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The Trail of Random Thoughts......

Posted on 07 Feb 2019 @ 5:43pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne
Edited on on 07 Feb 2019 @ 6:53pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Star Base 51
Timeline: Just before the mission "Family of Slaves"


-Starbase 51 Promenade-

Dodd was on the starbase making arrangements for his romantic interlude with Walon. He was ordering catnip for their suite as well as champagne and strawberries. He even found a merchant who had fresh fish for sale and he knew his Imzadi would really get a kick out of that. He took care to stock the luxury suite with enough food and supplies that they would not need to leave for the full three days he had it booked for.

Walon was not due to arrive for three more hours as she had a few final duties to tend to and Dodd arranged for her to be transported directly to their suite. So Dodd got a Denobulan Iced Chocolate and had a seat to watch the many people on the promenade. He like to pick a random thought and try to match it to the individual as they passed.

He did this for about six people and then suddenly he picked up on a thought about the USS Tomcat. He knew his shipmates were on the station but this was a different type of thought. It was a thought of wonder and nervousness. He decided to wander around to find the person who originated this thought.

About ten minutes later he found a young woman in a Starfleet uniform who appeared Betazoid and was originating the thought.

"Hello." Dodd said as he stopped just behind this young woman. "Are you about to become a member of the crew of the USS Tomcat?" Dodd asked.

Lamia had been sensing the thoughts of someone amongst the crowd, someone who was quite open minded to other telepaths that were around. “I am” Lamia smiled warmly. “I’m Lamia Arderne, Chief Ops.”

"Hello, Mia. I am the Chief Engineer of the USS Tomcat, Lieutenant Remington Dodd." Dodd replied with an out reached hand for a handshake.

*Shaking Dodd’s hand* “Its a pleasure to meet you Lieutenant Dodd.” She smiled warmly. “I thought I was sensing someone above the crowd, we telepaths do tend to stick out to each other but you stand out more than most.”

"Growing up, I never had to keep my telepathy in check and so I was not used to keeping it reigned in. I have learned with some coaching how to keep it under control. However, I do from time to time like to let loose at places like this just for fun to see if I can pair a random thought with a stranger. However, I was on the upper level of promenade when I sensed your thoughts." Dodd replied.

“Well my Betazoid half tends to be the more behaved half of me than the Drax part.” Lamia grinned. “We telepaths are taught to keep ourselves under control and I’ve no problem with that but it’s nice to be able to let loose and let our minds roam every now and then. I was letting myself blend a little with my surroundings.”

“Well we have that in common. I like to blend and open my mind when I can. I have developed a strong control over acting upon the thoughts I detect. Sarcasm still gets me from time to time.”

*Nods understandingly* "I'm still getting used to the number of minds here" She massaged her temples. "It can be somewhat....overwhelming when I go to new places so I try and acclimatise as best as I can."

“So you will be our Chief of Operations. Glad to have you joining our crew. There are only a few telepathic members on the Tomcat crew. So it will be nice to have another to reach out to. Lieutenant Walon is the chief counselor and she is a telepath as well but she only uses her ability when she has permission in a session. I am sure you will meet her in due time.” Dodd replied.

“I’ve no doubt of that” Mia smiled. “I tend to make a point of getting my physical and psychological evaluations out of the way, saves them the trouble of having to call me. Most people seem to dread having their medical and psyche done, they’re just one of those things that has to be done.” She looked curiously at Dodd. “So where does our Captain stand on use of telepathy amongst crew aboard ship?”

"Captain Somers is not keen on the use of telepathy as a means of primary communications. She would like to have us act like non-telepathic beings as best we can. There are times that warrant the use of telepathy and such, but for the most part the few telepathic humanoids on the ship only use our telepathy when off duty with other telepaths or in emergencies."

Mia nodded "That's understandable I guess. It would come in handy in an emergency though, especially if we were seperate and trying to locate each other." She smiled. "I use my abilities like a bloodhound sometimes, it can be useful. It's kept me out of trouble before now."

Dodd grinned and replied "I know what you mean, but from time to time it creeps into our daily actions. Counsellor Walon will sometimes talk to me telepathically and I will respond, but she is not as strong with the ability as we are and hers is different type that I have been able to pick up on. While a regular telepath would sense the use of telepathy, they would not really sense the conversation at hand."

Lamia nodded. “I do my best not to eavesdrop on conversations anyway. There’s strict rules on Drax concerning privacy and my family being part of the ruling line only makes it more important.” She grinned.

"I would say that it is part of our telepathic nature to pick up on thoughts and self-talk of others, but seems like you may have a good sense of control and that will help on the Tomcat. There are some crew that are always thinking wild thoughts and forget there are a few telepaths on the crew that could pick up on those thoughts without intending to do so. I have learned that unless I feel it is a life or death issue or an order I do not act upon any of the thoughts without the person's permission to do so." Dodd stated. "While it has been great chatting with you, I need to go as I am about to great my girlfriend in our guest suite while we enjoy some down time before our next mission. Looking forward to having you as part of the crew on the Tomcat, maybe we will work on some missions together in the future."

"I'd like that" Lamia smiled and nodded. "Enjoy your downtime!"

Dodd then bid her farewell and departed for the luxury suite he booked for his downtime with Walon.


Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief of Engineering
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Lamia Arderne
Chief of Operations
USS Tomcat


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