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Teasing the Sergeant Major

Posted on 30 Jan 2019 @ 4:43pm by Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers & Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Kildare's Quarters - Starbase 51 - Various


As Chris got into his quarters, he was still surprised that he managed to hook someone like Lamia, she was not the type of lady he usually managed to get a date with. She was an officer, extremely good looking, but an officer, he was a career enlisted officer from a less advantaged upbringing, he still did not know what that meant in today's world, but he freshened up and put on his uniform and called up the most recent message, it was from Karyn asking where the hell he was.

After getting all sorted he exited his quarters whistling to himself a happy tune, as he entered the nearest lift and the doors closed behind another getting in.

"Security office," a female voice that sounded familiar said, he looked up and saw Karyn.

"What the hell Karyn!?" He exclaimed.

She looked at him "you seem unusually chipper this day, was your charge too attractive for you and you are happy that you fantasized about her?" Karyn asked smiling.

"Mia is not that type of lady," he said as he faced front with a straight face.

Karyn did a double-take and looked closely at him "you did not! Did, you." She asked astonished and saw the smile creep on his face, his knowing smile. "After you intoned for me to calm down, you romanced her and *jumbled incoherent speech* she is an officer, you are not, how could you?!" Karyn asked shocked.

He looked at her and used "his" smile, Karyn while not such inclined, she was not totally immune to his charm and she softened a little. "I may not be an officer, but last night I behaved like one and a gentleman too, the fact that it led to a great night afterwards was just a bonus," he said.

"But, but, but... You talked me down from my attempt" Karyn responded despondently...

Kildare took pity on her "I read her file she does not go the same way you do Karyn, according to her file she has had a string of relationships all with males, you while you are very attractive are not her type" he said.

"If I were inclined that way I would so tear into you around now," Karyn said making her meaning known.

"Well the point is moot anyhow, oh one more thing" Kildare said as he stepped out of the lift "I have a final date with her tonight before she boards the Tomcat" he paused mid-stride and looked back at Karyn, who quickly recovered from her shock, she had one of her looks, "relax, it is in public and there will be people around, we are just meeting up for some coffee or tea" he said and Karyn seemed to relax a little as they walked into security.

- Security Office - Main Armoury -

Nothing more was said as they both entered the main security office, while Karyn went to get the Padds ready to do the weapons check on the main armoury, Kildare, made arrangements to obtain a recording from the Serendipity Cafe, he had arranged to have a holo-recording of the night out that was done for him and he had made arrangements to pay for it and collect at the end of shift. With this complete, he joined Karyn as both entered the main armoury, both knew they always got strange looks from the Fleet security even now, it was not due to Karyn's sexual orientation, it was because the fleeters knew marines normally kept a strict interaction between senior NCO ranks. Yet this CWO and Sgt Maj were as thick as thieves.

If they had wanted to they could have looked up their history and found out, that the pair had known each other for years, but the files never spoke of a friendship bond between the pair. They started at the Flashbangs and Photon and Plasma grenades, Kildare counted while Karyn noted down the amount, the weapons would need to pair to physically inspect them. There was a mix of Phaser Rifles and hand Phasers these were more in number than the TR-116B rifles and other Marine slug-thrower weapons, there was a small number of such weapons in the main armoury as the only Marines on the Station were 95th Rifles, all who were excellent shots and the only ones qualified to fire the slug-throwers.

Eventually, they had finished their weapon's checks and had even attended a few Security infractions which were dealt with easily enough, so at the end of the day both Chris and Karyn went their separate ways, Kildare to the Managers quarters to pick up his recording and pay the guy before he was to go meet Mia at Serendipity.


CWO1 Karyn Somers [PNPC: Somers]
Station Warrant Officer 95th Rifles
Starbase 51
USS Tomcat

Sgt Major Chris 'Maverick' Kildare [PNPC: Somers]
Drill Sergeant 95th Rifles
Starbase 51
USS Tomcat


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