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Speaking to Cody

Posted on 28 Feb 2019 @ 11:16pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant JG Cody Parker

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Captain's Ready Room/Various
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 -Day 0


She looked up her to do list and saw one final name on it, she smiled to herself, she was also surprised as when he had left he was her Security Chief, it would seem that he has since changed specializations. "So Cody Parker has returned to the ship, this will be interesting, just then her door chime buzzed, she activated the external camera and saw it was Cody, "Enter," She said loud enough for Parker to hear, as he entered she came from behind her desk hand extended.

"Welcome back Cody, hows things been with you, these past years? And when did you changed specializations?" she asked, smiling.

Cody stepped into the Captain's office, "Captain it is good to you sees again ma'am;" he said as he shook her hand. "I switched specializations after I left a couple of years. I was looking for a new career opportunity and a challenge. I'm pretty lucky I was able to return here to the Tomcat."

*smiling* "please come in and have a seat, you can let me know what and how as we talk, can I get you a drink?" she asked "Also, there have been a few changes since you were last with us" she added.

"Sure I'd like a sweet tea," he replied as he took a seat. "I did notice quite a new faces onboard and several old ones. I have to admit it feels almost like coming home," Cody said smiling.

*smiling* she walked over to the replicator "one sweet tea and one Somers special" with the items in hand she walks over to Cody and hands him the tea, unlike others, both were sitting on the sofa opposite each other, "things have changed a little, I think I was a Lieutenant Colonel last time you served on the ship, cannot remember when exactly, seems so long ago now, but feel free to ask questions, you no doubt have some questions" Somers said.

"Congrats ma'am," Cody replied before taking a drink of his sweet tea. "I was hoping to discuss the new role I will be filling aboard the Tomcat and I was hoping to gather a little more information on what your expectations are. When I was the Sec/Tac previously we did not have a Mission Advisor and I just want to make sure I meet your expectations."

"Your duty Cody will be to study the missions we have been given and see if there is a way we can improve on them, then it is to pass that information onto me or Commander Sterling, when you are not doing that, you can be the stand-in Communications operator and Security Officer, but main task will be to analyze the mission data and find ways to improve on it, if after a time you cannot settle into your current post I will rearrange the Security assignments, but lets see how you do as Mission Advisor firsts heh!" she said.

"Sounds like a plan ma'am, I am looking forward to digging in and getting to work. I'm assuming my position during missions will either be on the bridge or the Ops centre" Cody replied.

*nodding* "But with your previous security experience, you may find out that you may end up on an away team once in a while, also field work is a good place to find out if there may be obstacles to overcome on a mission," she said.

"Sounds exciting, I think I do bring a unique perspective having worked in Security and now as the mission Advisor. I am also looking forward to working with Comms on the bridge."

"Excellent, you will also, as I said work with Intelligence to squeeze out any additional information on our missions, I have lost too many crews, most of them were in the Hydaransz missions, so I have gotten into the habit of wanting more information," Somers said "now as all is nearly said are there any final questions you want to ask? Your old quarters are still available and that is where your stuff has been moved to" she added.

"I think that will be all, I believe I have a mission briefing to review before the Department Head meeting so I will be familiarizing myself with that. Thank you for the warm welcome and the use of my quarters again." Parker was extremely pleased with the Captain's reception and was anxious to prove himself and become integral to the team.

He stood and saluted Captain Somers before returning to his quarters to begin reviewing the upcoming mission.

She watched him leave, to this day she never understood why Fleet Officers saluted if it was a Marine, fair cop, but a Fleet Officer! *shakes head in resignation and returns to see if there is anything new for her to sign.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Cody Parker
Mission Adviser
USS Tomcat


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