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Which Came First the Avian or the Egg? Part 3

Posted on 20 Nov 2018 @ 4:17pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & Ensign Teela Tjaansz & Ensign Matthew Thompson
Edited on on 20 Nov 2018 @ 5:21pm

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: Xindaria Surface / Ancient City
Timeline: 200,000 years in the past

NOTE: This post starts 4 weeks after Dodd and Thompson have joined up with the rest of the Away Team and the Resistance Movement, and TBC in Part 4


-Resistance Camp -

After many meetings with the leaders of the Resistance, Dodd and Cahill have finally made it clear that they could not get fully involved in the fight to reclaim Xindaria for the Avians.

Dodd had been working with what was available to tinker with the tricorder he had to turn it into a homing beacon that would only be activated in the future. Without much to work on with the exact time they were in, he guessed to set the system to produce a signal for one day every fifty years. And from what he recalled from their time at the mine, the ore in the walls of the mine would act as a means to amplify the signal as well as supply a minimal amount of energy to keep the tricorder working for at the best 10,000 years or longer if never discovered. But to get the Tricorder to the mine would be the difficult part.

"Lieutenant," whispered Teela, as she palmed some metal picks over to her CO. "I found some metal filaments strong enough to help you make your adjustments to the tricorder. I remember reading about how the rocks used in Earth's Giza pyramids could help amplify signals inside...if we get it to the right depth, you're right, it will resonate strongly enough that the Tomcat can find us soon, well, relatively speaking."

"Thanks, Ensign. These are perfect for finishing off the adjustments." Dodd stated to Tjaansz when she offered the filaments. "So if we can pull this off the future should happen all over again, only this time the signal should reappear after we originally found the first one that is hopefully on the shuttlecraft where ever that is at the moment."

Watching the strange mornings of the planet, Eleonorrhea was quite busy, should she go out and hunt game with the others, or tend to the crops with the women. Deciding to hunt game, Elenorrhea before going out, decided to see how her Gorn lizards were doing. Most of them were dozing, except for the female and one rather large Gorn Lizard who was trying to mount her. Every time the male Gorn tried to mount the female, there would be a fight and the male would be sent off with a few bite marks on its neck. Not ready for mating, the Gorn female was decidedly uninterested in the others, and wandered off to a warmer area of the cage to rest.

Laughing, Eleonorrhea took a supply of captured bugs, and threw it into the cage with the other Gorns, who suddenly came to life as they eagerly snapped up the smaller flying bugs, Soon the sounds of the hard carapace of the bugs could be heard as the Gorn lizards easily cut through their hard armoured shells,

As for her Marines, both Webb and Derigo had just returned from an early morning hunting expedition with a few of the other males in the village, and not having any luck, were now on their racks trying to sleep. Taking in a long breath of air, Eleonorrhea finally decided to tend to the crops in the garden. She had found what looked like the forebearer of an old Earth Pumpkin species and was now carefully tending to it, as she planned on how to get everyone off the planet.

Deep in though Eleonorrhea did not see both Webb and Derrigo coming down to see her as she was bending over a large plump pumpkin. Suddenly feeling her neck hairs beginning to rise up, she suddenly turned around as she held her small Karambit in her right hand. Though it was a weapon, the Karambit was a very sharp gardening tool, which she used it to cut away small weeds, and roots from her pumpkins.

Webb spoke for both him and Derrigo "Ma'am, it been over four weeks since we landed here in this era, and so far we're sort of stuck here waiting to see what's going to happen" replied Webb. Looking at Webb, Eleonorrhea put away her Karambit, sat down on a small row of stones, and said "What do you propose Marine" replied Eleonorrhea.

"Ma'am, we're both thinking that maybe we should do a little bit of scouting, try to look for the shuttle, and try to find a way to get it running" replied Webb...

"Also, replied Derrigo, we should also think about maybe we're going to be stuck here permanently, maybe take over the entire planet. with our training and the help of the natives, I think we can pull it off" continued Derrigo...

"Mulling over what Derrigo said, Eleonorrhea said" AT EASE Derrigo, we're still Marines, and we don't go taking over small planets because we're stuck. We try to adapt and overcome our predicament, and if that means we follow the Starfleet folks then that's what we'll do" replied Eleonorrhea who was now quite pissed off at the comment by Derrigo.

"Never has any Starfleet Marine ever tried to run a planet, in over 400 years, and I'm not about to allow that" GOT IT, MISTER? As she looked at Derrigo who was now quite red in the face... "Now, I'm going to tell you both something... We're following the Prime Directive, and we do it with a smile", and if we have to "kiss-ass the leader of the group, we'll do it with a smile, and when he says jump, we better ask "how far and how high"..."DISMISSED!! With that Eleonorrhea returned back to her Pumpkin, as she saw both Derrigo and Webb walking to the barracks.

Sometime later Mr Thompson came back from his foraging and reported to Lieutenant Dodd.

"Mr Dodd, I have met an Avian Xindi named Brevnit. He is also part of the resistance. He is also a temporal engineer with the ministry of science and spoke to me of a great experiment. They are working on a way to escape to the future. He also relayed that he knew where our shuttlecraft was. He seemed very interested in talking to me when he found out that I was from the future as well. It seems we are some 200, 212 years in the past Sir. He said the Xindi were working on something called a temporal anchor a sort of bridge from now to what will be. I thought perhaps we could use something like that to get home." Thompson reported.

"Good information, Ensign," Dodd replied. "Curious, I wonder if their experiments are what caused the extreme build upon those chronotons in the future and triggered the force that pulled us into their time."

Dodd thought for a moment then asked "Thompson, do you think we could have a private meeting with Brevnit and see just how accomplished they are in their experiments with temporal anchoring?"

"That seemed to be his desire as well Mr Dodd". Ens. Thompson replied. "With your permission, I will arrange for a meeting". Thompson continued. "Oh and you may want to use this", Thompson said handing him a Starfleet Universal translator and his communicator.

"Great, I would like to do that as soon as possible," Dodd replied. "Thank you for dealing with all we have had to go through to get back with the rest of the team and working on helping us find a means to getting home. I think you may see an accommodation when we get home."

"Can do Sir, and thanks. Truthfully though I'm just as anxious to get home as you are". Matt replied. The matrons pretty much took our shuttlecraft apart, and with them, our weapons but Brevnit saved our Ut's and Communicators. I think the matrons meant to reverse engineer them. They seemed fascinated by our translator technology which they never developed. Matt added.

- The Next Day -

"I am Brevnit which one of you is Lieutenant Dodd"?

"I am Dodd," Dodd replied. "I am honoured to meet you in person."

The Avian Xindi, Brevnit, was at least 8 feet tall, was fairly thin, but had a leathery wingspan almost twenty feet wide with multiple joints with digits like clawed fingers which could manipulate advanced technology. Brevnit was generally brown with golden strips and silvery speckled spots. He had bright green eyes and a sharp beak similar to an eagle that was orange with purple streaks in it. He stood with a no-nonsense stance that gave him an air of authority. Oddly the Avian Xindi didn't have feathers.

Brevnit nodded his head. "I am told that you are from a time after the temporal cold war raged by the builders approximately two centuries after is that correct"? Brevnit asked.

"Since you are already aware of those facts I will not deny them, but I really don't want to contaminate the timeline too much more than we have already," Dodd replied. "I will do what is absolutely necessary to make the arrangements to get us to our time while still trying to uphold our Prime Directive. I hope you can understand why I must take this stance. However, I am sure we can make this arrangement work for both parties and thus limit our influence on the culture and events destined for this world."

"What if I told you that we are not in a normal timeline but inside of a paradox, Mr Dodd. An artificially designed paradox to save my species from extinction. Some of my people came here to escape the temporal wars. We were the ones that foresaw what the Progenitors were lying to my people and by my people, I mean all of the species of the Xindi. We are prepared to go back to the future and take you with us. The progenitors have been defeated by your mid 22nd century and we will return with you to your late 24th century. Your people are the end of a closed loop Mr Dodd. We wish to return to the future development of our species. There are approximately 50 families of Avian Xindi as well as your people". Dr Brevnit said.

"I would have to say this is a surprise to me." Dodd reacted. "I did not know you had that technology. However, I would not hesitate to join your return to the future. Your assistance to get us home when you go back would benefit all of us and likely help the Federation have more peaceful relations with the rest of the Xindi species."

"It is not Xindi technology exactly but a mixture of technologies, including progenitor technology". Brevnit said.

After a very detailed meeting and making arrangements for the exchange of knowledge and the gathering of materials, Dodd and Brevnit came to a union. A means was worked out to get Dodd's modified tricorder to the designated coordinates in the mine area. Brevnit had an operative that would place the tricorder in the manner needed in the mine so it could ultimately help at least his team get home at some point in the chance that the technology failed. The tricorder would be set in a spot that would help conceal the device to the primitive workers in the mines and also to it would transmit at the setting that would be unnoticed to this culture's technology.

"Gather your people we will need all of them. We will meet in three days to go back to the future". Brevnit said.

"I will inform my team of the details and we will be more than ready to meet up and go home," Dodd replied.

The two bid farewell to one another and parted ways. Dodd headed to their makeshift quarters with Thompson.

It was the end of a long day, and Eleonorrhea was a bit tired...oO "Odd" Oo though Elenorrhea as she felt her muscles aching along with a small limp she had.

oO I guess I'm getting older, and I now have a sore back Oo thought Eleonorrhea as she left her pumpkin alone. Walking back to the hut she shared with the others Eleonorreha entered, and opening the door to the small cage; she took out the female Gorn. Holding it like a pet, she took it to her bunk and let it scamper on her bed. Then as it sat there watching her, as she stuck out her forked tongue to sniff the air, Eleonorrhea pulled out from underneath her bed; two large grubs she had picked from her pumpkin patch, and put these in front of the female, then watched.

In a flash, the tongue lashed out and grabbed one of the grubs; then Eleonorrhea heard a soft crunch, as the female Gorn was now eating the armoured grub. Seeing what happened to the other one, the other grub, if it had any brains, was now zig-zagging for cover when it was seized halfway down the bed by a sticky tongue; and it too was now being consumed by the Gorn, who found that this one was a bit juicier than the other.

Gently taking the Gorn, Eleonorrhea picked it up, and began to stroke it, and gently talk to it in her Filipino dialect. Taking the Gorn who was now satiated from the meal, she gently put it back down inside the cage, as the other lizards were now wondering when they would be fed. However there was one pushy lizard that tried to get out, and with a sudden move, Eleonorrhea now had it by the stomach as she glared at it and said

"You're lucky I'm not in the mood for lizard burgers, or I'd by now cut off your head and gutted you" spoke Eleonorrhea, while the other lizards looked at her. Maybe it was her tone of voice, but the other male lizards suddenly stood still in front of Eleonorrhea.

Laughing she placed the lizard back in the cage with the others, closed the door and latched it. Standing there, she watched the other males crawling on top of each other, as soon as they saw Eleonorrhea reaching down into the bag of grubs. Oo ah there you are, my lucky friends oO thought Eleonorrhea; as her hand brought up several fat grubs. Without a thought, Elenorrhea simply tossed the fattest grubs into the cage and watched as it was now a feeding frenzy. With the lizards all fighting over the grubs, Eleonorrhea was now laughing to herself, as she saw the grubs being torn apart and eaten by the lizards. Finally, it was over, as the last grub left alive was eaten by the larger of the lizards. Sighing to herself, Elenorrhea went to the bathroom to take a nice hot bath, and soon a strange melodic song in Cebuano sung by Elenorrhea could now be heard in the empty room, as the lizards now satiated by the meal all found a place to lie down; in a corner of the cage which was now being bathed by the waning warmth of the sun.

- Short Distance from Eleonorrhea -

Teela wanted to keep hope and keep positive, but it was difficult. Her uniform was kind of in tatters, and she was in something that left her legs, arms, midriff, and upper cleavage exposed for all to see. Her hair was no longer neatly done but in a messy ponytail. She spent her time gathering berries and making bows with arrows, and climbing trees for fruits and to gain a vantage point for her hunt.

She grew up in the trees on her home planet, but she had to admit this planet, 400 years in the past, was different. Before, she could find a walkway to her home in some of the giant trees of her planet; here, rock dwellings were more normal, and their quarters were cramped. She was happy they found the food edible at least.

Teela remembered growing up discovering all particles spin left or right; if they spun the wrong way, she couldn't eat the food, and it would kill her. She was scared to death to eat anything from any other planet as a little girl. She was relieved to find Earth food (a) didn't kill her, and (b) was actually really good. Otherwise, she would never have joined Starfleet.

"I hope we can get back soon," she said aloud, to no one in particular. "I wonder if Nicci misses us. I'd give anything to see her and the ship again. She's my best friend since joining the fleet." Her tail swished slowly as she spoke.

Her voice trailed off a bit and she saw one of the crew nearby, surprising her.

- Delfin's Sleeping Quarters -

Meanwhile back at the so-called sleeping quarters, Eleonorrhea had already lathered up her body with whatever the Avians called soap, and as she washed the dirt off her body, she found that much of her aches and pains had suddenly disappeared. Even that pulled the muscle in her lower back she got during a combative training session, seemed to have disappeared. But what even surprised her were the numerous small scars she had gotten over her many years as a combat marine all seemed to have disappeared, and what remained was smooth skin. A Bit perplexed but nevertheless grateful for that sudden shift in time, Eleonorrhea continued to wash and then she dried off after stepping out of the jury-rigged shower system that she had managed to put together.

It seemed that the Avians never heard of showers, when she and the other women were all shown to their new quarters; so in the spirit of the Marines, she and Webb had constructed a workable shower that now had four shower heads, and was warmed by taking some sort of large black plastic bag, then filling it with water. Leaving it on top of their quarters the suns hot rays would warm the water inside the bag, and once it was warmed, all could take a long shower; which Eleonorrhea presumed that all of the women, except for the Goron who had transitioned back to being a Gecko enjoyed.

Finally finished with her shower, and with her hair now covered with a towel, Elenorrhea put on some clean clothes, and after looking in on the female who was still sleeping, found a chair inside the quarters, took it outside and finding a place on the porch, she sat down, and began to enjoy the stay, as she watched the goings on in the compound...

Dr Cahiil kept up her studies and was finding out a lot from what is being discovered. She was starting to feel that there may be a way off with what she is learning. She made sure to keep her findings to herself. She did not want to bring false hope to everyone else. She did not know if what she was doing was going to work. But she kept it up because she had nothing else to do.


Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
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