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Onward and Upaward Redux

Posted on 02 Apr 2016 @ 6:15am by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Edited on on 02 Apr 2016 @ 7:50am

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: Antian Planet/USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission Day 12


After finishing up with the Antian queen, which Jasmine found to be very informative, she and her team left the Antian's to go about their tasks after securing permission to take some scans of the planet, as they stepped outside of the meeting place Jasmine turned to Sterling.

"Commander take a team and get us some scan of these ruins, the rest of you back to the ship, when done here we will move further into this system, and if you find any Borg data nodes, be sure to sterilize them and place them in a containment field until we can deem them safe to handle when we bring them back to the ship" she said.

"Aye Captain, Masada, Lynch you're with me. We will check in every hour Captain". Maia said.

The trio of science officers took off toward the south west looking through the ruins. They found the inert remains of a Borg tactical cube or at least some large pieces of one or maybe two, several distribution nodes, but only one damaged data node. She sterilized it for transport. Most of the Borg circuitry was fried. Maia ran scans for Borg nano-probes but none were present. Most of these ruins were inert. There was some kind of geo thermal power source still active deep underground and there were residual traces of anti-protons but the molecular decay rate was consistent with the time of the battle. Once they had completed there scans Maia checked in a requested beam up.

=/\=Sterling to Tomcat three to beam up.=/\=

- USS Tomcat -

On the bridge of the ship a stubborn to the core Marine Bravo Unit Commander Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan was watching over the ship when the hail came in.

=/\=Sterling to Tomcat three to beam up.=/\=

Pressing the Comms button on the Captain's chair =/\= Acknowledged Commander beaming up now, Tomcat out =/\= S'arila was glad the XO was back, she did not want to admit it, but her headache had multiplied and felt like it brought some friends along, it felt so strange not to hear a mental buzz of voices in her head. While it would take her some time to get used to the silence, she was happy she could no longer hear thoughts, the moment the XO came onto the bridge she would return to her quarters to rest up some more.

Maia and her team materialized in transporter room 2. They made there way to the science lab and uploaded there findings to the main computer.

Maia gave Lt Masada the job of finding out more about the geo thermal energy output on the planet and he did a good job of pinpointing the source and even managed to map a power plant located 4 miles beneath the surface feeding right into the mantle layer of the planet. It was capable of generating approximately 20 Terra watts of power. It was also determined that it powered a defense grid and weapons platform that no longer existed.

Commander Sterling made her way back to the bridge and continued to monitor the current indigenous species. It seemed that they were going to have a manned space flight to test a new warp drive. it was scheduled for 2100 hours.

K'Muss was lost in the readings on his console that he didn't notice the XO come in. He had heard that the planet's inhabitants were planning a warp test and was very excited about a first contact. " Monitoring sensors, Commander." he said. " Nothing to report at this time."

Dr Cahill returned to the Tomcat and went about her duties in Sick Bay. She had a lot to go over and it was so amazing she got lost in what she was doing and lost track of time and what was going on around her. She knew she was safe on the Tomcat and let her guard down some to go about her business.

Iria watched Donovan leave the bridge and hoped that the woman was heading for some real rest since she had not done so as far as she had been able to assess. it was not good especially with the loss of Donovan's telepathy, it had to be quite confusing and might even hurt not hearing the thoughts of others. Iria had as of yet not been able to time it right for a session with Donovan. She wanted to give the woman time to get some real rest before trying to talk. Still waiting too long would be just as bad. Iria worried at the inside of her lip a moment and decided that she would give Donovana few hours of time to rest and then try to get a real session going...

Maia returned from the officers mess at 2030 hours and took her place at science one. Her sensors were monitoring the warp trials for the Maretian people. Maia was interested in seeing if they try to map around the damaged space before trying to initiate a warp field or somehow try to blast through it... Commander Sterling scanned there ship, it was more advanced than Zephram Cochrane's, of course they had been at this for some time. For example their sensors were considerably more advanced. Particularly there subspace sensors. Time trickled down.

Maia watched as the Maretian ship launched and a minute later achieved orbit. Then surprisingly set a course for the ring outpost on the outer edge of the ring.

Maia scanned the ship. it was low on their chemical fuels.

Maia surmised it was a refuel stop...

"Wonder what they're up to?" Kit said.

After returning to the ship after bidding farwwell to the the antians Jasmine entered the bridge and caught the last bit of conversation. "Whatever it is, we will need to avoid detection as we enter deeper in system, Commander work on a scientific way to hide us from their sensors. Lieutenant Sheela make it so that we can communicate internally, but hide all comms transmissions from them" JAsmine said pointing to the ship that was currently docking with the Pre-Warp station. "Remember the Prime Directive is in effect here, find a way of making us invisible to their scanners" Somers added.

Maia advised Captain Somers that the shields were keeping the Tomcat out of phase with normal space. They were quite invisible to optical or sensor scanners.

Sheela had just arrived on the bridge to hear the orders and glanced at the senior Coms officer. She just shook her head and inputted the command necessary to block all out going radio transmission. But the disadvantage was that it rendered the commbadges dead. So if anyone needed to speak to another across the ship. They needed to use the intercom system. "Wez Radio dead. Except for incoming transmissions from an exterior source." Sheela spoke up.

Jasmine looking at her Chief Intelligence Officer nodded "excellent, helm prepare to move us out" Jasmine said directed her latter comment to Ensign Barker who was currently at the helm station.

K'Muss couldn't help but to be awestruck as he checked some of the logs coming from his console.

Dr Cahill noticed the communications are down other than the intercoms. She got up and went to the Bridge. Once there she discovered that the communications was off to prevent our being discovered. bridge. She decided to stay on the Bridge and do her research there in case she was needed. She was finding the iformation from her fly over to be very interesting.

"Should we move the ship away Captain, at least out of the navigational hazard. We might want to have some maneuvering room", Maia advised,

Dr Cahill turned her attention to the conservation going on. Something interesting was going on and it was getting interesting. She then noticed the ship at the dock and moved closer to the view screen. She was caughtup in what was going on. She had never witnessed what was considered a First time Warp travel for any race before. She was really draw in with interest and excitement. But she did not let it show to the younger officers on the deck. She did not want to make it look like they were at a sporting event somewhere because this was a serious situation. And a big step for any race.

Captain J. Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander M Sterling
USS Tomcat

Lt. Cahill
USS Tomcat

Lt. Sheela
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Walon
USS Tomcat

2nd Lt K'Muss
USS Tomcat

Major S Donovan[PNPC - Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander
USS Tomcat


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