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Meetings and Returning to Base

Posted on 31 Jan 2019 @ 11:32pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Edited on on 08 Feb 2019 @ 3:15pm

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Main Story)
Location: USS Tomcat/Various
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 25


After the Away Team had been cleared of any contagions and after the diplomatic briefing with the Xindi Avians of Xindaria the Tomcat having finally recalled its CAP cleared the Anomalies and contacted the Gorn Hegemony, with the news that they have located something of theirs, now they waited in deep space again with a CAP out when a large Gorn Hegemony ship dropped from warp and hailed them.

Sitting in her chair Somers is startled as the Communications activated.

"Captain, Gorn ship is hailing us" the duty Communications Officer announced,

"Onscreen," Somers said and the external view of the Gorn ship was replaced by a Gorn Captain =/\= Greetings Captain...? =/\=

The screen presented a large male Gorn, with very dark green scaly skin and very prominent teeth in his grin. "You have something of ours. We come to reclaim." The large lizard replied to the hail from a Starfleet ship Commander. =/\= I am Glarn. My ssssship isssss here to take home our exhibition team and the egg you have.=/\=

"Greetings Captain Glarn, I am Captain Somers and made sure word got to you about our charges, we will transport your crew over to you with the egg, I am sure you will find your peoples report on the planet... illuminating," Jasmine said and pressed a button.

=/\= Bridge to Transporter Room, beam the rescued Gorn and the egg over to the Gorn Hegemony ship =/\= she said.

=/\= Transporting now Captain =/\= came to the voice of the transporter operator.

She looked up at Glarn =/\= I am also sending over scientific and astronomical data for this area of space, adjust your sensors to detect Tachyon and Chronotron signatures and you should avoid any unexpected bumps =/\= she added.

=/\= Thankssssss for the data. I am ssssure thissss will be of benefit for usssss. The egg arrived unharmed but not sssso sssure what to do with our sssssix crew memberssss. We do appressshiate you returning them to ussss. They will get the bessst we can provide for them. Thissss act will be conssssidered a token of longer lasssting peassssse between ussssss. The egg issss a miracle of sssortsss sssssinsssse hassss been a long time ssssinsssse we were ssssuch tiny lifeformssssss. It isssss a huge blesssssssing that you were able to return our brothersssss and sssissster to ussss with her egg. May the ssssun alwaysssss warm your lair. Glarn out. =/\=

The view screen went blank and the Gorn ship departed for their final destination and to tend to their recovered crew members.

Somers looked around the bridge and shrugged, not one for a lot of talks huh?!" she asked Sterling. "I also thought we had a strong Peace Treaty with the Gorn Hegemony!" she added.

"Technically we do Captain. However, the Gorn are nearly in a state of civil war. A strengthening faction is working to overthrow the Hegenomy. The new faction is considerably more xenophobic than the Gorn of the hegemony. We must be cautious. " Maia replied.

*Sighing heavily* "oh great, an unstable Gorn government, keep an eye on the situation Maia I do not want to be the one to cause a war between the Federation and Gorn Hegemony," Somers said.

"Aye Captain". Maia replied.

Iria was sitting in her chair smiling quietly, practically glowing, with happiness in general. Love was the main reason for the glow and with her feeling accomplished with her work, and extra studies only added to the shine. Though that glow tended to brighten more, whenever she was around Remy, the more time they spent together the closer they got. The brighter the glow of happiness.

*Looking to Iria* "What was your reading on the Gorn Counsellor?" Somers asked.

Iria shook her head softly, "I am not empathic and my telepathy is very limited. I can only say he seemed genuinely pleased to get back their eggs and personnel, going on tone and body language, cues. I will help Commander Sterling in keeping an eye on the situation."

*nods* "excellent" Somers simply said and looked forward.

- Transporter Room -

Dr Cahill came to the transporter room with the Gorn and their egg, she was very happy to be able to see the Gorn and egg return to their race and hoped they would be returned to normal again sometime.

She placed the Gorn and their egg on the transporter pad and stepped aside. "Ready when you are chief."

With that, the Chief transported the egg and the rescued Gorn at the same time and looked at the Doctor who had not long been cleared from the decon chamber "It is done Commander" the transporter chief reported.

Cahill simply nodded and left the transporter room, her task completed.

- Bridge -

With the Xindi Avian ambassadors now returned to Xindaria and the Gorn ship having just left, Somers recalled the CAP and when they were in the Tomcat jumped to warp. Jasmine got on with looking through some reports and let the busy bridge buzz around her, she must have gotten lost in her work as she felt the ship drop, from warp making her look up "ah finally back home" she said and noted they dropped from warp four hours from the Starbase, she looked at first Sterling then Walon but directed her comments to the Comms Officer "magnify the visual's" she said and the view of the Starbase grew larger.

"Looks like the base is almost complete and I see the USS Thunderchild there, must be delivering the Mark two Valkyrie fighters we were promised for the Starbase, must almost be finished the changeover by now" she said and pressed the Communications button and opened a shipwide =/\= ALL HANDS THIS IS THE CAPTAIN, WE ARE FOUR HOURS FROM DOCKING WITH THE STARBASE, WHEN DOCKED ALL CREW WILL HAVE A SHORT SHORELEAVE, SO TO MAKE DOCKING QUICKER ALL DEPARTMENTS ARE TO BEGIN SHUTDOWNS OF NON ESSENTIAL SYSTEMS, BRIDGE OUT =/\= Somers said and turned to Sterling and Walon in turn.

"Okay as you are both Department heads, go sort out your departments out ready for docking and collate any reports and send them to Starfleet HQ," Somers said.

"Aye Captain," Maia said leaving her post and heading to science lab one.

"Aye Captain, thank you for the head start." Iria got up from her seat and headed towards the turbo lift. She had most of her report written she just had a few additional things to add.

Jasmine simply nods and watches her XO and Chief Counsellor leave the bridge to sort out their departments.

Dr Cahill went to the command chair and passed off her reports for Sick Bay. She heard the call about shore leave. " Hmm, a good time to to get some new reading materials and resupply plus she can see her old classmate Michelle who is ACMO on the station."

- Engineering -

Down in Engineering, Nicci was getting everything ready for Lt. Dodd's return. She tapped the controls on the pool table while she double-checked ship's systems. Engines, within specified parameters; plasma transfer conduits, check. Computer core, within standard parameters. Life support, inertial dampeners, the structural integrity field, all within normal parameters. She had even had the crew double-check the computer readouts and physically verify the results.

"Everything's ready," she said to herself, nodding her head, which shook her long blonde ponytail on the back of her head.

Dodd simply nodded and got his team moving and prepping things for when they docked with the Starbase.

- Bridge -

Back on the bridge the Tomcat finally Arrives at Starbase 51 and at half impulse enters the top part of the Spacedock class facility and decreases speed to thrusters and gently docks at one of the ports, as the power cables connect to the ship, the bridge crew and Engineering switch over to Starbase systems and close down the internal power. When all has been secured an Umbilical extends and connects to the Port docking hatch.


With this done she left the bridge as the ship's crew left and Starbase Engineers arrived to do their maintenance on the ship she looked around and entered her Ready Room.

Dr Cahill heard the call and went to the transporter room. She was soon on the space station and headed out to see her friend.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat


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