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Elevation of an Officer

Posted on 12 Feb 2019 @ 11:09pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Remington Dodd

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Captain's Ready Room/Various
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 -Day 0.1


After Cody being the last one to been seen had left she was once again studying her decoration arrangement on the wall behind her desk, she moved the Regimental banner up to look at the list of names on it, her look fell on the latest to be inducted, these were in the order of awardee. Besides her name secondly there was Major Anton Markov, Major Jasmine Somers, then, her Sister CWO Karyn Somers and then Sgt Major Christopher Kildare and Major Naomi Griffiths, those were the ones from the 24th Century and none of them was serving on the Tomcat, the final name to be placed there was Commander Maia Sterling, she was the last inductee, lowering the flag, she tapped her Commbadge.

=/\= Captain Somers, to Lieutenant Dodd report to my Ready Room, pronto =/\=

=/\= Dodd here, Captain. I just finished a task so I am on my way. I will be at your office in a few minutes. Dodd out. =/\= replied Dodd.

While she was waiting she studied the arrangement again, but from the other side of the room the Federation flag was still where it should be at an angle to the left and the Regimental banner the same, but on the right, with the 95th emblem in the middle, this was the Riflemans Bugle superimposed over crossed Phaser rifles and surrounded by a laurel wreath, under the bugle the number 95 was displayed, above that was the Federation seal, all this was from her perspective as she was looking at it, if her back was to it, then the flags would be on the other side relative to each other satisfied all was as it should be, returning to her desk she got things ready, and nearly jumped as her door buzzer sounded.

After he was allowed to enter, Dodd walked up to the captain's desk and stood at attention. "Lieutenant Dodd reporting as requested, Captain."

"Please come in Lieutenant," she said and she did not ask him to sit "yes I did *points to the display on the wall behind your desk* ignoring the Federation Seal, what do those other items mean to you?"

"Ma'am those items are a symbol of honour and prestige. They represent the bravest of the brave and the most honoured of the bravest. While they will mean slightly different things to everyone individually, I know that to me they represent those that help to lead society for the better. The arrangement is for the honour of those individuals who have earned a place of honour within the union of the federation. I know you are one of the selected individuals along with Commander Sterling." Dodd replied. He had never realized that he would one day be asked to describe the meaning of the captain's office decor. "I mean no disrespect ma'am, but I do have some difficulty in putting into words exactly how the item relates to me, as I do sense some residual telepathic energy emanating from the items that make me see how others have seen them as well. However, I feel the utmost respect and honour for the symbolism of the items. Do I make sense?"

*Smiling* "For someone who has never had to deal, well close dealing with the 95th rifle regiment on a large scale, you were perfectly understandable, the question was a test of sorts, each have a different meaning for those I have asked, you answered well" she said and lifted up part of the Regimental banner to show the name plaque "this has the names of all those who served in the rifles from the day they were created centuries back up until present day. The Rifles are basically an elite branch of the military, their current incarnation is no different. But my next question is do you truly know what the white band myself, Commander Sterling and Major Donovan wear actually signifies?" She asked clearly pleased with his response.

"Ma'am, the white cord worn by Major Donovan, Commander Sterling and yourself is the White Cord of Courage. I am gathering of how you are asking this question, I would say it signifies the courage that the three of you have displayed in your actions while performing your duties in your respective roles during missions and day to day operations. Also, from my understanding, it signifies membership in the Bravo Unit and all are picked by hand for this honour. It is my understanding as well that they are the captain's personal guard when involved in other duties. This designation is present on the Tomcat due to a Marine battalion assigned to the ship." Dodd replied while maintaining a stern straight face as he was reciting what he had learned when he came aboard the ship.

*nods* "Almost correct, save one thing, those who wear the White cord are not assigned to Bravo Unit also, Commander Sterling is a fleet officer and thus not bound by Bravo Unit, the white cord means that those with it have been recognised for their skills and elevated, basically these days it means those with the White Cord are likely to be picked for the more dangerous missions. But I do like your answer, which brings me onto the actual reason as to why I have summoned you here" Somers paused for effect as she pulled out an oblong shaped wooden box, by now she was sure he had guessed what was coming if he did not then things would be awkward.

oO I have been sensing that the captain is bestowing upon me a great honour. Oo Dodd thought to himself but he had been sensing the formality of which the captain’s actions had been. Dodd got tense as he did not feel worthy of what he was about to be presented.

"Lieutenant Dodd, after speaking to Commander Sterling who also has a say in who should be elevated, she has nominated you, I agree, so Lieutenant Remington Dodd, while you not been on the ship that long, you have proven yourself capable officer and your skills proven, so it is with great pride that I elevate you and grant you the title of Chosen Man" she said holding the now open box out with her left hand and offering her right. In the open box was a White Cord of Courage band.

"Ma'am, it is with great honour that I accept this badge of courage," Dodd replied as he reached to shake the captain's hand and then to accept the cord. "I will do my best to uphold the privilege of being named a 'Chosen Man' and I am very humbled by the fact that Commander Sterling and you have bestowed this upon me. I could not have earned this elevation without the efforts of the crew working with me. So will wear the cord in honour for all that have helped to elevate me to this level. I won't let you down while representing the cord and the fact that you have faith in me."

"This one is just ceremonial, your replicator has been granted access to the Chosen Man style jacket, like mine and Commander Sterlings," she said pointing to the base of her jacket shoulders that showed a white bar all the way around her shoulders patches. Also, be aware that you will be entitled to wear said band on other ships, should you decide to transfer, but it will be up to the CO to decide if you could wear it on duty, this is another reason why you have this ceremonial version, at least you can hang it on the wall" she added with a smile.

"Thank you once again, Ma'am," Dodd replied as he was looking in awe at the content of the wooden box. "I appreciate the honour, I really do. I am willing to do what is needed to help the ship and crew succeed and I hope to have the chance to do more to prove it in the future."

*smiling* "I am sure you will, now you have until you return to duty, well till the mission briefing to be properly dressed," she said pointing to the style tunic she currently wore as she let go of his handshake.

"Yes, Ma'am," Dodd replied. "I will replicate new uniform jackets and recycle my old ones. I can't wait to tell Iria about this honour."

"Excellent, again Lieutenant Dodd congratulations, I will let you go now and get sorted out and such," she said smiling as she moved towards the door indicating the event was over.

“Great, thank you and I truly appreciate serving aboard the Tomcat. Replied Dodd as he headed out of the captain’s office.

Jasmine watched him go, she was smiling to herself, the smile quickly vanished, when she remembered she had all that work to catch up on and she grumbled.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat


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