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The Outer/Inner Planets

Posted on 07 Jul 2016 @ 10:37pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Edited on on 16 Jul 2016 @ 2:27pm

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission day 16 to Mission Day 24


Maia had the bridge on second shift. and pressed captain's log button on the command chair.

"First officers log Star date 94707.6, Commander Maia Sterling reporting.

Due to the damaged nature of space in this system the Tomcat proceeded to the outermost M-Class planet in the system designated M-2016B or the planet Allerium at 1/4 impulse power dodging small spatial anomalies along the way. The trip took the better part of a day at that speed. However it gave the science department plenty of opportunity to study the decay of an exploded Omega bomb up close and personal. The data was both extensive and confusing. The slow journey also gave the crew time to celebrate Sheela Swiftpaws promotion to Lieutenant Commander. We are now approaching Allerium and I am ordering a standard orbit, for a planetary survey.

Log out."

Maia turned to the helmsman.

"Ensign enter standard orbit. Keep us within 20, 000 KM of the planet". Maia turned to the science officer on duty LT Masada.

"Mr. Masada scan for life signs and general planetary information". Maia ordered.

"Yes Sir, scanning". Masada replied.

Maia turned to the tactical station.

"Tactical, scan for ships, stations or other anomalies that might present a danger to us". Maia ordered.

=/\=Bridge to Captain Somers. We have arrived at Allerium, and have entered a standard orbit. We are currently conducting scans for a planetary survey.=/\=

- Captain's Quarters/Corridor/Turbolift -

=/\=Bridge to Captain Somers. We have arrived at Allerium, and have entered a standard orbit. We are currently conducting scans for a planetary survey.=/\=

Jasmine was sleeping soundly and half hour before her alarm was due to go off her commbadge chirruped, cursing a blue streak and using words that were rarely if ever used these days, a habit she picked up off her Cousin, she slapped her hand around in the dark half asleep trying to locate the Commbadge, upon locating it she pressed it to make the connection.

=/\= Understood Commander, keep us invisible to their radar and such, I will be there shortly, Somers out =/\= she closed the link and put her head back down and groaned "no rest of the wicked" with that she got up in the dark and stumbled over something stubbing her toe and once again cursing black and blue as she entered the refresher station and put the light on, the sudden brightness made her squint, she got undressed and stepped into the sonic shower.

Twenty minutes later she was more alert and awake, so she stepped out and went over to the sink and brushed her teeth and went through her usual routine. Ten minutes later she exited the refresher and got dressed, she always slept commando so putting the room light on she located clean underwear and a uniform. As she looked around the room she made a mental note to tidy her room up as it was a mess with clothes everywhere, the byproduct of using her ready room for meetings with the XO and Department heads. She had picked up her outer jacket as her alarm went off, Jasmine walked over and switched it off and put her tunic on and replicated a mug of tea and exited her quarters, mug in hand, she sipped her tea as she approached the nearest turbolift, she nodded in greeting to her crew as she passed them, she entered the lift.

"Bridge" Jasmine said, it would only be a short trip and as expected a few moments later the doors opened and she finished her tea and passed it to MCPO Lucy Armitage the Captain's Yeoman who took the mug off her. "Sitrep Commander Sterling?" She asked.

"Captain on the bridge" Maia shouted getting up and yielding the center seat.

"Sorry to wake you Captain. So far our scans have yielded some interesting results. The planets atmosphere is only 2/3'ds that of Earth and the planet itself is mostly arid with 100's of large lakes connected by rivers. No real oceans to speak of. The population is 2,300,000 and they are at what seems to be a mid 18th century tech level definitely pre-industrial. Sensors indicate large craters at both the northern and southern magnetic poles, possibly observation bases that were destroyed by the Borg over 3 centuries ago."


"Cut off from their technology the society could have devolved to a pre-industrial state. The life forms are humanoid biologically similar to those of Kaelon 2. They have an interesting riverboat system for commerce powered by steam. Also they are indigenous to this planet. They have no sensor equipment that could scan us. nor are there any artificial satellites in orbit. There are three small but natural class-d moons in orbit of the planet. No life signs detected on any of them. This species does not have either space faring or atmospheric flight capabilities". Maia reported.

Looking at her XO with a raised eyebrow "interesting, that is one of the two class m planets, so I am guessing that the space station we passed was from the other one then! So do we know what the species on this planet look like? Are they humanoid and how close to the human form are they? Oh before I forget, did you get a proper makeup of the gas giants and rocky outer planets in this binary system?" Jasmine asked looking at her XO.

"It seems with minor facial prosthetics that we could easily blend in with them, Captain". Maia stated.

Dr Cahill heard wethat they were near a new planet and went to the medical computers to do some long range scans of the planet along with and on the people on the planet. She was looking at her results and was quite happy with all the information she was receiving. She did see a lot of interesting stuff. She saved the information to her padd and walked out of Sickbay. Once in the Turbolift she said Bridge and in a few seconds was on the Bridge. She went to the console for medicial and pulled up her information.

"Captain Somers and Commmader Sterling. I did some scans and was able to pull this information up on the people on the planet." Cahill said as she entered the bridge.

Jasmine looked up as she swivelled her chair "excellent Doctor, so what do we know about the people on the planet, are they Humanoid like those on the space station or are they different? If different that would mean there is another Class M planet that has an advanced civilization on it, enough to do space flight" she said and waited for Cahill to respond, while the doctor was gathering her thoughts for the response, Jasmine spoke to another crewmember. "Commander Swiftpaws, any updates on the planet we are obiting and what the inhabitants are up to? Remember if they are anything like us, they may have primative type telescopes that can see up to low orbit" Jasmine added.

"No Captain this species is much more humanoid than the previous planet, also much less advanced." Maia stated. "Since they don't have transmissions to monitor, I cant be certain what form of government they are using or how there social stricture is set up at this time without further investigation". Maia added.

Sheela was absent from the bridge. She was running with a squad of Marines on their holo-deck. A basic recon mission into a very hostile environment. It was those that occupied the environment that made it hostile, not the plants nor the terrain. It was the sentient beings that made it so hostile. She was there for the experience of working with the Recon Unit, seeing how they operate and to get used to having her with them. It was an all around good experience for the both parties. They get see how well she operated as much her, them. She conducted herself in a professional manner and left the decision making up to the leader of the unit.

Maia punched up the sensor readings for the Captain to see and put it up on the main viewer.

"Allerium 5 Class M 72% Nitrogen 22% Oxygen 2 percent water vapor .5 Percent Carbon Dioxide. 1.5 percent trace gasses (Argon, carbon monoxide, methane.) Diameter 20,251 KM, Gravity .71G Distance from Sun; 142 Million KM. Slightly ellyptical orbit. Axial tilt 13.5 degrees. 2 small moons one of them id class D the other is class L. Temperature at equator is 27 C. At the poles average is -41C."


"Planetary rotation in 26.2 hours. Planet seems to be mostly desert and rocky with sparse forests and jungles with a vast and intricate system of rivers and streams. The planet is 82 percent water with no continents or oceans. The small population may or may not be indigenous to the planet. Traces of Borg technology on both the northern as well as an old but very advanced civilization that may have been a colony base from the last planet we visited. The current population currently lives near the waterways throughout the equatorial region."

*Another brief pause*

"The core of the planet is very hot so they may have an abundance of geothermal energy. Space around the planet has a considerable amount of debris possibly from terrestrial satellites or a space battle. There is no danger to the ship as our navigational deflector can easily shield us from debris. Sensors also indicate about 2.3 million humanoid life forms down there. several hundred small towns as well". Maia reported.

With that Lieutenant Cahill made her report.

Dr Cahill started her findings, "I did pick up some kind of clicking sounds coming from it appears to be similiar to the sounds that came from the old Telegraphs use on Terra in the 1800's. And it did seem to be quite sofisicated too. It does seem they are quite smart but are still developing as they go along." Dr Cahill sentcopies of her possible communications to Cmdr Sterling so she could better study it and possibly come up with a translation. Also sent a copy to Lt.Cmdr. Swiftpaws for further study as well. "I hope this can be a little help with our studies of the planet."


Captain J. Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat NCC 62114

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/CSO
USS Tomcat NCC 62114

Lt. Cmdr Sheela Swiftpaws
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat NCC 62114

Lieutenant Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Tomcat NCC 62114


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By on 24 Jul 2016 @ 6:29pm

Dr Cahill continued, sensors do show there is volcanic activity in parts of the planet. Some of the volcanos do give off a posionous gas We need to be careful in those areas. Also there are signs of activity in the desert regions.

These could be nomadic tribes that travel around scrounging for items they need for survival. These nomadic groups may be similiar to the Barbarians that existed on Tera in the early history.

Also need to be careful as we do nopt know if they are friendly or warlike. You recall the first contact lessons of the Klingons and Romulons.