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Contact with Paula

Posted on 03 Feb 2019 @ 5:51pm by Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Edited on on 03 Feb 2019 @ 6:02pm

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Paul's Quarters-USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 -Day 0 15:00 Hrs

Paul had been going through the updated Intelligence for the region that the Tomcat patrolled as several items that kept flagging up looked reasonable and he passed on those to his analysts to mull over and check and report back, he thought oO why the hell have I just got my team to arrive now, Oo as it had only just been him. But now he had a team under him that could look at what was important and categorize it, He leaned back in his chair and began to rub his eyes when his combadge chirped.

=/\=Lieutenant Winchester, I have a call for you from Lieutenant Winchester on SB381, =/\= came the voice of the on-duty Operations officer on the bridge, as Paul wondered why Paula was contacting him, after all, their agreement to let each other know of their new assignments and now they were talking again had been a blessing after the falling out as they had.

“Patch her through,” responded Paul as he quickly got up from his chair and hurried over to the replication unit to get a cold drink, whilst he tapped in the commands, he knew that something was up and he also knew that when they talked trouble was not far away.

=/\= Hey Paul, are you there? =/\= came to the sounds of Paula’s sultry tones, the one person that he could not lie to as he knew that he would be lying to himself, as Paul tapped in the commands on the replication unit and then headed back to the terminal.

=/\= Yeah, I’m here Paula, What’s up? =/\= As he returned to the seat in front of the terminal, as he noticed the blackness of space behind her, He continued, =/\= So what with this call Paula? =/\= as he hadn’t spoken to her in a long while she hadn’t been told about his accident. He thought to himself oO I wonder how she is going to take it? Oo as he looked back at her.

=/\= Just to let you know that I’m now on Starbase 381=/\= replied Paula looking back at him as she could tell that her Brother was hiding something, she asked, =/\= Is everything alright Paul? =/\= as he tried to unzip his Jacket, she knew that it must be big for him to try and hide it from her. As she waited for him to finish what he was doing.

Paul remembered that the last time he had spoken to her was about her Assignment to the USS Galileo replied, =/\= Didn’t you receive the message that I had hurt myself in a crash? =/\= looking at her as she shook her head in response to his question, He continued, =/\= yeah, I lost my right arm and now have an artificial arm, =/\=

=/\= I did read a little, but are you alright now? =/\= replied Paula looking concerned for her brother, she continued, +/\= This is not a social call Paul, but a work-related call, =/\= as Paul looked back at her with interest as this was the first time that she had called him like this.
=/\=Go replied Paul looking at his Sister, He knew that it must be something big to call him and ask him to look into it for her, He continued, =/\= What is it you want me to do? =/\= as he leaned back into his chair, He thought to himself oO this better be good, Oo whilst keeping his gaze upon his sister.

=/\= Well, you know Aleta and her Orion sisters that I saved some years back, =/\= replied Paula as she shifted in her own chair, she continued, =/\= Well, their Bar has become a hive of intelligence gathering for you and now they have some dire information that needs to be acted upon, =/\= Suddenly Paul’s terminal pinged. =Sending Data file now =/\=

=/\= It seems that I have it, Paula, so what is this all about? =/\= asked Paul, as he would read the document later after the call, He knew that this was going to bring the Tomcat into trouble, and if it sounded like big Trouble then the Captain would have to be informed.

=/\= What they have learned Paul, is that Sixteen-year-old girls have been kidnapped and being sold into slavery by the Syndicate, =/\= Paula stated looking back at Paul, she continued, =/\= That’s not all Paul, it seems that they are using the girls to sell weapons =/\= as she leaned back in her chair.

Paul looked back at heart the news that Paula had just told him, He asked Paula =/\= Any Idea where this is being done, Sis? =/\= as he needed all the information before he went to see Captain Somers with this and maybe some higherups and also contact HQ about this as well.

=/\= From what Aletta said that the ship that the crewmember was on had come from Cestus 3 and the surrounding area =/\= replied Paula, as she looked at her brother and knew that he was thinking on his next move with this information, she guessed that he would have to pass it on up the chain in the Intelligence branch, she thought oO Has this opened up a can of worms? Oo as she waited for him to speak.

He replied, =/\= Thanks Sis, I’ll see what I can do, no promises though, =/\= as he looked back at her, he finished, =/\= Take Care and say hi to Davina for me and treat her to something for me will you? =/\= as he hadn’t gotten Davina her Christmas present yet as he had only just got back from the last mission.

Paula replied =/\= Will do and take care Brother, Paula out =/\= as the channel closed and the Federation symbol appeared once more, Paul opened the file that Paula had sent him and read up on the file and looked up the area that had been mentioned, he found that it was a contested area with Pirates flying around.

He thought oO This doesn’t look good, Oo as he copied the file and sent all the information off to Intelligence HQ. He tapped his combadge and said, = /\= Winchester to Captain Somers, I need to speak with you in my Quarters, =/\=


Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester
HMO/ Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat


Lieutenant Jg Paula Winchester
Assistant Chief Security Officer
SB 381


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