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Reporting In

Posted on 06 Feb 2019 @ 3:28pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant JG Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne

Mission: S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)
Location: USS Tomcat, Captain’s Ready Room
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 -Day 0


Having dropped her hand luggage into her quarters, once she’d found them. Lamia had made her way to the Captain’s ready Room to meet her new Commanding Officer. Pausing out by the door she straightened her uniform making sure she was neat and presentable before pressing the chime.

Jasmine was straightening out the 95th Regimental Emblem on the wall behind her desk along with the Federation standard and the Regimental banner, as she stood back to see if anything else needed to be done she looked at the emblem with was the Riflemans Bugle on top of crossed Phaser RIfles and surrounded by Laurel Leaf branches similar to the Federation ones, below that bugle was the number 95, leaning off to the left at an angle on the left side of the emblem was the Federation Starfleet Flag and leaning off to the right side of it was the 95ths banner that displayed all its battles over the centuries. Directly above that was the UFP emblem, she gave it one final look over and was satisfied and when the door chime sounded, she jumped, realising it would either be Winchester or one of the new crew, she returned to her desk and called up all the names.

"ENTER," she said loudly

Lamia was surprised by the volume of the voice that carried through the office door. Nonetheless, she walked inside PADD in hand stopping in front of Somers desk. “Lieutenant Lamia Arderne reporting for duty Captain.” She placed the PADD holding her transfer orders on the desk for Somers to read.

Without looking up as she was looking at something on the screen "please be seated Lieutenant" she said picking up the Padd that was placed on her desk and switching her attention to it and read through it, then she looked up and looked intently with her Green eyes directly at Arderne with a raised eyebrow "Welcome to the Tomcat Lieutenant, your record is impressive, tell me did you see my Yeoman outside? She usually meets new arrival's and informs me, but as you came to me directly, I figure my Aide is either away from her desk or not doing her job" Somers asked.

“My apologies Captain your yeoman was away from her desk.” Lamia offered a brief smile. “I will remember that I need to speak to her from now on. Up until now, I’ve always reported to my Commanding Officer directly.”

"Appointments are made through MCPO Armitage, but if you need to see me you are free to contact me all my crew are, I do not bite *smiling* Lucy has left for her Shoreleave, good to know, please have a seat" Somers said pointing to a chair in front of her desk, while she sat behind it. When they were both sitting a strange look played over Jasmine's face. "Where are my manners, would you like a drink?" Somers asked getting back up and going over to the replicator and pausing as she looked at Arderne.

Lamia smiled as she took a seat. "Just a juice would be nice thank you. I don't mind what kind." She made herself comfortable feeling a little more at ease.

*nodding* "computer one mug of tea, Somers special and an Orange juice medium," she said to the replicator and the requested drinks appeared, she picked them up and walked back over to her desk and handing the juice over to Arderne. "I know you are just boarding and you want to get settled in, so I will not keep you long" Jasmine said and picked up an old fashioned sealed envelope and handed it to her "in there are your ships authorisation codes and an ID badge for when you are on the ship" she said "your appointment as Chief Of Operations with a secondary of Systems Specialist is confirmed and everything else you will need for your job is all set up, you will be working closely with Lieutenant Dodd and First Lieutenant Delfin CEO and CoS/MCO respectively so are there any questions you want to ask me?" she ended by asking a question as she studied her.

"Not at present Captain, at the moment my head is full of getting settled in and getting used to the ship." She smiled warmly. "I still need a little time for my senses to get used to the number of minds that are normally aboard. Although fortunately, I've had time to start adjusting whilst I've been on the station."

There was something in her tone with that, Somers gave a knowing smile "as long as you are happy with it, I do not need to know, okay when you are settled in, you need to get a boarding to check up from Commander Cahill our CMO, if not now when she reports back aboard, as for Operation's department, I will expect you to keep Operations moving smoothly and efficiently, so if you have any questions, I suggest you ask them now, even if they seem trivial" Somers responded.

"Regarding Ops, is there anything I should be aware of or anything that needs to be a priority?" Mia looked at Somers. "I plan on going over all recent reports but it helps to know in advance if there's anything that needs immediate sorting out."

"No reports of issues in Ops have crossed my desk, so it looks like you have a clean slate to start, but here is how I look at it, it is your department, unless there is a serious issue I only expect to find out about minor problems in a report, if you can deal with them, then please do so, here is your ID badge and command codes for your clearance level" Somers said handing over an ID badge and an old fashioned envelope.

“Thank you Captain” Lamia took the envelope which had been sitting on the edge of the desk. “In that case, I’ll get on with my duties.”

*Nodding* "Very well" *holding out her hand* "Welcome to the Tomcat," she said.

*Standing Ready to leave and taking Somers hand* “Thank you, Captain.” Letting go of the other woman’s hand she turned and headed out of the door.

Somers watched the Lieutenant leave, the woman seemed happy, which was a nice change, she just hoped that Arderne would keep her cheery disposition in the days to come.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
Chief Operations Officer
USS Tomcat


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