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"Meeting the Captain

Posted on 12 Feb 2019 @ 11:23pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 -Day 0


- Starbase docking ring -

Serina had heard that the Tomcat had docked and she quickly finished packing her duffle bag. Eager to see to her fighter, Reaper 1, she jogged to the docking ring where she caught sight of the Tomcat. oO Holy gee Josaphat! She is beautiful Oo That's when she caught sight of her fighter being ferried onto the Tomcat. oO Don't you scratch the damn paint on the bloody nose. Gonna have to inspect her just as soon as I board her Oo Watching all the action, she did not hear the approaching footsteps of John.

*Spinning her around John picked her up suddenly* “Hey there gorgeous”, he said holding her airborne.

“Argh! What the hell….”, *looking down at the man* “Oh my god! John! How…...where…...what the hell you doing here?”, Serina said shakily.

Putting Serina down, he stepped away looking at her approvingly
“Well, long story but for now I am assigned to the Tomcat and more directly assigned to you as your wingman”, he said chuckling.

It was years, well almost three since she broke up with him. Could this be a joke the fates slipped in front of her? And if so why now?

“How the devil did you find me?”, Serina asked, backing away as two officers passed them. John had indeed filled out from a scrawny looking kid into a good looking man.

“Asked around and finally found where you were going to be posted…...and pulled some strings….well dad did”, he chided.

“Yeah your father could always pull some rabbits out of the hat”, she laughed. “Hey, I gotta go to see the CO before I forget. You coming?”, Serina said.

“Yeah, I have to report in as well”, he said, picking up his duffle bag.

“Well let's go and check in with the captain”, she said, hoisting her own duffle bag onto her shoulder. oO Damn John looks really good… me an idea Oo

- USSTomcat -

=/\= Captain Somers, this is Lieutenant Serina 'Reaper’ Donovan reporting in. Where can we meet? =/\= Serina said, *grabbing John's arm* Walking up the loading ramp the entered the Tomcat and it was a sight that made Serina gasp. “Holy Hanna! She is huge and beautiful isn't she John, *turning to look at him*

“Hell yeah! She is big”, he commented. He was busy looking at everything while they were walking. oO I wonder where the holodeck is? I got a surprise for Serina, *smiling* Oo

In her Ready Room, her Commbadge came to life, she had just finished with one new crew, now another was contacting her, she had double-checked that Lucy had indeed left the ship, she tapped her Commbadge =/\= Lieutenant Donovan, report to my Ready Room ASAP =/\= Jasmine said in a neutral tone.

=/\= Understood captain. Bringing my new wingman with me as well, and he has his orders with him. Serina out=/\= closing the link *turning to him with a serious face* "Listen up John, don't go making me look bad ok. Just remember who and where you are", Serina said evenly.

When the link was closed Somers returned to her desk and called up Serina Donovan's service jacket while she waited for the woman to arrive. She was half-way through reading her flight record when the Buzzer sounded, she dropped what she was doing.

"Enter," she said loud enough to be heard.

Stepping into the captain's ready room, with John on her heels, Serina came to a ridged salute position. "Lieutenant Serina "Reaper" Donovan reporting as ordered, Sir!", she said.

John snapped to attention as well, "Lieutenant John "Sickle" Martinson, reporting for duty, Sir!", *holds out the transfer Padd for the captain* "My orders Sir!", he stated clearly.

She takes their Padds and looks at Martinson "at ease Lieutenant before you hurt yourself" she said in an amused fashion oO Talk about wanting to make a good impression Oo Somers thought to herself *indicates the chairs in front of her desk* as the pair take a seat she sits behind her desk and looks at Martinson "Lieutenant Martinson, you will be assigned to Raider Squadron along with Donovan here, she is also the CAG on this boat, you will be Raider 6 she is Raider 1, these are your official callsigns, do not forget them *small smile* your clearances have already been sorted as has your level of replicator access" she paused as she looked at the pair.

"So I take it you took time to have a look at the launch tubes and main flight bay I take it! What did you think of it?" Somers asked.

"Well, I am gonna love idea of taking off the deck but tubes? You kinda lost me there, sir", Serina said. "Another thing sir, I was wondering if we couldn't use Reaper 1....instead of Raider 1. Like I would be Reaper 1 and John here Reaper 6. My call sign is Reaper anyhow so.....ya think?", Serinna added *smiling *.

"Do either tubes or off the deck. Makes little difference to me actually", John said dryly.

"John!! is not the time", Serina hissed at him.

She looked at Donovan "Sorry you are Raider One and Martinson is Raider Six, the Squadron Callsigns have not changed since I took command of the Tomcat year ago, the callsigns stay. Let the Lieutenant ask, I would rather you ask than assume something" she responded finally looking at Martinson. "I am glad to hear that Lieutenant Martinson *looks back at Donovan* by the time we are finished here, your fighters will be on the ship," she said standing and walking over to the replicator and looking at them "would either of you like a drink?" Somers asked.

"Yes sir coffee would please", John said. "Also, you mentioned tubes...I didn't think there would be tubes on the Akira class. I figured it would be a straight fly in fly out thing", John added.

"Raktijino for me sir", Serinna said *looking at John menacingly* "Yes, I wasn't aware that we had tubes that would jettison us out. I would say it was quicker to be deployed that way but it would also be a bit dangerous as well, I would think", she commented.

*nodding* "one black coffee, one Raktijino and a cup of tea," Jasmine said as the first two appeared she passed the two officers, their respective drinks, before picking up her own and returning to her chair.

"Yes, the launch tubes may not have launch catapults but they use a kind of air jet effect to launch the fighters, those fighters do have to be powered up and running at full impulse, fortunately this is synced with the fighter startup times, you two will need to use the simulator to get some practice with this in, by the time your fighters are ready,they will have been adjusted for this. The launch tubes are for initial launches only, so as the flight deck is not hindered as there are usually shuttles and such on it, the Tomcat is a modified Akira class, you will land in the main through flight deck, but will launch from the tubes, which are quite safe, I can assure you, I have not had ant failed launches yet" she paused.

"Sadly at one point the launch tubes failed and we had to operate like an Aircraft carrier of old, launch times were slower, but there was no drop in actual ship performance *looking at Donovan* remember what I said, I would rather questions asked now than when the poodoo hits the fan, understood?" She asked now looking from one to the other.

John opened his mouth first, "Captain, I understand that Serina is my boss but, me being Raider 6, does that not make me her wingman?", he asked. *looking at Serina*

Serina nearly died and her face went beet red. "Um...Captain it might be a very good idea to do some practice in with the tubes. I know I sure could", she said *now looking at John*

*sighing heavily* "the way you pair act, anyone would think you are a married couple" she commented with dry humour "very well, I will move you up to Raider 2 Lieutenant Martinson, but where Squadron matters are concerned, you speak to Lieutenant Donovan, as for the practice please do so to avoid self-embarrassment and damage to my ship, the Starbase holodeck will be better-suited call up launchtomAlpha1 and that will create a training launch simulation" Somers said.

*laughing slightly* "Well Captain, I have to be honest, at one time a few years ago we were, how to put it, involved and we broke up. How he found out where I was, well *pausing slightly* he must have asked his dad and well now he is here. We had discussed getting married back then but never did", she finished.

"Captain, we were going to get married and I guess she got cold feet but I still have feelings for Serina", Martinson said.

Looking at the pair with a raised eyebrow "what you pair do in your off duty hours I do not want to know, you are both the same rank so there is no problem there, but on duty you keep it professional, should you fail to do this there will be dire consequences, understood?" Somers said.

Both said in unison, "Understood sir!"

Nodding "excellent, your respective fighters have been brought aboard, the tech flight crew are putting them through their maintenance checks, standard on this ship, you will find that you have a Marine Squadron, these are of the 95th Rifles, none wear the white cord like me, but they are good at what they do. We also have a Klingon Squadron, now while our official operational fighter operations are three squadrons of twelve fighters each squadron, we have another three squadrons worth of reserve fighters and the pilots to go with it. The pilots are rotated when on active duty three days on three days off ship time which is set to Zulu time, to use the old term. Will working with Marines and Klingons be an issue for you in anyway Lieutenant?" Somers asked looking at Donovan.

"Absolutely not. Both of us have worked with marines and Klingons. I had several in my own squadron on two of my previous assignments". Serina said.

"Good to hear, had to ask, do not want animosity on my ship, anyway, I better let you get settled in so you can be ready for the next mission" Somers said standing indicating things were done "again welcome to the ship and will see you at the next mission briefing" Somers added.

Standing with Martinson, "Thank you, sir. I will get my people rolling once I get settled", she said giving Martinson a nudge to move his ass.

"Very good, both of you dismissed," Somers said and watched the pair leave again she smiled "the Raiders are going to get interesting," she said to herself and sighed heavily as she returned the mugs to the reclimator and returned to her desk.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Serina 'Reaper' Donovan
CAG/Raider 1
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Martinson [PNPC: Serina]
Raider 2
USS Tomcat


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