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Picking up the Away Team Part 1

Posted on 05 Jan 2019 @ 11:16pm by Captain Jasmine Somers
Edited on on 05 Jan 2019 @ 11:17pm

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 22.2


Somers and Winchester left the bridge leaving the ship in the capable hands of Commander Sterling, as the doors closed "Shuttle Bay" Somers said and the lift moved down and across. She looked over to Winchester, "so Paul, you looking forward to flying a shuttle? I know it is not a fighter, but it is not the Tomcat either" Somers asked.

Both exited the lift and onto the shuttle bay properly where the Runabout and Troop shuttle was being prepared alongside the shuttle was the requested Med tech or Medic "That clunker there may look blocky, but she is tough, I get this sleek one here" she said then looked at the Runabout it was a Mark 1 runabout and while not as blocky as the Marine troops shuttle, it was not as sleek as the later models of runabouts she does a Facepalm motion "Karma is a bitch" she added looking at Winchester.

"Yes it is," replied Paul as he looked back at Somers, he continued, " I once knew of a pilot who flew with an arm like mine," as they walked over to the shuttles. He finished," she had an attachment that was connected to her computer,"

As they went to their separate shuttles she looked over "I have big plans for you Mr Winchester, big plans she said with a smile and leaving him to mull what that meant for him over she entered the runabout and began her flight checks.

Winchester just cringed a little but remained silent as he entered his ride and closed the ramp.

When all was ready she opened up a channel =/\= Somers to Dodd, we are on our way down to your location, activate IFF, the injured and Gorn can go on the troop's shuttle, your away team will be on the runabout, anything we should know about before we land? =/\=

=/\= Captain we don't have our IFF equipment or shuttle you will have to come down on my signal. =/\= Ens. Thompson advised.

=/\= Wow, we call for a taxi and we get our Captain. What honours we get for returning to our home time period. =/\= Dodd replied. =/\= I must admit that I am wondering if we did get home correctly or if this is an alternate reality. Don't get me wrong but you really surprised me by personally coming to pick us up. =/\=

*smiling to herself* =/\= I need to get in some flight time Lieutenant, cannot let my officers have all the fun now can I? =/\= she said with humour in her tone =/\= You are in the correct reality, when we land I want you and your Away team to board the runabout, while the others are to board the troops shuttle flown by Lieutenant Winchester =/\= Jasmine finished.

=/\= Roger, ma'am. =/\= Dodd replied. =/\= The team will be ready to get back to normalcy and especially the sonic showers."

Matt wondered why they wouldn't just beam the away team up. Matt wanted to get out of his maid's tunic it was embarrassing...

Dodd and his team were all really needed a fresh change of clothes and a chance to shower the two hundred thousand-year-old dirt off of their bodies. He was still in the manservant attire from when he worked at the First Lady's house. Thompson was still in that attire at well but he was more of a male maid's uniform that was a little on the embarrassing side now that they were back in their proper reality. The rest of the team were all in slave uniforms or prison jumpsuits or the attire provided by the resistance movement in their camps.

- Space -

As the shuttles left the Tomcat Somers opened up a channel to Winchester =/\= Somers to Winchester, remember to put your EVA suit helmet on before you open the ramp, we are wearing them to make sure we do not get contaminated =/\= she said.

=/\= Copy that Captain,=/\= replied Paul as he had just slipped into his suit, He thought oO Dam it feels good to be flying again Oo as his Prosthesis was working fine having run the diagnostics earlier that morning before he had gone to the bridge. as he reached for his helmet and picked it up and looked at it for a moment and then slotted it on in place.

He asked,=/\= What state do you think we will find them in Sir?=/\= as he asked Somers the question that he knew everyone had been thinking about.

=/\= I have no idea, that is why we are in EVA suits, remember to put your helmet on before you open the ramp, there may be no contagion, but let's not risk it shall we? =/\= Jasmine responded with a question.

=/\= I already have mine on Captain =/\= replied Paul as he hoped that the team and those with them were not in a bad way, =/\=I just hope that we don't find us elderly people as we don't know what the anomaly did to them=/\= he finished speaking.

She was smiling as she responded =/\=Scans indicated that they were their normal ages, okay starting landing procedure, remember you got the wounded and the Doctor to carry onto the ship, I got the rest, make sure your EVA suit is secure before you exit the ship, Somers out =/\= she said and closed the link.

As Paul started the landing procedure, Paul knew that this was something of an easy job and boy did it feel good to be flying again all be it a shuttle. as he looked for a suitable place to set the shuttle down, he checked the seals on his EVA suit were all locked in the proper place, he said to his flight recorder "Let's bring them home,"

- Xindaria -

Cahill stayed to herself and spent some time studying the things she had brought back with her. The items were in pristine shape and would be great for her to study. She listened to the chatter around her and was happy to be home. She put things away and joined the others when she heard the familiar sound of the approaching shuttles, soon she would shower and change into a uniform so she could get back to her regular duties as 2XO and CMO she could hardly wait to get back to normal duties.

As Eleonorrhea and Webb both left the shuttle, there was one thing that she had to do, and Webb knew exactly what she would have to do... Contact the Captain on the loss of one Marine, and write the After Action Report on how Derrigo had been lost. Though Eleonorrhea had done everything to make sure that Derrigo was safely on board, she had decided at the last possible moment to make a jump, hoping to land centuries in the future; however, her plan evaporated as she was lost just as the doors to the shuttle close and the entire shuttle and crew disappeared. Hopefully, Derrigo would land in some other time safely, but what the Avians had told the Lieutenant was that no one was sure of where anyone would land,

So, going up to the Captains cabin, Eleonorrhea spent several hours talking to the Captain and a board of inquiry on the loss of Derrigo, who thought was a good Marine, had so many negatives that she had cause Webb to become injured when she ran off, and then there was the fight in the Coliseum where Derrigo had tried to brain the Lieutenant with a steel pipe. Luckily the Lieutenant had managed to break a few of Dorrigo's ribs, and dislocate her shoulder; rather than killing her for attacking a senior Commissioned Officer.

It was several hours later when Eleonorrhea finally reported back to the Company's headquarters and was just in time for chow at the officer's mess...



Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat

Ensign Matthew Thompson [PNPC: Sterling]
Science Officer
USS Tomcat


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