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Which Came First the Avian or the Egg? Part 4

Posted on 03 Dec 2018 @ 6:14pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & Ensign Teela Tjaansz & Ensign Matthew Thompson

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: Xindaria Surface / Resistance Camp / City
Timeline: 200,000 years in the past


Dodd and Thompson arrived back at the quarters the team had been staying while holding out with the Resistance on Xindaria.

Dodd prepared to tell his team the information so he had Thompson go and gather everyone.

Webb, Derrigo, Delfin, Tjaansz, Cahill, K'Muss and Thompson were all now in the main room of the quarters.

"Team, I have some great news." Dodd stated. "We have a means now to get home. Apparently while we are some 200,000 years in our past, this is an augmented reality inside a pocket universe."

"Okay, Mr. Dodd," replied Elenorrhea who had just come from the outside bearing another set of fat, and crunchy grubbs, but twice as many for the Gorn's, who were starting to get a bit bigger than their smaller 12-14 inch size, but who were still manageable.

"Just what the hell is this so-called Pocket Universe," continued Eleonorrhea.

"I know it was a surprise to me to find this out," replied Dodd. The Avians used a mixture of technologies to escape their original world and the circumstances in play to come here to hold out for a chance to get back to their future once things had time to change. They are willing to take us with them," Dodd added.

Listening, but not really caring about the concept of a pocket universe, all Elenorrhea could reply with was....

"Well Mr. Dodd, if what you say is true, then what's to prevent the Avians from stranding us somewhere else, say some 500,000 years in the past....'permanently'...

"Yes, I failed to address that," Dodd replied. "The Avians came to this sort of pocket universe, what have you, to escape the situation that was happening back in their original time. They were more peaceful than the rest of the Xindi and so they selected the most prominent of their species to come backwards until a point in time came for them to return. Our arrival here showed them the time had come to return. Further more, they were testing their device when we were pulled into the vortex and brought here. When we were captured by Xindarians, the Avian scientists decided to use our shuttle for parts to help in modifying the device to get them home. When we joined the Resistance, they decided we were worthy to join them on the return home and help them assimilate back to the realm they left. With this effort, we will be helping to restore the Avians back to their rightful place among the other five species of Xindi," Dodd Said.

"It makes sense we are from a time they want to return too. In a very real way we are from a time where the progenitors are no more, their temporal cold war is over, and they can live in peace in their own universe. I for one want to go home," Mr. Thompson said.

"So while it seems like there is a war coming to this reality, we will hopefully not be here when it happens, but our being here has sped up the Resistance movement and so we must leave in three days with the Avian team to get home to our time and rejoin our ship," Dodd replied. "Brevnit is the leader of the Avian team who came here from to survive the time until they could return. Well that can return now. There are at least fifty families of Avians who will be migrating back to our time. That is from what I can tell over a 100,000 members from the way they talk, but there is room for the eight of us to join them," Dodd said.

"Anyway you look at it its going to be a wild ride. I will inform the females though they might not want to leave," Matt joked.

"So get all you gear gathered up and be ready to go home in three days." Dodd stated. "We will even take our six Gorn friends with us and hope they are better off once we return to our proper time. I will add that we have to get to the other side of the city as that is were the Ministry of Science is and Brevnit will be needing to use some of the technology there along with the power supply to get us home. That is all I have at this time. Any questions or thoughts?"

"I'm good with that lets get the hell out of here, I didn't sign up to be a Cabana boy." Matt added.

Dr Cahill smiled when she heard we had away home. "Fantastic, I look forward to it. I have spent a lot of time studying about last we are in"

As she gathered a few of her belongings.

---- Three Days Later ---

It took 3 days for Dr. Brevnit to get his race into the Egg of Ages. He knew that it would be impossible to get 25,000 through the Eye of Chaos, so He spend the last several years creating the egg to carry his people. What was left of his entire race. over 25,000 males females and hatchlings that he could personally walk and carry. The Egg itself was another pocket of dimensionally transcendental space trapped in another pocket universe. Dr. Brevnit was concerned about the power requirements for the journey. So he shrank the egg itself with a compression beam so that it was about the size of an ostrich egg. He needed the humans from the future to ensure they arrived in the right time. The Eye of Chaos was at its maximum temporal warp and it took days to charge the device with enough Anti-Chronitons to attempt displacement. Once the displacement was completed the Paradox would end. Dr. Brevnit cheated death for his species. The culmination of a vision and 1000 years of life. His life's work. He had made arrangements with the Human and Gorn to meet at the Eye of Chaos at the appointed time. He kept a careful watch oh the Anti Chroniton build up and when the Eye was super saturated, they would simply walk through to the other side a sort of bridge between realities.

"Welcome my friends, to the Eye of Chaos," Dr. Brevnit said.

The structure had roughly the same dimensions as the Gaurdian of Forever an oddly rounded torus. It glowed blue from within. However unlike the guardian of forever this was a device, it was not sentient though it did possess an artificial intelligence much like the ship's (Tomcat's) computer. It even had some of the parts from the away team's shuttle to help boost the power supply to allow the transit to go to the future.

"Hello, Doctor Brevnit," Dodd replied. "I hope all is up to par for the return to the twenty-fourth century. I know the Federation will be able to help you get things worked out once we get back. I will talk to the captain of our ship and I am sure we can help you temporarily settle a camp or such until a permanent home can be arranged."

"I carry the great egg, it has everything we need for survival, indeed we will flourish, but it is good to know that we will have friends on the other side". Dr. Brevnit said.

"What can we do to help the final preparations?" Dodd asked.

"Final preparations have been made We should leave now..." Dr. Brevnit said

The device was operating smoothly for all intended purposes and Dr. Brevnit was working on the final calculations and adjustments to get the settings just right to allow all of us to get to the almost the moment where we were pulled from. However it would be within a few days time from when we left as he could not pinpoint the exact moment we left from.

K'Muss then noticed a rumbling in the distance and so he investigated from a window, and he noticed an approaching dust cloud, which could be an actual dust storm approaching or a large army coming to stop Dr. Brevnit and us from completing his task.

Teela turned and looked at the arriving dust cloud, and pulled up her arm scanner, which she had rigged from contemporary parts and her tricorder, with a bigger screen and a wider scan range, but unfortunately the dust on this planet seemed to have a slight interference to it.

"We need to hurry guys," Teela said to everyone. "I'm picking up several hundred, could be a thousand, coming this way...and I don't know if they'll be happy about us trying to leave without them."

"Gentlemen this dimension is being invaded, indeed war is upon us, we must flee, now." Dr Brevnit said urgently.

He climbed the steps.

The Starfleet Away Team was set and ready to go. The team all linked arms while Delfin held the box of the six de-evolved Gorn.

"Link arms......Five, Four, three, two, one! Now step through..." Dr. Brevnit whose arm were linked to Mr. Dodd and Mr. Thompson while still holding the egg stepped through. Everything vanished, they were travelling without moving, moving without travelling, it was impossible incomprehensible, felt like a rollercoaster moving without time. very cold very hot a heat that didn't burn, everything out of focus. There was no air yet there was consciousness...

Suddenly they were on the other side stepping through the torus. But when?


Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
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Lieutenant Remington Dodd
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1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
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