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Romantic Proposal

Posted on 26 Apr 2019 @ 8:57pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Starbase 51, Luxury Guest Suite
Timeline: Three days before briefing n Marines briefing room

-Starbase Guest Quarters-

Remy and Iria were permitted to disembark the Tomcat and spend a couple days off duty on the Starbase.

Remy had reserved a luxury guest suite and had it stocked with lots of of Iria's favorite snacks and foods so they did not have to leave the suite, the whole time they were off-duty.

Iria checked her office one last time before she headed down the corridor to the turbo lift, after reaching the deck with transporter room three she smiled as she said goodbye to the transport technician. She was about to ask to go to the station guest quarters area, when the technician spoke up.

"Already have your location ready, Counselor Walon, have a nice shoreleave!"

Iria was too surprised to reply as she was beamed away...

Remy had even arranged for Iria to be beamed directly to the suite once she was granted permission to disembark the ship. He was waiting there for her in nothing but a pair of shorts and a smile when she materialized in front of him.

"Well, surprise, I arranged for us to not have to deal with anything other than time with each other." Remy stated when she had taken a second to realize where she was. "We don't have to leave this room for anything for the next three days."

Iria blinked as she looked around the room and then to him, as his words sunk in, her face bloomed into a smile as she dropped her bags at her feet, and walked to him wrapping her arms around his neck, "You are such a romantic, this was a wonderful surprise!" She kissed Remy and gave a playful purr against his mouth.

He kissed her back full of passion but sensed something after realizing her wording.

"I have jumped ahead with out asking and I sense I have interrupted some other plans you had." Remy asked of his love.

Iria shook her head softly, "After the treaty talks with the Gorn and Avians I noticed our Diplomatic department was missing folks to support, so I was going to start studying to help during shoreleave when we weren't busy I can do that anytime though. This is a wonderful surprise Remy!" ~~I love that you can be spontaneous I'm not used to it but I will look forward to each new surprise!~~

~~ I love that you think this is wonderful. I do really enjoy spending my free time with you in any fashion I can. ~~ Remy replied as he took her in is arms once again and pulled her up for another kiss. ~~ I arranged to have a hot tub in the master bath, so we could share some wet and wild fun if you know what I mean. ~~

Iria wrapped her arms around his neck tangling her fingers into his hair as they kissed again,~~A hot tub? I've never been in one of those before. I like hot springs within certain limits I don't have a tolerance for the really hot ones. ~~ she was always up for trying something new and spending time with Remy while exploring such things made the experience extra fun.

~~ I already have the hot tub ready to go. It is not super hot as I know you don’t have a super tolerance for heat. Hence your always cuddling when we watch a movie in my quarters. I figured since we are alone you would not need your swim wear. ~~ Dodd was always trying to keep Iria comfortable when together as he really enjoyed making her happy and hoped he could do so for a long time.

Iria laughed very softly, ~~Got me all figured out already huh? Not worried you'll get bored?~~ She wasn't worried in the least he had pleasantly surprised her a few times already though she was already thinking of how she could plan a surprise or two for him, no mean feat considering how close they'd gotten in the passing weeks.

~~ How can I ever get bored with you. I know we can make anything work, after all you can be around Rocky in your feline form and he doesn't try to eat you, so you are a keeper in my book. ~~ Dodd replied as he lifted Iria up and slowly started walking towards the hot tub. ~~ I hope you are ready to make a splash with me ~~ and with that he sat her down and started to unzip her jacket, and undress her for the hot tub.

Iria laughed softly as she let him remove her jacket, "You're gonna spoil me." She didn't mind she fully intended to spoil him right back in as many ways as possible. After the jacket was followed by her under shirt, pants and boots, she gave his ribs a gentle poke with her finger tips, before she reached up to hold his face between her hands softly as she looked him in the eyes, ~~Skinny dipping in a hot tub with a friend and lover, what is next? Kids and adopting a ferret?~~ she teased lightly as she gave him a playful kiss.

Remy had already dropped his shorts to the floor as he was baring all for Iria in preparation for the hot tub. ~~ Adopting a ferret would be interesting as Rocky might think that was his supper. ~~ Dodd replied as he playfully rubbed his hands down Iria's back. ~~ I would love to have a litter with you and teach them in the ways of the Ullian and Isisian heritages. But maybe we should first merge our quarters officially and go from there. If you know what I mean? ~~ Dodd then turned Iria around to face the hot tub and there on the edge was a bottle of champagne, two glasses and a small red velvet box.

Her light laugh as his hands trailed down her back stilled in surprise, as his words about a litter to his suggestion of merging their quarters. It was the sight of the champagne glasses and the velvet box had her eyes tearing up. Iria turned back around looking up at him, she had no words she was so surprised by the gesture. ~~Remy are you pulling my leg or is that a real jewelery box?~~ she asked lightly with a smile even as stunned happy tears started trailing down her cheeks.

Remy then smiled and then dropped to one knee in front of his Imzadi. He reached for the velvet box, and presented it to Iria. ~~ It is a very real jewelry box. ~~ He opened the box and revealed a silver ring with a 10 karat green Rigelien diamond. "Iria, I know we have a great relationship and I can't imagine my life without you in it. On the last mission when I was in the past, I could do nothing but think of how much I missed you and longed to hold you in my arms. I missed the smell of your hair, the shimmer of your smile, and the sparkle of your eyes when you look at me like only you can do." Dodd stated out loud. "I have never felt love like this and I know it will only get better as long as you are in love with me. You are not only my friend, my therapist, my crew mate, my lover, but I want to make you my wife. Will you marry me, Imzadi?" and a tear rolled down Dodd's cheek as he was so nervous and all of his emotions were being held back.

Iria wrapped her arms around him, she couldn't talk past the lump in her throat, he meant so much to her and this was an amazing romantic surprise. "You sure you want to be stuck with me? It isn't pretty when I get a cold and sneeze hairballs." ~~I will be honored to marry you Remington Dodd,~~ She wiped his tear away with her finger tips and kissed him with a whisper soft kiss.

~~ I don’t want to risk living without you. Making you my wife is just the start. We will have a menagerie of experiences and I only want to experience what life has with you at my side.~~ Dodd replied. ~~ I will understand if this is not for you yet. I love you and I will be yours until the end of life itself. We don’t have to be married to be together but I would love to share life with you no matter what. ~~

Iria smiled as she looked him in the eyes, ~~I will be there with you Remy as your wife or whatever you ask.~~ She offered her left hand to him so he could place the ring he had chosen with such obvious care, on her finger, marking her as officially taken in heart to be married to one with whom her heart would beat for the rest of her life.

Once the ring was on her finger, Remy stood up and pulled Iria into him and slid his hands down her bare back and under her glutes to then lifted her up to kiss her like they have never kissed before. As their lips locked he slowly moved to the edge of the hot tub and while still holding her stepped into the warm water. The couple was still embraced in a deep kiss as Remy started to lower into the water and let the magic happen.

After an hour the couple emerged from the hot tub to move to the bed. Since they had the time off and did not need to leave the suite, they remained enjoying the physical contact and closeness the time allowed. Clothing was all optional for this bonding pair of lovers.

~~ I am so loving spending this time with you. I wish it would never end. ~~ Remy stated. Then he switched positions and continued with pleasuring the love of his life.

Iria was beyond words at this point, her skin now so sensitized to his touch, the sound of his voice and the thoughts feelings shared between them. She returned each new exploratory touch, kiss though along with her kisses she added purrs and playful light nips with her teeth, against his skin. She was careful in caressing his skin with her left hand, since she didn't want to scratch him with the ring he'd given her.

~~ You complete this part of me that I have felt was missing for all of my life. ~~ Remy expressed to Iria as the lovers continued intertwining their bodies in every possible way and even a few impossible ways. He was concerned that once they were done with this shore leave that they would then need a few days to recover back on the ship. Lucky for Remy he could control himself enough to help prevent any unwanted occurrences from happening.

~~Remy, you're the best part of my life, whatever comes next I know I have you as lover, friend and when we decide on where to get married, my husband.~~ she returned as she snuggled close to him with her pillowed over his heart. She as content, exhausted and ready to share whatever dreams came along for them.

The next few days were going to be interesting...

The two lovers fell asleep and while Remy was dreaming he was a thinking of the typical Betazoid ceremony, where everyone is naked and while he loved to see Iria in the buff, he did not think their shipmates would appreciate that. The then there was the traditional Ullian ceremony where the bride was only allowed a vale and had body paint symbolizing her status in society and the Groom was clad in armor with only his right hand exposed that symbolized his ability to protect live and love. The rest of the wedding party wore as minimal attire as permitted for the location and the season. He could have fun with the Ullian ceremony but he would like to keep his Imzadi clothed around his shipmates as she was attractive and he did not want to have the other men drooling over her in that manner.

After a few hours, Remy awoke to find Iria curled up under his arm next to him. While she was in human form, her purring was soothing to Remy and he did not want to move to disturb the moment. The only light in the suite was the glow of the stars out the porthole windows. Remy wanted to get up to make breakfast for Iria but was so caught in the moment that he watched her sleep. The gentle motion of her nostrils as breathed in and out, the wisps of her ginger locks that Remy would gently tuck behind her ear were all in their glory as she slept and Remy just admired the moment. He hoped for this moment to happen a lot in the lifetime they had to look forward to. To Remy, Iria was the embodiment of all the beauty he could behold and all the love he felt ever. If only his mother would have been able to meet her but one day he maybe be able to have his half sister and father meet her along with his step-mother; that is if they ever make it back to Earth.

Iria blinked slowly and smiled seeing Remy watching her, "Morning, did I snore or something?" she asked softly in amusement and joy she liked waking up to seeing his face so close, she snuggled closer, taking advantage of his warmth and because snuggling was just nice.

"No snoring just some purring." Dodd said with a charming smile on his face as he then leaned in to kiss his Imzadi. The warmth of her flesh against his made the moment so nice for him. He loved having Iria in his life and every moment they got to share was special to him even if it was so routine. "I would like to make breakfast if you are hungry. But since we have no place to go or be other than with each other, you tell me what you want to do." Dodd then playfully tickled Iria's ribs.

Iria laughed and shook her head, " ... very funny... breakfast sounds good.... what do you... have.... in mind...?" she wiggled back a bit and gave him a cheeky grin. She was so paying him back for the tickling later.

Remy then slid down under the covers and started to tickle Iria in a special way without using his fingers. ~~ I know you are so loving this and I hope it pleases you.~~ Remy kept it up and used his hands to caress Iria's glutes and thighs and the pleasure trembles started to pulse from .............

Iria's laugh turned to a startled squeak and then she moaned...

~~That's not breakfast!.... .... .... REMY! ~~

~~ This is what I had in mind after watching you sleep. I am exploring a new realm of our relationship and wanted to let you know I am game for making you as happy as possible. ~~ Remy was still giving pleasure and feeling Iria really into it. After about ten minutes Remy had to stop as he was getting a cramp and so he crawled up and out of from under the blankets.

"Well, I hope that was good for you?" Remy stated as he was back to laying beside Iria all sweaty from being under the blankets.

Iria blinked at him breathless, sweating, and sated, she hadn't figured him to be so giving and vigorous. "Good .... Is the wrong word...." ~~Exquisitely sated and feeling very lucky to have you in my life.~~ She smiled with a distinct cheekily playfulness, as she regarded her fiance, she ran her fingers gently over his face then lightly down his throat.

A lump formed in Remy's throat as his lover gently tickled him. However, he was enjoying the attention of his Imzadi and every moment they shared bonded them more.

Iria kicked the blankets off, as her eyes sparkled with mischief and promise as she crawled over him. Dropping kisses and light playful nibbles against him, starting at his mouth, trailing down his throat, across his clavicle over his chest, stomach and lower. She gave kisses and purred as she covered Remy 'tickling' his most sensitive spots as her hair trailed over his thighs, her fingers danced over his skin.

The purring from Iria caused Remy's pulse to race with anticipation of what was to come from her current advancement of the situation. He was not able to read her mind as she had random provocative thoughts kept flooding what he was sensing. This only added to his anticipation as Remy tries his best to let sensual pleasure remain full of suspense and fun without ruining the experience.


Iria made her way back up Remy's body kissing and nipping gently as she left light presses of purrs against his skin, when she was eye to eye to him again she leaned down and brushed her nose against his gently, "How about breakfast in the hot tub?"

"How about you take a refreshing shower, and I will prepare breakfast fit for a queen and serve it to you as you sit upon the recliner next to the hot tub. Then after you have had your fill of breakfast, I can help you work off those calories as we delve into more physical experiences?" Remy stated as he stood up and offered his hand to help Iria up from the bed.

Iria shook her head softly, "You better be eating some of that breakfast with me with all the energy you're going to burn through with those devious ideas!" She placed her hand in his and crawled from the bed with his help. Once she was standing next to him. Iria gave him a cheekily playful smile, wink before she bounced on her toes to jump wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, before she let go and ran for the shower giggling...

Iria was in the shower and so Remy programmed the replicator to produce a feast for a queen. He made biscuits and gravy, sausage and eggs, fresh orange marmalade and hot chocolate. He even made Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. When Iria exited the shower and took her seat, Remy presented the feast to his lover and then knelt beside her to help her prepare a plate. ~~ I hope this is filling and delicious. I want you to have your energy for a day of love. ~~ Remy stated without moving his lips.

~~ You're going to spoil me, you better be eating some of this too!~~ Iria sent back smiling brightly at him, she'd never had anyone go to such lengths showing they cared. She brushed a whisper soft kiss on his mouth, then sat back, smiling impishly at him, her eyes alight with playful mischief.

--- The last day of leave ---

The playful love fest continued for engaged couple who were so into one another. Remy and Iria were so in tune that the time off from duty was soon coming to an end. This was the last morning in the suite before they had to return to the ship to prepare for the next mission.

Remy was up early and he was merely watching his Imzadi sleeping all cuddled into the comforter and sheets on the bed. They had spent three days in the suite making love and bonding in more ways than one. He proposed and she accepted. Next was telling the captain and preparing for their future.

Not having to get dressed for three days was a luxury as Remy likes to be all natural when he can be. Also, it has been three days of keeping Iria in her human form as, they were totally intertwined and it would have been awkward if she transformed. Remy was starting to shift his mind to getting ready to depart Starbase 51. He got up from the bed and walked to the window and could see the vastness of space. He wondered where the next mission would take him, Iria and the crew of the Tomcat. He knew all would be as it should be and now with Iria as his fiancee, he knew he had more to protect with how he handled himself. He was looking forward to restructuring the staffing in engineering and this mission would be the one do just that.

After about forty-five minutes, of some recycling of cups and plates and toys, Remy was still undressed and crawled back into bed next to Iria, and the warmth of his flesh against hers was enough to ignite a new flame of sensual fun between the two lovers.

Iria snuggled against him her eyes still closed, she nuzzled her nose into his neck and gave him a light nibbling kiss then she pressed a line a of kisses and purrs against his skin.

The purrs and kisses Iria delivered to Remy got his motor going and so he took the queue and started another round of loving and wanted to make it the most passionate yet as it would be the final round in the suite. Iria was wide awake now and deeply involved in the passion as Remy pleasured her in ways they had not yet experienced over the last two days.

Soon it was to end, as they had to finish packing and get back to the ship. Once the mood died down enough for the lovers to crawl out of bed one last time, Remy continued to recycle the unneeded items, like the cat toys and other items like glasses and plates. He let Iria get a shower and by the time she was out, he had the place cleaned up. He then got in the shower and thought about what their future would be like on the ship and sharing quarters. He had not been in a situation where he shared living space with another person for a while and was used to his own space. He needed to take Iria with him to talk the captain an to get her blessing on the engagement and to make the request to get joint quarters.

The newly engaged couple gathered the few belongings that they had brought from the ship and prepared exit the quarters for the first time since they arrived in them. Three glorious days of pure love and pleasure between two individuals that were sooner or later to wed had come to an end.

- Corridor -

As the doors opened to the corridor, Dodd let Iria exit and then he followed behind her. He stepped up beside her to take her hand in his as the strolled to the docking port to return to the ship.

- USS Tomcat -

They boarded the Tomcat and headed to Iria's quarters. Once Dodd was secure in her status in her quarters, he headed for his quarters to unpack and check on Rocky. Both Iria and Dodd then had to prepare for the next day's mission briefing.

[ OFF ]

LT. Remington S. Dodd
Chief Engineer, USS Tomcat


LT. (jg) Iria Walon
Chief Counselor, USS Tomcat


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