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Another New Arrival

Posted on 31 Dec 2018 @ 4:56pm by Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne
Edited on on 31 Dec 2018 @ 5:17pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 22.1


Kildare got word of another new arrival to the Starbase for the Tomcat, this was to be the Chief Operations Officer, so here he was standing in arrivals with a Padd in his hand looking at the image of the Officer he was waiting for. As the ship finished docking the first into the arrival's area was the officer he was waiting for, putting the Padd away he walked smartly up to her and saluted.

"Lieutenant Arderne I presume? I am Sergeant Major Chris Kildare callsign Maverick, I am here to assist with your orientation, as you will find things are a little different around here" he finished as he lowered his hand.

oO Why the hell did I give her my Callsign, could it be her attractiveness, dammit Chris get ahold of yourself Oo Kildare thought to himself as he waited for her to speak.

"That's me, it's a pleasure to meet you, Sergeant Major." She smiled politely as she looked at him, trying not to stare.

oO I wonder if all the men around here come this attractive Oo She thought to herself.

"So what does my orientation consist of? I don't believe I've ever had to undergo one before."

*giving her one of his smiles* "basically sir, it is standard as it will allow you to get used to how things are done, here and on the Tomcat. Simply put its a tour of the areas that are accessible and you asking questions" Kildare finished.

“Sounds good to me” Lamia smiled warmly. “How’s about we get started?”

Subconsciously placing his hands behind his back as if at parade rest, "yes, let's start with the few public areas and go from there, you can ask questions from now until we complete this little tour" he said smiling as he led the way.

"Okay" She smiled as she looked around. "Are there any particular areas that I'm not permitted to be around? I like to know my boundaries when moving to new places."

As they walked he thought on her questions "the only areas that are out of bounds are the Intelligence section, if you need to go in there, you will need to speak to an Intel officer, and the obvious the undeveloped areas of the station as they are most likely still in a vacuum Captain Somers has been trying to get the SCE to complete it quicker, I keep saying speak to her Uncle see if he can help, but now she is too damn stubborn for her own good, *sighs heavily* it is the curse of the Somers clan one might say all of them have Alpha Female disposition, it has stood them in good stead, but not everyone's luck remains for very long. But when it comes to her crew safety and that of the ship, a Captain none you will find the better in these parts, she always aims to bring her crew back alive, she thinks of them with her command" Kildare paused as they approached the outside of the Arboretum.

"This is the station's green area it is open 24/7," Kildare said as they paused so the new arrival could stick her head in.

Lamia smiled as she looked at Kildare before walking forward to go and take a look at the Arboretum.

oO Wow! Oo She gazed around in awe before returning to him.

"Sorry I've never really bothered going to the arboretum much before, it's lovely. I like to have green spaces to visit."

*Smiling* "well you can visit anytime, now as we walk up this promenade you will see a few stores available, please remember at this moment in time this Starbase is Secret as it is still in construction, so the shop owners here have been given clearance, we have mostly cafes and dining places, but there is a Retro Club, it has every now and again vintage themes costumes and music from eras past, oh and as for your belongings they will be in your temporary quarters here on the Starbase. Now I do not know about you, but I could use a drink, but they only serve human stuff!" Kildare said as they stopped outside a human run cafe both entered and took a seat each, an attractive waitress came over and was not immune to Kildare's smile, judging by her reaction, Chris knew this and he played on it. "I will have a Coffee milk three sugars, El-tee?" He asked.

“Make it a...Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows please.” She grinned as she looked at Kildare. “What can I say! I love Chocolate and it is a treat.” She massaged her temples for a few moments before offering a smile. “Sorry....having lots of minds around tends to take time to adjust to.”

The waitress nodded and went off to get their orders, now Kildare looked at the Officer "Call me Chris, or Mav, or Maverick my callsign, I do not bite, might I make a suggestion, granted I am no empath or telepath but have you thought about running nursery rhymes around in your head to dim the noise when on a posting with lots of people?" Kildare asked.

"To be honest Chris..." She smiled warmly. "I've tried most things, the only thing that truly works is using an inhibitor." She rifled around in her jacket pocket. "I keep this one with me just in case I need it but I don't like to use them. It cuts me off from the outside world and I hate it!" She shrugged her shoulders. "The downside of being half and half of two empathic and telepathic races. Abilities you can't shut off!!. I spent a lot of my younger years under medical care I think they're surprised I'm not crazy!" She grinned.

"I was just thinking that if you could do as I suggested, then should you enter an environment where technology does not work, would it not be logical to be able to successfully do my idea? The Tomcat can enter or be involved in any mission where there is an energy field that inhibits tech, look at the TR-116 Rifle that was created to work in environments that normal tech does not, then they created the Regenerative Phaser Rifle, but the TR-116 is still used occasionally on the Tomcat, just saying that having an organic back up is a sound thing to have" Chris said with a smile as the waitress returned with their drinks, he took a sip "so what questions do you have about the Tomcat etc?" he asked.

Just as she was about to answer his Commbadge sounded =/\= Somers to Kildare =/\= he held a finger up to pause any comment for the moment.

Tapping his to make the two-way link =/\= Kildare here, what's up? =/\= he asked.

=/\= How goes your new arrival? =/\= Somers asked.

He looks at the new arrival =/\= She is stimulating company, what about you? =/\=

=/\= She is kinda cute and a military kid, still I think she will fit in on the ship =/\= Somers responded.

=/\=Down girl, remember you are on duty =/\= Kildare said with an amused smile.

=/\= Acknowledged, Somers out =/\= came a neutral response and the line when dead.

He looked at his charge "I swear she is getting more and more like the Captain the older she gets" he griped "Sorry you were about to say?" he indicated that it was safe for her to continue.

Lamia grinned. “I guess you do have a point about the inhibitor. I’ll try what you suggested, but I think it’s time I had a word with the ship’s doctor about my control issues.”

oO As much as I hate the idea Oo She Thought to herself.

“As for the ship, I’ve been too busy going through personnel files on the way here to even think about the ship so tell me what I need to know.” She smiled sweetly as she sat back and admired her handsome tour guide.

*smiling* "well it is a modified Akira Class cruiser, she has been modified to carry extra troops and their equipment, the Tomcat has three Valkyrie Fighter Squadrons, consisting of 12 fighters per squadron, one is Fleet, one is Marine and the other is Klingon. The ship patrols an area of Galactic South, and as we are so far out for the closest Starbase, so this is being built to support operations in this area, your new CO is Captain Jasmine Somers a former marine herself who transferred over to fleet, the marines you see on this Starbase and the Tomcat will be 95th Rifles, we can be an eccentric bunch" Kildare said he really hoped the new Tomcat's Chief Operations officer did not have problems with Klingon's. "As for the rest, what questions do you have?" he asked and fell silent as he finished his drink.

“Isn’t it unusual to have Klingons as part of a Fleet starbase squadron?” She looked at Kildare curiously. “I haven’t really worked with that many Klingons before, not that it’s a problem!” She relaxed back in her seat. “I guess a lot of people will find me being around something of a curiosity, I’m one of very few Drax outside the Drax system and I think one of the very few half breeds that I know of amongst my people. In fact, I think there’s less than a handful of us.”

*considers her question* "Yes, but Captain Somers has had close dealings with them, her Uncle is one of the Federation Ambassadors to the Klingon Empire, he Cousin Major Alexandria Somers XO on the USS Powell she trained closely with them, her Sister CWO Karyn Somers, the one I was talking to over the Comms, she also trained with them, so their family has been heavily involved in interactions with the Klingon's. *looks at her* You are the first I have seen, yet you look more Betazoid than a Drax, Betazoids I know about, but Drax I do not. *pauses* if you have finished your drink we will continue with the tour?" he ended with a question.

“By all means” Lamia smiled and nodded. “To be honest I feel a little....out of place. I’m not from a marine background, but I’m always willing to learn new skills so maybe some training with the marines would benefit me some. What do you think?” She looked at him curiously.

*shrugs slightly* "you will need to take that up with your new CO and the MCO, but it would not be required of you, but they do hold exercise sessions, so if you want to do some Phys Ed with them, I do not think their mind, but do not expect different treatment because you are an officer, Marine Physical training is not for the faint of heart. But the final choice is up to you" he said. As he stood up he looked at her, you ready to continue?" he said.

She stood and pushed her chair neatly back under the table. "Lead on" She gave him a warm smile.

"Okay next stop is Engineering Level, then Medical and then Marine Country," Kildare said with a smile as he exited the Cafe and while still leading them slowed down enough so as the Lieutenant could keep up as he idly placed his hands behind his back.

Lamia gazed around as they walked. "So tell me how do people around here react to having someone around who can read their minds?" She looked at him curiously. "Not that I'd read anyone without their permission, on my homeworld, it's a crime to read someone without their explicit permission. It's unpleasant means of re-training."

oO I'm staying the hell away from that! Oo She thought as she raised her mental barriers higher.

*He looked at her with a raised eyebrow in a Vulcan manner* "They are okay with it, Major S'arila Donovan a hybrid was telepathic when she arrived here, she was stronger than the strongest Telepathic Betazoid on Betazed, but otherwise all the staff are understanding" he said allowing what he said about S'arila to sink in. They both entered the lift and when the doors closed "Engineering level" Kildare said, interested to see what the response would be about another telepathic being on the Tomcat would be.

"The Major sounds interesting, it'll be interesting to see who's the strongest out of the two of us. When people ask about the Drax I always say to just think of a Betazoid but with more 'umph' I have the combined abilities of both species but it's my Drax half that's the strongest." She smiled.

*Looking at her with sadness* "you will be the strongest, Major Donovan while half human half Trelan may have once been a strong telepath on her fathers side, but an event on one of their earlier missions robbed her of the ability, I do not know if she can detect when someone is reading her mind, you will need to ask her. Lieutenant Dodd the Chief Engineer is a low-level telepath and Chief Counsellor Iria Walon nd Isisian Species is partially telepathic and ACMO Aldana is somewhat telepathic, Aldana who is a hermaphrodite seems to be able to communicate with his two canine companions better than humanoids. *as the lift stopped and opened out onto Engineering* Oh did I forget to mention Major Donovan is from an alternate reality!" Kildare said and walked out of the lift and it took him a moment to realise he had exited alone, he stopped and turned to face the lift and just waited to say nothing.

"An alternative reality? Really?" Lamia looked at Kildare her eyes wide with curiosity. "I've heard of it but I wasn't sure something like that would really exist, there's the mirror universe but I've never even encountered anything to do with that." She stepped out of the lift. "So what do you think an alternate reality I would be like? Or an alternate you for that matter!" She was walking backwards as she spoke having turned to look at him. Moments later she was sitting on her backside laughing as she stumbled and fell over.

As they walked down the engineering level hallway, Chris responded "I have never been to one, the Tomcat crew ended up on Major Donovan's reality last mission, by all accounts it was worse than the Mirror Universe, you will need to ask Major Donovan on that, but do not be too surprised if she is reluctant to respond" Kildare said wondering why the Lieutenant was walking backwards, suddenly there was a dull *thud* and the sound of embarrassed laughter, smiling Chris offered the Lieutenant a helping hand to get up "You are going to go down big as the comic relief if you do that on the ship" Kildare said openly smiling as he looked at the Lieutenant.

"Of that, I've no doubt!" She grinned as she brushed herself off. oO Am I an idiot or what? Oo "I'll watch where I'm going next time! So how long is it going to be before the ship arrives back here?"

*looking at her with a deadpan expression* "how long is a piece of string?" he asked oO time to see what type of humour she has Oo Chris said to himself as they entered the main engineering "Take a moment to ask an engineer any questions, as the chances of you returning to this area will be low, but to seriously answer your question, I have no idea" Kildare added.

"Okay, so that could be one seriously long piece of string then!" She grinned as she took a look around engineering. If it was an area she'd be working in she'd have had a load of questions but right now she was only interested in getting her hands on the Ops and Engineering areas of the Tomcat. Instead, she simply milled around taking in all the information she could and saying a polite hello to those present. Returning to Kildare she smiled as she looked at him, "So do I get to fill in here on the station or just find some quarters and entertain myself?"

Chris looked at her "well I am sure you could get some time in, some of the power systems are set up the same way on the Tomcat. If the ship is on its way back, then until you officially report to Captain Somers, your time will be yours, that is if the ship is on its way back. But if it is not, you will need to entertain yourself until transport can be arranged for you to be taken to the ship. But when we finish with orientation, you are free to do what you want, now Security is not far, lets go get you, your ID and clearance codes, then it is up to medical, then Operations, there we will pause for you to get a passing familiarity with the sector in which you will mainly be operating in" he said.

“Sounds good to me.” Lamia smiled warmly. “I’d like to get my medical out of the way, it’s one of those things that I’m not that comfortable with anymore.” She paused for a moment, she didn’t really need to explain but she felt she should. “Four years ago I was caught in an explosion and fire, I was pretty badly burnt. I’ve had a few operations for skin grafts and regeneration but there’s still more to do, hence not being comfortable being in Sickbay for too long. I’m also afraid of fire but the Counsellor’s tell me I just need to face my fears!” oO Yeah sure! Oo

*looks at her puzzled* "your medical will not be required until you board the Tomcat, I am just giving you an orientation tour, but I can only sympathize with you, having not been through what you have. I can only say you will need to speak to the Councillor and CMO when you finally board the ship. Fire is something to respect, not be afraid of, I can understand people who have had experience, bad ones with fire being scared, but I respect to fire, this I cannot help as I disarm bombs I used to be teamed up with Major Alex Somers, she has a nasty hobby of making specialised explosives, I was the one who would disarm them, if she made a mistake" he said with a resigned chuckle as they entered medical.

"Sounds interesting" She grinned. "I'll speak to the Counsellor and the doctor when I get aboard the ship." She looked around as they walked into medical. "So how many crews is this station designed to take at any one time?"

"Currently less than half the number of a Stardock class starbase, of which this is, currently we have some off-duty facilities for R&R and four operational holodecks, large ones" he said as they finished in medical and headed out and to the turbolift, he looked at her "next stop Command and Control, where you can have a wander around and speak to the staff there" Kildare said.

"Sounds good. C&C is more my area. I am Chief of Operations after all" She grinned. "I wouldn't mind a little downtime before the ship gets back though I haven't had much time to myself lately.

"Okay then, to C&C we go," Kildare said as he led them to the nearest lift and after they entered and the door had closed "Operations," Kildare said, the lift moved up and across, it stopped just below the desired level, here Chris pressed his ID card to the sensor plate as he looked at her. "Before we finish up we will make a final stop at Security to get you your Security clearances so you have access to Operations" he said as the lift started moving again and eventually opening onto Operations as they both stepped out "okay have a look around and ask what you will" Kildare said standing where he was.

"Thank you" Lamia smiled. Taking a walk around she stopped to look around each station taking in the area. At present, she didn't really have that many questions especially as she wasn't based aboard the station itself. She returned to Kildare, smiling politely as she did so. "I think I'm done for now Major, if the ship doesn't return soon I'll be only too happy to help out here until it does, but until we know for sure I'd like to settle into my quarters."

*smiling* "The Tomcat is in an area of space where there are Tachyon and Chronotron anomalies, so even if we could contact them, it would be too dangerous to send you to the ship, until they clear those eddies, but when you have your security clearances, you will be free to get to know this level" Kildare said allowing her to finish whatever she needed, so he waited till she told him she was ready to move on.

“That’s understandable” Lamia smiled warmly. “I’m sure I can find plenty to do here to keep myself amused. I’m done here for now so we can move on whenever you’re ready.”

"We are about done, all that remains is to get your security clearances sorted out, then you can do as you will within reason" Kildare said with a smile as he led them out and onto the lift, as the door closed "Security Level," he said and the lift moved down and across, finally o[pening up onto the security level, as they both exited and entered the security office after a short walk down the corridor.

"If you will be seated, Sir, please I will get to sorting out your security clearances," Kildare said with a smile indicating the chair in front of the Security Chief's desk, as he sat down he cursed a blue streak "God damn %^&%^&%^&%^& Karyn altered the damn seat!" he moaned, after getting it correct he got to work on the security stuff "have you any final questions of any kind, ask them now while you can?" he said.

"There aren't any I can think of at the moment" Lamia smiled warmly. "If I do think of anything I'll let you know or do my best to find answers girl myself." She grinned. "The only thing I would request is please don't call me Sir, I'm not a male at least not last time I checked anyway!"

He looked up at her "apologies, but it is my training and the days of segregation are long over, the term Sir is no longer solely for males, also I am a marine and it is a habit. But I will try to do as you ask, but please know if I do use Sir, then it is nothing personal" *pause*

He holds out an ID card "This is your ID card it will allow you entry to areas your job requires you to go, both on the ship and on this Starbase." Kildare said as his other hand worked on the computer for the officer's Security clearances.

"Thank you, Sergeant Major" Lamia took the ID card and put it away safely. "Just out of curiosity, where would I find a good place to get something to eat and maybe find some company for the evening?" She looked at Kildare almost hoping that he'd offer to keep her company for the evening. She wasn't one for picking up every man she came across but every now and then she did like to take advantage of the situation.

*smiling at her* "call me Chris or Maverick my call sign" he said with politeness "as to your question, there are four in total places that serve good food, if you like live food there is the Klingon restaurant, you have an Andorian and Vulcan café if you like bland food then you will love the Vulcan place *lightly laughing* and there is a human place called the Starbuck Stallion, they serve food mostly from earth, but do other species foods too. *pause* Drinking places there are two, the Klingon Bar and the human run Retro 69 club, you will find a man in there if that is what you want, there are occasional theme nights from alien species, but they mostly do earth retro music from the 20th and 21st Centuries, it is a proper club scene" he paused and looked up and studied her closely and raised an amused eyebrow.

"So El-tee, in regards to the company, why don't you ask what you want to ask and are hesitant to do so?" He said with some humour in his tone, giving one of his trademark smiles, he returned to complete his final task of the Security clearances, when he was done he handed her an isolinear chip "this has security codes that are available to you for the job you will be doing" Kildare finished as he handed her the chip.

Lamia grinned as she took the isolinear chip. "Thank you, Chris. I guess I should learn to just come out and ask when I want something."

oO I just wish I wasn't so shy in doing so Oo

"I'm not a girl who gives out with plans to spend the night with every guy I find but on occasion, I do find someone I like that I would gladly enjoy an evening of....shall we say....passion? with." She smiled as she looked at him. "Do you have any plans for this evening, Chris?"

oO She actually did it, dammit, I am out of practice with girls, not had a date in years Oo he thought to himself and kept himself composed "I thought you wouldn't ask *smiling* you not bothered with the rank difference or the fact I am a Marine then?" Chris asked.

"I don't make a habit of picking up men Chris, but there are times when I go with the moment and right now that's what I'm going with." She smiled. "With a smile like yours how could I not fall for your charm and want more of it. It's not like I'm asking you to marry me!" oO I just hope I'm not making a mistake Oo "So would you like to show me to my quarters? We could spend some time....together and if we feel like eating afterwards we could always order in or even go out. IF we can drag ourselves out of bed that is." She grinned she could hardly believe she was suggesting what she was suggesting to a guy she'd just met.

oO Wow, so forward, she is, her confidence is building Oo he thought to himself, he was actually looking forward to getting to know her better, unlike her, he knew a one-night stand and a casual relationship was all they could do, without permission from the Captain that was, due to the rank difference. *again smiling* "thank you, how about we start with a nice meal and see where it goes from there, the last thing we want to do is rush things, but be assured it will be a nice meal, you are not allergic to any foodstuffs are you?" he asked, the last thing he wanted to do is to book a meal and have food on his partners plate that was to give her allergies.

Still he could not believe truly that he was making a date with an attractive young woman, he knew full well what his smile could do, but until now none of the females fell for it, he was getting worried he had lost his touch, after being out of the "Dating Game" for so long, but he was determined to be a gentleman, he may not be an officer and a gentleman, but he would act like one their date. *Looks at her* "as for the rest, let's see how the night goes" he said with one of his smiles.

"I'd like that" Lamia smiled. "Forgive me if I seem a little...forward but I've let guys get away before and I'm not about to let you get away." She grinned. "Roll on dinner!"

*looking at her with open humour* "my lady, if you were anymore forward you would be in first place" *laughs* "I will make the arrangements, but have you any food allergies that I should be aware of?" he said and ending with a question.

*Grinning" "No I don't have any food allergies" She smiled warmly but please no Klingon food. I hate it when food slivers around my plate!."

*smiling* "No Klingon food, aye, I will book a place for 8 pm, I will come by around 7 pm to pick you up, it will be smart casual attire," Kildare said, "I have given you, your Security clearance chip?" He asked referring to the isolinear chip he made up with her security clearances on.

"I do indeed" *holding up the chip* "Smart casual it is and I'll see you at 7 pm." She smiled warmly.

After that, both bid each other "later" as they were still on duty and he watched her leave oO How the hell did that happen!? Oo Kildare asked himself then after she had gone, he completed his work, before he returned to his quarters to freshen up and change for his date.


Lieutenant JG Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
Chief Operations Officer
USS Tomcat

Sgt Major Chris 'Maverick' Kildare [PNPC: Somers]
Drill Sergeant 95th Rifles
Starbase 51 - USS Tomcat


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