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A Happy Moment

Posted on 22 Feb 2019 @ 10:58am by Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Lieutenant Paul Winchester

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: Captain's Ready Room/Various
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 -Day 0


After seeing the last officer, she prepared a box and adjusted the officer's bio, now as she preparing things for the award when she tapped her Commbadge and in a serious tone =/\= Captain Somers to Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester, report to my Ready Room ASAP, Somers out =/\= she said and went to notify Lucy, then returned back to her ready room and sat behind her desk catching up on some paperwork.

Outside the Ready Room, Lucy looked up as the lift door opened, she greeted the officer with a friendly smile "Lieutenant Winchester, good to see you, how are things?" Armitage asked.

"I'm fine that you Chief," replied Paul as he held onto the PADD that held the information that Paula had sent him, this was the most interesting briefing ever, He continued, " Is she in?" as he looked back at the enlisted officer. He knew that he had to discuss Paula and him and wondered how she was going to take the news.

*smiling with warmth* "yes Lieutenant, please go right in" Lucy said and watched Winchester enter the Ready Room.

Jasmine was now standing at the smallish window that looked out onto the internal side of the Spacedock standing at parade rest, she had decided to have a little fun with Winchester, she was feeling in a playful mood.

As Paul entered the Ready room, Paul said, " Good morning Captain," as he noticed that she had her back to him, He asked, "How are you this morning?"

"Lieutenant Winchester, now we are in home territory, it is time to deal with some unfinished business involving you, do not sit down, stand to attention," she said turning to face him with a bland looking face.

"Aye Ma'am," replied Paul as he stood with his arms by his side, he thought oO what is she playing at I wonder? Oo as he waited for her to speak, as he had never seen her so relaxed like this, This began to worry him.

Looking intently at him "let us start with your crash, I hope you know how damn lucky you were! You could have lost more than an arm, also you have a tendency to jump the gun on things and assume without full proof, do you have anything to say for this?" she asked maintaining her bland expression and calm tone.

"If I may ma'am, I do know how lucky I am, but how was I to know that the throttle would get jammed open?" replied Paul looking back at her, He continued "and as to Jumping the gun Ma'am, I just look at the bigger picture,"

*pinning him with a glare* "really, well then..." she said as she deftly took out a small box and walked around to him, she removed the half pip "congratulation Lieutenant Winchester, you are hereby promoted to full Lieutenant, with all the rights and privileges of that rank, also I am fully transferring you out of CAG duties and into Intelligence properly, I am making you my new Chief intelligence Officer" she said as she finished by securing the full pip next to his other, making him a full Lieutenant. "your clearance level has been elevated as CIO, you will find your new command codes in your quarters, read and memorize them, as after activating the Padd you will have twenty seconds to read and remember before the Padd erases itself, are there any questions?" she asked finally stepping back from the newly minted Lieutenant.

Paul stood shocked at the news of his promotion to full Lieutenant and he hadn't seen this coming, but what did surprise him was that he had been given the Chief Intelligence job, he said "Thank you, Ma'am," as he knew that he would have to ask for some staff for the department as he had understood that it had been a one-man job. He asked," Will I have a staff for my department Ma'am as I can not do this alone," as he had been the last mission.

"Well there are some intelligence staff, but they are mainly undercover operatives, I would suggest you grab some analysts from the Starbase, I think there are two you can grab, but for now you have no ACIO, just you and a small staff, how you set your department up is up to you, only come to me when there are major issues, otherwise any small problems, you are to deal with them, got that Lieutenant?" Somers asked.

"Aye Sir," replied Paul looking back at Somers, He continued, "On another Matter Sir, remember I mentioned about my Sister Paula?" as he Pulled out the data chip with the real service jacket of Paula on.

Taking the chip "no you did not" she said intrigued by events.

"you need to read this before I tell you about what she has asked us to look into," Paul stated looking at Somers as he handed the Data stick over, He said," Computer Log Captain Somers USS Tomcat to List of known Officers,"

The computer responded," Captain Somers has been added,"

She accessed the file and read it, hiding the surprise as she looked up at Winchester then back down at the file "well knock me down with a feather!" she exclaimed.

"Here is the dossier that Paula sent me," replied Paul handing the PADD over to the Captain, "he stated, "when you read it, Ma'am, you will see why she brought it to my attention," as the longer they waited the longer the girls would be gone.

After getting over the initial shock she took the dossier on the Padd and scanned it "Orion Slavers and kidnapped girls, Okay Lieutenant as your first task you are to set up a mission briefing and prepare the brief for the crew, also make allowances for being asked a lot of questions" she said placing the Padd on her desk as she sat down. "A time-twin huh, due to an intervention of the Q, that has to be heady!" she said.

"Aye Ma'am," replied Paul as he kept his gaze upon Somers, "He continued," you do know that if you reveal what you have read about me and Paula will end your Career don't you?" as he wanted Somers to understand the consequences of doing that.

"Lieutenant, I have a higher clearance than you, what you are showing me would have eventually gotten to me, but you got here first *smiling* but I know the full score of loose lips sinks ships, no need to remind your Captain, I got more secrets than you Lieutenant and as you are one of my officers, this link between you and your female opposite would have been made known to me at my next security briefing" Somers said and fell silent after making it clear while this was news to her, she did have the clearances to acquire such information if she needed it.

"But do not fret Lieutenant, I will not step on your toes, it is your department, but in future all information that could be a threat to myself, ship and crew I am to be notified, regardless of classification. As for building up some external contacts, I do not need to know who those are, as long as any information they give is credible and I will offer you the same understanding as I offered my last CIO, unless I need to have the information I will not push for it, nor will I look over your shoulder" Somers added.

"Sir, no one in the brass knows about this except the president and those that Paula and I have given access to," replied Paul, he continued As only it is Us that can grant access" as he looked back at Somers. " as for my sources on this information comes from Paula' rescued Girls who own a bar and they won't lie to Paula as they call her Matriarch,"

"As I already said, if you had listened Lieutenant this latest is news to me I said it would have eventually gotten to me, but you beat the confidential briefs I get, so that is done. As for the Girls we rescue they will be returned to their families when they are rescued, I will not put them to work in any establishment. Remember as for sources, you do not need to notify me of who they are and as I said as long as the sources are credible all is good. As for your temporal twin I had heard rumours, still, there has only been one other like it and that was Will Riker who was a transporter twin. *then with curiosity, what was it like looking at a female version of yourself?" she asked.

"Well, it was strange at first, but as time went on we sort of got used to one another like Brother/Sister," replied Paul who continued," Who have gone our separate ways and have carved out our own lives," as he remembered the first talk with Paula.

*nodding* "interesting, I cannot guess how I would react if the same thing happened to me, anyway, back to the main topic, you know what you have to do and with this latest mission, you will need to start working with Parker on squeezing any more data out of what you have already known and will brief the crew on" Somers said "time is getting on, is there anything else, you have to say or ask about your new appointment?" She added.

"I will do ma'am," replied Paul looking back at the Captain, as he asked "Is that all Ma'am?" as he needed to go see the new Mission advisor. But what he could not get over was his promotion to full Lieutenant and Chief intel Officer.

"I got nothing further for you Lieutenant, I will let you get to your tasks and again well done" Somers said standing up indication the session was over.

Jasmine watched Winchester leave with a smile, now she returned to updating Paul's service file and for a time she was left in peace.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat

Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage [PNPC: Somers]
Captain's Yeoman
USS Tomcat


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