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Getting Clearence

Posted on 08 Feb 2019 @ 3:27pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


After returning to his room and putting on a uniform, Kildare entered the docking hatch for the first time in ages and made his way deeper into the ship, he nodded to passing personnel those who were disembarking and those who were leaving after completing the minor repairs to the ship. As he walked the corridors he looked at the d├ęcor.

"Ooh new paint!" He said as he entered the turbo lift, when the doors closed "Deck One CRR" he said and after the lift doors closed the lift whisked him up and away. Moments later he exited onto deck one, but this exit was not onto the bridge it was a small corridor with a small desk where the Yeoman would sit, currently Lucy was off the ship, so straightening his tunic up he pressed the buzzer.

In her Ready Room Jasmine was going through some files updating the systems and adding the new arrivals onto the system and she got lost in her task, so when the buzzer sounded, she jumped a mile upwards, breathing hard "enter" she said and looked up pleasantly surprised.

"Chris, how are you?" she asked getting up and giving her friend a hug, as she broke away she was about to ask him if he wanted a drink, but there was something there. "what is wrong Chris?" she asked.

he looked uncomfortable as he scratched the back of his head "it is about a woman!" he said.

"Chris, what have you done now?" she asked surprised, then immediately felt foolish for her outburst.

"Nothing, I found a girl, but there is one little problem and one which I need to get clearance for" he responded.

Now she was curious "who is it Chris?" she asked "and why would you need clearance and the little problem?" she added.

He was looking very sheepish now and his cheeks reddened "she is a Lieutenant Jg and is your new Chief of Operations, she is the one I have met and it seems fallen in love with. But the two good points are we are from different branches of the service and we do not serve on the same ship. The main issue may be our rank differences, so I am here to ask if it is permissible for me to start officially dating Lieutenant Jg Lamia Arderne?" he asked.

She studied him "well that explains her demeanour when I spoke to her, she seemed... Chipper, you are aware of the difficulties of a long distance relationship interspersed with downtime, which is not very often. I ask if you are aware of the troubles of such dating?" she asked.

Sounding hopeful "yes, I am aware" Kildare responded.

"well then, you have clearance to court Lieutenant Arderne, as long as you remember on duty protocol all should be good, I will have to log this on your files with my permission given" Jasmine said.

*Smiling* "oh thank you Captain" Chris said cheerfully and accepted a friendly hug "good luck to you Mav, treat her right" Somers said as they broke apart "can you stay awhile or do you have to return to the Starbase?" she asked.

"I gotta go back, I saw some Starbase engineers exiting the ship on my way in so they should be done in a few hours" Chris said.

Jasmine nodded "understood, see you when I see you Chris" she said to his departing back, he twisted around and waved his thanks and the doors closed, Jasmine looked on oO he is going to have his hands full Oo she thought, then decided to return to her work.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

Sgt Maj Chris Kildare [PNPC: Somers]
95th Rifle Bomb disposal
Starbase 51


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