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Which Came First the Avian or the Egg? Part 1

Posted on 01 Oct 2018 @ 2:36pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & Ensign Matthew Thompson

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: Ancient Xindaria Capital City & surrounding area

A Little Bit About Xindaria of the Past

Xindaria was a thriving planet at this time. The ruling class lived a very elite lifestyle. The Xindarians (the red-skinned beings) had achieved space flight when Earth was just starting to evolve from primal primates into the beginning of homo sapiens, so they had a long history. The Xindarians became to live elite lifestyles after acquiring slaves and a large labour force from other worlds. Females ruled this planet and held all the power. The High Priestess was similar to the President of the United States was in the past but this was not an elected position. The High Priestess was typically the offspring of the previous priestess and is raised to hold the position. If no female offspring, then it is someone picked by the Royal Family to be trained and reared into the position. The Royal Family was like that of the United Kingdom. The Royal Family had some power due to the stature in the society but the real governing party. There was a parliament of sorts that helped the Priestess to keep the laws of the land in place. The Clerics of this world were all female and they were the religious leaders of the planet. They were almost like extensions of the High Priestess but more available to the commoners.

The labour force and the slaves were a whole different set of circumstances. Made up of mainly Avian Xindi and there were a few other various races from all around the universe that the Xindarians could reach. There were a few Klingons and Romulans who would have been from ships that got caught in Xindarian space. Even a few Ferengi who were too greedy and tried to snag a profit from the females who held the power here. The Avian Xindi were likely caught and then brought here against their will. The numbers of the Avian Xindi that were here could block out the sun if they were to all take flight. It was as if there was a colony and they shared it with the Xindarians.

The more elite of the Xindarians would be more elaborate loincloths and with the females wearing lots of ornate jewellery. While they may have appeared to not be wearing much in the way of cloth, the jewellery was how they covered their breasts. The men would wear loincloths that would show their position in society based upon the level of their wives. Men here were more like the standard housewives of old Earth.

The slaves and servants were required to cover as much of their flesh as possible unless they were used for entertainment purposes. Household servants wore coveralls and then the adornments for their role in the house. The Royal Family and Priestess' household servants wore pale blue coveralls. The other nobility households would dress their servants up in red or purple coveralls. The Miners would have to wear blank jumpsuits or coveralls while the refinery workers work grey or white coveralls. The refinery was where the ore from the mine was processed for distribution to the merchants who bartered with it for the goods the city needed and for desired goods for the royal family. The farmhands would be in orange or green coveralls.

The away team were temporally transported into the ancient past from their point of view. The city was now vibrant and thriving. The appearance of eight Starfleet personnel and six Gorn along with a Starfleet shuttle was a little off guard to the inhabitants of the city.

Immediately the local authorities were on the scene to take everyone into custody. Since everyone was unconscious including the Gorn, there was no resistance.

This city was at its peak. The buildings were crisp and clean and the curiosity of the natives seemed underwhelming. The inhabitants of this world were space-faring but very low-key. They did not flaunt their technology and the presence of a shuttlecraft like no one there has ever seen was no big deal really.

The away team and the Gorn were all placed in a local detention cell and under guard. The Shuttle was moved to an impound type of location and also under guard.

The race of humanoids on this planet was not known to the Federation. There were Avian Xindi living here as well, but likely they were brought here by force at one point since they were the one non-space-faring species of Xindi.

The local humanoids resembled humans but they had a reddish hue to their skin with almost pitch black hair. There were a few variations in the skin and hair colouring but the primary was red skin and black hair. The average height was about 2.5 meters tall but some were closer to 3.5 meters tall. The males were the weaker of the species so it was a matriarchal society. The females seemed to also outnumber the males. This was a race of beings that had adopted the use of slave labour or indentured servitude.

First Priestess Li was the one present in the detention cell where Ensign Tjaansz, Dr Cahill, Lt. Delfin and a female Gorn were being held. While Lt. Dodd, Ensign Thompson, K'Muss, Webb, Derrigo, and the five male Gorn were held in a different cell. Li gave the order to revive the female members of the away team.

Priestess Li had Dr Cahill and the female Gorn injected with something to make them come too. Cahill was picked because of the blue of her uniform as blue is a royal colour on this planet. The female Gorn was also wearing a bluish tunic of sorts and because Li was not sure who was in charge of the strangers.

As Cahill came too she found herself confined in a pair of shackle like restraints next to the female Gorn.

Meanwhile, the male members of the away team and the Gorn were being processed for labour while they were still unconscious. The Gorn were automatically picked to be mine labourers due to their build as was K'Muss. Webb and Derrigo were stripped of their uniforms and examined for work in the refinery, Thomspon and Dodd were also stripped of their uniforms and outfitted with the attire of the Royal House which meant they would be placed to work for the Royal Family.

- The Mine -

So the Gorn and K'Muss were starting to wake up and found themselves all chained and in a trailer headed for the mine. They were dressed in some kind of coveralls and had thick gloves and helmets. The mines were where the Xindarians mined a type of ore that was used in almost everything from the architecture to the starships and so forth. The merchants traded the ore as well for other goods.

-The Royal Family's Mansion-

Thompson and Dodd started to wake up and found themselves in a room that looked like barracks. They were each on a cot and dressed in faded blue coveralls. Dodd had a golden sash for his position as a personal assistant. Thompson had a silver armband for his position of butler. But yet neither one knew just what they were supposed to do.

Dodd came to first and started to reach out with his mind. He as detecting very weak telepathic signals. He was already standing wondering what happened to everyone else.

As Thompson started to come to become more aware of consciousness, Dodd went to his side.

"Thompson, are you okay?" Dodd asked but already sensing the confusion from him.

Matt stirred but truth be told he felt kinda loopy.

"Uhh...What happened?. Er, I mean uh... Yes, Sir, I think I might be." He was not entirely sure he was okay.

He struggled to sit up but he had a headache like he'd been stunned, heavily stunned two or three times, He also felt nauseated.

"I feel like I'm going to be sick..." Matt said.

"I am able to sense the thoughts and emotions of those around us and so I may be able to figure out how to communicate without a translator," Dodd stated to Thompson. "I hope we can keep close and then find the others."

"We don't even know where we are yet, Mr Dodd" Matt replied his head starting to clear.

"You are correct. However, our primary task at hand is to survive and find the others. I am guessing we have all been separated. I only wish I had a tricorder." Dodd responded to Thompson's comment.

- Females' Detention Cell -

Priestess Li was wanting to attempt to communicate with Dr Cahill and the female Gorn. Being that they were female, they had not been processed for any labor activity at this time. The Xindarians were going to try to get information from them and they place them for the proper work location. Li exited the cell to allow for time for the two prisoners to awaken.

After a while Cahill started to stir around she was weak from whatever type of weapon hit them but was soon able to gather her thoughts. once she was able she began to stir around. She was wandering around the room looking at things and soon discovered that the species was a race that used women as leaders. She then saw the injured Gorn and went to check. After examining she saw the Gorn was female. She seemed to be okay but still out of it.

She looked around some more than saw her medical stuff on a shelf. As she approached the shelf she discovered it had a force field around it when she tried to pick up the items. She was knocked down and in a few minutes was able to get back up. Hmm, need to find a way around this force field.

She heard a noise behind her and saw the Gorn female was moving around and coming too. She knew without her translator they could not communicate. She needed to find a way to communicate with her or there may be a fight with her. Due to her thinking, she had done this to her.

Meanwhile in the neighboring cell, Eleonorrhea who was laying on the floor heard what sounded like a faint but deep female voice that said "Get up Butch, it is I "Yna Guinid" the goddess of war and poisons. In her mind, Eleonorrhea saw Yna Guinid, who appeared to be angry, and wore around her waist the bloody hearts of her enemy. "Wait until it is time to kill your enemy", then the voice and the figure of Yna Guinid quickly disappeared.

Priestess Li had returned the the cell that Dr. Cahill and the female Gorn were in, as to now attempt to communicate with them. At this time the male members of the away team have likely all been processed and are in route to their assignments.

Still feigning unconsciousness Eleonrrhea's mind went into full combat mode.Oo I could have sworn that I was seeing and listening to the Goddess of War Oo thought Eleanorhea as she continued to lie there on the ground. But instead of jumping up, she only opened up one eye and saw the red figure of some woman who had the blackest hair she had ever seen. With one glance she saw Dr Cahill attempting to talk to the red-skinned figure and the female Gorn whom she recognized as one of the others that had left the other one behind as she and the others went up to the mine; and now who appeared to be stunned that she had been taken, prisoner.

Oo, Ha!, now it's nice to know that she's in the same predicament as we are Oo thought Eleonorrhea as she continued to lie on the ground.

Normally, if this were on some godforsaken Federation planet, she would have already been up, trying to find a way to get out and rescue her companions; but this was different, the smells, the noise all told her that this was not the time for any rash act of heroism, she would first have to figure out what to do, then act on it, and whoever this red colored "bitch was" ; to her she was just another enemy of the Federation that would probably have to die at some point.

However, seeing how 'red' carried herself, Eleonorrhea was willing to just wait; since she and Dr Cahill, and the Gorn were still somewhere else, and it wasn't one of the usual "Risan" strip bars. Plus not knowing where the rest of the landing party were kept proved to be a very difficult proposition if she and Webb... or Derrigo were to try to effect an escape and get the entire landing party back to the Tomcat without losing any more lives.

oO so Red, go ahead and make your first move Oo thought Eleanorrhea as she just laid there, formulating a lot of ideas in her mind, on how to get everyone out in one piece...

- Mine -

K'Muss and the five Gorn were kept as a unit and the Gorn were really confused about what was happening. Without universal translators, they were not able to talk to anyone even each other. However, the Gorn looked to K'Muss as if he were to get them out of this. K'Muss was trying to take in the situation.

The foreman came over and had another slave grab the chain the Gorn and K'Muss were on and lead them over to a pile of ore. They quickly realized they were to move the ore into a cart for transport to the refinery. So following K'Muss' lead the Gorn followed suit and they started to fill carts with the ore.

K'Muss was looking around and trying to figure out where the rest of the away team were. He noticed a Klingon male and even a Ferengi male working on another cart nearby. K'Muss spoke Klingon well enough that he attempted to speak to the old Klingon.

The Klingon sort of ignored him at first but soon moved over to K'Muss and said that they could get a beating if they did not keep working and those casual conversations were frowned upon severely. Their conversation did give enough information for K'Muss to figure out that females were not really subject to intense labour and that the slaves in the mines were the stronger of the male slaves. That was about all the data K'Muss could acquire other than he did get that the old Klingon male had been here for close to twenty years.

- Royal Family's Mansion -

Dodd was collected from the servant quarters and lead to the First Lady's office. Thompson was lead to the kitchen. Dodd was being shown what was expected of him. Dodd was more or less to help the First Lady with her cloak, her chair, the door and other things. While Thompson was to basically make sure all the protocols for the family meals were addressed such as place settings and that the meal was prepared as desired.

Dodd was able to quickly adapt due to his ability to read the thoughts of the First Lady and those that came in and out of her office. He was not sure if she could tell he was doing it because her species was very weak with telepathic abilities. He learned from their minds of all those came into the office that many of them were wary of having servants around. The First Lady was the Queen of this society. She was treated at a high level of elite status and that was clear as the gold jewellery she wore. As her personal assistant, Dodd would have to literally follow her everywhere.

Dodd was literally following his new mistress around and picking up after her and all that sort of thing. He did not know what happened to everyone else other than Thompson. But he needed to figure out a way to reunite the team and find away to get to the shuttle to get home, but he has not fully realized that they are three thousand years in the past at this time.

Matt Thompson felt like some sort of cinder maid as he was instructed at time brutally on proper protocol He received three lessons in the morning and four in the afternoon, the rest of his time was spent scrubbing pots and setting tables. There was very little time to think on an escape indeed even if he did he had no idea where he was or when for that matter. He had no instruments and very little contact with other humans. All he had was a skimpy bluish grey tunic that all the rest of the kitchen slaves wore. It took 4 weeks to become proficient in the protocols of meal preparation and service. Occasionally Matt saw Mr. Dodd and they had talked about finding other members of the away team but neither had enough freedom to leave.

- Refinery -

Derrigo and Webb were now escorted to their workstations by the foreman. They were shown very quickly what to do and left to do it. However they were chained in place so they could not venture too far from that station.

"Hey Webb" replied Derrigo, who had a busted right shoulder, and multiple cuts to his left arm, just where do you think we're at" continued the Gunny.... With Webb a bit unsure all he said was "Derrigo, "if we ever get out of her alive, it will be my pleasure to stick a combat knife down your throat" replied Webb as he tried to find a way out of shackle. For Derrigo, he wasn't going to do much except just sit there and observe what was going on around the both of them.

- Holding cells of the females -

As for Eleonorrhea, she had another idea as she just laid there on the hard packed earth, but in order to tell Dr. Cahill, and maybe the Gorn 'if she could understand Fed English', she'd just have to wait till "Red left" and may she could get an idea on how to get out. For now she continued to feign being unconsciousness.

Getting the Hell out of Dodge..

Watching Red try to talk to Dr. Cahil, she finally gave up, and trying to talk to the Gorn, she just turned and walked out of the cell in a huff, however as she passed an older guard, she turned her head and whispered into an ear, and in seconds the guard's face lighted up as Princess Li said something. As the Princess left the dungeon, the older guard summoned what looked like the "mother of all female guards" a tall and muscular female who wore no clothing except for a small loincloth that was hiding her privates. Talking to the much taller one, the older one simply left the dungeon, and now with the tall muscular guard in the dungeon, she opened the cell door, and went inside to where Eleonorrhea and the two were.

All Eleonorrhea could remember was that the female guard was speaking in some kind of gibberish tongue, but knew what she wanted when a foot slammed into her side. Getting up, and now standing face to face with the tall guard, all Eleonorrhea remembered say was "Doc, its showtime", and that was when the guard tried to strike Eleonorrhea with the short baton.

Missing repeatedly, the guard was now angry, and Eleonorrhea now had an idea on the physical prowess of the guard. She was musclebound, slow to react, and not too great as a tactician in bar fighting brawls. With that in mind, Eleonorrhea already had an idea on how to beat the slow moving guard.

As the Guard swung her baton for the sixth time missing Elenorrhea by a few centimeters, Eleonorrhea quickly came around and slammed a foot into the guards left knee, which shattered the kneecap, bringing the guard down on one knee. Screaming, like a dying chicken, Eleonorrhea spied the set of keys she wore, and rip this off her belt, and now taking a meal key she got on top of her shoulders, and now holding her hair, she jus raked both eyes, blinding the woman. With a big muscular arm, the woman managed to sweep Eleonorrhea off her shoulders as she tried to wipe the blood now pouring forth from both eyes.

Eleonorrhea simply smile and said "Bitch, come on"... BITCH HIT ME" chided Elenorrhea. Whatever she said, made the red woman much more angrier, and trying to support her good leg by holding onto the wall, Elenorrhea simply came around with a massive kick directing her entire might to the guards right rear hamstring, it suddenly dropped her to the ground, where Eleonorreha wasted no time, she grabbed a part of a torn blanket from the bed, and in a flash she had swiftly covered the woman's entire head and face, then tightening it as she turned, then suddenly standing up, she pulled back on the wrapped towel dragging her over an upturned bed, and now in this position, Eleonorrhea was able to throat punch the woman. With her larynx now shattered, and closing rapidly, the flailing of the arms got weaker and weaker, until the woman did not move.

Removing the blanket, Eleonorrhea simply pushed over the dead warrior on her face, and to make sure she was dead, Eleonorrhea took another key that had a sharpened end, and drove it into the base of the woman's skull, making doubly sure this red female would never bother anyone ever again.

Easily grabbing the dead woman who now left a stream of some type of liquid on the cell floor as Eleonorrhea had dragged her over to a hidden corner, Eleonorrhea returned back to the cell and opened it,

"Okay Doc, let's go", replied Eleonorrhea with her taking the lead, Dr. Cahill, Tjaansz, and the female Gorn now all following behind her. A few minutes when the coast was clear, with all four running like the wind, and in seconds they were gone. After what seemed like hours of walking; they saw a desolate farming settlement. Upon arriving, the natives were not too sure of the three females and the green one. Seeing that they were no armed, and who all showed a bit of restraint, except for the female who was a bit belligerent, but even with the Gorn seeming to consider everyone an enemy, she eventually calmed down, so that everyone was allowed to stay in one of the farming buildings.

Finding trays of fresh fruits, the Gorn easily consumed two trays of fruits with east, and now finishing up on what looked like a variety of bananas, she was now content to just sit there enjoying her banana, while the other three Federation officers were off to one side of the room sitting on one of the beds, when suddenly a commotion broke out among the natives, going outside and telling the others to wait in the room, Elenorrhea went outside, and standing next to an open door she watched Webb and Derrigo, now walking towards her.

However there was one problem; Derrigo who she injured back at the Coliseum was not injured, in fact, he was now waving to the natives, and his left shoulder was not chewed up from the fight.

Going down to where the two men were, Eleonorrhea had to push her way between the crowding natives, and she said "Webb" report..."Seeing Eleonorrhea, Webb said "Skipper we managed to escape from the refinery where they had us chained to workstations. Just how we got free is still a mystery, but here we are" replied Webb as he and Derrigo were shown to where the other women were at, and Derrigo, he isn't even injured replied Webb; where upon both Eleonorrhea and Dr. Cahill both looked at each other with a questioning look..

Once inside Dr. Cahill took a look at Derrigo and said...

Dr Cahill smiled it was now time to get their things so we could fight. She unzipped her tunic and then placed her hand inside her blouse. She removed her hidden phaser and smiled, "STAND BACK". she fired at the force field controls panel. The force field dropped and she gabbed her stuff and went to Derrigo. After a quick scan she determined the injuries were minor she gave him a shot of pain medicine then made some temporary repairs..

"Ok get your stuff and lets get out of here before they have time to build up to much of a defense against us." As she handed out the Star Fleet items.

to be continued...........


Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill, MD
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USS Tomcat

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1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
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