. ~~ Remy replied as if he was in a dream to see how Iria reacted all while still pretending to sleep.

Iria laughed softly, as she slipped out from under his arm and from the covers, she eyed him a moment then she shifted her form, and reached out with right paw and lightly tapped the end of Remy's nose with her cool feline toes. ~~Up lover or we won't have time for breakfast before we go meet with the Captain.~~

“Okay, does daddy’s little kitty need a belly rub?” Dodd stated as he sat up and started to pet his Imzadi. oO I love her and find her feline form so cute. I wonder what our children would look like if we decide to have them. OO

Iria purred as she wiggled free stuck her tongue out at him a moment, then she shifted again the blue-white nimbus shimmered over her until she sat beside him in her human form, she gave him a light kiss and took his hand in hers as she stood up, tugging gently on his hand to get him moving. ~~Sonic shower then breakfast we don't want to keep the Captian waiting.~~ if they didn't have an appointment booked she would have played along with him.

“Oh I see you want to continue playing but in the shower, race you there,” Dodd stated as she tugged his hand and he pretended to run to the shower. “The last one to the shower has to wash the other’s back first.”

Iria laughed as she raced after him, once in the shower she gave his ribs a gentle poke with her fingers before she helped wash his back, then she used most of her time in trying to avoid his tickling fingers...

"I just love you so much I would love to spend all my time making love to you and making you happy," Dodd replied as he moved to step out of the sonic shower. "As you said, we can't keep the captain waiting." Dodd then winked at his Imzadi and stepped out of the shower.

Iria followed him out and walked over to the dresser to pick up her brush and started getting the mass of red curls into order, she smiled as she braided it and then quickly got her uniform on, "Making love will have to wait a bit, after dinner I am all yours!" she said with a delighted laugh at her vigorous fiance, "For now what do you want for breakfast before we see the Captain? Waffles? or do you want to just try something random?"

"Something Random!" Dodd replied as he reached out to grab Iria in his arms. "I think a ship's counsellor counts."

Iria laughed, as she gave him a kiss and then gently pulled away, "Breakfast does not include counsellors, except as dining companions."

- CRR -

Her backlog of work had just been completed and she was preparing to return to the bridge when an alert came up on her computer, sighing heavily she pulled up the alert and saw that two of her Senior Staff had made a joint appointment, ship scuttlebutt had been going around about those pair, but until she heard it from their mouths, then it was not real, but she did wonder if this was what the meeting was about and if the scuttlebutt was true, she supposed that she would find out.

She pressed the Communications button "Lucy, get in here will you." Somers said and a moment later an attractive Bajoran female entered "yes Sir?" Lucy answered.

"When Lieutenants Dodd and Walon arrive, send them right in will you please?" she asked.

"Yes Captain " Lucy responded and left the CRR and returned to her small desk outside the CRR

At her desk Lucy was filing and doing some admin tasks when two shadows stood over her, she looked up with a polite smile "Captain said to go right in." Armitage said.

"Thank you, Lucy," Iria said to the Captain's yeoman, she remembered that Lucy had once offered to be an ear for her if she needed it. Iria still welcomed the thoughtful offer but at the moment she was aglow as she stood next to Remy. She smiled and moved forward with Remy to the Captain's ready room.

Back in the CRR Jasmine looks up to see Dodd and Walon enter "Ah Lieutenants Dodd and Walon, welcome and please have a seat and say what you need to" she said indicating the chairs in front of her desk.

Iria smiled at Jasmine and sat down smoothly. "Thank you for seeing us Captain." she smiled, her expression bright, as she glanced at Remy getting settled into his seat before the Captain's desk.

“Captain, we appreciate you taking the time to see us,” Dodd stated. “We would like to request joint quarters so there would be some room for expansion in the future. I proposed to Iria and she said yes. So also we would ask for your blessing as well.”

*Smiling happily* oO So the rumours were true Oo she thought to herself, as she walked over to them and held her hand out to each in turn "Congratulations both of you." she said and after breaking apart she sat behind her desk "so you want to move to larger quarters, that is possible, I must ask you if you both know what you are getting into? You are only one grade in different where rank is concerned, there is also the fact that when you are both on duty you will have to act professionally. On another note and mainly for my education, are you both compatible in the coupling area? If you are I must make you aware that if you have a baby one of you may have to transfer to Starbase 51 as I would be uneasy in having a newborn on a military orientated ship, I have to ask these questions." Somers said.

"I welcome the congratulations, as for on duty we know how to behave." She paused blushing as she looked at Remy before she regarded Jasmine again, "I have pulled up what I can about my race and possible interspecies relations. From what I have read it appears that we could have children together but we are not planning to right now." If anyone was going to stay behind with their children she would. The ship would need it's Chief Engineer.

“Ma’am, we respect our crewmates and will maintain a professional relationship on duty. When we get to the point when children are on the forefront, we will work on arrangements for who would be their caregiver and who would be the one at any post off of a Starbase or station. Just need larger quarters so Rocky won’t try to eat Iria during his feeding cycle.” Dodd added.

"I had to ask, just to make sure you knew the basics, but I am satisfied, you have my permission to do this when we are finished here speak to Lucy, she will set things up for you," Somers said smiling.

"No, I think we both understand the situation and what needs to happen." Dodd replied, "We will talk with Lucy to work out the things she can for us.

*Smiling* "Excellent, congratulations to the both of you," Somers said.

Iria returned the smile as she stood up with Remy, "Thank you again, Captain." Her eyes twinkled brightly with happiness as she followed her fiance out of the Captain's ready room.

"Hello, Lucy. The kind captain advised us to work things out with you for what you can do for us. While we only just got engaged, we still need to figure out just when we want to fully bond on the matrimonial side of things." Dodd stated to Lucy. "What sort of things should we start considering as we move forward?"

Looking down at her Padd as the updated information came through, she then looked up at the happy couple "well when you pair decide to get married how you plan your service is up to you, just let the Captain know when and where also as a ships Captain she has the power to marry you both, which would save you trying to find yourselves one, but you can still look for an independent person to do the service." Armitage paused as she tapped some things on her Padd before looking back at the pair as she handed them an authorization data chip.

"Lieutenant Dodd your quarters are next to an empty set, so the empty quarters has been assigned to you, get with Engineering and have them to connect the two rooms up, this data chip will allow you to be given the permission to alter those two quarters and merge them into one *pauses as she looks at Walon* "Lieutenant Walon I advise you keep your current single quarters and turn them into a spare counselling office, but I would suggest that you do all this after Lieutenant Dodds quarters have finished being enlarged," Armitage said.

"Thank you, Chief. I appreciate the rapid response to my request. I had forgotten my neighbour was transferred off the ship at space dock. That would be the perfect space for adding on to my quarters." Dodd responded and then added, "you have a great day, Lucy and we will be touch once we iron out the details but for now my future wife and I will get to work."

Dodd and Walon then exited the office and started to walk to the corridor and were holding hands.

~~Remy why did you tell the Captian that Rocky would try to make a meal of me in my feline form, we had tested to be sure that wasn't an issue?~~ Iria sent to him as they started for the turbo lift after finishing up with setting the quarters with Lucy.

~~ I never referred to Rocky trying to eat you in your feline form, because I am wanting to eat you up right now. Rocky has now grown large enough that he could likely eat a small humanoid if the chance presented itself. But I am wanting to make sure he has room to vine out without interfering with your room to bat around little toy mice or yarn balls. Besides you could communicate with him enough that he would know it was you and likely not try to consume you. ~~ Dodd replied.

Iria laughed softly shaking her head at the turbo-lift doors shut behind them. ~~You my love are terrible, we just told the Captain we can behave and you go telling me you want to eat me up.~~ Iria leaned up and gave him a soft kiss, then smiled brightly, "How about dinner at your place tonight so we can make sure Rocky is still used to me?"

"Dinner is nice and I will prepare a surprise for you," Dodd replied. "Tonight is Rocky's snack night, so he gets three mice. I am sure if you gave them to him, he could start to imprint more of you in his system that way he should have no issues confusing you for a snack. Me on the other hand, I could snack on you all day."

Iria smiled cheekily up at her fiance, "You are trouble you know that?" she was certain that things would not be dull between them. "I will see you at dinner and will be happy to feed Rocky his mice." she leaned up on her tip toes to give him a whisper-soft kiss and then winked at Remy. "I will be busy until lunch but after that, unless something comes up we can talk during lunch. I hope you have a good day, Lover."

"Okay, I have a full morning so may have late lunch if that is alright but will have time to see you for a chat, I am sure of it," Remy replied as he started to step away from Iria but still looking towards her as she was a jewel to behold.

Iria had stepped out of sight as Dodd slowly turned to head to the turbolift. He was now headed to get to work in engineering and make sure the ship would meet the needs that were to come on this mission.


Lieutenant Remington Dodd
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Lt. Jg Iria Walon
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Captain Jasmine Somers
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MCPO1 Lucy Armitage [PNPC: Somers]
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