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Meeting the Doctor - (J'Loni)

Posted on 27 Mar 2019 @ 5:02am by Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan
Edited on on 27 Mar 2019 @ 10:26pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 -Day 0
Tags: Luuna, 7F03YTY836M, Sombra, 3CW4YMF696F


- Sickbay -

Serina skipped down the corridor on her way to see the doctor since it was a requirement and protocol. Stopping in front of sickbay, the doors whooshed open and she walked in. “Doc you here?” She said lightly.

Doctor Aldana was in the middle of giving Luuna an exam with Sombra near-by enjoying a treat after his and sporting his usual working vest. When the door opened across the sickbay s/he looked up to see who it was. S/he noticed a female human who appeared to be between 35 and 40. “I’m sorry, Doctor Cahill isn’t in right now; may I help you? ~Lie down. ~

Luuna complied.
~Stay. ~

Luuna complied.

The veterinarian turned medical doctor stepped around the biobed and approached the woman with a friendly wag to hir tail, and a smile on hir face.

Sombra meanwhile perked up, keeping an eye on his charge.

“Thought it might be a good idea to get my medical done. I am Serina Donavan, the new CAG,” she said. “I know it is protocol to be examined by the CMO when they first arrive on a new ship,” she added.

Aldana spread hir arms open for a hug but waited for the human to approach first. “I am Doctor Aldana 365, I am the Asst. CMO, I can perform your exam.” S/he gestured back over to Luuna and down to Sombra, “I am almost done with these ‘little’ ones. Are you in a hurry, or can you wait?

Serinna hesitated for a brief second and then walked to the doctor and gave her a hug. Serinna figured it was the custom of the doctor’s species on their way of greeting. “No, I can wait for a doctor. Please finish with your patient,” Serinna said smiling now.

Aldana’s eyes widened, but s/he was not shy, s/he returned the hug. “You’ve met a Kazarite before, have you?” S/he returned to Luuna’s side and invited her back into ‘stand-to-exam.’

Luuna cooperated and the doctor picked up where s/he’d left off taking out hir medical tricorder again. S/he glanced at the human female, “I’m sorry, what was your name again?”

Smiling, “The name is Serina Donovan and no I have never met a……what do you call your species……a Kazarite? I returned the hug because I sensed it was proper,” Serina said smiling.

“Yes, some people shake hands, fist-bump, or even give a ‘V’-salute… well, my people are ‘huggers’. Thank you, that was a nice one, you’re a natural.” Aldana responded. S/he looked at Luuna and gleefully intoned, “all done!” S/he rubbed the sides of Luuna’s face and gave her a quick kiss on the nose. Then giving her a reassuring stroke, pausing between her shoulders to stabilize her, s/he lowered the table so she could get down more easily.

Curious Luuna went to her brother to investigate his treat but soon found herself distracted with one of her own.

The doctor returned the table to its original height and looking at Ms Donovan and smiled; calling playfully. “Next?”

Serina obliged and hopped up on the biobed. “At your service doctor,” she quipped.

Aldana smiled. “Thank you. It’s nice to see you here today. Usually, I find I must track people down for these things.”

Luuna was the one to nudge ‘Alpha’s’ hand this time.

“Oh, have you met two of our littlest shipmates?”

“No, I haven’t,” she said, then looking in the direction of the animals. “Oh my! How interesting and cute… how are they called?” she asked.

“‘How are they?…’ you mean their names?” Aldana reached down and scratched the silver-sable Canidae with green eyes behind the ears. “This one is Luuna, she is trained in Search and Rescue (S&R) as well as cadaver recovery and basic security. She has C.G.C. certification for Agricultural and Urban Environments.

Luuna went over to investigate the new lady, sniffing her feet and legs dangling off the biobed. Her tail wagging lazily.

“Hello there……aren’t you the cutie,” Serina said, allowing the pooch to smell her hand.

~Come ‘ere boy! ~ Aldana called to the tri-coloured panda-coat one with two different coloured eyes.

The service vest clad Canidae responded obediently even though nothing was said out loud. The vest was similar in style to a Starfleet uniform, but only covered the canid’s back. It had medical-teal highlights and various patches and I.D. which indicated they were a medically necessary service animal. One patch read “Working, Please Ask Pet.”

“This is Lunna’s brother, Sombra. He has similar C.G.C. certifications but is also a Certified Psychological Service Animal (PSA), and Emotional Support Animal (ESA) assigned to me. He can double as ship’s therapy ‘dog’ / ‘moral officer.’” With a touch, Aldana indicated for him to stay put. S/he didn’t want to overwhelm hir patient on her first visit to sickbay. S/he smiled.

Luuna finished her investigation and gave a gentle lick of approval to the woman’s hands.

“Ah, I see. How interesting…” Serina exclaimed. “Service canines……hm……I suppose they also serve in other ways?” Serina said.

Suddenly it seemed as if Aldana remembered s/he had a job to do and it wasn’t socializing. As an aside she/he asked (“Once you’re ready to begin if you could remove your top and lay back, I can raise the arch and we can get started.”) Back toward their conversation hir mind wondered on what sort of ‘other’ services hir patient could have meant. S/he hesitated as s/he tried to figure out an answer, finally s/he added, “well Sombra has certifications that allow him to double as a therapy dog if someone from the medical/counsellor department wants to utilize him. Of course, living with a dog isn’t all work and no play. Though I’m not entirely sure what other services you were thinking of.”

Serina allowed Lunna to smell her hand and then she rubbed the canine’s head, “Aren’t you a cutie”, she said.

The doctor patted hir knee for Luuna to return to hir side, and looked at Sombra, “Go say ‘hi.’”

Sombra bounded playfully the few steps between him and the new woman, tail wagging happily. He sniffed at her hands too.

“A pleasure to meet you too”, Serina said as she rubbed the canines head.

“Well, it really doesn’t matter. The fact that you have them is awesome. They are not your typical dog, but the truth is, they are both cute and obedient. I assume that you have some type of telepathy with them?” Serina asked.

Looking at the doctor, Serina laid back on the biobed, “I believe you wanted me to lie down so you could begin the exam,” she chuckled.

“Make no mistake about it, Luuna and Sombra aren’t just well-trained pets, they’re working and service dogs and service animals, in particular, are a protected status under the Federations with Disabilities Act of 2161.” However, yes, Kazarites have a natural ability to communicate with all non-humanoid animals. Aldana noticed Donovan hadn’t removed her top. (“Would you like a gown?”)

Laughing as she sat up, “Oh my, yes a gown would help”, Serina said pulling her tunic off and the blouse under it. Leaving her sports bra on she accepted the gown from the doctor and put it on.

Being a hermaphrodite Amiri had always been perplexed at why some people with certain characteristics were more sensitive to being topless than others. Not to mention why some races didn’t seem to mind at all if logic dictated a request was reasonable. S/he tried to return to the task at hand; s/he’d dawdled in distraction long enough. “Thank you, if you’d lay back again, I’ll bring up the surgical arch and we’ll begin.

Laying down again, Serina laid quietly as the arch covered her chest. “I know that I was thinking of getting a pet for myself but what kind, I have no idea. I was thinking of something like a bird or even a dog. Not a big animal but a medium sized one. Do you have any recommendations on what I might get?” she asked the doctor.

Aldana activated the scan field. “Hmm,” s/he considered the pilot’s question carefully. “I’m not sure, I might have some ideas once we got to know each other better; perhaps if you’d like we could talk about it another time. We could also look up an old organization I used to work with, perhaps they would have some recommendations.”

“Yes, I would welcome the input. It does get a bit lonely after we come back from flight simulations or flights in general,” Serina said softly.

Aldana nodded. “I understand the feeling. I may have these guyzos, but there are certain things… certain needs… for companionship they just might not fulfil.” The surgical arch finished taking its thorough scans for the physical, and the doctor began to review them. “They are great though and I love them, they are two of the closest beings in my family.” S/he glanced over hir shoulder.

Sombra noticed this and came over to nudge Alpha’s had to check on hir.

“…So, doctor, all my scans come out in the green?” Serina asked.

Aldana smiled down at hir attractive patient. “Looks like you’re overdue on a couple of updates on some vaccines, Ms Donovan,” s/he retracted the arch, and offered her a hand back up even though she likely didn’t need it, “There are also some new ones you need for this area of space; otherwise once we take care of those, you’ll be good.”

“Really? And here I thought I had all the shots,” Serina said laughing, taking hir hand and sitting up. “Well Doctor gets your stinger,” she chuckled.

Doctor Aldana cocked hir head, s/he was confused. “Stinger? Why would a hypospray sting?” They Kazarite-Hermat hybrid was only 39; thus, had heard of a hypodermic needle in medical history, but seen one only in pictures. Most sufficiently advanced galactic races had long since phased out the use of abrasive and puncturing implements centuries ago. Few basic medical practitioners even had training in the use of them. Nonetheless, the medical healer brought out a hypospray. “Don’t worry this first set is a combination injection, it should take care of most of what you need. Where would you like it? Posterior?” S/he joked hopefully.

Serina looked at the doctor, “Um not my posterior as I use it for sitting in my cockpit. The shoulder will so fine doctor”, she said, baring her shoulder to hir.

Aldana applied the hypospray to the pilot’s shoulder in order to administer the injection. “There see, nothing to it.” S/he prepared the next one and administered it. “All done. I have a fruity confectionary on a stick if you’d like,” s/he finished pleasantly.

“Thank you, doctor, I will take one thank you”, Serina said, taking the confection from hir.

“Good! I am told they are called suckers, or lollipops and are traditional for Terran doctors to hand out to their cooperative patients. I hope you like it. Feel free to spread the word on where you got it. If there is nothing else, you may return to duty. I will contact you if anything comes up.”

“Thank you, Doctor I will sure to do so if something should rear its ugly head,” Serina said laughing.


Lt. Jg Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D
Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Counsellor
USS Tomcat


Lieutenant JG Serina 'Reaper' Donovan
CAG/Raider 1/Helm Officer
USS Tomcat


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