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The Big date Part #1

Posted on 28 Jan 2019 @ 11:03pm by Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


- Arderne's Temporary Quarters -

Lamia stood in front of the mirror in her temporary quarters wondering if she’d chosen the right dress for her evening’s dinner with Chris. It wasn’t like she made a habit of asking guys out the minute she met them, however, it had been a long time since she’d last been with anyone and the thought of having a man especially one as charming as Chris to spend the evening and maybe even the night with appealed to her. She ran her hands over her knee-length black dress oO I hope I’m not going over the top here Oo

- Kildare's Quarters -

After he had finished up in security, he returned to his quarters as he had nothing further on for the day, now here he was whistling as he stepped out of the water-based shower, he preened himself and had a shave, then after putting on some deodorant he walked into his sleeping area and looked at the outfit he was going to wear. It was a present given to him by his friend Alexandria Somers, it was a late 20th to the mid-21st-century Jacket, shirt, trousers, belt and shoes, he put on his socks, then his shirt and then his trousers and did the belt up, he returned to the bathroom and put some aftershave on and returned to his sleeping quarters and put on his jacket, pinning his Commbadge under it, after pulling his shirt sleeves down to fit properly in the arms of the jacket, he combed his hair and pronounced himself as ready as he would ever be, then he looked at the clock and quickly put his shoes on.

"Ah Crap!" he exclaimed it was 18:35 and he would be late, so after replicating a single rose he left his quarters and headed to the nearest turbo lift whistling a happy tune to himself as he entered the lift and when the doors closed "transit level five corridor D section 15" he said and the lift moved in the desired direction.

- Outside Arderne's Quarters 18:50 -

After double-checking that he was presentable he pressed the buzzer to Lamia's door and waited.

Lamia took a relaxing breath as she approached the door, she smiled warmly as it slid open to reveal a very handsome looking Chris Kildare standing outside. "You're looking very...handsome this evening Chris."

*polite shallow bow as he holds a rose out to her* "why, thank you, I must say you look ravishing Lamia, this rose is for you" he said "Our table is booked" he finished.

*blushing as she took the rose* "This is beautiful thank you." She smiled warmly. "In that case shall we get going?" She gently took his arm as she inhaled the scent from her rose, like all women she loved to get flowers and a single rose was so romantic. "So where is it you decided to take me?

After she took his arm he answered her question "there is a human café that changes to dining out place at night, hope you are not a vegetarian!" Kildare said "As for the place it is called Serendipity, but has a different name during the day, hope you have an appetite too as it is a three course meal" oO Damn it, Chris, be cool dude Oo Kildare thought to himself as they walked to the nearest turbo lift and entered, as the doors closed "Promenade second level" he said and the lift took them to their destination.

- Promenade - Serendipity -

They arrived at their destination with time to spare and approached the Matre'd "I have a booking in the name of Kildare plus one!" he said and the Matre'd looked at his list and smiled and up at him "yes, if you would both follow me I will take you to your table" he said and they followed him, here Chris did the gentlemanly thing with the chair as Lamia sat down, before he took his seat, as he did the Matre'd lit the candles "the starters will be brought out shortly" he said and left them alone.

Kildare looked around and was pleased to see they had the place to themselves, there was soft music playing in the background "it pays to know people" Chris said indicating the empty place "Just for tonight we have them to ourselves" he said looking into her eyes.

"You arranged this!?" Lamia's smile said it all. "I didn't expect to have an entire place to ourselves! oO Talk about romantic!! Oo "How did you even manage to arrange this?" She sat simply looking into his eyes.

*mysterious smile* "I have my ways" *shrugs* "also I thought it only right, to do the date correctly" he stopped as he looked up as a waiter brought in their first course, it was a soup of some kind that had pieces of bread in it "Bon Appetite" the waiter said and left them alone.

Chris then placed his napkin from a corner into the top of his shirt and let it dangle down and looking at Lamia "enjoy, apparently the meal setup is old earth, French, I asked the chef for some earth-based food fit for such an occasion and here we are" he said and took a tentative taste of his soup "hmm... Not bad" he said.

Lamia spread her napkin out on her lap before picking up her spoon and tasting her soup. "hmm very nice." She smiled as she politely ate. "I wonder what the chef has lined up as our main course. If this is just a taster then I'm looking forward to it." She politely finished her soup, dabbing her mouth on her napkin as she finished. "I hope I wasn't too forward asking you out tonight? I'm not normally so forward, I guess meeting a handsome man had an effect on me."

*Taking another mouthful of soup and swallowing it, this was his way of formulating an answer* "Thank you, Lamia, you are very attractive yourself, as I said earlier if you were anymore forward you would be in the lead, my way of saying that I have nothing against a woman making the first move, I find it refreshing" *smiling* "I know they are only temporary but are your quarters sufficient?" he asked her and while she gathered her thoughts the waiter came in and told him the main course was almost ready, he whispered something back and the waiter nodded and left, now Chris turned his full attention to his charming date. He had to admit she was very lovely and if the male troops could see her now they would think only two words oO she's hot Oo Chris shared that idea, now he just listened as she spoke.

"More than sufficient thank you" Lamia smiled warmly. "Please feel free to call me Mia, my friends always do." She sat looking at him. "I may be, taking the lead, as you put it but as you'll find out later....if we decide to go that far, I'm quite the opposite in the bedroom. I prefer for the man to lead." She sat looking into his eyes as she picked up her glass and took a sip of her drink.

*studies her with a curious look* "ya don't say! Hmm... Interesting" he stopped as the waiter came in with two plates for the main course while another took away the now empty starter bowls, Chris looked at it and sniffed it "looks like it is roast lamb, if it is not, it smells like it" he said and tasted a piece "mmm, if it is not, it is still delicious" he said and began to tuck in.

"So Mia, where were you exactly before coming here?" Chris asked, before putting some food into his mouth and begun to chew, this would give his date a chance to answer.

Mia was busy trying her own food as Chris asked her about her previous assignment. "I was aboard the USS Windermere, an Intrepid Class. I spent four years aboard her before I was offered this post. It seemed a good choice so I decided it was time to move on." She politely ate more of her food. oO Tastes like lamb to me, just delicious! Oo "How about you? What made you the Sergeant Major you are today?" She looked at him curiously.

"Not much to tell really, I am a career Marine, I can be a drill sergeant when it is required, but at heart, I am a bomb disposal expert, I have done many years service and before this, I served with the Captain's Cousins Major Alexandria Somers and CWO Karyn Somers for a time, Major Somer's boyfriend, sorry Fiancee was always dismayed when me and the Major would team up together. You see she makes all types of bombs as a hobby and it always joked that I was only there so I could fix any screwups that happened *laughs lightly* the Major and her Fiancee were the only officer I could use first names with while on duty, we had a good working relationship" he paused oO Damn, this lamb if it is, is delicious, just like Mia Oo he thought to himself.

Lamia was finishing off her own food as he told her his story. She politely wiped her mouth with her napkin as she looked up at him. "So after all that delicious dinner what would you like for dessert?" She had to admit she was hoping he'd say it was her but she didn't want to rush a perfect evening. "To be honest if you can make dinner this perfect I can't wait to see what comes later." She grinned a wry grin.

Earlier the same day...

After the new officer had left Chris went to make the appointment, for this he managed to arrange for the engineers to install temporary holo-emitters in the Serendipity, he had them set it up so he hoped would be romantic, when he was satisfied he willingly paid the civilian staff of the Serendipity to make it a night to remember, he made a final inspection of the menu and was happy and gave the go ahead and left to get ready for his date. oO Damn Chris, you still got it, dude, she may be Fleet and an Officer, but damn now remember while you are not one, you must act accordingly Oo He said to himself as he headed back to his quarters.

Back in the Serendipity.....

*he smiled warmly as he wiped his mouth upon finishing his meal* "we have the final course left to eat first" Chris said as the waiters arrived and took away their main dishes and another pair brought in the desserts, these were modest size dishes of ice cream with some kind of leaf garnishes and some type of crunchy type of sprinkling on them, he looks at her "enjoy" as he begun to tuck in. The place was rigged with holo-emitters and as some old style waltz music began to play in the background it had a romantic tone to it holograms of dancers gently swaying to the slow tempo music.

Lamia looked at Chris astonished that he’d gone through all this just for his date with her. “This is...” She grinned from ear to ear. “Amazing!! I can’t believe you did all this for me!” She finished off her ice-cream in no time, patting her mouth clean she sat back and looked at him her smile still beaming. “As you went to all this trouble, would you like to dance?”

*hiding his shock as he had a mouthful of cold ice cream* Chris swallowed his final bite and got a brain freeze effect oO wow, Modern Girl Oo he said a little disappointed that she beat him to it. Standing up "I would love to" he came around to her side and offered his hand to help her up.

“You’re disappointed I asked first” She gave him an apologetic look. “I’ll remember that for future use!” She grinned as she took his hand and stood up. “I’ll warn you I haven’t danced in...forever!! Just don’t blame me if I end up tripping you up or anything.”

*He thought he hid his emotions well, but it appeared not so* "not disappointed, surprise Mia, just surprise" he said with his smile "I have not danced in a long time either, so it should be somewhat amusing" Kildare added as he joined her on the dance floor as a slow song from ages past, it was here their eyes locked with each other, in the back of his mind Chris was nervous and surprised neither of them had yet stepped on the toes of the other, a good sing he assumed, but his expression was soft as the trip the light fantastic

Mia smiled warmly as she danced, she had to admit she had thoroughly enjoyed herself so far. She'd been treated like a princess and what woman could ask for more? She looked into his eyes "How's about we get out of here? I'd like to have you all to myself for the rest of tonight."

Not knowing what came over him, but he gently kissed her as they moved around the dancefloor oO Oh brother! Oo he thought to himself.

Mia was a little surprised but she wasn’t going to refuse. She simply let herself go with the emotion of the moment and returned his kiss.

Finally, they were still lip-locked as the music ended and the lights came back on and the Matre'd cleared his throat oO Dammit! Oo Kildare thought finally breaking the kiss and looked at Mia, where to next?" he asked, knowing full well where she wanted things to go, but he would let the lady decide, he looked at the Matr'd "thank you, we will be going in a few" he said and the Matre'd nodded and left them alone.

Lamia blushed as they were interrupted but the night was still young, they had time to themselves to do whatever the night lead to. “I think you already know the answer to that one.” She smiled as she looked at him. “But I leave the decision in your hands.”

*Smiling* "Yours is closer, let's get going," he said putting his arm around her waist and he led the way out as he passed the Matr'd "thanks Pallie," he said with a smile.

"Have a good evening Chris?" he said with a knowing smile.

"Thanks, you too" Kildare politely said back as the pair headed towards the turbo lift and letting Mia enter first he followed closely behind and when the doors closed "Transit quarters level fifty corridor D" he said and the lift whisked them to their destination looking at Mia "have you had a good time so far?" he asked, he did not say night as it was still early and the night was not yet over.

“Are you kidding! I have had the best night ever!!!” Her smile beamed. “I have never had a date like this one! You’ve treated me like a...princess!!” She looked at him curiously. “So have you enjoyed it? I know I was enjoying that kiss before we were interrupted.”

*looks at her and smiles* "oh, you betcha! I enjoyed it, even more so with a stimulating company, like yourself" Chris said eventually they exited out onto level fifty corridor D and both walked down the corridor until they got to Mia's quarters, where they stopped long enough so she could open the door.

"Come on in" Mia smiled as she walked inside, walking far enough away from the door to allow it to close behind Chris before turning and wrapping her arms gently around his neck. "So how's about we take up where we left off?" She smiled as she leant forward and gently kissed him.

He followed her in and out of range of the door sensor allowing it to close, then suddenly, her arms were wrapped around him and she was giving him a passionate kiss, oO So much for her being shy in the bedroom Oo he thought and quickly reciprocated and put his arms around her and kissed her back as both stumbled into her sleeping area and Chris was pleased to note his touch with zippers had not atrophied he had unzipped her dress as he felt his calves touch the side of the bed, he broke the embrace to pull his jacket and shirt off.



Sgt Major Chris 'Maverick' Kildare [PNPC: Somers]
Drill Sergeant 95th Rifles
Starbase 51
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Lieutenant JG Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
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USS Tomcat


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