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The Latest Arrival

Posted on 04 Dec 2018 @ 8:19pm by Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Various - Mira Sector
Timeline: Current

[ ON ]

- Bridge, USS Windermere. -

Lamia stood in front of her old seat on the bridge of the Windermere, it somehow felt sad to be moving on to yet another assignment but so was the Starfleet life. She smiled as she looked in the direction of the CO's ready room as Captain Stone walked out onto the bridge.

"Decided to spend your spare time on the bridge Mia?" He smiled warmly. "If you look closely you'll see your destination appearing on the viewscreen shortly."

"That was my plan Sir" she smiled warmly as she looked at the view-screen. "It seems strange to be moving on again, but I'm relishing the challenge." Deep down inside she was more worried and scared than anything else, worried that she was starting fresh yet again and scared of taking the reins as Chief of Operations this time around.

"Stop worrying Mia!" Stone smiled as he looked at her. "You'll cope and you'll do well just have faith in yourself and you'll be fine."

"Thank you Sir" She grinned as the view of Starbase 51 appeared on the screen. "Looks like I'm going to have to go and get my things ready for departure. Thank you so much for everything Captain. It's been an honour serving aboard the ship."

"You're welcome back anytime Mia" He smiled warmly. "Now Lieutenant go and get your things and we'll get you dropped off."

Heading off the bridge she made for her quarters, her boxes were already on the cargo bay waiting to be beamed across to the Starbase and her bag was ready to go across with her. Taking one final look around she took a deep breath, turned and walked out of her quarters.

- Starbase 51 -

Stepping down off the transporter PADD Lamia nodded politely to the transporter chief. From what she'd been informed her new ship was currently off station so for now it would be a case of findlng temporary quarters and waiting for the ship to return, which was the part she always hated the most. She almost jumped out of her skin as someone spoke.

"Penny for your thoughts Lieutenant."

"What on Earth?!" She turned and looked at Stone. "Michael...Captain...What are you still doing here?"

"Well we couldn't leave you sitting here alone and the ship isn't due at our next rendezvous for a few hours so we had some time to spare." He grinned. "Plus I checked and saw your ship isn't here."

Lamia smiled warmly. "I do appreciate the company. You know me I hate waiting!"

"Don't we all?" Michael grinned. "The crew thought they'd...." He motioned behind her to where her friends had gathered one of them with a large Chocolate cake. "Surprise you!"

"You guys!!!" Lamia couldn't help but grin as the gathering became a farewell party. She had to admit it was good to have such wonderful friends.

[ OFF ]

Lieutenant (jg) Lamia Arderne
Chief Operations Officer
USS Tomcat

Captain Michael Stone (npc)
Commanding Officer
USS Windermere


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