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Which Came First the Avian or the Egg? Part 2

Posted on 24 Oct 2018 @ 8:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & Ensign Matthew Thompson
Edited on on 20 Nov 2018 @ 5:25pm

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: Ancient Xindaria Capital City & surrounding area
Timeline: Mission Day: 15


It has now been a period of two weeks since the away team has been stranded in the past on Xindaria. Thompson and Dodd are still in service to the Royal Family while the rest of the team have escaped along with the Gorn team and are now working with the resistance forces.

Dodd had been acting the part now for two weeks. He had been the right hand for the Queen or for better reference in the term, First Lady. The Royal Family was a small family. There were the First Lady and three daughters along with one son and then the Royal Escort (the husband). The household staff were almost all male with the exception that the three daughters all had female attendants. The Royal Escort also had one female attendant. Dodd had figured out most of the daily routines of the Royal Family.

The Royal Family really only had time as a family one day a week which on this world was nine days long. On the ninth day of the week, the whole family along with the personal attendants and the bodyguards would all go to the Royal Gardens for a picnic and time in nature. The Royal Escort and the royal son would be allowed to swim in the lake but had to do so in private from the females. The females would also be allowed to swim but they had their own pond in the gardens. The Xindarians were very different from how they viewed relations between the sexes.

On this particular trip to the Gardens, Dodd was able to really learn a lot about the relationships of the Royal Family. He was able to review the thoughts of all the family members. The First Lady was open to her daughters and shared all things about being loyal to them and reared them to be future leaders. The Royal Escort and the son were treated as second-class citizens but since they were part of the Royal Family, they did have some privileges but not as much as the females.

Dodd and the whole entourage were in route back to the mansion when there was a disturbance. Apparently, a small group of resistance fighters had arranged a small demonstration along the motorcade route. The bodyguards and other guards all got the family secured and fought off the demonstrators. Dodd was able to read the minds of the demonstrators and realized that they knew the rest of his away team. Dodd was aware they were all accounted for and still alive.

Upon return to the mansion, the First Lady took to her chambers and dismissed Dodd for the time being. So Dodd went to find Thompson. When Dodd found him he was in the butler's pantry polishing the silver or the substitute for it in this culture.

"Thompson, I have some news," Dodd stated as he approached the young ensign.

The young man was busy scrubbing pots in the kitchen. While he wasn't serving meals he was a scullery maid.

"You have news, Mr. Dodd? I hope you've found the others, I would really like to stop being a maid, Sir". The young Ensign replied.

"I have a lead as to the whereabouts of the rest of the team," Dodd replied. "I will see about getting you reassigned so that you will have the chance to get out of this kitchen. I will try to get you to assist in my duties so we can try to make a run for it. As we came back from the Royal Gardens today, a group of protesters were assembled on the path and I read their thoughts. Teela, Delfin, Cahill, Webb, Derrigo and K'Muss were in their thoughts and I believe they are with the resistance movement just outside the city proper."

- The Resistance Hide-out-

Dr Cahill took what she saw and headed for the door to get out of the prison area. The others followed her out and they all headed to what they thought was the way out. Once they found their way out they worked carefully toward an unguarded gate and slipped out.

They worked carefully around the area to avoid detection, they had a universal translator with them and found out there was a highly organized resistance trying to overthrow the unjust government. She was able to gather enough information to get into the right area of the country where she thought they were located.

She also discovers the planet had a female lead lifestyle. And this would work to her advantage. She found out too the Queen was interested in females from other planets and could be able to use this to her advantage if she needed too.
She turned to the males in the group, "If we are discovered, you will act like you are servants to the females of our group and will try to be obedient to the females here on the planet."

Wandering through the village, she found the inhabitants willing to fight for the simple reason was that the Royals made their lives miserable; while they lived in splendour, these simple natives were forced to work in the most horrendous, and heart-wrenching conditions. Even the old Egyptian Pharaohs didn't even come close to making their lives miserable. But here they were making light of a bad situation.

Returning back to the cabin she shared with the others, Eleonorrehea was about to enter when she heard a short peep coming from inside. The peep came from a corner, and not seeing the female Gorn around, Eleonorrhea was about to turn over a box when she spotted it. It was a small lizard, and it was the Gorn female, who by now was now a small lizard that couldn't hurt a fly. However her tongue shot straight out, and it immediately engulfed a small flying insect which she eagerly swallowed with gusto.

Putting down the Gorn lizard who seemed interested in more flying insects than the human; Eleonorrhea was now surmising that the Gorn had reverted back to their primordial roots. Though none of the humans had changed, Eleonorrhea had a theory. Since they were back approximately some 50,000 to 100,000 years ago humans would not show any physical changes. But for the Gorn, who were once lizards that somehow gained human intelligence, the return back in time had returned back to their reptilian ancestors.

As for the humans, and Vulcans; the return in time, would also mean that they would be more than eager for a fight, and with the Royals, especially the Vulcans who had a warrior culture long before humans made contact with them, and in a fight; Eleonorrhea would rather have one or two Vulcans, if she could not have her Marines. Fighting the Royals would be fun.

Except now Eleonorrhea was having a slight mental deficit. But those would soon go away.

Running out of the hut, Eleonorrhea saw that the other five Gorns were nothing more than large two foot long Iguanas, that were now sound asleep on top of a table by the window. Running outside Eleonorrehea was now yelling " Dr Cahill, we have a small problem"...

Dr Cahill had been able to rejoin the other members of the OA team a few days earlier. She was settling in and had also managed to get settled in and learn some of the cultures which she was finding interesting when she heard a call for some assistance. She moved quickly to the location where the call came from.

"What is going on?" As she entered the room.

Having run to the hut, and grabbing the female Gorn which by now was a small eight-inch long Iguana, who was now more interested in sniffing the air with her tongue, Eleonorrhea stuffed it into her tunic and quickly found Dr Cahill.

"Doc", laugh Elenorrhea as she came to the doctor, I only wanted to show you this; as she reached inside her tunic, pulling out a small iguana. Showing it to Dr Cahill, and holding it up by is belly, Eleonorrhea said.

"Doc, I'd like you to meet our former Gorn female guest" laughed Eleonorrhea as she was now holding the rather impatient Iguana by the belly. Watching it slowly walk to a nice sunny part of the room, the Iguana easily climbed up the chair, then found the table, and seeing a rather warm spot, laid down and begin to stay there, wondering if the tall humans were going to squash it.

Before Dr Cahill could speak, Eleonorrhea said... "Doc, I think we better get out of here and back to our century, if we're back some 50-200,000 years ago, then if I"m correct, evolution is going to play hell with us. Now as far as the Gorn, I'd say that they've reverted back to their prehistoric time.

"Now as for us, since it took close to a million years of evolutionary change; we're pretty safe, but as far as our tribal and warlike tendencies, I'd say that we may find ourselves as the most intelligent Neanderthal to ever wear a Starfleet uniform.

"However as for the Vulcans, I'd say that they may be looking for a fight, and it won't be us, its going to be the Reds" replied Eleonorrhea as she watched Dr Cahill trying to digest the information in her head.

Dr Cahill checked out the Gorn, " It should be temporary. Once we all return to our own time they should return to normal. Also, I don't think it will bother us considering all our details are a lot further down the line of evolution than the Gorn. Also, the Vulcans have been able to control their emotions a lot longer than this timeline in evolution.

I will monitor them and everyone else.

- Royal Family Mansion -

Dodd had returned to his duties and managed to mention to his supervisor of sorts that new servant in the kitchen would make a trusted attendant to the Royal Escort.

Since the Royal Escort was only with the First Lady for the family picnics or for her pleasure, there would still be more of a likelihood for them to be out of the mansion together and make a run for it.

Shortly Thompson was seen by Dodd getting fitted into the attire for an assistant to the Royal Escort. Dodd only wished that the Royal Escort would leave Thompson alone long enough to call them to escape. The Royal Escort sort of likely playing around with all of his attendants regardless of gender.

Now it has been almost two weeks since they came to be in this time, but things were slowing working out to reunite the Away Team and figure out how to get back to the proper time.

As Thompson was better trained in his duties and obligations and he became more proficient as a servant, his master allowed him a bit of autonomy after all. He paid attention and started picking up the language pretty well too. Soon he saw Mr Dodd more and more and they could work together to devise a plane. All the while watching for security and other forms of surveillance. In his present role as a housemaid, he didn't have much in the way of access to technology, most of which seemed to be psionically activated. He awaited news and clues as to where they were even starring at the stars at night to try to get a bearing. However, even the stars were denied him. None of the constellations made any sense to him. Too much stellar drift if what they had gone through was indeed a time portal. Still, he kept his eyes and ears open.

- Meanwhile, at the resistance farmstead -

K'Muss was keeping watch over the de-evolved Gorn and trying to keep them all accounted for so they did not wreak havoc on the ecosystem of this time. The away team was technically altogether other than Dodd and Thompson. While the six Gorn were too far devolved they would not be able to offer any muscle or brawn of any sort to the movement.

Watching K'Musss trying to herd the ever running around Gorn lizards, Eleonorrhea was now enjoying the spectacle but decided to help. so after a few minutes of working, she had a present for K'Muss.

"Oh, K'Muss" replied Eleonorrhea as she pulled out a large wicker basket. "Take this and stick the Gorns inside, it has a porthole for you to place food inside without the trying to wiggle out" commented Eleonorrhea as she helped K'Muss stick each of the six Gorns who were now just the size of a small six-inch Iguana.

Oo at this rate, we're not going to have to worry about the Gorns. At their rate of devolving; they're going to be nothing but the size of a small earth sized a few weeks Oo thought Eleonorrhea as she placed the female inside with the other males.....

- The Royal Family Mansion -

Dodd had finally confirmed his worst nightmare. From the weeks of research he had been working on in his off-time, he discovered that they had indeed travelled back in time further than he thought. They were close to some 200,000 years in the past of Xindaria. It was originally settled by the Xindi to be a hub of all the Xindi species and the capital planet of their space. However, the Avian species was the only one that truly thrived there and thus it became an Avian world. Then about three hundred years prior to the arrival of the Starfleet Away Team, the Xindarians, arrived seeking asylum and then took over the planet enslaving all the Avians and any other species that entered the region. The society now had been rough for the Avians who were the most peaceful of the Xindi and avoided conflict. The Avians were working to build up the forces to revolt. This is now the point was the Away Team comes in, being viewed as new slaves, but yet different in terms of species and size and knowledge.

Dodd was able to get with Thompson and together they figured out a few possible ways to get away from the Royal Family on the next trip to the Royal Gardens. Dodd would have to reach out telepathically to make sure he was aware of the Royal Family's intentions and use that to help with the timing of their escape.

Tomorrow was the next family outing to the gardens and that was when they were going to make a run for it.

-The Next Day at the Royal Gardens -

The Royal Family arrived at the Royal Gardens. Dodd and Thompson were both parts of the entourage. The meal was prepared for a family in a traditional picnic format and the whole family settled down for eating. This is when Dodd was able to pick up on the minds of the resistance members gathering outside the gates to the gardens.

As the meal concluded, Thompson was doing his best to avoid the advances of the Royal Escort and Dodd was cleaning up after the First Lady. The Head of the Royal Guard was approaching the First Lady and explained that a representative of the gathering crowd outside requested a face to face with her. Instead, the First Lady told him to have Dodd meet with this person.

The Head Guard got Lt. Dodd and took him to meet the representative to more or less turn them away. Dodd knew it was someone he knew and was eager to have some time talking to them. It turned out to be Dr Cahill and in a form of subtle code they worked out the plan. Dodd acted all upset and Cahill did the same. This made it look like they did not have any pleasantries and went their separate ways.

As the Head Guard took Dodd back to the First Lady, she asked what happened. Dodd fed her the line that they sought to gain seats in the local government so they could have their voices heard and that he told them they were out of their minds and to be gone and not bother the Royal Family with this nonsense.

So as the Royal Family and their entourage were exiting the gardens, there was a protest group blocking the path and the guards had to attempt to make an open path. The protesters had weapons that were disguised as banners and signage and when the guards approached they attacked them. During the fighting, the more personal bodyguards got the First Lady and her daughters secured in their carriage and got it moving away from the fighting. Meanwhile, Dodd and Thompson were slipping away from the entourage and holding up inside the gardens to avoid being seen and to make sure the protesters did not mistake them for anyone else. The fighting died down and the protesters seemed to scatter and the rest of the entourage managed to get on with moving out to return to the Royal Mansion.

Dodd and Thompson then came out of hiding and met up with K'Muss and made their way to the compound the resistance was held up in.

"Mr Dodd, have you given any consideration about trying to send a message to the future"? Matt asked.

"Well, I have had a few thoughts to that effect," Dodd replied. "I need to see what equipment of ours the rest of the away team may have retrieved when they got free."

The two men then walked with K'Muss to get to the location of the rest of the away team.


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