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The Final Solution Part 3

Posted on 31 Jan 2019 @ 11:14pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & 1st Lieutenant Joseph Tabor & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant Paul Winchester & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & Ensign Teela Tjaansz & 2nd Lieutenant Josefina (Joe) Macapuno & Petty Officer 3rd Class Ramon Machado & Petty Officer 3rd Class Kara Pril

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Main Story)
Location: USS Tomcat/Various
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 22


- Turbo lift -

With a nod, Somers and Winchester left the bridge leaving the ship in the capable hands of Commander Sterling, as the doors closed "Shuttle Bay" Somers said and the lift moved down and across.

As Paul entered the turbo-lift, Paul said," Captain, I'm sorry if I doubted you about letting me fly," as he looked back at Somers he continued," and I promise not to crash this time," as he tried to lighten the mood.

*Smile on her face, but she did not look at him* "If you did crash, you would have any surviving passengers to deal with, I would be standing in line waiting my turn to whup you upside the head" Somers said as the lift doors closed and the lift moved down.

"Then I'd better not crash then," replied Paul Looking back at Somers, He continued, "after this is over Captain, We need to have a talk," as he needed to let her know about his run-in with Q and what came of it.

*she looked at him from the corner of her eye, there was something in his voice that said what he had to say was serious* "okay, just let things calm down first and we can talk on our way back" Somers responded.

"Captain, this needs to be private and confidential," replied Paul, he continued, "and not to be spoken of Unless I give you clearance to do so," as he knew he was putting her in a spot that she would be careful of who she spoke to.

*Fully looking at him* "Lieutenant, I have a clearance higher than you, but it will be kept between us, I may not be a counsellor, but you will have my confidence when we speak about whatever it is" Somers said.

"Thank you, Captain," replied Paul looking back at her as he finished speaking, He said," Now let's bring them home," as the doors opened to reveal the flight deck.

"I know right!" Somers said, trying to remember where she picked up that old phrase from, then she cursed her Cousin, Alexandria was the Retro mad one in the family, with a sigh she closed the ramp and prepped for flight.

- Counselling offices -

Iria walked around her office and set a stack of PaDD's down on the corner, she was moving with a mixture of emotions rolling through her, glad relief the away team was on the way back. Concern for injuries and whatever else they might have gone through. It was enough to make her keep moving if only to pace around the room again. Jorie and the others had gone to help Aldana help prepare Sickbay and the decon, areas. She worried the inside of her bottom lip between her teeth, as she quietly hoped that Remy was okay too.

- Engineering -

Nicci had the comms monitored in engineering, ostensibly to make sure they were functioning within established parameters due to local gravimetric, temporal, and radiation interference. But if Teela were here, she'd cut through all that and say she just wanted to know if they had found the crew.

"Yes!" she pumped her fist, as she continued working. Her new sensor upgrades were definitely not standard issue, nor were they done to full Starfleet spec, but they were doing their job.

"Ma'am the sensors are working very well," Machado stated as he monitored power relays to the new sensors.

"Glad the readings we found earlier helped get a lock on the signal of the away team," Pril added to the conversation. "I only hope all of the team are well."

"I've got some signal I can try boosting," said PO2 Ashley McCray, the communication specialist. She ran her hands across the console and managed to clean the signal up to a little as it was coming in. There were still waves of static through the comm line, but definitely fewer dropped words coming in.

"Thanks, Ashley," Nicci said with a smile. The young petty officer was dressed perfectly for an enlisted officer; comm badge shined, neck rank insignia perfectly polished. She was done up to spec herself - standard uniform, hair up in a ponytail out of the way, tasteful makeup (including lipstick). Far cry from her dishevelled appearance just hours ago. She looked at her own readouts and was using the display to try to map out the radiation and interference levels. "Okay everyone, let's map out a course the shuttles can navigate through the radiation that can avoid all the nastiness out there. Let's help get our people home."

=/\= Sterling to science lab Is Lt Taggert still there?=/\= Maia called from the bridge.

=/\=Taggert here, Commander,=/\= Nicci called, tapping her comm badge. =/\=I'm down in engineering. How can I help you?=/\=

=/\= Lt Taggert, I am picking up an object that seems to be growing at sensor grid 21 by 53, Can you enhance sensor resolution in that area, please. =/\= Sterling asked.

=/\=21 by 53, got it,=/\= Taggert said, nodding to PO2 Ramp. He tapped the controls and gave more processing power to the sensor panel most aligned to that section of space.

"Let's see what you can see, Reflector," she said, quoting an old cartoon she liked watching when she was a kid. =/\=Ma'am, it's looking like some kind of shuttle-size object.=/\=

=/\=No it seems to be growing, doubling in size every 2 seconds it's already bigger than a shuttle Lt Taggert=/\= Maia replied.

=/\=Working on it, Commander=/\= Taggert replied, frustrated, trying to think.

In engineering, she was just tapping furiously on the commands. She opened the pool table isolinear inputs, and grabbed a few chips from her engineer jacket, inserting them into the centre raised section. The others just watched as she moved faster than a regular human, inputting algorithms from the chips into the sensor grids, reconfiguring them on the fly. What she was doing was definitely not within Starfleet protocol, but sometimes when you needed an answer, you needed an answer and would deal with the consequences later.

"Well, this is something I've never seen before," she said to herself, the surprise and frustration at not knowing irking her greatly. "And this coming from someone whose entire DNA and body were rewritten, that's saying something."

=/\=Commander, whatever it is, it's technological, and it's like space is unfolding, allowing it to grow larger. Gravimetric and chronometric disturbance confirms. It's growing in size. I can't estimate the final size, but it will be at least several miles in diameter shortly at this rate of growth. And there's evidence of organic matter too, possibly life signs, but I can't determine more until this thing finishes growing.=/\=

=/\=Thank you Lt Taggert we're reading that here too, just wanted to make sure there was no malfunction.=/\= Maia replied.

=/\=Bridge to Captain Somers=/\=

Tapping her Commbadge =/\= What is it, Commander? =/\= Somers asked.

=/\=Captain we are reading an object which seems to be growing in or near your area in your sky at declination 21 north by 35 west of your current position. It's in the air doubling in size every 2 seconds. It looks like an egg at this point. Can you verify =/\= Sterling requested.

*Looking at Walon puzzled, Somers walked over to the Sensors Console and tapped her Commbadge* =/\= It is just an echo Commander, we are leaving a temporal activity hot zone, note it in the star charts and file it away, we could all use a short amount of downtime before our next Assignment =/\= Somers said.

There was silence and the only sound was the communications line being closed by Sterling on her end.

She returns to her seat and looks at the on-duty Helm Officer "I think the Commander is a little stressed, hell we all are" Somers said.

Looking back at the Captain "It would seem so Sir, I do not know about you, but I am looking forward to a short amount of Shoreleave that is coming" he said.

"I know" Somers simply said and fell silent.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

Ensign Teela Tjaansz [PNPC: Taggert]
USS Tomcat

Petty Officer 3 Kara Prill [PNPC: Dodd]
Matter/Energy Systems Specialist
USS Tomcat

Petty Officer 3 Ramon Machado [PNPC: Dodd]
Engineering Officer
USS Tomcat


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