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The dreaded psyche evaluation

Posted on 19 Feb 2019 @ 7:02pm by Lieutenant JG Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Counsellor’s Office
Timeline: After boarding the Tomcat


Being new aboard Lamia knew the usual routine of having a medical and a psyche evaluation. There weren’t many that looked forward to their evaluation though for Lamia it was just one of those things. After the explosion and ensuing fire she was caught in she had numerous Counselling sessions but she still woke up in a cold sweat every now and again. It was hard not to be afraid of fire after the burns she received and she still had the scarring to show for it. Arriving at the Counsellor’s office she pressed the chime and waited for an answer.

Iria looked up from her desk at the sound of the door chime, "It's open, come on in, grab a drink from the replicator if you like." She had finished recently redecorating her office, the color of the room was Jade green on the left side of the room the right side was cerulean blue. There was three small shelves each with it's own bonsai tree. The random quote board was alight with the phrase, "If I chose to walk a path less traveled there's no way I can not have an adventure."

The chairs and couch were deeply cushioned and in Royal blue hues.

Her desk was a new look and the chair was more stream-lined.

Walking inside Lamia smiled as looked around, the room was pleasantly decorated and she liked the choice of colours oO Nice! oO Her eyes were drawn to the Bonsai trees on the shelves, she always did like the miniature trees but wasn’t any good at taking care of them herself. As already invited she walked over to the replicator and got herself a drink of cold water before walking over to Lieutenant Walon. “Lieutenant Lamia Arderne, I’m reporting for my evaluation.”

Iria smiled and nodded towards the chairs and couch, "My name is Iria but you can call me by my last name if you'd prefer, make yourself comfortable then we can talk." She was quietly impressed that Lt. Arderne had shown up without her having to track her down. It certainly made her job more pleasant when she didn't have to drag an unwilling patient in.

Lamia nodded and made herself comfortable. Psyche evaluations weren't something you could really avoid so she always made a point of getting hers out of the way. "Feel free to get started whenever you're ready Iria." Lamia smiled warmly even though she knew she'd probably end up having to talk about her fear of fire yet again, something she didn't truly like talking about.

Iria moved from her desk in a fluid motion and walked over to the chairs and sat down in a smooth motion as she regarded Lamia, "I haven't gotten to read your file fully yet, but from what I understand you've got a very understandable fear of fire resulting from injuries you gained. I just have one question for you on that follow up," she paused a moment as she chose her words. "Do you fear the memory of what the fire did as damage or is it the sight and heat of flames that is at the root of the fear?"

“I...” Lamia paused for a moment. Now she was asked that question she wasn’t sure which or whether both scared her. “To be honest....I’m not sure.” She looked at Iria with a puzzled expression. “I still have nightmares about it, not as often as I used to and at least I don’t wake up screaming like I did after my injuries first occurred.”

"Next time you have a nightmare about it when you wake up, after you're calm again I want you to write down everything you remember from the nightmare, how it felt, what you saw or anything that comes to mind. We will go over it together when you come next time." Iria said softly as she regarded Lamia, "For now I say you've come a ways if you're no longer waking up screaming. That's a good indicator that you are headed forward from the moment and memories. Any improvement is a good thing."

"I guess so" Lamia nodded. "I just dread the day I have to face anything that's on fire. I don't want to put anyone else at risk because I freeze up, that's the last thing I want."

Iria nodded softly, "When you are ready to try we can set up a simulation in the holo-deck to work on how you might react if it doesn't feel right we stop and try again until you feel up to facing the fear." She said lightly as an option.

"I need to get over this." Lamia looked at Iria. "Feel free to set it up for whenever you like. If I fall at the first hurdle I'll just have to learn to pick up and try again." She might have sounded confident but inside she was anything but. oO What am I saying!? Oo

"Do you want to try tomorrow morning?" she asked lightly, Iria was impressed with Lamia's apparent willingness to face her fears head on but it might just be brave words in the moment. She would take each step carefully because she didn't want to have Lamia fall back in her healing process.

"I...." Lamia paused and nodded. "Tomorrow morning it is!" She took a deep breath. "I just hope I don't end up regretting it." She offered a smile. "I need to do this, I just hope I'm not pushing myself too soon."

"I will be there to help and like I said if you don't feel right we stop the simulation, it is better to try and know how it goes than to just always worry about what ifs." Iria said softly, "Would around 0900 hours be alright?"

"0900 will be just fine" Lamia nodded and smiled. "Is there anything else you'd like to go over or am I declared sane enough to join the rest of the crew?" She grinned as she looked at Iria.

Iria nodded, "Nothing for now, we will continue tomorrow at 0900 in holo-deck 2, enjoy your duty shift and if there is anything you need come back anytime."

"I will thank you" Lamia smiled. With that she stood and headed on her way.


Lt.j.g. Iria Walon
Chief Counselor


Lt (jg) Lamia Arderne
Chief Operations Officer


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